Plus Size Models, Curvy Models

Plus size is a model with clothing size 40. Plus size are also models that do not conform the usual slim body. They are also called curvy models. Such models are very popular when fashion collections that don’t fit the average or slim women are being presented. Since the 21st century, there are many advertising campaigns against the slimness craze and the wrong precepted image of women, showing an average woman with a curvy body. And also at the catwalk, you will see some curvy models. Did you know? Most of the women in Germany are wear size 40/42, which means that “plus size“ is not always connected to bigger sizes. Most of the countries show curvy models and the usual image of an average woman. Therefore, it is just so important that media shows curvy women. There are many successful models in that segment. Internationally for example, Lizzie Miller, Keala Humphries, Nadia Aboulhosn or Fluvia Lacerda. She was called the “plus size Gisele Buendchen“ by Homeland Magazine.

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