Mother Agency – the main agency of any one model

Mother agencies focus on the placing and booking of models in international, big agencies. There are mother agencies that only place models into other agencies and don’t have any clients at all. These agencies usually exist outside big countries like the US or Germany. In bigger countries and fashion capitals, mother agencies are usually both. They place models on the international market and are also actively coordinating your international placement with other agencies. They update their partners with current pictures and organise your options and dates. The offsetting is quite clear – the mother agency gets like a usual management ten per cent of all your payments. And you get access to the network and full service of an agency in exchange, a very good deal. As a high fashion model, who is also able to do commercial work and international designers, a mother agency should be your aim. But mother agencies expect exclusiveness. Therefore, you should really pay attention who represents and who currently manages you. You have to rely on your agency to the fullest, and therefore they should be able to offer you what you need for your career. International contacts of clients and casting agencies, photographers, magazines, a strong model board, which represents your look.

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