Buyout – Usage of photos and videos

Buyout list – The buyout is an additional payment for the usage of your pictures within the agreed term and publication of them. How high this buyout will be depending on the job and the usage of the pictures. There is a difference where the pictures will be published. You will get a higher buyout when the pictures have a bigger reach in the media. The second part is the time. If a TV commercial will be shown for one more year, you will get another buyout payment for the year. If the TV commercial will be synchronised for a different country and shown there too, the buyout will increase too. Which means the usage rights assures you as model, that you will profit from a bigger reach. The modelling agency surveys the usage rights – one of their main tasks. This controlling takes a lot of time and has to be done very carefully. A model should therefore work closely with the agency, because if not, there might be the danger, that the respective model will not get the buyout payment. There are exclusive buyout licences, which regulate the exclusive usage of the rights. The client buys these and will get a part of the rights, which allows him/her to use them for commercial advertising/work if they are connected to the main product. All expenses will have to be calculated according to the so-called Velma Guidelines. You will find all different buyouts there (billboards, posters, internet, movies etc.). It is an orientation for all parties involved.

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