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Selfie places in Milan: Vogue kiosk, colorful alleys &canals

Becoming a model in Milan – Why not take a breather with a photo session? Unusual as well as simple backgrounds, for example in front of the Stadio San Siro or in front of the classic, but outstanding Milan Cathedral, you will find listed in the following course. Instagram & Tiktok Spots in Milan Whether it’s […]

Universities in Milan: Medicine, Law and Engineering

Become a model in Milan- You want to study in one of the most famous and biggest agencies in Italy? Medicine, law or maybe even engineering studies in the most beautiful city in Italy? In Milan you will find a wide range of educational institutions that will give you the opportunity to study in the […]

Parks in Berlin: Tiergarten, Mauerpark & Britzer Garten

Parks in Berlin – You want to become a model in Berlin and need some time off between casting and jobs? Then a park in Berlin is the perfect place for it! Whether a huge green space or a small quiet place, everything can be found in the capital of Germany! You have the possibility […]

Exclusive fashion in Los Angeles: Sustainable, elegant fashion

Modeling in Los Angeles – Beautiful accessories, new sneakers, sustainable fashion or elegant pieces that you can’t buy everywhere. In L.A.’s boutiques you can always find great new pieces and super additions to your model wardrobe. If you want to know where to shop in Los Angeles away from the expensive luxury designer stores, read […]

Skechers: Story, Sale & Bargains – everything about the cult shoe

Skechers – At the name Skechers it dawns in your head and you know that it is a sneaker you knew in the commercials. But the shoes then eventually disappeared from the scene and no one talked more about the shoe or about the brand that fascinates more and more women and men. The birth […]

JD Sports – The British Sneaker Giant

JD Sports – Everyone loves them, everyone wants them and everyone buys them every day – sneakers. They come in a thousand variations, in all colors and sizes. From the luxury sneaker to the normal priced sneaker. There is a sneaker for everyone in the assortment. But where do I get the sneakers from and […]

Ketogenic Diet – Definition, Process, Plan & Recipes

Ketogenic diet – The ketogenic diet is based on the fact that ketone bodies are produced by this diet. It is “ketone body generating” – ketogenic. The ketogenic diet is characterized by the fact that carbohydrates are avoided. The diet is protein and energy balanced and therefore high in fat. The lack of carbohydrates causes […]

Ben & Quentin: New in our model agency

The fashion shows in Berlin are over – with the best memories we have gained two new Male Models. Both were at our casting and were selected to walk at the Fashion Week Finals. Now you can see them online at Cocaine Models. Welcome to the CM Team! Ben Curly and a strong character on […]

Paleo or Stone Age Diet: Definition, Advantages & Disadvantages

Paleo diet / Stone Age diet – The Stone Age diet describes the concept that has been proven for over 200,000 years to lead to health, increased performance and the ideal weight. The term “Paleo” is an abbreviation for the English word “paleolithic”. The word means something like “stone-age”. Vegetables, high-quality animal products and fruit […]

Welcome to LA – Moving, sights and beaches

Are you fulfilling your American dream and moving to the USA? If this is your plan or even your reality, then you will find here the perfect tips for your move. Starting with the start of your move, the most important things you should know as a new resident of the city of Los Angeles. […]

Milan parks: travel with class, botanical gardens & co.

Modeling in Milan – After a stressful day of modeling in Milan, you can perfectly relax in parks with great weather. Why not? From refreshing lakes, to super beautiful botanical gardens and culture, it’s all here! Find out in which parks you can really relax in the following. Top 10 Parks in Milan: We have […]

Top hotels in Milan

In Milan there are a lot of impressions that you can collect. An important city today and in the past with many old and impressive buildings such as the Milan Cathedral and numerous important museums. There are colorful nightlife districts where you can party until late at night, on the streets, in clubs and in […]

Milan: The best boutiques

Milan is known for its intense and important fashion scene. The city has already produced some famous designs, such as those that still have a great influence on the industry as a whole. As a model, fashion is probably also very important to you and you are always on the lookout for the latest designs. […]

Modeling agency Wikipedia: Definition and description

What does Wikipedia actually say about model agencies? According to the official description (according to Wikipedia “model agency”), a model agency “acts as a service provider between models and their clients (e.g. photographers, advertising agencies, publishers, fashion designers), whereby so-called model scouts try to discover new models and bookers handle customer inquiries and coordinate appointments […]

Model agency for music videos – production at home and abroad

Model agency for music videos – We help your production to find the perfect model. Music videos are not a flash in the pan but are present for weeks, months and years if they are successful. Especially through YouTube, music videos have reached an incredible longevity, which they did not know before. Therefore, the selection […]