The model booker in a model agency

The booker of an agency is the connection of the communication between models and clients. He assures a smooth running of the booking, and is the direct contact person for models. The general tasks of a model booker would be the acquisition of clients and the maintenance and care of them. He is the direct contact for enquiries and knows the faces of their model board. He will suggest suitable models for the clients and is responsible for the entire handling of the booking. With a sense for wishes and requirements of clients, he will look for perfect suggestions and new faces. If a model was booked for a job, and is not able to work, he will take care to find a suitable substitute. He will also acquire jobs for the models of the agency. To acquire new clients for the agency is called “acquisition of clients“ and is very important for the business. And besides all that, he will negotiate the buyouts, forward invoices to the accounting office and arrange all details, dates and travelling for the models.

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