Fitting infront of model jobs

The fitting. Once clients or designers book models for a show, photoshoot, TV commercial or bigger productions, models will have to attend a fitting. Clothing and accessories have already been managed or bought by the stylists. The fitting is about how good the look is, and if it fits and portrays what the creative department wanted to portray. Some corrections and alterations will be made after the fitting. As a model, you will be directly with the designer, in the showroom or on site of the production or shooting location. For designers and clients, it is important that there is a fitting before the show, so that the collection will fit the respective model or will be made to fit. Clients prefer models that have the exact fitting measurements for the fashion collection. A fitting is quickly done, usually it only takes 15 to 30 minutes. If there need to be changes, the client will have enough time for that afterwards.

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