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Thin hair: products, haircut & hairstyles

Thin and fine hair – a problem for some women. In the end, all of us want voluminous and full hair. That’s exactly why you should keep at it. From the right hair care products and hair styles to the right haircut, we’ve got you covered with the best tips and tricks on how to […]

Blow-dry hair: Volume, waves, short hair & tips

Hairdryer – We all know the perfect hairstyle after coming freshly styled from the hairdresser. The hair freshly and professionally blow-dried by the hairdresser, full of shine, volume, hold in a stunning shape. But at home the restyling just doesn’t quite work out. Is that exactly what you want to change? Here are the best […]

Hair Shampoo: Drugstore, High End, Olaplex & Silicone Free

Hair shampoo – You are looking for the right shampoo for your hair? With such a huge selection, not so easy. Whether expensive shampoos from the hairdresser or shampoos from the drugstore around the corner, your hair type plays a decisive role. Moisture, anti-frizz and nourishing oils are essential factors in your shampoo that affect […]

Long hair: tips, trend hairstyles & routine

Long hair – can sometimes be a real test of patience. The most important basic requirement for the care of long hair is the right hair care routine. Only if the hair is healthy, it has the opportunity to grow quickly and especially strong. Frequent blow-drying without heat protection, infrequent tip-cutting and regular colouring can […]

Straighten Hair: Blow Dry Straight Keratin & Top 5 Straighteners

Straighten hair – We all know naturally curly and frizzy hair and want nothing more than smooth and shiny hair for a change or for trendy hairstyles. It’s no wonder because straight hair looks elegant in neat sleek hairstyles as well as worn open. However, there are a variety of products that do not make […]

Curls: Voluminous curls, 5 minutes & Dyson Airwrap

Curls – You want a long-lasting curl? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a range of techniques to help you create everything from soft beachwaves to glamorous curls. Whether you’re using a simple curling iron, a straightening iron, the Dyson Airwrap or even no tools at all. We’ll show you how […]

Ice Globes: Facial Massage, Pore Reduction & Glow

We all know the feeling of fresh and radiant skin that makes us feel invincible. Even though true beauty still comes from within, our complexion can use a little boost in everyday life. With Facial Ice Globes, you can give your face a radiant glow. That’s just one reason why Ice Globes are a must-have […]

Denman Brush: curly hair, hair care & tips

Denman Brush – Is there a miracle brush for curly hair? The answer is – yes! The Denman Brush is the must-have product for your curly glory. Curls require a lot of attention and care, so the way you comb and detangle your hair is of great importance. Above all, choosing the right brush is […]

Foreo Luna: cleansing brush, fresh complexion & massage

Foreo Luna – Facial cleansing is essential for healthy and glowing skin. To keep breakouts at bay, equip yourself with dermatologist-approved tools. Here’s how to take your facial cleansing to a whole new level. Ever heard of Foreo Luna? If not, then you’re getting to know the device now at the latest. The device consists […]

Dyson Airwrap: curl, blow dry hair, 7 tips & dupe

Dyson Airwap – The Dyson Airwrap is considered a must-have product among styling devices. Whether on TV or in social networks – the styling device is known everywhere. What’s clear is that the Airwrap is no ordinary hair styler. In addition to the wand, there is a wide choice between different attachments that can conjure […]

Get rid of dark circles: Mask, Gua Sha, Concealer & DIY

Circles under the eyes – Too little sleep? Worked too much? Or been out in the fresh air too little? One thing is clear: dark shadows under the eyes make all of us look tired and sickly. We have put together the best tips and products against dark circles! Concealer, masks, eye massages and the […]

Dermaroller: Microneedling, acne, hair growth strengthening & routine

Dermaroller – Healthy and radiant skin gives us a lot of self-confidence, all the more unsettles us a sagging skin, wrinkles and scars. Dermaroller – The all-rounder, whether fighting wrinkles, smoothing acne scars, treatment of stretch marks or to stimulate hair growth. If you want to counteract exactly these problems, you should definitely include the […]

Hugo Boss Beauty: Perfume, Bottled, Success & Chris Hemsworth

Hugo Boss Beauty – The products of the German fashion designer Hugo Boss are popular with everyone – woman or man. He not only makes elegant fashion but also jewellery, bags and fragrances. Be it the common man, influencers, supermodels or celebrities, everyone knows it and loves it. Especially the perfumes and watches for men […]

Paris Fashion Week: Autumn/Winter 2021 – The best shows & designers

Paris Fashion Week – From the end of February to the beginning of March, the most successful and famous designers, such as Burberry, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Co. presented their new autumn and winter collections on the catwalks in Paris. Paris Fashion Week has been around since 1973, making it one of the events of […]

Hermès Beauty: Lipsticks, Perfumes & Kelly Bag

Hermès Beauty – The beauty line is just as successful on the road as the must-have designer piece: the Kelly Bag. A lipstick line with 24 different shades. The lipsticks range from intense to eye-catching colors like orange and dark red, but of course you’ll also find classic shades like rose or beige. You can […]

Givenchy Beauty: perfume, blush & make-up adapted to you

Givenchy Beauty – The famous beauty brand offers everything that women and men want in skincare products and more. Whether facial care products, perfume or makeup, Givenchy has everything your beauty heart desires. The most popular and most sold products are Givenchy’s fragrances. But it’s not just classics that Givenchy sells. The luxury brand also […]

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty: Kaia Gerber, Concealer & Libre Perfume

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty – Are you looking for luxury make-up? Convince yourself and try out the high-end makeup line by Yves Saint Laur ent. Yves Saint Laurent is known for high fashion and has also made a name for itself with its beauty line. We present you the must-have products of the makeup line, […]

Chanel Beauty: Make-Up, Coco Noir & Rouge Coco Lipstick

Chanel Beauty – Elegance and self-confidence, classic and modern elements determined the collections of Coco Chanel. The beauty products of the label, which convince with their unique combination of elegant design and highly effective ingredients, also stand under this sign. Pitch black and transparent glass define the look that has been unmistakably synonymous with the […]

Diet plan: food, nuts, avocado & egg

Diet – Slim through nutrition – The most important foods to show off your abs. You don’t have to spend hours cycling or running, a balanced and healthy diet is enough to reduce belly fat. While you can’t target specific areas of your body to lose weight, there are foods that make it easier for […]

Slim Waist: Workout, Pamela Reif & Flat Belly

Slim waist – We say no to shapewear and waist shapers! Get your slim waist with the perfect ab workout. Our fitness exercises are not only perfect for a small waist, but also train your belly at the same time. Consistent and regular training, as well as a balanced diet is the key to visible […]

Diet: Flat Belly, Romee Strijd & Avocado

Nutrition – A healthy diet is an important building block for our health and well-being. You want to become a model? We’ll introduce you to a conscious diet. Most of the time we eat what our body feels like, but not what it might really need. Why we eat, what, when and how much depends […]

Belly Workout: Six Pack, Pamela Reif & 7 Minutes

Abdominal workout – You finally want a defined abdomen or want to strengthen your abdominal muscles even more? Then you are exactly right here! You will learn everything about building muscle in the abdominal area. We have compiled the perfect training for you from training duration, nutrition to the optimal abdominal exercises. Go ahead and […]

Quick hairstyles: braids, plaits & updos

Quick hairstyles – Late again, but you don’t feel like boring hairstyles? When there’s not enough time for extensive blow-drying, straightening, curling or braiding, you need hairstyles that go fast. We show you how you can conjure up hairstyles in no time, as if you had been standing in front of the mirror for ages. […]

Hair styling tips: Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner & Tips

Styling tips – What woman does not dream of quick hairstyles that can be created without spending much time ? After all, hair can improve the appearance in an instant, which is why styling is important for many. And we all know it, there is not always enough time to conjure up fancy hairstyles. That’s […]

Trend Hairstyles: Hailey Bieber, Hairstyles & Trends

Trend hairstyles – hair can be staged in the most diverse ways. They stand for one thing: femininity. Whether straightened, curled or pinned together, there are a variety of hairstyles that can conjure up a trendy look for every hair type and make every woman special. Naturalness is at the top of the list. Even […]

Home Remedy Hair: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil & Avocado Oil

Home remedies hair – It does not always have to be expensive when it comes to hair care. There are simple and inexpensive home remedies with which you can fulfill the desire of a healthy and full head of hair. Various oils, such as olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil and Co. are ideal for […]

Hair Care Routine: Straight, Curly & Short Hair

Hair care routine – Do you have dry, brittle hair and lack shine? Or you finally want to know how to style your hair properly so that you are the eye-catcher of the day? Because hair can change so many things about people – positively and negatively. The haircut, the hair color and especially the […]

Split ends: hair mask, trim & stranding

Split ends – Bye-Bye Split ends: Finally be split ends free ! Many women, including hair models, struggle with dry and damaged hair. This results in : split ends. It makes hair look unkempt, dull and frizzy. The whole thing can be caused by too much heat from blow dryers, straighteners and co. In this […]

Hair Care Tips: Routine, Tricks & Products

Hair care tips – Whether you have a curly mane, straight hair or a short-cut bob – every woman wants healthy and full hair. What you really need as a hair model depends mainly on your personal hair type. However, there are certain things that hair and scalp do not like. Split ends no longer […]