Modeling in Hamburg! Between castings, magazines and advertising agencies

Modeling in Hamburg? If you’re wondering if it’s better to move to Berlin or Hamburg, then you’re asking yourself the right question! Because you have chosen the two most important cities in Germany, in Hamburg and in Berlin there are most castings but also most jobs for models. Why is that? Hamburg is a beautiful city, not only many models attract, also media companies, celebrities like actors and musicians but also international companies and productions. This special mix makes Hamburg a special hotspot for models. Here you’ll find every kind of job, from catalogue shootings to online shops, production and TV commercials, but also shootings for instagra and productions with influencers for YouTube.

Unlike many other cities, Hamburg is a real highlight not only for many Germans due to its beautiful corners. Many international visitors also come to Hamburg when they visit Germany. The more interesting people and the more companies that work with media in a city, the more jobs there are for models! That’s why it’s worth it if you meet all the minimum dimensions in Hamburg to become a model. Today we want to show you what is important if you want to become a model in Hamburg and what requirements you have to meet.

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Prerequisites for Models in Hamburg

The competition is great! Many who live in the countryside try their luck in Hamburg. Maybe you live in the countryside, in a village or in a small town, or maybe in the middle of Hamburg, Altona or HafenCity. However, the same requirements apply to all of them, e.g. when it comes to body size, clothing, but also the measurements around chest, hips and waist. But the measurements are only a part of the requirements, as well as a healthy diet, body care but also pay attention to figure, hair, nails,… many details that most people don’t think about when they talk about how easy or difficult it is to become a model. Once all the basic requirements have been met, however, the model’s own character and personality are particularly important. The cooperation with the management is very important, at the beginning it is less intensive but the longer you work as a model the more intensive the cooperation becomes.

  • General good appearance and neat appearance
  • Healthy nutrition and regular sports
  • Professional collaboration with management and customers
  • Embition and commitment to the job as a model

Models & School? First castings and jobs

If, for example, you are still in school at the beginning and have two or three years ahead of you, you will do fewer jobs at the beginning. This is quite normal, since you should concentrate on school and your education! But as soon as it approaches the end of the school, you will ideally start the first international planning. If you can’t do it internationally, you can still look forward to many more jobs! Because as a student you are often tied up, between the different exams, the vacation, enjoy the leisure time! As soon as you have the time, you can travel, you can plan days of travel, you are flexible and you have a good school-leaving certificate in your pocket. For example, as a model it is important that you can express yourself well, many customers speak English, so it is very important that you have a good command of English! But there is also a bit of mathematics, for example when it comes to calculating your own travel expenses. The more successful you are as a model, the more you will invest in a photographer. Especially in Hamburg there are many good photographers. Of course, you no longer have to work with everyone. That’s why good photographers in Hamburg also cost money. But as soon as you earn money in your first jobs, you will also invest in the first photographers to improve your model portfolio!

Live Casting – A look behind the scenes

You haven’t seen a model casting live yet? Here is a small example from our Youtube Channel!

Application in a model agency as a Hamburger

If you want to apply in a model agency in Hamburg, you don’t need a professional photo shooting. All your modeling agency wants to see in Hamburg is Polaroids. Polaroids are super easy to create, all you need is a good friend, a mobile phone and daylight! You’ll also have to get the right outfit in the city centre, black trousers, a black top, black or white, plain shoes. Your underwear should be black as well. As a woman, you should also buy a bikini and high heels. If you are still new in Hamburg, then we have a few recommendations for you: Fashion Boutiques Hamburg. For your modeling agency, you then grab good daylight and a relatively simple wall. The background of your photo should be as bad as possible so that nothing distracts from you! You don’t need makeup or styling. All your modeling agency wants to see is you!

take measurements yourself: Measure hips, waist and chest

Here you see all important points on the body to take your measurements yourself. Make sure that you wear as little clothing as possible when measuring and be honest with yourself when measuring! You can find more information about minimum sizes and proportions for models here: Model Dimensions.

We hope that you have learned a little and have summarized here once again the most important articles for you on the subject Model become!

Model Coachings – runway training, acting & more

Send photos: Professional shooting or simply with your mobile phone?

In the next step you take a full body photo, a portrait and another portrait with a laugh. First in normal outfit, black jeans, black top and shoes. If you are over 16 years old, you can also send Polaroid bikinis or Polaroids in underwear. If you’re under the age of 16, you shouldn’t do this! It is important that you are seen with your whole body, once your face in the portrait and another photo has a smile. Why is laughing so important? As a model you work for many jobs in advertising. Advertising sells through friendliness, emotions that you as a model can arouse in you, better than any other! That’s why there should be a laughing portrait of you.

After the recording: Patience is a virtue – also in Hamburg!

Before you send your application to a model agency, you should definitely talk to your parents and of course you should also think about the head gasket you are going to use as a model. You want to build a professional career. This can only be achieved with the support of a management team and the network that comes with it. So you always have to be prepared that no success comes overnight. The best Youtubers took years. The greatest Hollywood actors took years. No star is born overnight. Therefore, you should always stay professional, you should take the time for your education, that is for your school, and you should give yourself and your career time. If you develop step by step, build up your model book over the first years, then do bigger and bigger jobs or even go abroad for a few months or years, that’s the right way! A serious model agency like ours supports you with professional management and accompaniment so that you develop your model portfolio perfectly and build up for the ideal market, for your requirements. If you have taken your photos for your first model application in Hamburg, all you need is your contact details and the most important measurements, as well as your body size, shoes or even the clothing size. That’s all a good modeling agency needs from you! The Model Scouts in the agency have a lot of experience and a very professional view to judge applications from Hamburg.

Media city Hamburg: Photographers, advertising agencies and publishers

Who wants to try himself as a model in Hamburg, he should already at the beginning of his career, on good contacts in the advertising and media industry set. Especially in Hamburg there is of course a lot of competition among models. The biggest media and advertising agencies are at home here, from Altona to the harbour and the city. While in other large German cities, such as Cologne or Munich, life is rather quieter. Only Berlin is comparable to Hafencity! What’s the problem? Over the decades, Hamburg has developed into an absolute media metropolis. Here are not only the big advertising agencies at home, in which you as a model naturally have excellent chances to get castings and jobs. More, even big publishers and magazines. In this article we want to tell you a bit about Hamburg castings and jobs as New Face!

Special magazines attract models automatically. No matter if it’s the High Fashion Magazine or other categories, as well as Lifestyle and Interior. For models, especially photos taken in magazines are an absolute reference. Especially in fashion magazines, of course. These photos show that the models have good contacts or a good model agency. As a model you have to pass the preselection before the shooting date. Your luck! As a model in Hamburg, the way is not far to make the leap into the magazines. Even if you travel to Hamburg as a model, you will quickly arrive at the agencies or photo studios. Mostly directly from Hamburger Bahnhof or Airport.

Advertising finances you as a model

The “most money” for you as a model lies in advertising productions – for magazines you rarely get paid. Most tracks in magazines are even created without payment. The photos are then used for their own portfolio (model, photographer, visa, etc.). However, your income comes mainly from advertising or “commercial” jobs. When we talk about the German market, in particular advertising spots, photo shoots for online shops or classic catalogues and image brochures for companies. It is not only about fashion, of course many other brands and companies also book models for your advertising. In Hamburg, for example, this includes insurance and food. Especially big chains (no matter if fashion or food) produce new tracks almost weekly in their studios or those of the photographers and production teams. In doing so, we are always looking for new models to sell the new products of the week optimally in the respective brochures. If you find your regular customers, you’ll make a good living as a model.

Jobs in Hamburg: Online Shops, Social Media & TV Advertising

When you start modeling, your first jobs are to do showrooms. Such a showroom in Hamburg is a small, internal event in which designers, marketing managers or sales staff meet with the customer to select parts of the new collection. These new fashion pieces should of course be shown to you as a model! How are the seams processed, what is the texture of the materials, how does the jeans or jacket fit? In order for the designer, sales manager or marketing manager to have a model directly on site, young models in particular are booked for this type of job. You usually work in Hamburg’s city centre, where designers meet their customers. Once you’ve gained your first experience and upgraded your model portfolio through test shootings with photographers, you’ll get your first jobs for social media shootings or online shops!

Start: Shootings, Social Media, Online Shop and Image

There are always new fashion collections or new products. Exactly, it doesn’t always have to be about fashion trends! Just look at smartphones, there is always a new iPhone or a new mobile phone from Samsung Galaxy to HTC. There are also many new models, new commercials and photo shoots in the automotive industry. Models are needed for every new brand and for every new model. Also for new seasons but also for different seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter! Each emotional set needs its individual composition of photo models, production team but also advertising agency, which creates the creative concept. There are always new jobs in Hamburg! If you work hard and also show your model agency or management that you are professional on jobs and on time, the customers are satisfied with you, then you will get your first commercials sometime!

Next Level: Jobs for commercials and TV commercials in Hamburg

The word TV is nowadays of course often equated with broadcasting, e.g. through YouTube advertising. Advertising in video format, be it the advertising film for upstream YouTube videos, the advertising film for TV and cinema or even influencer marketing with videos on YouTube, this is where you as a model have the greatest potential. Since the production of commercials by media agencies is quite complex, the productions are not only used in Germany. Unlike regional brands that use your photos in the Hamburg area, for example, such TV commercials are often broadcast throughout German-speaking countries, including Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Many commercials are also shown throughout Europe or even internationally, in America and Asia. Hamburg offers great potential for you as a model!

Dailies campaign with Marie, Hannes & Johanna

Pantene Pro V (worldwide) with Lisa

Local agency or international agency?

If you want to get started as a model in the field of media and advertising, then you have the best agencies with a management to get jobs not only in Hamburg but also in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Düsseldorf. If you want to work as a fulltime model and professional, then you need not only jobs here but also in other cities. Therefore it is important for you as a young model to choose an international model agency that offers the best perspectives not only for Hamburg but also for Germany and for the international stage, ideally!

Sequence bookings for models in Hamburg

In a career, it is important for every entrepreneur (you are also an entrepreneur) to acquire satisfied, returning customers. If you have customers who are satisfied with you and your performance, the chance increases that you will book yourself again when there are new jobs. Especially showrooms and fashion shows bring you directly to the decision makers in the companies. If you are convinced here, you may soon be booked for an entire Lookbook campaign. Then you not only get the clothes of the customer to present them, you get a whole photo shoot with a big team, in a big studio and with great certainty also a beautiful video, which you can use afterwards for your model portfolio and his portfolio.

Model agencies in Hamburg for serious castings & jobs

There are model agencies in Hamburg, like the proverbial “sand by the sea”. In Hamburg there are not only the classic model agencies, but also many individual model bookers or agents. Their names are often not as well known as the big agencies, but they also have very good contacts in the advertising industry. They often used to work in an advertising agency themselves and then moved into the world of fashion and models. Now they have a good network to certain companies and they are placing these jobs. There are also mother agencies. Mother agencies are so to speak the biggest form of the agency, they not only represent you as a model in Germany but also try to actively bring you to their partner agencies all over the world. As a model, you can also work in the absolute top cities such as New York, London, Paris or Milan. Every model’s dream when it comes to becoming a model!

The big leap is usually only possible with one of the big agencies! They have the necessary personnel and the necessary financial means, which you need as a model, if you want to continue and for example also work abroad. This is not only about the work itself, but also about airline tickets, hotels and contracts that you make with the respective partner agencies prior to each stay abroad. From the Hamburg airport it goes off then into the whole world. USA, South Korea, Greece, France. A big risk, which is why contracts and a reputable model agency in Hamburg are also important. This ensures that everything runs smoothly for you and that you arrive safely in the new country from the very first moment.

You work abroad as a model 45-6o days

As a model you usually work 45 to 60 days abroad. The agencies take over all your investments, so that you can fully concentrate on your job. At the end of your stay the income will be deducted from the expenses and the remaining surplus will be divided among one party. As a model you get at least half of your winnings paid out. Since you had no costs, it is an incredibly great opportunity to expand your model portfolio, get to know new people and above all to make new contacts all over the world.

Reposting of agencies from Cape Town & Co.

If you are convinced of showrooms and fashion shows in Hamburg and Germany, there is a good chance that one of your customers will book you again for a larger campaign or photo shoot. It’s the same with agencies. Once you’ve worked abroad and the model agency has got to know you, appreciated your work and had good experiences with you, they’ll ask you if you don’t want to visit them next season. By working in different countries you gain a lot of experience and your model portfolio becomes more and more diverse.

The big customers and jobs are abroad!

If you go abroad as a model, you have the great chance of more campaigns and much more expensive photo material. While productions in a country like Germany are very expensive, productions in many other European countries or even in an international comparison are much cheaper. In Madrid or Barcelona you will already get much bigger information, if you should go as a model sometime to Asia, it can also be that you have a helicopter, an elephant or something else with you. These photos are of course absolutely great for your portfolio and show that you also exist in larger productions as a model and bring your performance.

Luxury in Hamburg: Models and High Fashion

Who wants to create in Hamburg the jump into the far world, can that! Hamburg is not only well-known for its numerous media, Hamburg is well-known also for its VIPs, prominent ones and its probably well-to-do inhabitants in many districts. Of course you won’t find a luxury boutique in the Schanzenviertel but in the city! Because in every city where luxury is concentrated, there are of course many satellites around the brands. These are companies that accumulate around a certain industry. In the high fashion and world of haute couture, for example, these are fashion boutiques and showrooms of the various fashion designers. Here in Hamburg they present the latest fashion of the season to their customers, directly on the model. The customer can then decide on the spot which pieces to purchase for his fashion chain.

Fashion boutique, exclusive wholesalers and showrooms

Numerous big brands are in Hamburg. Models are booked quite often by them for the new collections. If you were still like on a showroom, imagine it as a very, very small fashion show. As a model you present the new pieces of the designer. In front of you sits a selected audience, but not more than 100 people as in a fashion show, as a rule there are only a few people here. For example, they represent larger fashion houses and brands and are looking for new trends for their stores. That’s why they visit the designers, it’s about trends and novelties! Your job is the presentation and if they like a garment about you, you also present the workmanship and materials. As a model and sales talent, you’ll help the designer bring his fashion to the world!

Specially young models often work in Hamburg showrooms. With this you can earn your first living as a model and then concentrate full time on modeling. Jobs on showrooms are also an excellent exercise, as you have direct contact with the marketing department, maybe even the customer, so fashion designer himself. Here you can not only learn how to present yourself, but also how to present your customers’ products and garments convincingly and authentically. The better you become as a model and the more convincing you are with the customer, the higher is the chance of follow-up bookings.

Models & Model will be in the Harbor City

If you consistently follow your path as a model, you can build a great career as a model in Hamburg. If your career runs smoothly, you can also stay in your (!) city forever, if you like! Through your model agency you have got good contacts in Germany and customers who like to book you frequently. You’ve been abroad, you’ve expanded a folder and now you get new requests from Italy or South Africa every year. If you follow this path for years and stick to it consistently, you can manage to live from modeling and also find your home in Hamburg. The city is beautiful, not only to work but also to spend one’s life here. In the city, at the port or in the various multicultures quarter at the edge.

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