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Natural cosmetics: foundation, bronzer, blush, concealer and more

Natural cosmetics – You have sensitive skin, but still don’t want to do without make-up? Avoid ingredients like polyethylene glycol, silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrances, paraffins and other petroleum products. Do something good for your skin and the environment. Dive into the world of natural cosmetics and try out natural make-up! Recipes for foundation, bronzer, blush, […]

Foundation: Natural Cosmetics, Products & DIY

Foundation – Say no to conventional cosmetics! There is already a wide market of natural cosmetics. Why? Unlike the usual drugstore products, many new brands avoid harmful ingredients for your skin. Find out which natural cosmetic foundations are the most popular here. We’ll also show you how to make foundation, bronzer and blush that are […]

Bronzer: Natural Cosmetics, DIY & Bronzer Stick

Bronzer – Don’t ever buy a bronzer that’s bad for your face and doesn’t resemble your skin tone. We introduce you to cool beauty brands that make natural bronzers. Here you’ll also learn how to make your own bronzer from super few natural ingredients you’re sure to have at home. Plus, the bronzer stick! Heard […]

Blush: Natural cosmetics, recipes & beauty labels

Blush – Save money, choose your color, protect your skin and do something good for the environment. How do you do it? Use natural cosmetics! Here we show you beauty brands that make organic blushes as well as recipes and DIYs on how to make your own cream blush with as little as 3 ingredients. […]

Concealer: Natural Cosmetics, Products & Full Coverage

Concealer – You’ve been looking for a high-quality and affordable natural cosmetic concealer for a while? It should cover your dark circles, support you in everyday life and be gentle to your skin. We introduce you to inexpensive organic concealers. Inexpensive, skin-friendly and extremely opaque. Find your new favorite concealer. More natural cosmetics foundation, bronzer […]

Mascara: natural cosmetics, test & DIY

Mascara – Before you started applying mascara, were your lashes longer? That’s because traditional mascaras have chemical ingredients, which cause your lashes to break and fall out easily. We’ll show you a better, healthier, and cheaper natural cosmetic alternative to boot – organic mascara made solely from natural ingredients. Product recommendations, mascaras in live test […]

4 animal-free beauty labels: Drunk Elephant, Ilia & IGK Hair

Animal-Free Beauty Labels – Finding trustworthy brands when it comes to animal-free and eco-friendly brands is not that easy and often frustrating and time-consuming. We make it easy for you and introduce you to beauty labels that don’t test on animals and use only natural ingredients that are good for your sensitive skin, face and […]

Hong Kong Fashion Week Dates: Fashion show, designers, fairs and events

Hong Kong Fashion Week – Impressive skyline, cuisine and street fashion: Welcome to the world metropolis Hong Kong. Here fashion is capitalized. This is especially evident in the exciting street looks on Hong Kong’s streets, which are particularly unusual not only during fashion week. Since 1994, Hong Kong Fashion Week has been the biggest fashion […]

Australia Fashion Week: Spring/Summer 2021 – The Best Shows & Designers

Fashion Week Australia: Spring/Summer Fashion – Finally Fashion Week again! Fashion history is being made. New spring and summer novelties are presented in Sydney by Australian top designers and fashion brands on the catwalks by the beautiful models. From haute couture to Pret-A-Porter fashion lovers are in for a treat. Top fashion bloggers on Instagram, […]

Shaving Bikini Zone: Mistakes, Tips & Soft Skin

Shave Bikini Zone – Say goodbye to razor zits, ingrown hairs, dark spots and stressed skin in the bikini zone for good! How. With these helpful skin care tips and instructions, you’re guaranteed to succeed. Shaving your sensitive skin the right way isn’t as complicated as you might think. Here’s what you need to know […]

Miu Miu: Bag, Nylon & Sneaker – Fashion brands

Miu Miu – You’ve probably seen Miu Miu’s trendy nylon handbag before. The worldwide known luxury brand of the Prada Group, led by Miuccia Prada, however, creates much more sought-after fashion for the modern woman. Leather clothing, sunglasses, sneakers and even perfumes by Miu Miu are extremely in demand. Why? The luxury label ‘s clothing […]

Balenciaga x Simpsons: Comic meets Haute Couture @ Paris Fashion Week

Balenciaga x Simpsons – Incredible collaboration! The international haute couture luxury brand from Paris, Balenciaga has collaborated with the multi-award-winning and successful animated series “The Simpsons”. The popular comic characters: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and many more, model in exclusive garments for the worldwide known brand at the Paris Fashion Week. Check out the highlights […]

New York Fashion Week: Spring/Summer 2021 – The Best Shows & Designers

Fashion Week New York: Spring/Summer Fashion – It’s time again! Fashion history continues to be made. New spring and summer novelties are presented in New York by top designers and fashion brands on the catwalks by the stunning supermodels. From haute couture to Pret-A-Porter, we’re in for a treat once again. Top fashion bloggers on […]

Hand care house products: natural care, soft hands & aloe vera

Home remedies – Natural home remedies like food are great for your skin – and for hand care. Milk, honey, bananas and lemons have all the ingredients you need to get baby soft hands. Not only are natural remedies a great alternative to expensive beauty products in terms of price, but they’re also a quick […]

Hand Care Products: SPF, Retinol, Anti-Aging & 24 Hour Moisture

Hand care products – The drawer of your hand care products looks rather meager in the yield and you also find no more home remedies in your kitchen? Or you still haven’t found the right products especially for your rough hands? We present you the best products that will help you to get beautiful hands. […]

Hand care routine: healthy hands, soft skin & affordable products

Hand Care Routine – As a hand model, need tips on how to incorporate your own hand care routine into your stressful day and want beautiful, healthy and soft hands to boot? Learn how to achieve that goal in just two short videos. Save yourself the bad experiences or products and learn from a hand […]

Tips against rough hands: creams, products & soft hands

Rough hands – SOS rough hands! Every day you see your hands in front of you and want to do something good for them soon? But your time is taken up by the stressful working day and you just can’t motivate yourself to give them a long care session? Or your hands are parched from […]

Hand care tips: Protect skin, skin care & beautiful nails

Hand Care Tips – Quickly learn how to take ideal care of your hands as a hand model in the following videos. How do you protect your rough hands from stressful and demanding daily life and what do you need to do to get your hands in their most beautiful shape? Quick and effective hand […]

Diet for healthy skin: recipes, apple & lemon

Nutrition – The foods you eat affect your skin. In addition to drinking plenty of water, you can also provide your skin with all the ingredients it needs through delicious drinks and superfoods. Learn quick and easy delicious drink recipes that will revolutionize your skin’s appearance here. General tips on substances your skin needs to […]

Self tanner: application, routine & products

Self tanner – Even and even tan with the help of self tanner. This self-tanning routine and tips will help you tan your skin at home. Perfect skin all year round. Want that too? We’ll give you skincare tips, shaving tips and more. Back to skincare and back to the beauty guide. Self tanning routine: […]

Body shaving: beautiful skin, exfoliation & shaving tips

Body shaving – How to do it right! And without consequences like skin blemishes afterwards. You have an important job coming up and you want to have soft, smooth and hair-free skin. Then you need to know a few things. Whether you want to rid your arms, armpits, legs, bikini area, or belly of hair, […]

Fighting skin blemishes: care, routine & products

Blemishes – That your skin tends to blemishes from time to time, is completely normal. How you learn to avoid them in advance or get rid of them quickly, we show you here. Whether pimples, pigmentation spots, dry skin or redness, all these skin impurities are everyday skin problems, but can be avoided and also […]

Skin Care Tips: Skin Type, Care & Serums

Skin care tips – What skin type are you? What care does your skin need and which serums work wonders especially for blemished skin? Get all the answers here! Every skin type needs different skin care and special products and substances. Find out your facial skin type and get tips to make your body skin […]

Gucci Beauty: Mascara, Tutorial & Lipstick

Gucci Beauty – The cosmetics of Gucci Beauty are always a big hit and mostly eternally popular. Gucci’s lipsticks and fragrances, for example, are an extravagant perennial favorite that every woman keeps for special occasions. But Gucci also produces mascaras, eye make up products, face make up products like foundation, blush, bronzer and primer and […]

Tom Ford Beauty: Glam Look, Hailey Bieber & Fragrances

Tom Ford Beauty – Fragrances, face and eye makeup products, lip products and much more are offered by the top brand Tom Ford beauty products. Tom Ford also sells high-quality beard, face and body care for men. Everyone loves the great grooming products, including celebrities like Hailey Bieber. Turn your everyday makeup look into a […]

Jacquemus: Bag, Hat, Dress, Kylie Jenner & Co. – Fashion Brand

Jacquemus – Influencers, supermodels and world stars like Gigi Hadid, Celine Dion, Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian love the French fashion designer. The credo of the designer, Simon Porte Jacquemus: “Spontaneity instead of strategy”, quickly made the fashion label one of the most successful luxury brands and fashion companies in Paris. The combination of qualitative […]