Anusha – Curvy New Face & London coming up

Anusha – up and coming curvy New Face. We as an agency write body positivity very big and are constantly looking for interesting new faces, which also bring a character. Anusha was thus a very big find, because she is the complete package: a beautiful body, a unique face & a super strong character.

Plans for the future – the road to London

The laid-back nature of Anusha makes it all look like confidence just flies to her. In fact, she has many plans how it should go on for her after school. One thing is for sure: she will continue to take time for modeling and will take every chance that comes her way. Soon her first stay in London is planned, here she will intensively take care of building up her model book and get into conversations with clients. For the upcoming visits, she will have more and more security and gradually skim bigger jobs, so that when she is finally done with school, she can fully start working as a model.

Anusha on video – the first video footage of the new model

If pictures are not enough, you can find more of Anusha here and on our YouTube channel.

Pictures from the first shoot with Oliver Rudolph

Fashion & Shopping in Hamburg: Neuer Wall, Mönckebergstraße & Fashion Tips

Hamburg you pearl! Every time you take the ICE to Hamburg, you get excited about two hours beforehand: the harbour, Jungfernstieg, Schanze & Co! The city on the Elbe stands for fashion, premium brands, modeling and luxury. Although it feels a bit more price-conscious than Düsseldorf or Munich. The city is expensive, whether shopping or living, nevertheless Hamburg is among the first places when it comes to shopping experience. Hamburg has, yes it’s true, the most shopping malls in the whole country. Mostly small, chic and elegant malls directly in the city. Besides a lot of flair, the Hanseatic city also offers a wide range of entertainment, fashion and of course good food. For models, model scouts and us as a model agency, Hamburg is, as mentioned above, a real Mecca when it comes to fashion! Luxury is on every corner. Whether Cartier, Tiffany, Prada, Versace, Chanel or Louis Vuitton. The fashion boutiques are idyllically located between Hamburg’s city hall and Jungersteig. Read more about our model agency here.

More shopping tips for the Hanseatic city? Check out our list: Boutique Hamburg

Fashion in Hamburg’s city – shopping between the Mundsburg and Hamburger Straße stops: the Hamburger Meile

All the leading fashion designers are on site in Hamburg’s old town and city centre. Whether Jil Sander, Wolfgang Joop or Karl Lagerfeld. Even if they are not native Hamburgers, they have been working in the port city for a long time. So the real fashion icons have been part of the city for ages and of course also shape the image of Hamburg’s city centre with their boutiques. Those who like bigger stores will of course also find all the well-known representatives. Here you don’t have to walk far, just to Mönckebergstraße: From makeup producer MAC to watches by Fossil, shoe shops by Görtz, Zara, Christ, and many more.

In addition to luxury labels and fashion boutiques, you can also find many places off the typical routes to shop quickly or more extensively. The small independent boutiques are, maybe the impression is subjective, a bit more conservative than in other cities. For the best boutique hotspot, however, you have to take the subway a bit to Eppendorf. Here, many small, unique shops are lined up next to each other. Trends are born here or imported from all over the world – ironically, the modern center of the avant-garde is one of Hamburg’s oldest neighborhoods. Whether shoes, fashion, living or household goods, here the shopping tourist can find everything his heart desires. Of course, there are also a few small specialties, such as absolutely uhrige pubs and coffee houses. If you like it a bit more creative, the Strenschanze is also the right place! Here you will find a mixture as music, fashion, restaurants and real Hamburg Urgesteinen.

Shopping – Guide for the shopping centres in Hamburg city centre

These are the shopping streets to remember

As already described in the upper part, Hamburg has a lot to offer for all shopaholics and people interested in fashion with its numerous shopping possibilities. Germany’s most shopping malls (more than nine) and many shopping streets around Rathaus, Jungferstieg and Eppendorf, you can find inspiration, favorite pieces and of course just drink a cafe with friends. To give you a good shopping overview for your next visit to Hamburg, here are our tips for Hafencity on the Elbe:


This Mönckebergstraße is generally regarded as Hamburg’s Mecca or the shopping street par excellence. Especially for tourists and short visitors it is easy to reach. The Mönckebergstraße is a traffic-calmed pedestrian zone with many shopping opportunities. It stretches from the main station to the town hall. Here you will find all the above-mentioned, well-known department stores such as Zara, Fossil, etc. can be found here. Of course there are also shops outside the fashion world. For example Karstadt, Europe’s largest sports store, but also electronics stores like Saturn, etc.

New wall

Finance and high fashion, you can find both in Hamburg at the ‘Neuer Wall’. Not too far from Mönckebergstraße and the Hamburg Stock Exchange, this shopping street offers everything your heart desires, provided you have the necessary change, of course, for the various designer boutiques. Here you will find the real who’s who of haute couture: Armani, Bulgari, Tiffany, Cartier and Louis Vuitton, to name but a few.


A real highlight in the cool north is the Jungfernstieg. The picturesque street is located directly next to the Hamburg canals, a picture that can certainly only be found here! Two highlights at once, the waterways and shopping! Whether shopping or just for a stroll, Hamburg’s Jungernstieg always has something special in store. Among others, shoes and leather goods are a real attraction here. Only later we noticed even the Hamburger Hof (not far from the Jungfernstieg), also a really beautifully designed shopping center.

Trends are created here: Eppendorf

Where are the hipsters? The trendy district of Eppendorf is home to the young trends. The trendy quarter is a great place to find inspiration. We were particularly struck by the small goldsmiths and weavers in the centre, it’s rare to find such genuine craftsmanship. Therefore, Eppendorf is definitely worth a visit for people interested in fashion!

Hamburg fish market

Whether Hamburger or tourist, everyone meets at the fish market. Whether for a cozy beer festival of local breweries or after a long party night for a hearty breakfast. Don’t let the historical name of the fish market fool you! There’s so much more than just stinky fish! Every Sunday there are fresh cut flowers from friendly market people. There is trade at every corner. Since 1703, the Hamburg fish market has stood for cosiness, humanity and a real Hamburg feeling.

Hanse Quarter Gallery Passage

Shopping centres play a very special role in the Hanseatic city. After all, here are the most shopping centers in all of Germany. The Hanse Viertel Galerie Passage is one of the nine large shopping centres. A true heaven for shopping lovers. Whether fashion, food, leather goods, wine, jewelry or perfume. In the Hanse Viertel Galerie Passage you will find everything under one roof. The opening hours in Hamburg boutiques and stores are like in the whole of Germany on the typical shop opening hours of 9 – 20 o’clock in the evening. On Saturdays, most fashion stores in the city centre are open from 9 am – 2 pm. However, if you come after that, you still have the options to check out the cafes, entertainment and music are virtually on every corner. Read more about our model agency here.

There are cinemas everywhere in Hamburg: whether on Steindamm, in HafenCity or at Dammtor

It’s the weekend and you still have no idea what to do with your friends? It’s raining outside, but you still want to make good use of your day off? How about a movie night? Delicious popcorn? Nachos with a hot cheese sauce? Here you can find the most popular and best cinemas in Hamburg, from OpenAir to luxury cinemas, everything is listed for you. Have fun!

CinemaxX Hamburg Dammtor – Hamburg’s flagship cinema

The cinema “CinemaxX” inspires not only with the excellent film selection and the excellent quality of the films, but also with the location of the cinema. Directly at the Dammtor station, the cinema is easy to reach by S-Bahn.

Savoy Filmtheater – Cinema evening at Steindamm

In addition to the cozy atmosphere, the cinema “Savoy Filmtheater” offers broadcasts from English theaters and also shows current films, as well as classics in the original.

Passage Kino – films, opera broadcasts & art exhibitions on the big screen

There is nothing that the “Passage Kino” can’t offer you in terms of films. From classic to modern, from drama to comedy to love. Entertainment is provided not only for adults, but also for children, so there is something for everyone and you can watch a movie together as a family without anyone being bored.

Abaton Kino – Hamburg’s oldest art house cinema

The Abaton cinema is perfect for people who like to watch current films in the original and with subtitles. There are not only classic films but also documentaries, children’s films and thematic series. It is also very likely to meet a director, an author or an actor, because you will see them more often than average at the Abaton Kino. So keep your eyes open.

ASTOR Film Lounge HafenCity – luxury cinema in Hamburg

The cinema “ASTOR Film Lounge HafenCity” is the first premium cinema in Hamburg and was founded by Hans-Joachim Flebbe in 2018, who also founded the CinemaxX company, among others. The cinema “Astor Film Lounge HafenCity”, offers besides the luxurious ambience and the welcome drink at the beginning, also a good selection of movies.

UCI KINOWELT (Mundsburg) –

Zeise Cinemas – Standard or OpenAir

Not only the extraordinary location and the special atmosphere convince the guests, but also the sophisticated and at the same time entertaining program. The cinema “Zeise Kinos” has not only the normal cinema halls to offer, but also provides with an OpenAir cinema for super variety.

Coral Cinema – Vintage

Top 10 Movie Tips for Home

Big blockbusters can of course not only be enjoyed in the cinema. There are also plenty of exciting adventures to be had on the home screen. Streaming services like Netflix make it possible. Of course, you can also fall back on the tried and tested DVD or Blue Ray as an alternative. Now the question remains, what to watch? Here are a few tips from the editorial team:

  • Mindhunter
  • House of money
  • The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  • Atypical
  • Orange is the New Black
  • The Crown
  • Stranger Things
  • House of Cards
  • The Black Mirror
  • Narcos

Made for online shops: New at CM – Cutie Diana

New decade – new models. Diana has already had experience in modeling and is now part of the CM Family! With her strong blue eyes she enchants all people around her. We are looking forward to make the best of 2020 together.

Diana – Made for Online Shops

Here you can find the first photo gallery from her first job, if you want to see more you can find her complete book under the New Faces in the menu bar.

1000 Follower on YouTube: Thank you guys! + Making Of Special

Yes! On Instagram we post new jobs every week, editorials in magazines but also our new faces are presented here on Instagram. On YouTube you can now find even more detailed backstage insights. Little interviews with our models, like Linn who was just on the catwalk in Milan for Dolce & Gabbana, Johanna is going to the USA soon and Jeremy Fragrance even breaks all Youtube records for his area. We also have an interesting video for those who want to become models: Insights into our model coachings but also backstage of shootings. All this, jobs, new faces and interesting stories of our models can be found on YouTube.

Special! How to do a commercial – Making Of

Many thanks to you! As a little special we have a mega Making Of for you from the new FOREO LUNA commercial with Korlan and Karen. How is a commercial created? Here you can see it live! You can find more exciting backstage videos on YouTube.

YouTube: Playlists, jobs and interviews

Commercials of our models

Foreo Luna – Power Your Beauty

Dailies – My new me

Pantene Pro-V – Hair Biology

Henkell – Create your own tradition

Opel – Quantansprung

Male Model: How to become a model as a man?

You want to be a model? We are looking for male models with character and charm. Our top priority: changeability. But what are the requirements? It is important to us that our female and male models feel comfortable in their bodies, because a healthy self-confidence is reflected in their charisma. Only those who live the job with joy and conviction can call up a corresponding performance. Self-confidence, reliability and the ability to easily slip into different roles are three important skills to assert yourself in the modeling industry. Our customers pay attention to an expressive face, convincing looks, a good posture and coordination. Our Cocaine Models team takes care of our models with intensive management and prepares them for jobs in a goal-oriented manner.

How do I become a male model? Successful modeling as a man!

Prerequisites as Model and Male Model: Character Strength, Fitness and Courage

Self-confidence, reliability and the ability to easily slip into different roles are three important skills to assert yourself in the modeling industry. Our customers are looking for an expressive face, convincing looks, good posture and coordination. Our Cocaine Models team takes care of our models with intensive management and prepares them for jobs in a goal-oriented manner: From fitting models for designers to fashion shows and photo shoots.

But first of all you have to actively decide for yourself to become a model. Because especially at the beginning it is a lot of work, e.g. building up your model portfolio, which also means that you have to have a lot of patience, because nobody becomes a star overnight.

International male model: Chand visiting Germany

In our new little Model Doku we accompanied Chand three days in Germany. Together with Oliver Rudolph Chand shoots for trueprodigy. The brand sells in over 35 countries! So that the looks in the new lookbook, the shop and the store elements are also right, the Chand label flew in from Stockholm. We accompanied Chand backstage, in the hotel, in the gym but also at breakfast. A little insight for New Faces!

The customer – what are the agencies and designers looking at?

It is particularly important to the designers that their collections are presented by models that give the end consumer that certain “feeling”. A targeted choice of model is therefore decisive for the statistically growing sales figures. This shows how important it is for a model to develop a certain individuality, in short: uniqueness pays off. This ability is innate, but can be additionally trained. We support our female and male models in this way, continue to pursue classic chic and underline their uniqueness.

Men model Sanja in international automobile commercial 2015/16


Model: Sanja | to the blog post: Advertising spot for Opel ‘Quantum Leap’ Making Of


Am Set mit Autos, Helikoptern & Co. | zum Blogbeitrag: Advertising spot for Opel ‘Quantum Leap’ Making Of

The Cocaine Models Concept: Classic AND Unique. We are broadly positioned with our model portfolio. Through our experience in the agency sector, we would like to make the media city of Cologne a German fashion metropolis next to Berlin. Our Booking Management stands for your success. In our model agency we work cross-media and thus achieve a large reach. Thanks to our well-developed railway network, we are quickly available on site for half of Europe. A good basis for a stable future in the Made sector.

What does a man model have to know?

A sympathetic charisma is the be-all and end-all in the model business. A nice smile is also more important for male models than the washboard stomach. Solarium tanned skin is an absolute No Go! A big advantage of male models: They can work longer in the model business than female models. On the other hand, they are paid less than women.

Check list for male models:

  • Changeability: You must also be able to look younger than you actually are. In Germany, male types are more in demand, but “young boys” are particularly successful abroad, especially in France or Italy.
  • Optimum starting age: between 16 and 18 years of age
  • Development ability: You need to develop a sense of styling and your ability to perform properly constantly
  • Under 1,80 male models have hardly a chance, because they are not versatile applicable
  • Sporty physique is good
  • Striking facial features
  • On application photos: type of man must be recognizable, a smile is advantageous

The Model Guru: Lutz Marquardt in an interview about modeling & Personality

In an interview with Lutz Marquardt you can see what a model needs to know! It’s not all about good looks. Emotions, gestures and a changeable personality are the basis for successful models! Interview by Soraya / FIV Magazine.

Become a model – Apply in our agency

Our model agency is looking for female as well as male models. Our model agency exists since 2015 in Cologne. We have many years of agency experience and have our own agency office with a shooting studio in the Mediapark in Cologne. We are not just an ordinary model agency, but we take over the entire administration for our clients, from booking to completion. But that’s not all: With interesting lifestyle and fashion blogs of our models, we offer a great alternative to the classic model agency offer. We work with professional and experienced models, but also promote new talents. Our selection of New Faces is large and constantly growing. We have a large offer for our customers for their next catwalk or future campaigns, our team finds the optimal staffing.

Modeling – How to apply

If you are interested in the fashion industry and like to move in front of the camera, these are two good prerequisites for a model application with us. Experience in the model area is an advantage, but not a must. You should also meet these criteria to start a successful modeling career with Cocaine Models:

  • Minimum size: female: 174 cm, male: 184 cm
  • Figure: Slim, athletic, long legs
  • Face: symmetrical, higher cheekbones, nice profile

Model application for men

Application with Polaroid images: One portrait photo (face) and one full body photo.

On the Polaroids you should be seen in a natural look: Natural light, no make-up, plain clothes. As soon as we have checked your application and find you interesting, we will get in touch with you by e-mail or telephone. We invite you to a short introduction in our agency.

The interview in the agency

Please think in advance about your experience, your goals with us, mobility, availability times and hobbies & skills. In our agency we take your measurements again personally and do a small test shooting. For this, you should appear clean, that is, in plain, body-hugging clothes, a white T-shirt, black trousers, skin-colored underwear. The female model applicants should also not forget bikinis and high heels. Besides female models we are also always looking for male models. Read more here: Model Application.

Measurements for male models

All the important data for men who want to be models:

Low Waist78.5cm82.5cm86.5cm90.5cm94.5cm98.5cm102.5cm106.5cm

Source: Belstaff

If you meet these criteria, nothing stands in the way of a successful modeling career.

You can start a career as a male model in our Cocaine Models agency in Cologne. We are looking for types with different facets, male and muscular types as well as slim, young men. Our team not only works throughout Germany, but also internationally. We are looking forward to your application as a male model. You got your agency appointment? Read here all about your first Agency Casting.

Destination Hamburg – Tips for your restaurant search

Models in Hamburg – You are a model in Hamburg and don’t know your way around. Whether only for a casting, several days for a job or for a whole week. There are thousands of restaurants, cafés and fast food shops in Hamburg, but not many know the insider tips. Whether vegan, burger, Italian or Chinese, the food scene in Hamburg is very multifaceted and shaped by the port. Here we have compiled a list for you with the top insider tips and best restaurants throughout Hamburg!

Top 10 of the best restaurants in Hamburg

Here you will find a selection of the 10 coolest restaurants in Hafencity. We’re sure there’s something for you around Reeperbahn!

The Lesser Panda – Vietnamese cuisine

Asian soup variety. The Japanese soups are spiced up with organic vegetables from the region and fresh noodles. Whether you’re a meat lover or a vegan, everyone here at The Lesser Panda gets their money’s worth of taste.

Shiso Burger – Asian burgers

The Asian version of the burgers. No matter whether in the vegetraischen variant, or those with meat, it tastes. Now you no longer have to choose between French fries or Edamame, just take both and combine Asian diversity with American burger culture.

Nakama – Fusion Kitchen

View this post on Instagram

Our BEEF TATAKI DON special this month ✨

A post shared by NAKAMA (@nakamahamburg) on

bead – hamburger finesse

Home – German diversity

Kalliopea – Greek cuisine

Happenpappen – vegan and glutenfree

TwoPointNull – Italian delicacies

Rollercoaster: Food on wheels – Rollercoaster Restaurant

A pot floats like a ghostly hand under the ceiling, takes a curve and rushes down to the table in a spiral. Isn’t there? Welcome to the most wacky restaurant in the city: the “Schwerelos” Hamburg. The roller coaster restaurant in the Harburg inland port. One is surprised how varied the offer is! Although home-style food with a regional touch is the main offer, the smaller portions invite you to round off the main courses with tasty, varied starters or soups.

Vlogs: Food & Restaurants in Hamburg

Food in midsummer: How tasty you are in summer

Charlotte takes you on a little discovery tour through culinary Hamburg. With a small provision package we go through the city, with a stop at one or the other delicious temptation. Hamburg with its Hafen-City is always worth a visit, especially in midsummer – many reasons, you can see here in the video!

From fashion to marmalade: insider tips

Away from restaurants there are many to discover, Krims Krams, delicious snacks and much more.

Know already? Facts about Hamburg

This restaurant forbids children!

I already knew ….

Destination Hamburg – Tips for your restaurant search

You are a model in Hamburg and don’t know your way around. Whether only for a casting, several days for a job or for a whole week. There are thousands of restaurants, cafés and fast food shops in Hamburg, but not many know the insider tips. Whether vegan, burger, Italian or Chinese, the food scene in Hamburg is very multifaceted and shaped by the port. Here we have compiled a list for you with the top insider tips and best restaurants throughout Hamburg!

Top 10 of the best restaurants in Hamburg

Here you will find a selection of the 10 coolest restaurants in Hafencity. We’re sure there’s something for you around Reeperbahn!

The Lesser Panda – Vietnamese cuisine

Asian soup variety. The Japanese soups are spiced up with organic vegetables from the region and fresh noodles. Whether you’re a meat lover or a vegan, everyone here at The Lesser Panda gets their money’s worth of taste.

Shiso Burger – Asian burgers

The Asian version of the burgers. No matter whether in the vegetraischen variant, or those with meat, it tastes. Now you no longer have to choose between French fries or Edamame, just take both and combine Asian diversity with American burger culture.

Nakama – Fusion Kitchen

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Our BEEF TATAKI DON special this month ✨

A post shared by NAKAMA (@nakamahamburg) on

bead – hamburger finesse

Home – German diversity

Kalliopea – Greek cuisine

Happenpappen – vegan and glutenfree

TwoPointNull – Italian delicacies

Rollercoaster: Food on wheels – Rollercoaster Restaurant

A pot floats like a ghostly hand under the ceiling, takes a curve and rushes down to the table in a spiral. Isn’t there? Welcome to the most wacky restaurant in the city: the “Schwerelos” Hamburg. The roller coaster restaurant in the Harburg inland port. One is surprised how varied the offer is! Although home-style food with a regional touch is the main offer, the smaller portions invite you to round off the main courses with tasty, varied starters or soups.

Vlogs: Food & Restaurants in Hamburg

Food in midsummer: How tasty you are in summer

Charlotte takes you on a little discovery tour through culinary Hamburg. With a small provision package we go through the city, with a stop at one or the other delicious temptation. Hamburg with its Hafen-City is always worth a visit, especially in midsummer – many reasons, you can see here in the video!

From fashion to marmalade: insider tips

Away from restaurants there are many to discover, Krims Krams, delicious snacks and much more.

Know already? Facts about Hamburg

This restaurant forbids children!

I already knew ….

The hippest cafés in Hamburg: Alster and Jungfernstieg!

Models in Hamburg – Directly on the Alster, or directly in the city centre of the Perle? You will find them everywhere, the small, hidden cafés and breakfast facilities of Hamburg. Delicious waffles, fresh bowls, or a warm coffee with a piece of cake. Of course, we have also thought about the cafes in Eppendorf, Schanze or fashionable hipster cafes. The Hafencity offers us the variety and if you want to drink something while passing through at the main station. We have put together a list of the coolest and tastiest cafés in Hamburg!

Top 10 of the best cafés in Hamburg

Here you will find our insider tips for the hippest cafés in Hamburg, around the Alster!

Moki`s Goodies

At Monki’s Goodies, you’ll find super delicious bowls with fresh fruits, or even avocado toast. They describe themselves as a mix of soulfood and superfood. Who doesn’t want to enjoy tasty food and at the same time do something good for their body? So off to Monki’s Goodies!

With heart and sugar

With heart and sugar, that’s not only the name of the café, it’s also the motto that can be recognised in the furnishings and the lovingly polished creations. Ideal for breakfast, but also for a piece of cake in the afternoon. Both locations are super centrally located. A small but fine café with a unique atmosphere. Try it out!

Baltz and Balz

The Balz und Balz was founded by a young sibling couple and has been run successfully ever since. There you will find everything your heart desires, from breakfast to lunch snacks. Located in Eppendorf, it is easy to reach by public transport and can easily be combined with a visit to the city centre. The Balz and Balz is especially known for its cinnamon snails and the homemade cake. So a visit is worthwhile in any case.

Mad About Juice

Luicella’s Ice Cream

Luicella`s Ice Cream is balm for the soul. Who doesn’t look forward to the warm spring and summer months and a scoop of ice cream? The special feature of Luicella’s Ice Cream is that customers not only enjoy their unique creations, they also have the opportunity to write varieties on the wish board in the store and the team creates them. A large selection of special ice creams and delicious milkshakes awaits you here. And now the best: you can also attend workshops where you can learn how to make your favourite ice cream yourself. You can also order online sundaes for your home. So stop by!

Hej Papa

Hanging Out Café

Public Coffee Roasters

North Coast Coffee Roastery


Sightseeing in Hamburg: Harbour, Reeperbahn, Elbphilharmonie & Alster

Become a model in Hamburg – If you are a model in Hamburg and still have some time before or after your job, there is a lot to discover in the port city. From the port of Hamburg to beautiful and magnificent mansions to modern buildings and completely newly created districts, there is a lot to do and see in the exciting city in the north of Germany.

Hotspots in Hamburg: The most beautiful places

Not for nothing is the Hanseatic city on the Elbe called the “most beautiful city in the world”. Here you can walk for miles along the banks of the Elbe, enjoy the romantic industrial flair of the port or explore old villa districts. We as a model agency have picked out the highlights of Hamburg, which are typical of Hamburg and which you should have seen during your stay.

Elbphilharmonie: Hamburg’s landmark

The Elbphilharmonie, affectionately known as “Elphi” by Hamburgers, is Hamburg’s newest landmark! Opened in 2016, the new concert hall is located in the exciting new HafenCity district and is also very close to Hamburg’s harbour and the famous Landungsbrücken. On the observation deck you have a beautiful view over the Elbe, you can also enjoy nice concerts and eat something in the restaurant.

4.7 / 5.0 (47,872 ratings on Google)

The Elbphilharmonie at a glance:

  • Special feature: Hamburg’s newest landmark with a beautiful viewing platform
  • Address: Platz der Deutschen Einheit 4, 20457 Hamburg, Germany
  • Phone: 040 3576660

This is where the Elphi is located:

Look over Hamburg on the plaza of the Elbphilharmonie:

Reeperbahn: Party, Concerts & Clubs

Everyone knows the Reeperbahn: it is Hamburg’s party mile par excellence, where people from all walks of life meet to party, have a drink or attend concerts. The many nightclubs and bars make the “most sinful street in the world” a real attraction – here you can spend a fun evening with friends for sure.

4.1 / 5.0 (157 ratings on Google)

The Reeperbahn summarized:

  • Special feature: central entertainment street of Hamburg with many bars & nightclubs
  • Length: 930 meters

This is where the Reeperbahn is located:

On the Große Freiheit, a side street of the Reeperbahn you will find even more clubs and bars:

Landungsbrücken: Gateway to the world with ships & ferries

The port of Hamburg with its landing stages is what the Hanseatic city is all about. They are more than just a landing stage for ships and ferries, they are literally the gateway to the world. From here you can start relaxing round trips on the Elbe or take the ferry to the next stop along the river, as well as to the other bank of the Elbe to the musicals. The large museum ships Rickmer Rickmers and Cap San Diego are also nice to see while enjoying a fish sandwich.

4.8 / 5.0 (925 ratings on Google)

The Landungsbrücken at a glance:

  • Special feature: harbour feeling with round trips and large ships
  • Address: Bei den St. Pauli-Landungsbrücken, 20359 Hamburg, Germany

Here you will find the Landungsbrücken:

Speicherstadt: Hamburg Dungeon & Miniatur Wunderland

Hamburg’s Speicherstadt is a district near the harbour and the city centre that is criss-crossed by canals, also called “Fleete”, and is characterised by historic brick buildings, which are attraction enough in themselves. It is the world’s largest historic warehouse complex and the Hamburg Dungeon, the Miniatur Wunderland as well as some museums like the Spice Museum are located in the Speicherstadt.

Speicherstadt at a glance:

  • Special feature: Historic buildings, criss-crossed by canals and beautiful bridges
  • Attractions such as the Spice Museum, Miniatur Wunderland or Hamburg Dungeon

The Speicherstadt is located here:

HafenCity: new quarter on the Elbe River

HafenCity is the completely newly built district on the Elbe River south of Hamburg’s city center. It forms one of the largest inner-city urban development projects in Europe, a large part of the district is already completed and there are cafes, restaurants, schools, hotels, apartments and office buildings there. Between the modern houses you can walk along the waterfront or sit in one of the parks.

HafenCity summarized:

  • Special feature: completely newly built district with modern houses and facilities
  • New schools, jobs, housing and other leisure activities are being built here

HafenCity on the Elbe is located here:

Elbstrand: sandy beach in the middle of Hamburg

Hamburg’s Elbe beach stretches over 13 kilometres downstream towards the mouth of the Elbe on the banks of the river. You may be in the big city, but you still have a sandy beach on your doorstep. Here you can take a leisurely walk or sit in the sand, sunbathe and watch the container ships leisurely pass by. Along the Elbstrand you have a beautiful view of the harbor and walk past beautiful parks and even more beautiful houses of the rich who have settled in this great place.

4.7 / 5.0 (252 ratings on Google)

The Elbstrand at a glance:

  • Special feature: beautiful beach on the banks of the Elbe with a great view
  • Address: Övelgönne 62-89, 22605 Hamburg, Germany

The typical Elbe beach closest to the city is located here:

Planten un Blomen: rose gardens, lakes & water light show

Hamburg’s most beautiful park in the middle of the city: on about 47 hectares there are themed gardens, lakes, a large playground, as well as concerts and water light shows in summer. Between Japanese gardens and rose gardens you can take a relaxed stroll and still be in the middle of Hamburg – between the city centre, the congress centre and St. Pauli.

4.7 / 5.0 (13,388 ratings on Google)

Planten un Blomen at a glance:

  • Special feature: large park directly in the city with beautifully landscaped green areas
  • Address: Marseiller Str., 20355 Hamburg, Germany
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun from 07:00-23:00

This is where you’ll find the park:

Staircase district Blankenese: winding alleys, steps & beautiful houses

The Treppenviertel is a part within the Hamburg district Blankenese directly at the Elbe. It is characterized by winding streets, beautiful and large houses and many steps directly on the Elbe slope. At the top you have a wide view over the Elbe, at the bottom you are directly at the Elbe beach.

4.7 / 5.0 (1,993 ratings on Google)

The staircase district summarized:

  • Special feature: beautiful houses, long steps and a beautiful view
  • Located in: Blankenese, Hamburg

You can find the stair quarter here:

Außenalster: Parks, Boats & Villas

Hamburg’s Außenalster is a large lake located in the heart of Hamburg, bordering the city center to the south and beautiful neighborhoods of villas to the north. The Alster is a great place to go for a walk or jog, past attractive green parks and historic, charming villas. There are sailors and rowers on the Alster at any time of the year and you can take a nice Alster cruise into the small canals of the lake and get to know the attractive districts around the Alster better.

4.7 / 5.0 (176 ratings on Google)

The Außenalster at a glance:

  • Special feature: lake in the heart of Hamburg, with green parks and villas all around
  • Attractions such as boat rentals or Alster tours

Here you will find the Außenalster:

Hamburg my pearl – Conclusion

In Hamburg you can do a lot outside: Explore the city on foot, walk along the harbor, walk around the Alster, discover villa neighborhoods and the staircase district. The city has many architecturally beautiful houses and buildings and also offers many parks and green spaces!

Universities in Hamburg: Design, Medicine & Engineering

Become a model in Hamburg – You want to study at one of the 10 largest universities in Germany? Art, medicine or maybe even a fashion degree in the most beautiful city in northern Germany? In Hamburg, a variety of educational institutions offer you various opportunities to further your education and study in your desired field. As a model you would of course also like to continue your education and maybe even complete a whole course of studies. So that nothing stands in the way, we as a model agency have picked out 10 of the most popular universities and colleges in Hamburg. If you want to learn more about the many universities and colleges in Hamburg, then read on here.

University of Hamburg: 170 courses of study

Of course, the University of Hamburg is an obvious option to study in Hamburg and is worth considering in every way. With over 40,000 students, it is the largest university in Hamburg and the largest educational institution in all of northern Germany. Here you can choose from over 170 degree programs in almost every field and study centrally in Hamburg.

4.0 / 5.0 (327 ratings on Google)

  • Address: University of Hamburg, 20146 Hamburg
  • Phone: 040 428380
  • Funding: State

Here you will find the University of Hamburg:

Here you are standing directly in front of the main building of the University of Hamburg:

HAW Hamburg: Design, Media, Technology & Co.

The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) is the third largest university of applied sciences in Germany and offers 73 courses of study in the fields of business & social sciences; design, media & information; engineering & computer science and life sciences.

4.2 / 5.0 (97 reviews on Google)

  • Address: Berliner Tor 5, 20099 Hamburg
  • Phone: 040 428750
  • Funding: State

HAW is located here:

Here you are standing in front of the main buildings of HAW Hamburg:

HafenCity University: Building & Urban Development

HafenCity University (HCU) has only existed since 2006 and is Europe’s only thematically focused university for building and metropolitan development. The modern university combines all aspects of building and urban development in design and drafting, engineering and natural sciences as well as humanities and social sciences and is located in Hamburg’s new HafenCity district.

4.4 / 5.0 (68 ratings on Google)

  • Address: Überseeallee 16, 20457 Hamburg, Germany
  • Phone: 040 428275355
  • Funding: State

You can find the HCU here:

Look around the modern building of the university:

Hamburg University of Technology: Construction and Engineering

The Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH) is one of the youngest technical universities in Germany, here you will find mainly courses in the fields of construction and engineering. More than 7850 students study in 42 bachelor and master programs at the TU Hamburg.

4.5 / 5.0 (86 reviews on Google)

  • Address: Am Schwarzenberg Campus 1, 21073 Hamburg, Germany
  • Phone: 040 428780
  • Funding: State

The Technical University is located here:

Universitätsklinikum Eppendorf: Medicine & Molecular Life Sciences

The medical faculty of the University of Hamburg is located in the modern University Hospital in Hamburg Eppendorf (UKE). It is one of the largest and most modern hospitals in Europe and you can choose from courses such as Medicine, Dentistry or Molecular Life Sciences.

3.3 / 5.0 (802 ratings on Google)

  • Address: Martinistraße 52, 20251 Hamburg
  • Phone: o4o 741055941
  • Funding: State

Here you will find the UKE:

Hochschule Fresenius: Media, Health & Design

Fresenius University of Applied Sciences is a private university for applied sciences with locations in German cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf. At the Hamburg location, degree programs are offered in the fields of Business & Media, Health & Social Sciences and Design.

3.9 / 5.0 (8 ratings on Google)

  • Address: Alte Rabenstraße 1, 20148 Hamburg
  • Phone: 040 226325910
  • Financing: Private
  • Study costs: up to 800€ per month

The Fresenius University of Applied Sciences is located here:

Academy of Fashion & Design (AMD): Fashion studies

The Academy of Fashion & Design is the design department of the private Fresenius University of Applied Sciences. Here you can study Fashion Design, Fashion and Design Management or Fashion Journalism and Communication. AMD works with exciting partners from the industry and has an international network of partner universities.

4.2 / 5.0 (11 reviews on Google)

  • Address: Alte Rabenstraße 1, 20148 Hamburg
  • Phone: 040 2378780
  • Financing: Private
  • Tuition costs: 695€ per month

You can find the AMD here:

Academy JAK: Study Fashion

The JAK Academy is a private educational institution that covers pretty much all courses in the field of fashion. Here you can study Fashion Design, Fashion Textile Management or Retail Design & Visual Merchandising. In personal class groups, the JAK Academy participates in competitions and cooperates with business enterprises and other international universities.

5.0 / 5.0 (4 reviews on Google)

  • Address: Hohenfelder Allee 41-43, 22087 Hamburg, Germany
  • Phone: 040 34859510
  • Financing: Private
  • Tuition costs: approx. 550€ per month

The JAK Academy is located here:

Brand University of Applied Sciences: Brand Management

The Brand University of Applied Sciences (formerly Brand Academy) is a private university with a unique specialisation in brands in Europe. Here you can study courses tailored to brand management, brand communication and brand design.

4.2 / 5.0 (11 reviews on Google)

  • Address: Rainvilleterrasse 4, 22765 Hamburg, Germany
  • Phone: 040 380893560
  • Financing: Private
  • Tuition costs: 685€ per month

Here you will find the Brand University:

University of Fine Arts Hamburg: Art studies

The Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg (HFBK) is a state-run art academy with a wide range of subjects and majors from which students can choose, such as sculpture, design, film, stage design or graphics/typography/photography, to name a few.

4.2 / 5.0 (38 reviews on Google)

  • Address: Lerchenfeld 2, 22081 Hamburg
  • Phone: 040 4289890
  • Funding: State

This is where the HFBK is located:

Hamburg’s universities in summary

A study in Hamburg is almost nothing in the way, you have a wide choice of state, as well as private universities and colleges at which you have a huge variety of courses from which you can choose. Whether it is a study in the field of art, technology, business, medicine or fashion – in Hamburg there is the right university, you have the choice.

Shopping in Hamburg: Jungfernstieg, Alsterhaus & Alstertal Shopping Centre

Becoming a model in Hamburg – If you’re out and about in Hamburg, you might notice that the people of Hamburg already take care of their appearance a bit in the fine north and are dressed chicly in the city. No wonder, because in the city center of Hamburg you can shop wonderfully! Shopping in the side streets of the city centre in luxury shops or in the big department stores of the Hanseatic city, the choice is yours.

Jungfernstieg: Apple, Douglas & Co.

The Jungfernstieg is the central meeting point for shopping for young Hamburgers. Almost all S and U-Bahn lines run via the station on Jungfernstieg directly on the Binnenalster, because from here you can get perfectly to the many shopping streets and shopping centres that Hamburg’s city centre has to offer. The large Apple Store is a prominent feature of Jungfernstieg, and there is also the upmarket department store Alsterhaus and shops such as Douglas, Juwelier Wempe and Bucherer on Jungfernstieg.

4.4 / 5.0 (210 reviews on Google)

Jungfernstieg at a glance:

  • Special feature: Central point in Hamburg, from which shopping streets & shopping centres depart
  • Stores like Apple, Jeweller Wempe or Douglas

Here you will find the Jungfernstieg:

Walk along the Jungfernstieg:

New Wall: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Acne Studios & more

The Neue Wall is a shopping street leading off from the Jungfernstieg and is lined with luxury shops and upscale retailers. Here is exclusive shopping and strolling. Brands like Burberry, Max Mara, Chanel, Prada, Armani, Gucci, Louis Vuitton or Acne Studios line up their stores.

4.4 / 5.0 (18 ratings on Google)

New Wall summarized:

  • Special feature: many luxury fashion shops on one street
  • Stores like Burberry, Chanel, Prada & Co.
  • Length: 580 meters

Here is the shopping street:

Discover the Neuer Wall with its flagship stores:

Hanseviertel: Comma, Stone Island & Timberland

The Hanseviertel is a classic shopping arcade in Hamburg’s city centre, located to the south behind the Jungfernstieg. Almost 60 shops and cafés can be found here under glassed and vaulted corridors and domes. Here you will find stores like Barbour, Boggi Milano, Red Wing Shoes or Stone Island.

4.3 / 5.0 (3,703 ratings on Google)

Hanseviertel at a glance:

  • Special feature: Postmodern construction and vaulted corridors with glass domes
  • Stores like Barbour, Comma & Timberland
  • Address: Große Bleichen 30/36, 20354 Hamburg, Germany
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sat from 10:00-20:00
  • Phone: 040 80802020

The Hanseviertel is located here:

Here you can take a look at the mall via Google Street View:

Mönckebergstraße: Karstadt, Zara & Adidas

Leading from the town hall to the main station, Mönckebergstraße is Hamburg’s central shopping street. Large department stores like Karstadt or Peek & Cloppenburg and world-famous brands like Adidas, Snipes and Zara are lined up here. Besides shopping and strolling, there are also numerous cafés and snack bars where you can treat yourself to a break.

4.6 / 5.0 (37 reviews on Google)

The Mönckebergstraße at a glance:

  • Special feature: most famous and most visited shopping street in Hamburg
  • Stores like Adidas, Zara, Douglas and H&M Home
  • Length: 800 meters

Here you will find the Mönckebergstraße:

Walk through the famous shopping street:

Spitalerstraße: Lush, Nike, & Other Stories

The Spitalerstraße starts from the Mönckebergstraße and runs parallel to it to the main station. Spitalerstraße is a pedestrian-only street with shops like Lush, H&M, Görtz, Nike and & Other Stories. In the summer you can eat outside, the restaurants have screened outdoor areas in the pedestrian zone.

The Spitalerstrasse summarized:

  • Special feature: Central shopping street and pure pedestrian zone
  • Stores like Nike, Lush or H&M

Here is the shopping street:

Alsterhaus: Off-White, Balenciaga & Co.

A large department store directly at the Jungfernstieg with 5 floors. Here you will find an almost unlimited selection of fashion and household items. Bags, makeup, jewelry, leather goods, boots, sneaker perfumes and much more you get on the huge sales floor of a huge selection of brands such as Off-White, Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Dior, Fendi, Ted Baker or Saint Laurent, to name a few. On the top floor you will also find fine restaurants and exquisite cafés.

4.3 / 5.0 (4,964 ratings on Google)

The Alsterhaus at a glance:

  • Special feature: huge selection of brands and products
  • Brands like Dior, Fendi, Saint Laurent and Balenciaga
  • Address: Jungfernstieg 16-20, 20354 Hamburg, Germany
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sat from 10:00-20:00
  • Phone: 040 359010

The Alsterhaus is located here:

Europa Passage: Levi’s, Hollister & Tommy Jeans

The Europa Passage is a central shopping mall connecting Jungfernstieg with Mönckebergstraße. There are about 120 shops of all kinds on 5 floors, from shops for daily use to fashion stores like Levi’s, Hollister and Tommy Jeans. The food court on the top floor is also a great place to grab a bite to eat.

4.2 / 5.0 (27,448 ratings on Google)

The Europa Passage at a glance:

  • Special feature: variety of shops and delicious food court
  • Stores like Douglas, Tommy Jeans, Levi’s and Onygo.
  • Address: Ballindamm 40 EG2, 20095 Hamburg
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sat from 10:00-20:00
  • Phone: 040 30092640

Here you will find the Europa Passage:

Elbe Shopping Centre: Zara, Mango and Pull & Bear

The Elbe Einkaufszentrum is a shopping mall outside the city centre in Hamburg. Here you can have a great day if the weather is bad and browse through shops like Pull & Bear, Zara, Mango and Hollister and then treat yourself to a treat in the food court.

4.3 / 5.0 (5,369 ratings on Google)

Elbe Shopping Centre:

  • Special feature: inviting mall with many shops and snack options
  • Stores like Zara, Mango, H&M and Tommy Hilfiger
  • Address: Elbe-Einkaufszentrum, Osdorfer Landstrasse 131-135, 22609 Hamburg, Germany.
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sat from 10:00-20:00
  • Phone: 040 8078670

This is where the shopping center is located:

Alstertal Shopping Centre: Classico, Michael Kors & Guess

The Alstertal Shopping Centre is another shopping centre outside the city centre in the quiet Hamburg district of Poppenbüttel. Here, 240 shops can be found on an area of 59,000 m², including stores such as an Apple Store, Classico, Michael Kors or Guess.

4.4 / 5.0 (8,936 ratings on Google)

Alstertal Shopping Centre at a glance:

  • Special feature: opened in 1970 as Germany’s first covered shopping gallery
  • Stores like Apple, Classico, Zara, Levi’s…
  • Address: Heegbarg 31, 22391 Hamburg
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9:30-20:00
  • Phone: 040 6116770

You can find the mall here:

Hamburger Mile: Food court, shoes & more

Another shopping centre in Hamburg’s Barmbek-Süd district, which was considered the largest inner-city shopping centre in Germany in the 1970s with around 50,000 m² of floor space. Here there is a large food court and a variety of shops such as Hallhuber, Replay, Sidestep or H&M.

4.2 / 5.0 (8,810 ratings on Google)

Hamburger Meile at a glance:

  • Special feature: once the largest inner-city shopping centre in Germany
  • Stores like Only, Replay, Sidestep, Marco Polo & Douglas
  • Address: Hamburger Str. 27, 22083 Hamburg
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sat from 10:00-20:00
  • Phone: 040 22690210

The Hamburger Meile is located here:

Hamburg’s best shopping experience

The nice thing about Hamburg is that you have everything you need in one place in the city centre. You don’t have to drive out of the city centre to other parts of the city to go shopping in some special shops. In the Mönckebergstraße and at the Jungfernstieg you can have a long, relaxed shopping day and enjoy the many department stores and shopping streets that Hamburg’s city center has to offer.

Selfie places in Hamburg: moated castle, harbour view & inner courtyard with fountain

Becoming a model in Hamburg – Posing on the newest observation deck in Hamburg’s landmark, taking selfies in front of the beautiful city hall or fancy pictures in Hamburg’s most futuristic subway station, as a model you of course always want to keep your feed up to date. If you want to know at which places in Hamburg you can take the best pictures, then read on here.

Instagram & TikTok Spots

If you’re a model on the road, you’ll want to share your travels and jobs with your followers on social media. Luckily, there are many cool photo spots in Hamburg where you can shoot new pictures for your Instagram feed to keep your fans up-to-date! We as a model agency have picked out the best photo spots in Hamburg for you!

Speicherstadt: “Water castle

Hamburg’s Speicherstadt is a district close to the harbour and the city centre that is criss-crossed by canals, also called “Fleete”, and is characterised by historic brick buildings, which are photo attraction enough in themselves, but if you stand on the Poggenmühlenbrücke you will discover the so-called “Wasserschloss”, which juts out between two canals.

4.7 / 5.0 (415 ratings on Google)

  • Address: Poggenmühlen Bridge, 20457 Hamburg

Here you find the Poggenmühlenbrücke in the Speicherstadt:

Water view – explore the canals of the Speicherstadt with the Google Street View boat:

Elbphilharmonie Plaza: harbour view

The new landmark of Hamburg, the Elphi, was opened in 2016 with a beautiful observation deck. The concert hall with plaza offers you a beautiful view over the port of Hamburg, the Elbe and the many ships and containers.

4.7 (5,798 ratings on Google)

  • Address: Platz der Deutschen Einheit 2, 20457 Hamburg, Germany
  • Phone: 040 35766666
  • Ticket price Plaza: free of charge

This is where the Elbphilharmonie concert hall and plaza are located:

Look over Hamburg on the plaza of the Elbphilharmonie:

Old Elbe Tunnel: Architectural highlight

The Old Elbe Tunnel is not only an architectural highlight, but also a significant and nostalgic piece of Hamburg’s history. The tunnel, which has been in existence for over 100 years, serves as the Elbe underpass and is located directly at the harbor under the Landungsbrücken.

  • Address: Bei den St. Pauli-Landungsbrücken, 20359 Hamburg, Germany
  • Open 24 hours
  • Admission: free of charge

You can find the Old Elbtunnel here:

Here you have a 360 degree view in the middle of the tunnel:

Alster arcades & Reesendamm bridge

On the Reesendamm Bridge in the middle of Hamburg’s city center directly at the Jungfernstieg you can take great pictures with the Inner Alster, the Alsterarkaden or the Hamburg City Hall. The Alsterarkaden are historic Venetian-style arcades with upscale shops and restaurants right on the waterfront.

4.5 / 5.0 (2,094 ratings on Google)

  • Address: Reesendammbrücke, 20354 Hamburg, Germany

The Reesendamm bridge is located here:

Look around on the bridge, on one side the Alsterarkaden and the city hall, on the other side the Alster:

City hall: Inner courtyard with fountain

The Hamburg City Hall including the City Hall Market is in itself a famous photo backdrop, after all, the City Hall is architecturally as well as aesthetically beautiful to look at. In the courtyard of the city hall, where there is a large fountain, however, can be equally beautiful pictures shot.

4.8 / 5.0 (23 ratings on Google)

  • Address: Adolphspl. 1, 20457 Hamburg, Germany
  • 24 hours visitable
  • Free of charge

You can find the town hall including the inner courtyard here:

Staircase district: winding alleys, steps & beautiful houses

The Treppenviertel is a part within the Hamburg district Blankenese directly at the Elbe. It is characterized by winding streets, beautiful and large houses and many steps directly on the Elbe slope. At the top you have a wide view over the Elbe and can shoot pictures between houses and slopes.

4.7 / 5.0 (1,993 ratings on Google)

  • Located in: Blankenese, Hamburg

You can find the stair quarter here:

Dockland: Slanted building on the banks of the river Elbe

This six-storey office building on the banks of the Elbe is one of the most unusual buildings in Hamburg: the structure, which is tilted from east to west and takes up the geometric shape of a parallelogram, projects 40 m freely into the Elbe like the prow of a ship. A staircase leads to the publicly accessible viewing platform on the 6th floor, which offers a breathtaking view of the Elbe and Hamburg.

4.7 / 5.0 (100 reviews on Google)

  • Address: Van-der-Smissen-Strasse 9, 22767 Hamburg, Germany
  • Open 24 hours
  • Admission: free

The slanted office building is located here:

Isemarkt: Germany’s most beautiful weekly market

The Isemarkt is a weekly market that takes place twice a week under the railway line of the underground line U3 in the districts of Eppendorf / Hoheluft. The market is one of the largest and most beautiful weekly markets in Germany with a variety of classic market goods and is perfect as a photo backdrop with a continuous protective roof, thanks to the elevated railway viaduct.

4.7 / 5.0 (369 reviews on Google)

  • Address: Isestraße 69, 20149 Hamburg
  • Opening hours: Tue & Fri from 8:30-14:00

You can find the Isemarkt here:

HafenCity University: Light Games

The last cool photo spot is in the subway station of the new U4 train line. That’s right, in a train station! This new station was opened in 2012 and looks ultra futuristic. From the high ceiling hang so-called “light containers” that regularly wrap the station in new colors and create different atmospheres. Every hour on the hour there is also an impressive light and sound show to watch.

4.8 / 5.0 (140 reviews on Google)

  • Address: Überseeallee, HafenCity 20457 Hamburg

This is where the aesthetic station is located:

Aesthetic Selfies in Hamburg

The port metropolis on the Elbe is quite different from the other typical big cities in Germany. Hamburg is characterized by Nordic influences, water and Hanseaticism. This is also reflected in the buildings and architecture, the aesthetics of the Hamburg City Hall is unmistakable and also the many canals of the Speicherstadt really look good in pictures! So if you’re a model in Hamburg, make sure to capture the essence of Hamburg in your pictures and take some new Instagram selfies at the typical hotspots of the Hanseatic city.

Parks in Hamburg – Planten un Bomen, Stadtpark & Jenischpark

Becoming a model in Hamburg – view over the Elbe, a great view of the harbor, relax in the green oasis in the middle of the city center. In Hamburg, every park has a beautiful backdrop to offer, whether you just want to get some fresh air on the way to your accommodation after a busy modeling day or want to have a really relaxing time in one of Hamburg’s most beautiful parks on your day off.

Parks in Hamburg: The most beautiful & popular green spaces

If you need a break from all the hustle and bustle in the North German metropolis, Hamburg’s parks offer you a perfect break to relax. We as a model agency have picked out the best green spaces in Hamburg, so if you want to know where you can make the best walk and the best picnic in the port city, read on here:

Planten un Blomen: rose gardens, lakes & water light show

Hamburg’s most beautiful park in the middle of the city: on about 47 hectares there are themed gardens, lakes, a large playground, as well as concerts and water light shows in summer. Between Japanese gardens and rose gardens you can take a relaxed stroll and still be in the middle of Hamburg – between the city centre, the congress centre and St. Pauli.

4.7 / 5.0 (13,388 ratings on Google)

Planten un Blomen at a glance:

  • Special feature: large park directly in the city with beautifully landscaped green areas
  • Address: Marseiller Str., 20355 Hamburg, Germany
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun from 07:00-23:00

This is where you’ll find the park:

Here you have a 360 degree view at the Japanese Garden of the park:

City park: planetarium, swimming & open-air concerts

The Hamburg City Park is the third largest green space in Hamburg. Here waits a spacious, green meadow that invites you to picnic and is a popular place for many Hamburgers in the summer to barbecue. The Hamburg Planetarium is located in the Stadtpark, as well as playgrounds, sports facilities, works of art and the Stadtparksee, where you can swim and go boating. But the Stadtpark is not only the right place to meet and relax, in summer thousands of visitors flock to the open-air stage to experience great concerts under the open sky every year.

4.7 / 5.0 (13,417 ratings on Google)

The city park summarized:

  • Special feature: many leisure activities such as swimming, boating or concerts
  • Open 24 hours

The park is located here:

Here you are on the large lawn with a view of the planetarium:

Altonaer Volkspark: recreation & special gardens

Covering an area of 205 hectares, the Altonaer Volkspark is located in the district of Altona in the west of Hamburg. A range of different recreational, educational and leisure facilities offer a relaxing stay for every visitor. The geometrically laid out school garden offers a variety of herbaceous and ornamental shrub borders, rare woody plants and special gardens and invites you to take a leisurely stroll on a sunny day.

4.5 / 5.0 (2,855 ratings on Google)

Altonaer Volkspark at a glance:

  • Special feature: beautiful special gardens and variety of plants
  • Open 24 hours

The Altonaer Volkspark is located here:

Schanzenpark: Recreation in the colourful Schanzenviertel district

The park is an important recreational area for the residents of the colourful, densely built-up Schanzenviertel. It not only serves as a popular jogging route all year round, but also as a perfect tobogganing area in winter with its Schanzenhügel. In summer, the extensive meadows are a wonderful place to relax and you have a beautiful view of the old water tower, which now houses a hotel.

4.1 / 5.0 (1,675 ratings on Google)

Schanzenpark at a glance:

  • Special feature: centrally located in the Sternschanze district & water tower
  • Open 24 hours
  • Phone: 040 428280

Here you will find the Schanzenpark:

Alsterpark: Swans, sailboats & panoramic view

This green space is located directly on the western shore of the Außenalster next to large villas and beautiful old houses. You have a wonderful view over the Alster and the districts on the other side, between swans, geese, sailing ships and lots of green you can wonderfully relax here. In general, a round around the Alster is a perfect and popular jogging route.

4.7 / 5.0 (80 reviews on Google)

Alsterpark summarized:

  • Special feature: beautiful panoramic view over Hamburg directly at the waterfront
  • Open 24 hours

The Alsterpark is located here:

Altonaer Balkon: View over Elbe, harbour & bridge

The Altona Balcony is a popular park about 27 meters above the Elbe with a breathtaking view of most of the container port, the imposing Köhlbrand Bridge, the old port terminal, the shipping traffic and the colorful hustle and bustle along the Elbe. It is located in direct proximity to the Elbe beach Övelgönne and the colourful and densely built-up district of Altona.

4.6 / 5.0 (3,458 ratings on Google)

The Altona balcony at a glance:

  • Special feature: beautiful view of the harbour terminal & the Köhlbrand Bridge
  • Address: Palmaille, 22767 Hamburg
  • Open 24 hours
  • Phone: 040 428116120

You can find the park here:

Large ramparts: fountains & ice rink

The Wallanlagen stretch from the eastern end of the Reeperbahn in the St. Pauli district to Planten un Blomen in the city centre and were once the former city fortifications around Hamburg. In the Wallanlagen are several playgrounds, lakes, fountains, gardens and even an open-air ice rink on which you can skate wonderfully in winter.

4.6 / 5.0 (196 reviews on Google)

Wall systems at a glance:

  • Special feature: former city wall around Hamburg
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun from 07:00-23:00

The great ramparts are located here:

Jenischpark: Historic villa with a view of the Elbe

A green space directly on the Elbe, where the historic Jenisch Villa is located in a picturesque setting with river views. The Jenischpark with its large tree population and its extensive green wetlands is a popular destination for joggers, dog owners and walkers, who head for this park specifically to get a break from the big city.

4.6 / 5.0 (1,857 ratings on Google)

Jenischpark summarized:

  • Special feature: Jenisch House & view over the Elbe River
  • Address: Baron-Voght-Strasse 50, 22609 Hamburg, Germany
  • Open 24 hours

Here you will find the Jenischpark:

Hamburg’s parks in summary

The Hanseatic city on the water has a lot to offer in terms of scenery – whether you make a nice day along the Elbe in the beautiful parks on the shore with harbor panorama or near the city center on the Außenalster is up to you. Fact is: every park in Hamburg invites you to relax, picnic or jog, you just have to find your favorite spot!

Top 10 Hotels in Hamburg: Sternschanze, St. Pauli & Am Hafen

Becoming a model in Hamburg – staying in the Elbphilharmonie, in the Vier Jahreszeiten directly in the city or maybe rather in a water tower? If you are a model in Hamburg, there are many hotels to choose from to give your stay in Hamburg the right flair. If you want to know which hotels you should visit in the Hanseatic city, then read on here.

Hamburg’s best hotels

As a port and Hanseatic city, Hamburg has a maritime flair. Inspiration and design come from the sea and the harbour, the lifestyle is very Hanseatic, accordingly you will find many maritime-inspired hotels in the city. If this is not your style, we have also selected other hip and trendy hotels that stand out with their modern or elegant style. We as a model agency have the 10 best hotels in Hamburg for you.

Hotel Atlantic: Central at the Alster & main station

The Hotel Atlantic is probably the most famous hotel in Hamburg, it was built in 1909 and is located directly on the Alster and near the main station. James Bond fans may know the hotel from movies, because here was a part of the Bond film “The morning never dies” filmed. The design has a maritime flair and features two hotel restaurants, where the focus is mainly on regional and sustainable cuisine. In summer you can even eat and drink in the beautiful courtyard.

4.5 / 5.0 (2,354 ratings on Google)

Hotel Atlantic at a glance:

  • Special feature: located directly at the Alster and the main station
  • 5 stars
  • Address: An der Alster 72-79, 20099 Hamburg, Germany
  • Phone: 040 28880

This is where the Hotel Atlantic is located:

Explore the area around the hotel:

Mövenpick Hotel – Sternschanze: Bars, Cafés & Restaurants

The Mövenpick Hotel is located directly in the hippest district of Hamburg. Built in a former water tower, the hotel is located in the Sternschanze, here there are many cafés, restaurants, bars and boutiques in a very small space. Around the corner you will also find Hamburg’s exhibition halls, where several trade fairs and exhibitions are held every year. The hotel offers soundproofed rooms with dark wood furnishings, extra long beds and modern bathrooms, as well as fitness rooms and a bar in the building.

4.5 / 5.0 (2,073 ratings on Google)

The Mövenpick in summary:

  • Special feature: location in the Sternschanze & fitness room
  • 4 stars
  • Address: Sternschanze 6, 20357 Hamburg
  • Phone: 040 3344110

You can find the Mövenpick Hotel here:

Here you have a 360 degree view of the hotel, as well as the TV tower and the exhibition halls in the background:

Superbude Hotel & Hostel St. Pauli: Affordable & Central

A colorful, exciting and fresh hostel, which is located directly between Reeperbahn and Schanze. The rooms are furnished with recycled furniture and are really something! Here you have the possibility to choose from a double room, triple, four-bed, five-bed and even a six-bed room, so the ideal accommodation if you are traveling with friends.

4.7 / 5.0 (1,391 ratings on Google)

The Superbude at a glance:

  • Special feature: flexible choice of beds in the room & good location
  • Address: Juliusstraße 1-7, 22769 Hamburg, Germany
  • Phone: 040 807915820

The super pad is located here:

Take a look around one of the rooms:

Fairmont Hotel Four Seasons: Luxury Suites & Spa

It couldn’t be more central: The Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten is located directly on Hamburg’s Binnenalster on the Jungfernstieg right in the city centre. As soon as you leave the hotel, you’ll pass shops like Dior, Tommy Hilfiger and Louis Vuitton on the Jungfernstieg and its small alleys, as well as a variety of restaurants. The Vier Jahreszeiten is an expensive luxury hotel with large suites, private balconies and exquisite cuisine in the hotel’s restaurant. You can also enjoy a wonderful spa here.

4.7 / 5.0 (1,198 ratings on Google)

Four seasons at a glance:

  • Special feature: Luxury hotel in the city centre with spa
  • 5 stars
  • Address: Neuer Jungfernstieg 9 14, 20354 Hamburg, Germany
  • Phone: 040 34943151

This is where you’ll find the hotel:

The Madison Hotel: At the harbour

The Madison Hotel is located in the immediate vicinity of Hamburg’s beautiful harbour and one of Hamburg’s landmarks, the St. Michaelis Church, also known as Michel. At the Madison you can choose from bright and cozy studios to penthouse suites.

4.7 / 5.0 (1,207 ratings on Google)

The Madison summarized:

  • Special feature: Central location not far from harbour & city centre
  • 4 stars
  • Address: Schaarsteinweg 4, 20459 Hamburg, Germany
  • Phone: 040 376660

The Madison is located here:

Empire Riverside Hotel: Sauna & Rooftop Bar

In the heart of St. Pauli, between the harbour, the Elbe and the Reeperbahn, the Empire Riverside Hotel’s impressive bronze-clad tower soars high, giving you a wonderful panoramic view of Hamburg. There is a large fitness and wellness area with Finnish sauna, as well as one of Hamburg’s most popular bars on the roof of the hotel, the 20up.

Empire Riverside Hotel at a glance:

  • Special feature: Finnish Sauna & Rooftop Bar
  • 4 stars
  • Address: Bernhard-Nocht-Strasse 97, 20359 Hamburg, Germany
  • Phone: 040 311190

You can find the hotel here:

Grand Elysée: Four restaurants & indoor pool

The Elysée is another luxury hotel in Hamburg with its full four restaurants, as well as a bar and café. The rooms are bright and spacious and have a modern bathroom, the highlight of the hotel is the spa with indoor pool, saunas, whirlpool and fitness area.

4.6 / 5.0 (2,772 ratings on Google)

Grand Elysée at a glance:

  • Special feature: Four restaurants & spa with indoor pool
  • 5 stars
  • Address: Rothenbaumchaussee 10, 20148 Hamburg, Germany
  • Phone: 040 414120

The hotel is located here:

25 Hours Hotel: Maritime style in Hafencity

This design hotel offers stylish rooms in a maritime style inspired by the harbour and the sea. The 25 Hours Hotel is located in the heart of Hamburg’s Hafencity district, not far from the Elbphilharmonie and Landungsbrücken, as well as Hamburg’s beautiful Speicherstadt.

4.6 / 5.0 (1,439 ratings on Google)

25 Hours Hotel summarized:

  • Special feature: location in the Hafencity, as well as maritime furnishings
  • Address: Überseeallee 5, 20457 Hamburg, Germany
  • Phone: 040 2577770

Here you will find the 25 Hours Hotel:

The Westin: Sleeping in the Ebphilharmonie

Spend the night in the Elbphilharmonie – it’s possible at the Westin in Hamburg! The hotel is located in the new Hamburg landmark and offers a phenomenal view over the harbour, Hafencity and the city. The fitness area is open 24 hours and there is also a wellness area with saunas, steam bath and pool.

4.4 / 5.0 (1,322 ratings on Google)

The Westin at a glance:

  • Special feature: The hotel is located in the Elbphilharmonie
  • Address: Platz der Deutschen Einheit 2, 20457 Hamburg, Germany
  • Phone: 040 8000100

The Westin is here:

East Hotel Hamburg: On the Reeperbahn

Located directly behind the Reeperbahn and just a few minutes from the St. Pauli underground station is the east Hotel Hamburg. The hotel’s design features striking design and soothing colours. The stylishly furnished rooms are equipped with king-size beds, a laptop safe and free Sky TV, and there is also a rain shower or bathtub in beautiful marble bathrooms….

4.6 / 5.0 (1,911 ratings on Google)

east Hotel at a glance:

  • Special feature: location on the Reeperbahn & marble bathroom
  • 4 stars
  • Address: Simon-von-Utrecht-Strasse 31, 20359 Hamburg, Germany
  • Phone: 040 309930

This is where the hotel is located:

Hamburg’s hotels in a nutshell

In the pearl on the Elbe you are guaranteed to find a place to sleep for every taste. In addition to luxury hotels in the city center, you can also sleep cheaper in the trendy neighborhoods next to Kiez and Schanze or make yourself comfortable at the beautiful Hamburg harbor.

Fashion boutiques in Hamburg: Acne Studios, Bottega Veneta & exclusive shoes

Becoming a model inHamburg – As a model you always want to wear the best clothes and chase the latest trends. So that you also have an overview of where it is worth shopping in Hamburg, we have collected the best fashion boutiques for you in a clear list. We wish you a lot of fun while strolling and shopping.

Fashion Boutiques in Hamburg – With Style & Elegance

Fashion boutiques in Hamburg are noble and diverse! The pearl in the north has been enchanting its visitors for centuries. From sailors to rich families from the Emirates. As a multicultural metropolis in the north of Germany, the fashion influences in the Hanseatic city have come from all over the world. This is also reflected in the fashion world of Hamburg. The small boutiques in the city centre enchant millions of visitors every year.

Want to know more about the designers behind the collections? Interesting interviews with fashion designers, new collections and backstage insights at shows and fashion weeks can be found in FIV Mode Magazin.

Goldstück: Intimate shopping experience

Goldstück is a small, intimate shopping paradise that invites both young and old to visit. With events such as vernissages, the owners lure customers into their four walls.

  • Address: Colonnaden 18, 20354 Hamburg
  • Phone: 040 35716930
  • Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 10:00-20:00, Sat from 10:00-18:00

This is where you’ll find the store:

Vau: Acne Studios, Filippa K and Samsøe & Samsøe

Vau is located in the heart of Eppendorf. It consists of two stores. Vau Women carries womenswear from Scandinavian labels like Acne Studios, Filippa K and Samsøe & Samsøe and Vau ntrr carries urban furniture and decor.

4.3 / 5.0 (10 reviews on Google)

  • Address: Hegestraße 44, 20251 Hamburg
  • Phone: 040 41305360
  • Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 10:00-19:00, Sat from 10:00-17:00

Vau is located here:

Anita Hass: Ganni, Celine & Bottega Veneta

At Anita Hass the trends of the current season feel at home. In addition to lots of fashion, there are also accessories and beauty products. Labels like Ganni, Celine, Isabel Marant, Nili Lotan and Bottega Veneta set the tone with their collections

4.0 / 5.0 (24 reviews on Google)

  • Address: Eppendorfer Landstraße 60, 20249 Hamburg, Germany
  • Phone: 040 465909
  • Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 10:00-19:00, Sat from 11:00-18:00

You can find Anita Hass here:

Claudia Obert – Luxury Clever: exclusive shoes

At Claudia Obert you will find exclusive shoe models. Inspired by the trends of the catwalks, you can always find new shoes here. You can also shop for fashion at the boutique.

4.2 / 5.0 (31 reviews on Google)

  • Address: Stadthausbrücke 1-3, 20355 Hamburg
  • Phone: 040 375 178 54
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11:00-19:00

This is where Claudia Obert’s shop is located:

Anna Fuchs: Sustainable fashion

Anna Fuchs focuses on sustainable slow fashion in high end quality. Her fashion is characterized by high-quality material, high wearing comfort and a precise fit.

  • Address: Karolinenstrasse 27, 20357 Hamburg, Germany
  • Phone 040 401 85 408
  • Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 12:00-19:00, Sat from 12:00-17:00

This is where you’ll find Anna Fuchs:

Swarovski Boutique: Jewellery & Accessories

In the Alstertal shopping centre, ladies and gentlemen will find fine jewellery at Swarovski. Quality and high-class workmanship shine in pure brilliance.

3.5 / 5.0 (27 reviews on Google)

  • Address: Heegbarg 31, 22391 Hamburg
  • Phone: 040 6068 2042
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9:30-20:00

You can find Swarovski in the Alstertal shopping centre here:

Goldmarie: Streetwear

Goldmarie offers casual streetwear. The boutique at the beginning of Marktstraße in Hamburg has a particularly cool and casual ambience.

5.0 / 5.0 (9 ratings on Google)

  • Address: Marktstraße 145, 20357 Hamburg
  • Phone: 040 6898 5329
  • Opening hours: Mon, Wed, Fri from 11:00-18:00

The shop is here:

Unger Fashion: Woolrich, Valentino & Alexander McQueen

At Unger Fashion you will find festive fashion, outdoor fashion and famous designers like Woolrich, Valentino or Alexander McQueen. Fashion, shoes and accessories are inspired by the latest trends.

3.6 / 5.0 (63 reviews on Google)

  • Address: Neuer Wall 35, 20354 Hamburg
  • Phone: 040 33 44 72 45
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sat from 10:00-19:00

This is where you’ll find Unger:

M Jay Fashion: Cute Boutique

M Jay focuses on a harmonious whole, as well as on the love of detail. Fashion of a special kind – here new trends are set and current trends are reinterpreted.

4.9 / 5.0 (8 ratings on Google)

  • Address: Wellingsbüttler Weg 123, 22391 Hamburg
  • Tel. 040 53 32 72 86
  • Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 10:00-18:30, Sat from 10:00-14:30

This is M Jay:

Aust: Exclusive women’s fashion

AUST convinces with three boutiques in the port city. There is also a store in the Quaree shopping centre, where the stylish lady will find lively clothes with great cuts.

4.9 / 5.0 (20 reviews on Google)

  • Address: Quarree 8-10, 22041 Hamburg
  • Phone: 040 602 993 79
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sat from 10:00-20:00

Aust is located here:

Hamburg’s Boutiques & Concept Stores

Hamburg enchants not only with its numerous shopping opportunities that you have in the city center. Showrooms, concept stores and yes, of course, the port of Hamburg with its landing stages are an absolute magnet especially for visitors and tourists. On the way here, tourists inevitably pass by various jewellers and fashion boutiques. There you can shop extensively, relaxed and with a cool breeze from the sea.

Your first model application: Your first step to modeling

Have you decided to become a model or would you like to give your model career more seriousness and work more professionally? Then the first step is to find the right agency. You already have an appointment at an agency? Read how to prepare for your interview here!

Become a model – Application and interview

If you want to apply to us, you will find everything you need to know about the topic here:

Why do you need a model agency for modeling?

An agency is very important for a model, because it supports and protects you as a model. She helps you find photographers and jobs. No matter if you are booked as a model for shootings or catwalks, the agency will show you in the best light. The bookers know how to present yourself optimally with your book. As “New Face” you will be supported by your agency in setting up your book and your setcard. One very important point: an agency protects you from dubious customers and dubious job enquiries. Usually dubious customers already shy away when they learn that a model is represented by an agency. This is particularly important for an international modeling career, because models abroad are often underpaid and exploited. A reputable model agency ensures that you do not work unpaid overtime, that you do not take dubious pictures of yourself, that you are adequately paid and accommodated. In addition, the agency will determine in advance whether the job is of high quality and whether you can be associated with the customer as a model without your image suffering as a result. At best, every job should prove your model qualities and positively underline your image.

Photomodel Lookbook (Cocaine Models Management)

How do you find the best model agency as a newcomer?

There are now plenty of model agencies. But how do I even find a suitable model agency? And when is a modeling agency serious? Your search starts on the Internet. It’s convenient if your agency is within your radius. That’s why you should simply enter “Model agency + your city” in Google and browse the results. Since it is generally important for a model to be represented in the larger “Mode & Medien-Städten” in Germany, you should search for “Modelagenturen + Hamburg/ Berlin/ München/ Köln/ Düsseldorf/ Frankfurt”. You’ll get some results. The next hurdle: Now how do you know which of the agencies are even serious? One possibility is that there are already ready-made model agency lists on the Internet that are constantly updated, for example the Vogue list. With this you can assume that only well-known and serious agencies are listed. However, as a dedicated model you should take a closer look at your selected agencies yourself before applying.

Criteria for serious model agencies in Germany

In order to find out for yourself which agency is serious, you should go through different steps.

  • Step 1: The Agency’s website. Very important: A serious model agency has a serious website. A simple, clear design, a high quality board and information about the agency team.
  • Step 2: The level of the models. Take a look at the model board and determine the level of the models yourself. The following criteria will help you here: Do the models have optimal model dimensions and an impressive face? Are the pictures of the models high quality?
  • Step 3: Does the agency work with serious clients? You can easily research this on the agency’s website or on the agency’s social media platforms. In general, you can easily measure the seriousness of your customers according to their degree of recognition. Also the “likes” on Facebook or “Follwer” on Instagram show how well known and popular a model agency is.
  • Step 4: Search the Internet for reports from other models or clients of the agency. Note that not every comment is true. In order to get a better picture of the agency you should read enough testimonials and reviews of the agency. To say it in addition is: See these evaluations rather than references, make you nevertheless own picture.

Find your perfect model agency – Summary:

Recognize reputable model agencies:

  • serious customers (for example, well-known brands through advertising)
  • serious models (appearance, dimensions)
  • fixed admission criteria
  • serious website
  • Transparency regarding the agency team (for example through website)

Agency is not serious if:

  • No/untransparent website (no naming of agency headquarters or agency teams)
  • simple agency admission without preconditions and interview
  • no cooperation with serious customers
  • Admission fees will be charged

The model application

You have now found a suitable, reputable model agency and would like to apply as a model. What’s the best way to apply? Nowadays, applications are usually sent by e-mail, which means that you can find an e-mail address and a contact person to whom you can send your application via the agency’s website.

What must be in your application?

Most agencies publish their admission criteria on their websites. In general, you should state your measurements in your mail, i.e. chest, waist and hip circumference. You should attach great importance to the accuracy and timeliness of your measurement data, because an agency does not like it at all if you make false statements. You’ve never taken measurements yourself? No problem. No problem.

Take and measure measurements yourself

You simply measure your measurements with a normal tape measure. If you’re unsure, get someone you can trust to help you. To determine the exact circumference of your chest, the tape measure must be placed at the widest point of the chest and pulled to tension. Important for women: If you wear a bra when measuring, pull off approx. 1 cm, for push-up bras at least 2 cm. To determine the circumference of your waist, place the tape measure at the narrowest point and pull it tight. You measure the hip circumference at the widest point of your hip or bottom. The optimal model measurements for a woman (as a guideline) are 90-60-90.

In addition to your measurements, you should include pictures in your application. You should make a selection that shows you in different facets, i.e. commercial, fashion and beauty pictures from your book as well as simple Polaroids. You don’t have a book yet and no Polaroids? No problem. No problem.

Picture selection for your model folder

Some agencies prefer models who already have a certain selection of pictures. So you should start looking for different, good photographers. The easiest way to do this is via the Internet. Do the same as your agency search, i.e. search for professional photographers in your area, check their websites, look at their pictures and search for ratings of the photographers by other models. Important: Make a conscious choice. It is of little use to you if you thoughtlessly select numerous photographers who take similar pictures of you (for example, only fashion pictures). Rather, you should choose a few photographers who take different pictures of you in different “directions”, i.e. fashion, commercial and beauty pictures. Here applies: Invest rather a little more money, so that the pictures become qualitatively high-quality and convince. Only those who invest will benefit.

Polaroids for Models – Fast, clean photos

At some agencies even simple Polaroid pictures are sufficient for the application. You can do this yourself or get support from a friend or family member. Polaroids are clean pictures that show your body and face in different facets and give the agency a first impression of you. Polaroids show you in front of a white wall, a good exposure, without make-up, in plain, tight-fitting clothes (skinny jeans or leggings & simple top or T-shirt) and with women preferably in high shoes. One picture should be taken of you in underwear, on one picture you should laugh, on the other one you should look rather expressionless into the camera. Important: No big posing! The pictures should be simple and natural.

checklist for models

  • Optimal & exact dimensions
  • Optically neat look
  • Naturalness
  • The special something (For example, strikingly beautiful eyes/lips, small features such as a tooth gap or a mothers meal, long & undyed hair, a special radiance)
  • self-conscious, present & friendly appearance

If you meet all the criteria of the model agency and the bookers find you interesting, you will be invited to a personal interview at the agency.

10+ fashion advertising agencies in Germany

Advertising agency – There are advertising agencies like sand on the sea, but advertising agencies for fashion? As a casting agency we work with agencies all over Germany. Here, too, there are good contacts for fashion designers. Also in the agency sector there are experts and specialists for lifestyle topics and companies in Germany. Whether Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf or Munich, there are good contacts in every city. Since we have many friends and customers who are always looking for a good fashion advertising agency, we have put together a small list of 10 advertising agencies from Germany. In the following list you will find the various media agencies that are primarily concerned with fashion.

Media agencies with fashion / fashion experience for marketing & design, Co.

Social Media Management. Content Management All technical terms for us: Finding the perfect advertising agency is therefore not always easy. Especially the imagination of the agency, regarding its own brand identity, plays a decisive role. Does my agency understand me? Concept, idea implementation, project management, reporting – all this is important for the success of an advertising campaign. Fashion, fashion, are special: a trend- and fashion-conscious target group, fast media, lots of information… and yet the campaign should be a success! The experience of the advertising agency in the fashion industry makes the decisive difference. Here are a few agency tips as a list:


Dreispinger Agency in Berlin

Kurfürstenstr. 33 in 10785 Berlin, Berlin


Out to Lunch Düsseldorf

Luegallee 57, 40545 Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia


Forte advertising agency Hamburg

Steckelhörn 11, 20457 Hamburg


Lukinski Advertising Agency

Hansaring 1 in 50670 Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia


GoodMenGroup Media Agency Munich

Hofmannstraße 7B in 1379 Munich, Bavaria


bmh Advertising Hamburg

Michaelisstrasse 22 in 20459 Hamburg, Hamburg


Fashioncom Agency in Munich

Nymphenburger Strasse 84 in 80636 Munich, Bavaria


The perfect agency for Social Media, Marketing & Lifestyle

Today, information is faster than ever. Whether Facebook, Instagram, your own company website, the online shop for many customers: media are complex, especially for lifestyle & fashion companies. Advertising agencies today also deal with various sub-areas. Be it the conception at the beginning, the brand, the company, classical marketing or even new fields such as online and content marketing. A full-service agency is an investment, but it finally saves a lot of time and energy.


luck Berlin

Göhrener Straße 2, 10437 Berlin, Berlin


Social Media One

Speditionsstraße 15a in 40221 Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia


Gina Anders

Hohenzollernstrasse 112, 80796 Munich, Bavaria


Iconista Creative Network

Langenfelderstrasse 93, Old Cigarette Factory, 22769 Hamburg



Bartholomäusstraße 26 in 90489 Nuremberg, Bavaria


The Fashion Network Group

Branch office Weidestraße 128 in 22083 Hamburg, Hamburg



Ismaniger Strasse 65, 81675 Munich, Bavaria


Two Agency

Löricker Strasse 1, 40547 Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia


Gina Anders – Advertising agency

Hohenzollernstrasse 112, 80796 Munich, Bavaria


58grad – Strategy and Communication

Montgelasstraße 8 81679 Munich, Bavaria



Overview of media and communication agencies for fashion

This small list of different advertising agencies is based on top search results and includes various media agencies for fashion and fashion on the Internet. More suggestions to the topic Mode Werbeagentur (Link) provides Google. Of course, there are also different specialists for different areas. We recommend to always respect the serious appearance of the respective agency. Further recommendations can also be found at the advertising agencies in Germany. Here you can find our services as Media agency.

Fashion Show – Fashion, Designer and Fashion Weeks in Germany

You have to organize your first fashion show in Berlin, Hamburg or Munich and don’t know where to start yet? In our small agency 1×1 for models and designers you will find all the important points you need to consider when planning a fashion show. From the first model casting to the rehearsal before the show. As an agency we have already accompanied several fashion shows, among others together with Daab at the Mercedes-Benz Cologne Fashion Days. Based on our experience as young designers we not only want to give you tips for planning, but also a small checklist!

Fashion show definition – What is a fashion show exactly?

fashion show according to Duden – catwalk, runway, fashion show, …

A fashion show is defined in the Duden as “an event at which the latest fashions are presented”. This is very broad. Closer illuminated is a fashion show the presentation of fashion collections in a certain staging. The collections of designers and labels are usually presented seasonally on the catwalk by models. The staging of the fashion show can be determined individually, there is no generally defined procedure. As a rule, a fashion show ends with a repeated, fast appearance of all models of the show and the “bowing” of the designer to the audience. The audience can be either the general public or an exclusive circle of invited guests and/or the press. As a rule, however, every fashion show focuses on a few key points in the organisation of agencies:

  1. Needed List – All details of planning / PR / Show in highlights
  2. Model Casting – The perfect models and measurements for the fashion collection
  3. Choreography – A detailed planning of the individual “pictures” (scenes)
  4. Public Relations – We inspire the right people from the label
  5. Rehearsal – Final dress rehearsal for all models of the fashion show
  6. Fashion show – The big moment for fashion designers
  7. Press work – After the show is before the show!

Famous fashion shows in Germany

Fashion shows take place in many cities in Germany. Especially well known for fashion shows in Germany are the fashion cities of Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Cologne.

Fashion Show Munich – Secret Fashion Show

One of the well-known fashion shows in Munich is the Secret fashion Show in Munich. This is organised by the Mplus Agency and takes place in May and October.

Fashion Show Berlin – Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

The fashion metropolis Berlin is known for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. One of the hottest shows every season is the fashion show by Guido Maria Kretschmer. The sympathetic designer is also known from the TV format “Shopping Queen” on VOX.

Fashion Show Hamburg – A+ Fashion Days

The Plus Size Fashion Days in Hamburg are organized by the team of the Kurvenrausch Blog. Kurvenrausch organises fashion shows, beauty events, re-styling campaigns and more in Hamurg.

Düsseldorf Fashion Show – CPD & Platform Fashion

The CPD fashion fair is held regularly in Düsseldorf. Düsseldorf is THE fashion city in NRW. The CPD regularly attracts numerous fashion enthusiasts and retailers. The Fashion platform in Düsseldorf is also popular in the fashion industry.

Catwalk music for the fashion show

Besides mixtapes from DJ’s there are also fashion shows with live music. One band that is known for fashion show music is for example B.O.X.E.R. They already stood for shows of different designers on “The Catwalk”…

Catwalk: Haute Couture & Pret-a-Porter

More about the different running styles can be found in the article: Haute Couture & Pret-a-Porter.

Fashion show agency – success for the new fashion collection

If you want to organize your first fashion show and you still need help for a full success or you want to put the whole project into firm hands, it is recommended to hire a fashion show agency.

Hamburg Events – Fashion, Glamour & Party in the North

Hamburg is a city of fashion in Germany. In addition to Berlin and Munich, you’ll meet some celebrities in the Hanseatic city at the right place at the right time. Whether shopping on Jungfernstieg, Mönkebergstrasse or luxuriously on Neuer Wall, at one of the hippest fashion events in Hamburg, during an interesting fashion exhibition, or at celebrations in the exclusive clubs in Hamburg, one thing quickly becomes clear: Hamburgers have a flair for fashion and like to show this with the help of noble brands.
Foto: (c) sjack,

Fashion Events – Fashion Events in Hamburg

Art & Fashion Festival unÜBERSEEbar – Hamburg creatives praise fashion in different facets

The Art & Fashion Festival in Hamburg “unÜBERSEEbar” takes place for 14 days in the trendy Hafencity in Hamburg. The Überseeboulevard is the focus of the fashion event in Hamburg and is a dream come true for all creative and fashion enthusiasts on the Elbe. In addition to bloggers, journalists, designers, models and fashionistas, talented fashion photographers or boutique owners also romp around at the Open Air Fashion Festival under the fashion star in Hamburg. In addition to exhibitions of various artists, stylists, photographers & Co. offer small workshops. The fashion event in Hamburg offers talented creatives a platform to present their inspirations, visions and realizations in fashion to the public.


The Überseeboulevard as the longest catwalk of Hamburg

The Überseeboulevard is transformed into the longest open-air catwalk in Hamburg for the two-week fashion dreamland. Impressive dresses, elegant evening dresses, artistically elaborate and unique robes, as well as cute summer dresses are presented.

Ein von Kimthu Lê (@lekthu) gepostetes Foto am


Lets get chic – fashion shows, workshops & more

The fashion event in Hamburg “let’s get chic” offers exhibitions from the areas of fashion, accessories, beauty & more as well as spectacular fashion shows of new designer collections in the location “Uni Hamburg”. In addition to the presentations and exhibitions, stylists and make-up artists will offer workshops on new trend styles of the season. So that women can enjoy the day in peace and quiet in the 7th fashion heaven, there are also so-called “men’s corners” at the Hamburg fashion event instead of a children’s paradise. Instead of bouncy castles, the male companions, who are less interested in fashion, can make new acquaintances at the table, challenge themselves to a round of FIFA on the Playstation or crown the day with a few snacks and drinks.

Kennt Ihr noch die PETRA?? Wir ja und sie kennen uns nun auch, schaut her: Aktuelle Ausgabe April 2015 – jetzt im Handel! Danke PETRA!

Posted by Let’s get chic on Freitag, 6. März 2015


Fashion Event at the Star Hill – Fashion@Home Event Brigitte

The “Fashion@Home” fashion event in Hamburg, organised by the renowned women’s magazine Brigitte, combines the feel-good atmosphere of your living room with the glamour and glamour of the fashion industry and “geitüpfelt” with a few guests from the prominent scene. The location, the fashion loft in the Sternschanze, convinces with its young, exciting and exclusive ambience. The concept of the event: A perfect mix of fashion and music event with exciting show interludes and tasty snacks in a cosy atmosphere – glamour and enjoyment at ease. Similar to a beauty contest, the models not only present the latest fashion highlights, but also entertain the guests with vocal or dance performances. A prominent “coffee klatsch” of a slightly different kind – under the sign of fashion, whereby the so-called “living room” functions as a catwalk and the “guests” become part of the fashion spectacle.


Museum of Arts & Crafts – Exhibition Department Fashion

The Museum of Arts & Crafts in Hamburg boasts an impressive collection of fashion treasures. More than 10,000 unique items from women’s, men’s and children’s collections. The “red thread” of the exhibition in Hamburg: a documentation of the development of fashion history from the middle of the 18th century to the present day. Designer fashion by some well-known designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Wolfgang Joop or Alexander McQueen shape the collection. From haute couture, to pret-a-porter, from avant-garde fashion to fashion that was shaped by Antwerp, everything is united in the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg. A fashion journey through different epochs, styles and traditions. The presentations change in various special exhibitions.

Party in Hamburg – Celebrating after the event in Hamburg

After the various fashion events in Hamburg, from fashion shows to workshops to exhibitions, those who are not tired of glamour and glamour can end the evening in exclusive clubs such as the Golden Cut or the Moondoo or visit one of the successful musicals such as “King of the Lions” or “The Miracle of Bern”. In addition to fashion, an exclusive lifestyle and the Port of Hamburg, the city in the north of Germany is known for another thing: celebrating in Hamburg on the Reeperbahn. Those who want to get to know the “typical Hamburg” better can visit the Reeperbahn in St. Pauli after sunset. Fashionable highlights, such as the shrill, colourful costumes in a travesty show in the Olivia Jones Bar on the Great Freedom, can also be admired here.

Fashion interview: Fashion & Lifestyle behind the scenes

With FIV Magazine we are realizing the new interview portal for fashion, fashion, lifestyle and VIPs together with editor-in-chief Michelle Hamacher. Already in the first weeks we were able to attract exciting interview guests. The two fashion designers around the fashion label holyGhost were guests just a few days after Fashionweek Berlin. Model and full-time Mama Shermine Shahrivar. Fashion blogger Kiamisu, and much more. From Berlin, Hamburg & Co. we are looking for new stories, bold collections and the most beautiful ideas, all around fashion and lifestyle themes. Fashion Interview, our new fashion online portal, is set to become one of the major interview online magazines in the coming months.

interview with fashion designers, media managers and photo models

Through our daily work with creative people, advertising agencies, film productions and fashion designers, we always come across new ideas and great stories. But not everyone is told! In order to change this, we wanted a website for fashion interviews that would run on the couch both in the underground and comfortably on a tablet PC at home. With great effort and great partners we have implemented our idea in the last weeks.

Now online: Fashion Interview – the fashion portal for designers, models & Co.

From today on you will find new and interesting interviews on Fashion Interview almost daily. Always up to 2-date and directly from the fashion metropolis. You can also find the interviews on Facebok and Instagram. Always & everywhere.

Model Booking: How do I book a model for photos and advertising?

Models are booked for different jobs under different conditions and expectations. The respective customer has certain ideas and criteria according to which he selects a model. He informs the model agency concerned of his criteria and usually sends a mood board, which tells the agency more about the context of the assignment. There are basically two options for model bookings: Either a customer has browsed the model file of the model agency concerned and already selected one or more models, which he would like to invite either to the Casting or book directly. However, it is also common to ask the model agency to select models according to the criteria and send the client a selection of models.

Prerequisites for models in commercials and commercials

In order to become a successful model in a serious model agency, a model must have different requirements. For a model agency it counts whether a model is well booked. Oaks of carcasses are regularly sorted out. A model must have a very good figure, means slim, taut, the right measurements. Of course, the optimal sizes differ more closely between male and female models. Male models can do more exercise than female models. Their main aim is to have a firm and fit body, i.e. cardio training and light muscle training are sufficient. Too much muscle and weight training makes the muscles in a female model become too wide and the assumed measurements are no longer optimal.

The optimal measurements for men and women?

Female Models: The Prerequisites

Female models should be at least 174 cm tall. Smaller models can be successful, but the chance is very small. Therefore the size is a decisive criterion for a model agency to include a model. The optimal measurements for female models are 90-60-90.

Male Models: The Prerequisites

A male model must have a slim and defined body. The minimum size is 184 cm. Especially tall men can have problems in the model industry as well as men who are too small, as they do not fit into the designer’s collections. The maximum size of a male model is 194 cm.

Character & Strength are strong attributes for advertising models

Besides the physical requirements, the mental requirements and the character of a model also count. A model has to prove strength, discipline and endurance. Jobs are often strenuous and time-consuming. A good model should not feel tired or stressed. Motivation and ambition distinguish an experienced model, the customer likes to book such models again, this is very important for a model and the model agency. Furthermore, a healthy self-confidence and the changeability of a model are decisive selection criteria. From this total package the charisma of a model is formed. A customer tries to convey his products and services to consumers through a model. This succeeds through an optimal mediation of emotions. Emotions are aroused by the charisma of a model, including facial expressions and gestures. A model must be able to slip into different roles in order to “sell” the product/service to the consumer. Authenticity and naturalness are the magic words to captivate consumers so that the customer’s concept works.

Character? That’s Chand from Stockholm!

Modeling! Job opportunities in the advertising industry: online shop, showroom and TV spots

There are many job opportunities for a model. The body is the tool of a model and therefore the capital. A model advertises a customer’s products and services. This can be done via various carrier media. A model can be booked for poster advertising, magazine editorials or covers, online presence, TV commercials or similar. On the catwalk a model presents fashion collections or beauty and styling products/services. The body is the screen for the catwalk appearance, but in the commercial area (advertising) also counts the facial expressions and gestures of the model, which leads to the sales promotion of the products/services.

Modelagenturen – Agency for photo shooting and construction of models

A serious and good model agency is very important for a model. Although a model can work without an agency, the risk of a model being exploited is enormous, especially abroad. The tasks of a model agency include the placement of good (for serious, well-known customers, a good salary) jobs. The model agency ensures that a model is not underpaid, especially abroad models are often enormously underpaid. In addition, the model agency ensures a good image of the model. A serious model agency takes a model’s uncertainties and supports the model with questions. A model can have several modeling agencies. We recommend a parent agency and a good agency in each major city, such as Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne / Düsseldorf or abroad, e.g. in London, New York, Paris or Milan. Customers all over Germany and all over the world can book a model, for example a model book Hamburg, model book Berlin or model book London.

Model Guru Lutz Marquardt about model agency and mother agency

What is the difference between a model agency and a parent agency? Model agencies are exclusively responsible for the mediation, a parent agency, on the other hand, builds models, arranges photo shoots with good photographers and later places models abroad with large and renowned agencies in Milan, Paris, London or Shanghai and New York.

Book model: prices and agency commission in Germany

The payment of a model is managed by the model agency concerned. The model agency issues an invoice for the client and negotiates the prices with him. New Faces are generally cheaper than experienced models. With the experience and the level of awareness of a model also the price of a model increases.

In Germany, the agency usually charges 20 percent commission for referrals to customers once the model has completed its job. Abroad this agency commission can vary and also amount to up to 50 percent. In addition to paying the model, the agency usually requires a so-called AP from the client.

Find with us your perfect model for the next job

At Cocaine Models you will find experienced models, as well as New Faces for strong photo shoots or advertising campaigns. Through exclusive model-coaching our CM-models are regularly optimally trained for the commercial sector as well as for the catwalk. We support our models for a perfect placement and a satisfactory result from the customer’s point of view. Our wide range of models makes our Cologne model agency interesting and attractive for clients from the advertising and fashion sectors. Models book NRW and all over Germany.

Are you looking for a suitable model for your campaign? Then contact our agency. Cocaine Models is looking forward to your request.

Eyewear Magazine – BLUE by Stefan Kapfer

In the current Eyewear – The Visonary Magazine – you can now find the current editorial track BLUE by Stefan Kapfer. Model Simon shows several new models in the editorial. Among others from Porsche Design and Maybach. As a photographer Stefan Kapfer shows varied locations and great late summer moods.



BLUE – Photo shoot with Simon, styling and team

Included for Styling Jill Kramer
Make-Up Sabrina Scheur
Models Simon (Cocaine Models) and Flemming
Digi Assi Andy K. & Alina B.
Production & Retouch H600Office


Eyewear: The Magazine

Eyewear is family – that’s what it says in the first sentence of her own description. The magazine markets itself not only in print, but also via social media and its own website. It is therefore one of the most important addresses for fashion magazines worldwide. The current BLUE range also features well-known brands such as Prosche Design.

The current cover – Issue #15


More info and links about Eyewear Magazine, Simon and photographer Stefan Kapfer

More about Eyewear Magazine online:

More about the photographer Stefan Kapfer on Eyewear:

More about Eyewear Magazine on Facebook:

Modeling in Hamburg! Between castings, magazines and advertising agencies

Modelagency Hamburg – Modeling in Hamburg? If you ask yourself if it is better to move to Berlin or to Hamburg, then you already ask yourself the right question! Because you have chosen the two most important cities in Germany, in Hamburg and in Berlin there are most castings but also most jobs for models. Why is that so? Hamburg is a beautiful city, not only many models move here, also media companies, celebrities like actors and musicians but also international companies and productions. This special mix makes Hamburg a special hotspot for models. There are all kinds of jobs here, from catalogue shootings to online shops, production and TV commercials as well as shootings for instagra and productions with influencers for YouTube.

Hamburg: Become a Model, Castings and Jobs

Unlike many other cities, Hamburg is a real highlight not only for many Germans due to its beautiful corners. Also many international visitors come to Hamburg when they visit Germany. The more interesting people and the more companies that work with media in a city, the more jobs there are for models! That’s why it’s worth it if you meet all the minimum requirements to become a model in Hamburg. Today we want to show you what is important if you want to become a model in Hamburg and what requirements you have to meet.

+ Berlin | CM Gosee Days 11.08. - 14.08.

4 Tage exklusive Termine: Statt großem Fashion Week Casting, dieses Jahr mit 4 Tagen und einzelnen Terminen bei den CM Gosee Days! Du kennst jemanden, der oder die unbedingt Model werden sollte? Du wolltest schon immer mal auf ein Model Casting, aber bisher hattest du keine Zeit? Jetzt hast du 4 volle Tage, vom 11.08. bis 14.08.2020 in Berlin. Alle Infos findest du hier:  

Prerequisites for Models in Hamburg

The competition is great! Many who live in the countryside try their luck in Hamburg. Maybe you live in the countryside, in a village or in a small town, maybe you live in the middle of Hamburg, in Altona or in HafenCity. However, the same requirements apply to all of them, e.g. when it comes to body size, clothing but also the measurements around chest, hips and waist. The measurements are however only a part of the conditions, likewise one counts healthy nutrition, body care in addition, paying attention to figure, hair, nails,… many details that most people don’t think about when they talk about how easy or difficult it is to become a model. After all basic requirements are fulfilled, it is especially about the own character and personality of the model. The cooperation with the management is very important, in the beginning it is less intensive but the longer you work as a model the more intensive the cooperation becomes.

  • General good appearance and neat appearance
  • Healthy diet and regular exercise
  • Professional collaboration with management and customers
  • Embition and commitment to the job as a model

Models & School? First castings and jobs

If, for example, you are still in school at the beginning and have two or three years ahead of you, you will do fewer jobs at the beginning. This is quite normal as you should concentrate on school and your education! But as soon as it approaches the end of school, you will ideally start the first international planning. If you can’t do it internationally, you can still look forward to many more jobs! As a student you are often tied up, between the different exams, the holidays, enjoy your free time! As soon as you have the time, you can also travel, you can plan travel days, you are flexible and you have a good school-leaving certificate in your pocket.

For example, as a model it is important that you can express yourself well, many customers speak English, so it is very important that you have a good command of English! But there is also a bit of math, e.g. when it comes to calculating your own travel costs. The more successful you are as a model, the more you will invest in a photographer. Especially in Hamburg there are many good photographers. Of course they don’t have to work with everyone anymore. That’s why good photographers in Hamburg also cost money. But as soon as you earn money in your first jobs, you will also invest in the first photographers to improve your model portfolio!

Live Casting – A look behind the scenes

You haven’t seen a model casting live yet? Here is a small example from our Youtube Channel!

Application in a model agency as a Hamburger

If you want to apply in a Modelagency in Hamburg, you don’t need a professional photo shooting. All your model agency wants to see in Hamburg are Polaroids. Polaroids are super easy to create, all you need is a good friend, a mobile phone and daylight! In addition you have to get the right outfit in the city center, black trousers, a black top, black or white, plain shoes. Your underwear should also be black. As a woman you should also buy a bikini and high heels. If you are still new in Hamburg, here are a few recommendations for you: Fashion Boutiques Hamburg. For your model agency you will get good daylight and a relatively simple wall. The background of your photo should be as bad as possible so that nothing distracts you! You don’t need make-up or styling. All your model agency wants to see is you!

Take measurements yourself: Measure hips, waist and chest

Here you see all important points on the body to take your measurements yourself. Make sure you wear as little clothing as possible when measuring and be honest with yourself when measuring! You can find more information about minimum measurements and proportions for models here: Model measurements.

We hope that you have learned a little and have summarized here once again the most important articles for you on the subject becoming a model!

Model Coachings – Catwalk training, acting & more

Send photos: Professional shooting or simply with your mobile phone?

In the next step you take a full body photo, a portrait and another portrait with a laugh. First in a normal outfit, black jeans, black top and shoes. If you are over 16 years old, you can also send Polaroid bikinis or Polaroids in underwear. If you are under 16, don’t do that! It is important that you are seen with your whole body, once your face in portrait and another photo with a smile. Why is laughing so important? As a model you work for many jobs in advertising. Advertising sells through friendliness, emotions that you as a model can arouse in you, better than any other! That’s why there should also be a laughing portrait of you.

After the shot: Patience is a virtue – also in Hamburg!

Before you send your application to a model agency, you should definitely talk to your parents and of course you should also think about the head gasket you are going to use as a model. You want to build a professional career. This can only be achieved with the support of a management team and the network that comes with it. So you always have to be prepared that no success comes overnight. The best Youtubers took years. The greatest Hollywood actors took years. No star is born overnight. Therefore you should always stay professional, you should take the time for your education, that is for your school, and you should give yourself and your career time. If you develop step by step, build up your model book over the first years, then do bigger and bigger jobs or even go abroad for a few months or years, that’s the right way! A reputable model agency like ours supports you with professional management and accompaniment so that you develop your model portfolio perfectly and build up for the ideal market, for your requirements. If you have taken your photos for your first model application in Hamburg, you only need your contact details and the most important measurements, as well as the body size, shoes or also the clothing size. That’s all a good model agency needs from you! The Model Scouts in the agency have a lot of experience and a very professional view to judge applications from Hamburg.

Media city Hamburg: Photographers, advertising agencies and publishers

Who wants to try himself as a model in Hamburg, should already at the beginning of his career, on good contacts in the advertising and media industry. Especially in Hamburg there is a lot of competition among models. Here are the biggest media and advertising agencies at home, from Altona, to the port to the city. While in other big German cities, like Cologne or Munich, life is rather quieter. Only Berlin is comparable to Hamburg! What is the reason for this? Over the decades, Hamburg has developed into an absolute media metropolis. Not only the big advertising agencies are at home here, where you as a model have excellent chances to get castings and jobs. More, even large publishing houses and magazines. In this article we want to tell you a bit about Hamburg castings and jobs as new face!

Especially magazines attract models automatically. It doesn’t matter if it’s the high fashion magazines or other categories, as well as lifestyle and Interior. For models, especially photos taken in magazines are an absolute reference. Especially in fashion magazines, of course. These photos show that the models have good contacts or a good model agency. As a model you have to pass the preselection before the shooting. Your luck! As a model in Hamburg the way is not far to make the jump into the magazines. Even if you travel to Hamburg as a model, you will quickly arrive at the agencies or photo studios. Mostly directly from the Hamburger Bahnhof or Airport.

Advertising finances you as a model

But the “most money” for you as a model lies in advertising productions – for magazines you rarely get paid. Most of the tracks in magazines are even produced without payment. The photos are then all used for her own portfolio (model, photographer, visa, etc.). However, your income comes mainly from advertising or “commercial” jobs. When we talk about the German market, especially advertising spots, photo shoots for online shops or classic catalogues and image brochures for companies. This is not only about fashion, of course many other brands and companies also book models for your advertising. In Hamburg for example insurances or also food count to it. In particular large chains (all the same whether fashion or food) produce nearly weekly new distances in their studios or those of the photographers and production teams. New models are always being sought to sell the new products of the week in the respective brochures. If you find your regular customers, you will make a good living as a model.

Jobs in Hamburg: Online Shops, Social Media & TV Advertising

When you start modeling, your first jobs are mainly to do showrooms. Such a showroom in Hamburg is a small, internal event where designers, marketing managers or salespeople meet with the customer to select parts of the new collection. Of course these new fashion pieces should be shown to you as a model! How are the seams processed, what is the texture of the materials, how does the jeans or the jacket fit? In order for the designer, sales manager or marketing manager to have a model directly on site, young models in particular are booked for this type of job. You usually work in Hamburg’s city centre, where designers meet their customers. Once you’ve gained your first experience and upgraded your model portfolio through test shootings with photographers, you’ll get your first jobs for social media shootings or online shops!

Start: Shootings, Social Media, Online Shop and Image

There are always new fashion collections or new products. Exactly, it doesn’t always have to be about fashion trends! Just look at smartphones, there’s always a new iPhone or mobile phone from Samsung Galaxy to HTC. There are also many new models, new commercials and photo shoots in the automotive industry. Models are needed for every new brand and every new model. Also for new seasons but also for different seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter! Each emotional set needs its individual composition of photo models, production team but also advertising agency, which creates the creative concept. There are always new jobs in Hamburg! If you work diligently and show your model agency or management that you are professional on jobs and on time, that the customers are satisfied with you, then you will get your first commercials sometime!

Next Level: Jobs for commercials and TV commercials in Hamburg

The word TV is nowadays of course often equated with broadcasting, e.g. through YouTube advertising. Advertising in video format, be it the advertising film for upstream YouTube videos, the advertising film for TV and cinema or also influencer marketing with videos on YouTube, this is the greatest potential for you as a model. Since the production of commercials by media agencies is quite complex, the productions are not only used in Germany. Unlike regional brands that use your photos in the Hamburg area, for example, such TV commercials are often broadcast throughout German-speaking countries, including Germany, Austria and Switzerland. However, many commercials are also shown throughout Europe or even internationally, in America and Asia. Hamburg offers great potential for you as a model!

Dailies campaign with Marie, Hannes & Johanna

Pantene Pro V (worldwide) with Lisa

Local agency or international agency?

If you want to get started as a model in the field of media and advertising, then you have with a management the best agencies not only to get jobs in Hamburg but also in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Dusseldorf. If you want to work as a fulltime model and professional, then you need not only jobs here but also in other cities. Therefore it is important for you as a young model to choose an international model agency that offers the best perspectives not only for Hamburg, but also for Germany and for the international stage, ideally!

Follow bookings for models in Hamburg

In a career, it is important for every entrepreneur (you too are an entrepreneur) to acquire satisfied, returning customers. If you have customers who are satisfied with you and your performance, there is a greater chance that you will re-book when there are new jobs. Especially showrooms and fashion shows bring you directly to the decision makers in the companies. If you are convincing here, you may soon be booked for an entire Lookbook campaign. Then you will not only get the clothes of the customer to present them, you will also get a whole photo shoot with a big team, in a big studio and for sure a beautiful video, which you can use afterwards for your model portfolio and his portfolio. Are model portfolios new for you? Then have a look at our recommendations for your Modelmappe.

Model agencies in Hamburg for serious castings & jobs

There are model agencies in Hamburg, like the proverbial “sand by the sea”. In Hamburg there are not only the classic model agencies, but also many individual model bookers or agents. Their names are often not as well known as the big agencies, but they also have very good contacts in the advertising industry. They often used to work in an advertising agency themselves and then moved into the world of fashion and models. Now they have a good network to certain companies and they can find these jobs. There are also mother agencies. Mother agencies are so to speak the biggest form of the agency, they not only represent you as models in Germany but also try to actively bring you to their partner agencies all over the world. As a model you can also work in the absolute top cities like New York, London, Paris or Milan. The dream of every model when it comes to becoming a model! You want to know more about the different agencies? Then read here all about the different Model agency types.

The big leap is mostly only possible with one of the big agencies! They have the necessary personnel and the necessary financial means, which you need as a model, if you want to continue and for example also work abroad. Here it is not only about the work itself, but also about flight tickets, hotels and contracts that you make with the respective partner agencies in advance of each stay abroad. From Hamburg airport you can then travel all over the world. USA, South Korea, Greece, France. A big risk, which is why contracts and a reputable model agency in Hamburg are also important. This ensures that everything runs smoothly for you and that you arrive safely in the new country from the very first moment.

You work abroad as a model 45-6o days

As a model you usually work 45 to 60 days abroad. The agencies take over all your investments, so that you can fully concentrate on your job. At the end of your stay, the income is deducted from the expenses and the remaining surplus is divided among the parties. As a model you get at least half of your profit paid out. Since you had no costs, it is an incredibly great opportunity to expand your model portfolio, get to know new people and above all to make new contacts all over the world.

Reposting of agencies from Cape Town & Co.

If you convince in Hamburg and Germany on Showrooms and Fashion shows, the chance that one of the customers will book you again increases, for a bigger campaign or a bigger photo shoot. It’s the same with agencies. Once you have worked abroad and the model agency has got to know you, appreciated your work and had good experiences with you, they will also ask you next season if you don’t want to visit them. By working in different countries you will gain a lot of experience and your Modelmappe will become more and more diverse.

The big customers and jobs are located abroad!

If you go abroad as a model, you have a great chance of more campaigns and much more elaborate photo material. While productions in a country like Germany are very elaborate and therefore expensive, productions in many other European countries or in an international comparison are much cheaper. In Madrid or Barcelona you will already get much bigger information, if you should go as a model sometime to Asia, it can also be that you have a helicopter, an elephant or something else with you. These photos are of course absolutely great for your portfolio and show that you are also in larger productions as a model and bring your performance.

Luxury in Hamburg: Models and High Fashion

Anyone who wants to make the leap into the wide world in Hamburg can do it! Hamburg is not only known for its numerous media, Hamburg is also known for its VIPs, celebrities and its “well-to-do” inhabitants in many parts of the city. Of course you won’t find a luxury boutique in the Schanzenviertel but in the city! Because, in every city where luxury is concentrated, there are of course many satellites around the brands. These are companies that accumulate around a certain branch. In the high fashion and world of haute couture, for example, these are fashion boutiques and showrooms of the various fashion designers. Here in Hamburg they present the latest fashion of the season to their customers, directly on the model. The customer can then decide on the spot which pieces to buy for his fashion chain.

Fashion boutique, exclusive wholesalers and showrooms

Numerous major brands are in Hamburg. Models are quite often booked by them for the new collections. If you were still like on a showroom, imagine it as a very, very small fashion show. As a model, you present the designer’s new pieces. In front of you there is a selected audience, but not more than 100 people like in a fashion show, there are usually only a few people here. For example, they represent larger fashion houses and brands and are looking for new trends for their stores. That’s why they visit the designers, it’s about trends and novelties! Your job is the presentation and if they like a garment about you, you also present the workmanship and materials. As a model and sales talent, you’ll help the designer bring his fashion to the world! Also in Trend: Curvy Models.

Especially young models often work in Hamburg showrooms. As a model you can quickly earn your first living and then concentrate full time on modeling. Jobs in showrooms are also an excellent exercise, because you have direct contact with the marketing department, maybe even with the customer himself. Here you can not only learn how to present yourself, but also how to present your customers’ products and garments convincingly and authentically. The better you become as a model and the more convincing you are with the customer, the higher is the chance of follow-up bookings.

Shopping tips and insiders for Hanse-City

By the way… Shopping in Hamburg? Here you will find the best tips and insiders!

Models & Model will be in the Harbor City

If you consistently follow your path as a model, you can build a great career as a model in Hamburg. If your career goes well, you can stay in your (!) city forever, if you like! Through your model agency you have got good contacts in Germany and customers who like to book you frequently. You have been abroad, have developed a portfolio and now get new inquiries from Italy or South Africa every year. If you follow this path for years and stick to it consistently, you can manage to live from modeling and also find your home in Hamburg. The city is beautiful, not only to work but also to spend your life here. In the city, at the harbour or in the different multicultures quarter at the edge.

Apply now as a model in our agency!

If you want to become a model yourself and try your hand at the business, apply as a model with us! You can find all information here Model Application Hamburg.

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Haute Couture & Pret-a-Porter – Running styles of a fashion show

In a fashion show on the catwalk, which is also called Catwalk, presented the new collections of a designer of models. A distinction is made between haute couture fashion and pret-a-porter fashion. Haute Couture comes from France and means literally superior cutting art. In fashion jargon extravagant, individual and high-quality fashion creations by a designer haute couture are called. The haute couture fashion pieces of a designer are the gems of a designer, they are not suitable for everyday use, haute couture is true art that models present on the catwalk. Haute Couture serves the very special appearance. The more valuable the materials used, the higher the price. There is no limit. In contrast to haute couture, there are Pret-a-Porter collections. pret-a-Porter Fashion also comes from France and means “ready to wear”, a fashion that can be worn in everyday life. The fashion collections are available in retail outlets, including department store chains. The designers have created the pieces not only as an art object for the catwalk, but the fashion collections should come to the man or the woman. The price is different, it also comes here to price differences, however, the price is in the average range in the middle class and is affordable. Co-founder of this type of fashion line is Pierre Cardin.

Pret-a-Porter fashion & running style at the fashion show

@vittoceretti #CHANELCruise

Ein Beitrag geteilt von CHANEL (@chanelofficial) am

What is Pret-a-Porter exactly?

Pret-a-Porter fashion, also known as ready-to-wear fashion, describes the ready-made, ie not tailor-made, fashion collections of designers and labels. Ready-made fashion is one that we find in retail in various, fixed sizes on the shelves. (Example size 38 or M) Earlier, the fashion industry was horrified at the first catwalk presentations by designer Pret-a-Porter collections – not tailor-made = not exclusive! Quite normal in the modern world – at Fashion Weeks all over the world, the designer’s Pret-a-Porter collections are admired and celebrated. For the designers themselves, the Pret-a-Porter collections are extremely important in addition to haute couture, because the ready-to-wear fashion boosts the marketing of designers enormously. In public, the label builds its image and sets trends that can really be worn! Of course, also among the Pret-a-Porter collections are fashion highlights that only very bold fashionistas REALLY wear on the street – here too: The designer wants to attract attention, to keep in conversation and in the memory of fashion specialists.

Where did Pret-a-Porter come from?

Yves-Saint-Laurent caused a stir in the 60’s as one of the first known designers on the catwalk with his Pret-a-Porter collection. But who “invented” Pret-a-Porter? The Italian designer Pierre Cardin developed the fashion art Pret-a-Porter.

Pierre Cardin – His way to the designer of Pret-a-Porter fashion

Pierre Cardin was born in Italy in 1922. In 1945 he moved from Italy to France, Paris. He began his career in the fashion industry as a fashion designer at Paquin. He developed the costumes for the movie “Beauty and the Beast”. In 1947, the talented Italian moved to the designer label “Dior”. Three years later he started his own label and developed Pret-a-Porter Mode. In 1953, his first fashion collection for women appeared in 1957 followed by the men’s collection.

The seasons of Pret-a-Porter fashion worldwide

The designers’ Pret-a-Porter collections are presented on the runway during two fashion seasons, once in spring / summer and once in autumn / winter – the classic fashion seasons. The presentations of the Pret-a-Porter fashion take place at fashion weeks in the fashion capitals of New York, Milan, London and Paris. But also in the adolescent fashion cities of Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam and other cities, the collection presentations of the designers, both established designers and celebrated New Comer, take place twice a year at the corresponding seasons in the beginning and middle of the year.

Excursus: The interim seasons

Only twice a year, so every six months, fashion on the runways of fashion metropolises? Unthinkable – no one can stand it! I agree. That’s why, in addition to the main seasons, tadaaa, there are various interim seasons.

Resort – Fashion Collections

In February, the new Pret-a-Porter pieces by the designers regularly hang in stores. Already in November, the interim season for resort fashion begins. Since every fashion fan can look forward to the summer and anticipate the new trends.

Cruise – fashion collections

Cruise, as the name suggests, are fashion collections for the travel-mad fashion fans. Cruise is a sub-category of resort-fashion, specializing in jet-set customers who escape the winter and roast in the sun in December. In the past, this was especially typical of the richer society that enjoyed cruising to warmer regions during the winter months. Hence the name “Cruise” in the style of “cruise”. Today, “Cruise” is part of the resort collection, it is hardly differentiated.

Pre-Fall – Fashion Collections

The counterpart to the more summery Pret-a-Porter Resort collection, is the autumn-winter Pret-a-Porter Pre-fall collection. This comes in July in the shops. Customers enjoy new designs for fall and winter, mostly made of lighter fabrics.

Capsule Collection Fashion

Capsule Collection, a collection that can not really be assigned to any season. The “timeless” Pret-a-Porter fashion of the year. These collections are also called Special Editions and appear unexpected and not regular.

Haute couture at the fashion show – what exactly is that?

Haute couture is the “high society” of fashion collections by designers. The term comes from France and refers to the upscale designs of fashion designers from the top tier. Who belongs to the circle of Haute Couture designers, such as Chanel, Dior or Ellie Saab, decides the French fashion association “Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture”. The designers, also known as “couturiers”, must adhere to “strict” rules in order to defend their place in haute couture. The French fashion association sets rules and specifications so that the ranks of Coutuers remains exclusive. Elaborate, extravagant and in reality hardly wearable fashion, especially handcrafted, precious and luxurious dresses are part of haute couture. Another special feature of the impressive robes: Finest handwork! Of course, such a “unique” can hardly be a lesbian, only a very selected, narrow circle of the rich is one of the customer base for haute couture fashion. The price for a haute couture robe is dizzyingly high. One of the few places off the catwalk to marvel at haute couture fashion is the red carpet of very exclusive events, such as the Oscars. In contrast to the pure “art objects” of the haute couture of the past few years, some robes, dresses and now also trousers are quite “bearable” for upmarket events.

#luxo? #elliesaab #elegance

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Antônio Gonzalez (@antoniogonzalezpoa) am

#elliesaab #luxo? #elegance

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Antônio Gonzalez (@antoniogonzalezpoa) am

Where does haute couture fashion actually come from?

Haute couture comes from France in the mid-19th century. Charles Frederick Worth was the first, and thus the so-called founding father, to offer tailor-made and handcrafted, exclusive fashion according to his own designs. Until then, tailor-made products were manufactured exclusively according to the wishes of the customer. Worth made a turnaround in the fashion industry. Subsequently, the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne joined together, a committee which today describes itself as a fashion association and still sets the rules in terms of haute couture. Only if the collection of a designer label is approved by this committee, the Desiger may present his Haute Couture line under this genre, on the couture shows of Fashion Weeks.

Alta Moda – haute couture from Italy

The Italian sister of French haute couture is the so-called “Alta Moda”. Unlike the term “haute couture”, the term “Alta Moda” is not protected and may be used freely among designers. In addition to Milan, there are also Alta Moda shows in Florence or Rome, there is no set schedule or fixed location for these fashion shows. The world-famous luxury designer duo of Dolce & Gabbana will be presenting their Alta Moda collections in Milan. In addition to established designers, New Comer will be presenting their collections to a wide audience in Rome during the Fashion Week.

Fashion Show – Various walk styles for the presentation of fashion

Two important running styles characterize the catwalk at fashion shows. The wording is different and depends on the choreographer. Roughly, the running styles are divided into the following two divisions.

Pret-à-Porter – casual walk for models

The Casual Walk is, in keeping with the collections, looser than the Design Walk. The models are allowed to slightly swing their hips, the upper body and the gaze need not be rigid. There is a friendly, motivating smile on the model’s face. At the end of the catwalk a posing takes place. The models seek eye contact with the audience. A wink, a kiss in the air or a sexy smile are allowed and welcome.

Haute Couture – Fashion / design walk of the upper class

When it comes to the design walk, the models really function as mannequins, that is, it’s all about the outfit. The look of the models is directed straight forward, no expression is distorted, no eye contact takes place. The shoulders are pulled back, the pelvis goes forward. The models try not to move their torso while running. At the end of the catwalk no posing takes place. The model should not distract from the collection of the designer, this is absolutely the focus.

Casting Agency Hamburg

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Mini Clips: Brand awareness by the way Steigern

One thing is certain, for brands castings are not only the fastest way to the perfect cast. The live event is just as good as a digital marketing campaign: Models wanted!

With the focus on qualitative development, our casting agency puts a lot of commitment into your individual development. Our managers focus on your ideas and wishes. On special request, we can offer you competent help with questions concerning the project. Save valuable resources and time with our agency services. The ideal model in Hamburg. Our agency for models accompanies you and your project in the entire organization process. With exclusively professional partners in Germany. Our casting agency guarantees your shootings absolute precision in management and organization on a high level – day after day. Through our management you always get your individual selection of models fast, carefree and uncomplicated. Write us your individual wishes at any time.

Fashion Photography – Fashion & Haute Couture

Since the turn of the millennium, the three top dogs Vogue, Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar no longer dominate the field alone – today’s fashion photographer is increasingly working for independent magazines and has raised the artistic standards for his pictures. The boundaries between art and fashion photography are becoming blurred, while the previously rather uniformly commercial direction is becoming blurred. That’s what our fashion photographer Oliver Rudolph says about fashion photography then and now! You want to learn to take pictures yourself? Here you can find our book recommendation: Learn to take pictures.

Fashion photography today – trends, zeitgeist and high fashion

Even today, the profession is subject to the constant change of ideals and the development of fashion itself, which is why my job as a fashion photographer lives particularly from flexibility and adaptability, and also requires a lot of openness for new things and a feel for trends. Anyone who equates the profession of fashion photographer with the mere photographing of clothes is clearly subject to a socially widespread cliché. Even today it is important to sum up the dreams of a society, the spirit of the times and the personal desires of a decade, and to stage them consciously as a fashion photographer.

Fashion photography, especially haute couture, should not only be visually appealing and aesthetically inspiring, but should also encourage the viewer to participate and imitate and at best be one step ahead of its era. The representation of fashion merges here with the representation of an idea. In close cooperation, whether fashion advertising agency, art director or marketing agent – from Los Angeles to London. The result is ultimately the ultimate staging – not of the dress, but of the fashionably dressed personality.

Fashion photography back then – big idols & fashion magazines

The first fashion photographer Adolphe Braun to be regarded as such published the first “Fashion Magazine” in 1856: a book with 288 photographs of the Comtesse Virginial Oldoini, who was the first fashion model to present her robes there. Since photography was by no means suitable for the masses and reproduction was still in its infancy, not much happened in the following years until 1892, when the first fashion series was printed in La Mode Pratique.

Fashion photography took a step forward at the beginning of the 20th century with the “Harper’s Bazaar”, the “Vogue” and the “Vanity Fair”, which until then had had to resort to sketched drawings. You can find out who’s the trend today here: fashion magazines. More and more fashion sections are published, and at the same time the first photo studios for fashion photography are being set up in Europe’s metropolises. Thanks to these circumstances, fashion photography had become an art form until the 1930s.

Until then, everything had focused on European centres such as Berlin, Paris and Hamburg. During the Second World War, most fashion photographers relocated their creative centres to the USA, where the hottest fashion centre ever established itself: New York.

Changes, trends and zeitgeist influence photography

The next change is due to a generational change between photographers and models, which is why fashion photography developed into a younger, more dynamic field of art in the 1960s. A decade later, fetishism and pornography came to the fore, but during the 1980s this declined sharply again and photography now took place in aesthetic worlds and often in classical black-and-white.

Since the fall of communism, fashion photographers have also become more realistic in their expression. The “Heroine Look” is also developing into a subculture of its own, and fashion photographers such as David LaChapelle are promoting the glamorous style that is so popular today. At the end of the 90s, the field repeatedly took a step in the direction of more freedom of movement – and fashion photography finally became what it is today.

Video production and image film: How to create a commercial – Insights!

IO Video Production for Commercials and Social Media Today Insights! How do commercials actually work? Video Marketing has far outstripped all other forms (Pring, Billboard, etc.) in the budgets. No matter if it is a commercial for the Superbowl or the Facebook clips for regional supermarkets. But how does the planning, organization, conception of commercials work? This article summarizes all aspects of IO Productions. Other articles and links about video production: Learn more about IO Video & Film Production.

How is a commercial or image film created?

Fashion brands, online stores, technology, automobiles … commercials all need. Because with advertising you can make products known but also brands. Today we give a deep insight into the production and its different steps:

  1. Storytelling: History, Emotions and Impact Chains
  2. Process – Initial Contact, Briefing and Brainstorming
  3. First Contact – initial discussion and ideas development with the agency
  4. Pre-Production: Video shoot Preparation of storyboard, equipment and team
  5. Production – Production Process and High End Equipment
  6. Post-Production: Video Sifting, Editing and Editing
  7. Promotional Videos and Commercials

The Process – First Contact, Briefing and Brainstorming

The process covers a variety of areas, from initial contact to finished video production on post production and delivery in various formats and scales. Depending on requirements and wishes, the approach in film production, as narrated in storytelling, is very multifaceted. At first, however, everything is limited to the first contact and the first briefing, what is it about?

  1. For which brand is produced?
  2. What does the brand want to promote?
  3. Is it a new product or an existing product being expanded?
  4. In which countries will the film be published?
  5. In which languages ​​will the film be published?
  6. Which media are you looking for for publication?
  7. How much budget is available for production?
  8. What video lengths and formats are expected by the customer?
  9. Which content should be transported?
  10. Is it part of a larger campaign?
  11. Is the commercial film the main medium or “only” part of the campaign?
  12. What needs does the product / brand fulfill?
  13. Are there competing products?
  14. What defines the target audience (demographic characteristics)
  15. Which wishes and needs does this target group have?

All these questions are raised on first contact.

First Contact – initial discussion and ideas development with the agency

At the first briefing on the upcoming video production, we talk to our customers about the parameters mentioned in the new video campaign. As a rule, the conversation is initially limited to a 30-minute meeting – after which you let the impressions take effect and subconsciously develop initial frameworks for the concept. In this 30-minute kick-off talk, you have a quick overview of the company, or about the products and services, which especially helps the creative director to get a first unobjective picture of the project. Likewise the wishes of the customer are noted, they are particularly important for the planning and the first thoughts. The third important point is the target audience, is it an existing demographic crowd, or is it a new address for potential customers who are not currently connected? From these three parameters, the first ideas can now be generated how a possible campaign can be implemented. The ideas then lead to a first customer briefing by roughly presenting the concepts. Therein is not only the content of the film or the different versions but also the chain of effects. The easiest way to compare this with the storyboard. Here is shown step by step what will happen in each scene of the final advertising clip.

Impact Chain and Storyboard: Imagery and Video Concept

In small, square boxes on paper or in PDF format every single important scene is named. In addition, it is shown at which moments the emotional effect is achieved. As a rule, one has to pay particular attention in the advertising film that the first moment is sitting. As a rule, this should be in the first two to three seconds. This time frame has not only been proven in classical studies, the new media (such as Youtube and Facebook) rely on these factors.

  • When you’re on Facebook, you count on ads, impressions from the third second,
  • on YouTube, the video ads can be skipped from 5 seconds,
  • Instagram also counts an impression from the third second in the video.

If you have not reached the consumer here, it will be difficult to get through to it. Therefore, especially the entry into the videos must work well and take the viewer directly!

Of course, the prior planning of promotional videos saves a lot of time in later production and makes the effect of videos more efficient. This will allow you to gain more sales but also generate more reach, which is why most companies invest in a good video production company that has been recommended to you. Thanks to numerous recommendations, we were also able to gather great reference projects within a short space of time, which we unite in our portfolio. As an agency for video production, we stand for quality, innovative media and the service of full trust. Our customers often give us a free hand for production so we can get the most out of them. In close consultation, we then design the parameters but also the storyboards, as just described. If everything is planned and defined, it goes into the production of the videos!

Pre-Production: Video shoot Preparation of Storyboard, Equipment and Team

After the conception of the film, one comes now to the final preparation. All agreements were made and that first storyboard was approved by the customer. In the following step, all concrete preparations are made. The storyboard will no longer be in its conceptual form, but will be worked out once more in detail. Based on the detailed storyboard you can now also plan the team members.

Team Planning in Video Production: Model, Make Up Artist, Stylist, etc.

The typical team in a video or commercial film production does not only include the videographer and the agency as well as the customer, but also various actors on the set. The more complex the production, the more people are involved in such production. As a rule, apart from product videos, you definitely need a model.

Booking Models: Promotional Models for Movies and Rights

For every video you need a suitable face that matches the brand but also to the message that should be conveyed. Models are absolute professionals in their field and have through their many years of experience with photo shoots and commercial production a sense of how to create planned emotions controlled. At the push of a button they can show that they have a certain “need”, that they rejoice, that they develop mourning, that they show affection. Especially in an elaborate production, such a professional model is worth gold!

Models not only ensure that the emotions are transported perfectly and that the campaign looks good, they also ensure a good mood on the set. Their professionalism and positive charisma make for a generally good mood, which also speeds up production and raises results to a higher level. In the end, however, it is not just about booking the model, but also about the rights of use and the work with modeling agencies. Besides the perfect advertising model, you also need a make-up artist or hair and make-up artist.

Make-up artist booking: Hair and Make Up Artist for perfect video sequences and close-ups

Even when booking make-up artist we take care of everything, rely on our service and we organize experts in hair and make-up. In addition, you need the perfect clothes for many shoots, the outfit has to sit! Therefore, to book a hair and make up artist, the organization comes to the stylists.

Booking Stylists: Outfit, Accessories and Harmonious Colors

Stylists are on the set, so outfit, accessories & amp; Sitting jewelry perfectly. They make sure that everything goes well apart from hair and makeup on the model. Finding good stylists is not so easy, because the job is very demanding and requires good contacts. However, we are happy to help you find the perfect stylist with our contacts

If an elaborate video production is already organized, it is often advisable for companies to directly book a photographer. On this one day, many people are on site and already organized, photographers can perfectly capture those moments as “backstage” or “behind the scenes” shots. This picture material can be used not only for own PR measures or press, but of course also for social networks, as well as on the own company website, thereby one has beaten two birds with one stone directly. If the set is organized intelligently, photo and video production can even take place in parallel. This is often worthwhile especially for companies from the travel industry but also from the fashion industry, eg. in the photography and videography of travel catalogs or advertising films for travel or lookbooks in the fashion industry. The resulting image material is versatile, a perfect complement to the shoot. So our recommendation for video productions is to book directly with an experienced photographer.

We take care of your team but also your video production

All of these plans are complex, but as we draw on many years of experience, as well as an extremely large network of photographers, videographers, make-up artists, make-up artists, stylists and many more, we can quickly and easily produce perfect video results even for complex productions help! After the pre-production, the entire planning, we have everything now! Now it starts, the big production!

Production – Production Process and High End Equipment

In the following step we go into the production of the commercial. Depending on the size of the production, everything is organized on one day, spread over several days or even on different dates, with short break times. Especially for transnational productions, eg. when production is due in the US, plus a flight to Canada and Europe, such a production stretches. Of course, as an agency you try to bring in your expertise directly in order to make the most efficient ways possible. This saves time but also costs for the customer. This is always the highest priority for us as an agency. The location was already visited in advance and prepared for production. On the day of production, you as a customer are on site to take everything away. We also always recommend that a person is on site. This allows a direct insight into the production and also a direct influence on the image and video material.

Production Process: Location, Look and Teamwork

At the beginning of each production, the team gathers to discuss the final details. Then the models are prepared by the make-up artist, while videographers prepare the set with helpers and assistants. On some sets the whole day is produced, others change the location. With well-organized technology and high-quality equipment, all productions are done quickly – preparation is everything! Depending on the production then also technical devices are used. Here is just an overview of the most important devices of current productions.

Gimbal: Quiet camera pans for breathtaking scenes

With the gimbal camera shots can be simulated, which used to be elaborately made with rail technology. This technique stabilizes the camera and lets the videographers work freely. In short, the gimbal replaces the classic rail system. Camera shots are very smooth (smooth) even though the videographer is running or even running alongside the actor or model. Such recordings are needed z.b. slow camera shots for the automotive industry but also production for sports manufacturers, eg. when the runner starts jumping. The cameraman starts at the same moment and captures the pictures. In the past, complex and expensive rail systems had to be installed here, and today it is enough to have a high-quality gimbal for production. How should I look a high-quality camera ride, you see z.b. here, despite rocks and cliffs, just rides without wobbling.

Sony Camera: High End Image and Video Quality for Commercials

Most video productions do not require huge cameras today, processors and chips have become so small that size is hardly relevant anymore. Modern camera technology can be packed in extremely small housings. 80% of our recordings are currently produced by Sony Equipment. In this way, we guarantee our customers first-class camera quality and high brilliance in the pictures. This is especially important for customers who pay attention to high quality material. And that’s what you pay attention to, right?

After the production is done, all materials on memory cards are backed up twice. In the following it goes back to the agency to make the production of the video. In post-production you have three big steps:

  1. Viewing the video footage
  2. Editing and Editing Video
  3. Customer’s change loops

Now let’s take a closer look at the post production of commercials. Again, depending on the complexity of the matter, that is from the small advertising film for Facebook, the designed to 10 seconds to the image film that runs for 15 minutes and is used for press, PR and internal use. In summary, post production can be described in this way.

Post-Production: Video Sifting, Editing and Editing

In this last step of the video production it is about sighting, editing and changes, in agency circles also the “change loop”. First, we start with the sifting of the material from the different cameras.

Viewing the material

Even when viewing the material of the video production, a good videographer pays off immediately. He still has all the cuts in his head, sequences and the different cameras that were used. All the material is now merged and spotted on the best scenes, these are stored in extra tracks and sequences, as in a classical were economic analysis, after A, B and C material.

Cutting the videos

After the material has been spotted and divided into the different categorizations, start the cutter by cutting the material. Different video sequences are joined together and depending on the complexity of the video (final product) still filled with text or with animated logos or fonts or explanations. Cutting is a relatively time-consuming and complex process, but with good production, much has been clarified and organized in advance. Ideally, this will allow the cut to be kept to a minimum so that you can get into the first loop of change with the customer as quickly as possible. The rough cut first shows a first version, which is the basis for further processing and modification. First, the customer should make an overview, so that the rough cut is approved. Only now the videos are finally put together and configured when it comes to light but also all other important settings and configuration of the video material. At the end, the cutter will produce different formats and versions. Why?

There are various streaming platforms, including TV, cinemas, the entire online world and of course social networks. It will display video generated by HTML5 animation or banner ads for other online stores in GIF format. Likewise, individual formats for Instagram but also or other versions, faster and sleeker for Facebook, while another version for YouTube goes long, about 12 minutes.

Change requests and editing

If everything goes well after the customer’s change loops, all of these different formats are exported and subsequently provided to the customer. The fact that the media can be used across networks increases the success of the videos. It increases the reach, hence the interaction and, ultimately, the sales results or the desired results of the campaign.

That’s it!

No matter if it is a commercial for the Superbowl or the Facebook clips for regional supermarkets. According to this principle, commercials and image films are produced by agencies! Other articles and links about video production:

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The advertising model – model for advertising & sales talent

Advertising model – A professional goal of many prospective models is it to see itself finally in a advertising film or Werbeclip on the television or on-line. But also poster or print advertising is one of the fields of activity of an advertising model. For models, we give as a model agency in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne a little insight! Not only the income for the model is higher than for example in the area Catwalk, but also the awareness level of a model can increase enormously by an advertising campaign of a successful company or brand. This in turn means that the model not only collects valuable experience for the future, but also the market value of the model increases. And seriously – who wouldn’t like to smile down from a huge poster? Or generally associated with an exclusive company or brand? But what exactly hides behind the term “advertising model”?

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Model Job Classic: advertising, billboards and advertising campaigns

What does a good photo model or advertising model do?

The term advertising model is a specific term for a model, which is particularly active in the field of advertising, i.e. advertising posters, advertisements, advertising films, advertising clips or the like. Such models are also called Commercial Models. They have a pretty face (according to the social norm), look natural and have a good figure, but not too thin.

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Commercial – Korlan and Karen for FEREO LUNA

Advertising model – prerequisites and requirements

The size is not basically insignificant as an advertising model, but in the advertising industry smaller models smaller models (e.g. with a size of 170 cm) also have a chance. Anyone who appears unthinkable on the catwalk can be exactly the right type in advertising. The girl or the boy next door, with a sympathetic charisma? Perfect. A radiant smile? Duty. The customer should finally be able to identify with the models.

Cared for exterior – The be-all and end-all in model business

Nevertheless, the model gives the company a certain image or should underline the already defined image of a company. To do this, the model must be able to identify with the company, and vice versa, the company with the model. In a cosmetics chain, for example, a photo model with impure skin and a face that is not symmetrical is unthinkable. Also with a hair advertising model there is a basic rule: The model must not have broken hair. So the exact type logically depends on the products and services to be advertised.

Advertising spot – Milva for VW

Advertising models – What do you earn?

The profession of the advertising model is particularly popular, since the payment for the jobs is significantly higher than for fashion models, for example on the catwalk. For an advertising model, it is essential that it is represented by a model agency that sets a high (justified) daily fee right from the start, as it is possible that subsequent jobs of this kind in the same product groups will be omitted. After all, the model should stand authentically for the product to be advertised. The recognition value of a model and a brand is decisive, therefore the faces of a big brand are reluctantly booked.

Advertising, advertising photography and spots for brands

Advertising is a broad sector in the area marketing. But what does everything count among them at all? And why is advertising one of the best paid jobs in the model business? In addition to poster advertising, flyers, catalogues, advertisements and general print advertising, advertising clips for both TV and the Internet are also part of the advertising spectrum. Through the instruments, e.g. the carrier media, companies try to polish up their image on the market or to set it at all. And they do so quite deliberately.

The big brands their marketing strategies

Well elaborated marketing strategies are behind an ultimately simple advertising campaign that is spread through the media. The enterprises try to address directly their target group and to communicate with this on another level to affect also. This has the goal that the customers feel addressed, identify themselves with the enterprise and the sales market finally increases. In order for the company to achieve these processes optimally, it is important to find the right models for the right advertising. Ultimately, it is these models that bring the company’s message to the customer.

Advertising spot – Mark and Janine for HENKELL

Prerequisites Demands on a model in the advertising industry

The demands on an advertising model are manifold. Not only the corresponding appearance, good figure, certain size and a pretty face, counts. This is a prerequisite for gaining a foothold in the model business.

Self-confident, authentic and natural

However, success as an advertising model will only come to those who fully unfold in front of the camera and work ambitiously on themselves. An advertising model must feel comfortable in its skin. No matter how many pairs of eyes watch exactly how you shave your legs, smear a nut nougat cream bread or jump rope.

Authenticity is also very important, you have to stand for the corresponding brand and at the same time look real and natural, and a sympathetic charisma. Every viewer prefers the smart, bright girl next door to the arrogant prima ballerina. However, it’s also important for the nice neighbor girl that she shows a natural self-confidence. A quiet little mouse is out of place in the advertising industry.

The consumer should be able to remember you and associate the product with your strong charisma. Because everyone would like to be self-confident, energetic and positive. A radiant smile is just as much a top priority as good skin and beautiful hair. Good body care is a prerequisite. But the absolutely decisive argument for the selection of an advertising model is the acting talent. You have to be able to put yourself in a role and embody it with full conviction.

Brand ambassador – Sandra Hunke for HANSA

Cocaine Models represents photo models for strong shootings and advertising campaigns in Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich & Co. Both female and male advertising models of different age groups are represented. The entire team supports the agency models in their development into advertising models. Regularly exquisite model coachings take place, with which apart from an effective Catwalk training particularly the disciplines Mimik, Posing & play (not only for photos, but also for videos) are brought up for discussion.

Would you like to book a model for advertising? Then write to us or call our agency directly. We look forward to your inquiry!

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3 Tips for Business Registration – Become a Model under 18?

You want to become a model and register your own business at the age of 14, 15 or 16? In the big article on the topic of registering a business (small business) for models, we already took a detailed look at the registration and taxation of jobs. Today we’re going to give you a few more tips if you’re still underage yourself! As a model you have to register as a self-employed person because the job is not a regular activity. You are not employed by modeling agencies in the traditional sense and are therefore self-employed. Registering a business is not as easy for teenagers and a bit more complex than for adult models aged 18 or over. We show you the most important steps if you want to earn money as a model in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Munich or Berlin. You can find more tips here: Become a Model.

Informal letter to the district court with info about the model job

First, you send an informal letter to the district court. Here you describe what you want to do and how many hours per day you will work and how much money you want to earn. In addition, you need the permission of your parents or legal guardians with signature. As a model you will not work every day, especially if you are young and still in school. Therefore, it is better to give a general number of hours per month. If you do two jobs a month, that’s about 12-16 hours. Earnings vary depending on the job. Showrooms pay less, but they are not connected with media. You only present fashion to a small group of customers or buyers. With campaigns, however, you earn a lot of money quickly. That’s why you should read the paragraph about maximum profit at the end, because if you earn too much, your child benefit can be cancelled.

Guardianship court and legal capacity

As a rule, you will receive an answer within one to two weeks and will be referred to the guardianship court, which will then also carry out a review of your full legal capacity. Here it is checked whether you are up to the job and whether you can be granted full legal capacity. Therefore, it is worthwhile to write good grades in school, which shows that you are motivated and perform well. This way you can be expected to do a “demanding” job. You can also ask questions about the trade and registration here at any time.

Business registration for model jobs

With permission from the guardianship court, you can now go to your local office and register your business. A tip: Register here as a small business owner. When you register, take all the important information and papers with you. You can read about how this works here in the Model Blog or in the article Small Business for Models. Next you will get your tax number. This can take a little longer, sometimes up to two months, depending on the capacity of the tax office. At the end, another very important topic for you: child benefit.

Profit, income and child benefit

The figures may differ slightly, depending on the current status of the law. Roughly, however, you can remember that you only have a certain tax-free amount. You should keep to this, because more profit has consequences for you. With something over 7000.00 euros in the year (approx. 7180.00 euros) you ran out your requirement on child benefit. In addition, you would come from about 7400.00 euros a year in the taxation. That means, you have to pay a part of the further, surplus profit as income tax to the state. In addition, you have to insure yourself against illness.

Model Application at CM – Tips & Help

We want you! Take your chance and apply now at Cocaine Models! Your chance to work for one of the most renowned agencies in the market with international clients, a friendly team and professional management for your modeling career. Start now: Model application.

Tip: Take your own measurements

Here you can see all the important points on your body to take your measurements yourself. Make sure that you wear as little clothing as possible when measuring and be honest with yourself when measuring! More information about minimum measurements and proportions for models can be found here:

Too small, too big, too sporty?

For high fashion and haute couture there are clear guidelines for models, especially for new faces. If you deviate from the measurements, you still have many opportunities in the commercial field. Commercial deals with everything that is “promotional”, from online shops to TV and YouTube videos.

When am I a Curvy Model?

Curvy models in women with a clothing size that lies between 42 and 44. The cup size is also much larger and can definitely go up to a G cup. Curvy models are very popular, just like plus size models, as they are most appealing to the measurements of an average woman. The average woman in Europe has a clothing size of 44, which means that even Curvy Models are only in the general average with an average clothing size of 42 to 44. Also as a Curvy Model we are very happy about your application in our model agency.

Tip: Take your own photos (Polaroids)

Poses and outfits, do you need that? No! We want to see you 100% natural! This is how you make your perfect model polaroids yourself. The agency needs the following pictures of you:

  • A full body picture from the front (photographed frontally)
  • A full body picture from the side
  • A full body picture from behind (because of the hair length)
  • A photo of your face (frontal)
  • A photo of your profile
  • Read more: Model Photo / Polaroid

Become a model: Learn for free on CM!

You want to become a model? If you’ve thought it over and talked to your parents, then we’ve got everything you need to know here, from buyout to fitting model to showroom. Everything you need to know! From the most important tips for your first fashion show, your first photo shoot or tips for your model portfolio and the first photo shoots with photographers:

Everything you need to know, you can find here: Become a model

Become a model: Step by step

Media Agency: Advertising, Shooting and Social Media Marketing

Media agencies do not just design concepts, they implement all ideas, plans and strategies profitably. Media planning and production then covers all key audiences, channels and KPIs. This saves customers valuable time. Because many time-consuming agreements between the individual agencies fall through the comprehensive services of a full service media agency. They provide a complete media portfolio of their clients, with whom marketing can be well and efficiently operated by their own team or agency. It’s not just about the ideas, but also about the performance-oriented implementation of each campaign! The individual advertising concepts of the agencies are extremely individual. Understandable, since most products and brands are very individual. As well as their target groups, their needs and wishes. As a media agency you are always looking for a balancing act to gain the greatest possible success for your clients in the various areas. If you put all the individual strategies together, you have a comprehensive media concept for your own brand. A guideline that helps to grow steadily with traditional and new media.

Media agency – Know how & experts

It is not just about traditional media, but also about new media and new marketing strategies, such as online marketing and social media marketing. Here are extremely large open and hidden sales potential for companies and companies. Why? To date, new media are not used by all companies and brands. There is still “first mover” in social media marketing.

Already knew? We produce small clips for us as well as social media content for our customers, for example Youtube Unboxings for one of the largest shoe retailers in Europe. Here are a few examples from our own portfolio. Later, we also show a best practice of our customers.

Target group knowledge and authentic brands in the new marketing

Authentic, honest! Anyone who shows authentic content, including social content, will win new customers for their brand and their product range. For every company a great opportunity for sustainable, digital success. Media agencies therefore take a focused look at the target groups in new media, where we are currently bringing out the greatest potential. Good planning pays off in the sale and promotion of new products, collections and services.

Social Media Marketing: Advertising on Instagram, Youtube & Co.

In social networks, people today receive much of their daily information. In particular, social networks have always gained in their presence and in their relevance in society. Facebook, Youtube and Instagram have become indispensable today. In all countries, whether it is the western world, the Far East or even individual regions and countries in Europe. People all over the world are logged into social networks. Anyone who is present as a brand or company in social networks, can spread his messages with a long reach. Also, the possibility of viral information dissemination is much higher on social networks than a traditional marketing campaign. In social networks, trends and new fashions spread over a few hours worldwide. Especially bloggers and influencers are here very active market participants, which is convincing for companies. Here we also work very closely with our in-house social media agency.

Advertising does not need a big set anymore, how to easily produce small social content, Deichmann shows.

The example also shows you how small social content can be linked to the big campaign.

Now in the trend at advertising agencies: Blogger and Influencer Marketing

Currently very popular are the two trend themes: Blogger and Influencer Marketing. Both areas are very new and there are few expert agencies. Now the first ones are looking for a comprehensive portfolio together. There are already some big players in the industry who specialize in Youtuber and Blogger. The particularly authentic form of presentation of the young loose on social networks attracts many other young people almost automatically. They become trendsetters and everything they do is copied 1 to 1 by the young people. So who placed his brand so sent social networks Instagram, saving a lot of budget for advertising.

As a full service media agency, of course, we are on the pulse of the times. In addition to models, we already represent a large portfolio of influencers and bloggers. With them, customers can play their advertising so targeted, as it would not be possible in the traditional channels for advertising. Added to this is the positive effect of the emotional connection to the influencer. Our media managers are on the go every day on social networks to find the new Instagram stars and Youtubers! The rise of bloggers is often very fast, as they are very young and relatively quickly regarded by many as idols. If a critical mass of fans or followers is exceeded, the range automatically builds up. In general, influencer marketing and social media marketing are about authenticity. Wherever you convince and your product advertises honestly, that is honestly perceived by the users, can educate high heels.

Best Practice Newsjacking: Influencer at the beginning of the career

6,000 views with the first video! Blogger Soraya Wanya’s first Youtube video with fashion agent Iva reached tens of thousands in just a short time! Who would be able to make it from a standstill at the age of 18? That is why advertising agencies in Germany pay much attention to young bloggers and influencers. She has made a special for the TV show “Germany’s Next Top Model” and so together with Iva quickly thousands and tens of thousands. News jacking or content marketing is a principle that takes up content that will happen in the future. The strategy reaches many, as it is often the first source of information on the new topic. Even social networks are happy about such content from bloggers.

Picture: Lukinski Werbeagentur / Aritcle: News Jacking und Content Marketing durch Influencer

Advertising costs and budgets for digital advertising campaigns

Calculating advertising costs for social media marketing is expensive in classic advertising campaigns. A specific advertising budget is spent by a company on a product, the analyzes then try to measure the successes. However, it is hard to come to a conclusion about how high the advertising investment was and how expensive each new or reactivated customer was. In social media advertising, measuring success is much easier and, above all, faster. In the media agency, everything is calculated exactly and at the end the measures are measured, for example, by means of the CPC (Costs Per Click). If the click cost is higher, more budget will be invested in the ad.

A / B testing for conversion and click optimization of advertisements

A / B Testinghelp the click optimization of advertisements. In order to have a good overview of the successes, the chances and of course the risks, A / B tests are conducted in good agencies. Here are different ads types, graphics and texts played in the advertisements against each other. Users will click more frequently and less frequently. The results of the test will help you tailor your ads to the buyers for a high CTR (conversion). In the end, only the most efficient ads will be promoted, while the less efficient ads will be turned off by the media agency. The free slots are then filled by new campaigns. In this way, we sustainably optimize the online sales of our customers and keep the media efficient and up-to-date.

Project management increases economic success

Of course, the entire administration and design costs a lot of planning time in the project management of a brand. That is why we, as a media agency, take on the entire project management for brands. As a brand, you can fully concentrate on the distribution of your products, while your media is always modern and unique! As an agency, we are not just ideas and consultants, we also make sure that their media always works and provides optimal performance on the various devices that are used by users today. It’s all about optimization, as well as design and usability. And yes, of course, search engine optimization plays a big role in our agency work. Our project managers and consultants are young and well educated. With it we guarantee always best and most modern results in the media work – for your marketing.

Production of commercials, photo shoots and social media content

It is also important to many of our customers that we not only “think through” the media, but also handle all media production. As a full service media agency, we have excellent photographers in our portfolio, we also handle video productions but also the post production of shootings and spots. Small commercials but also the previously described social media content that can be produced quickly and easily, even in large quantities. The advantage: With daily content you are up-to-date every day! As a production company, we are your partner when it comes to calculating costs and effort. How to organize, as described in the project management, shooting sets and team planning, so that nothing can go wrong on the day of production! We produce the content specifically tailored to the target group and also adapt all designs to the specific challenges of your target group. Your media will be perfectly attuned to your shoppers and they will always have new, unique and individual content that will delight users in the long run and turn them into true brand fans.

Here’s another example from our own portfolio to showcase the possibilities:

Conclusion on the topic of advertising agencies and media agencies

In relation to the traditional marketing methods of advertising agencies and media agencies, new media are a real paradise for brands and companies. You can still make big profits here because the competition is not as high as in the other industry. Just placing a billboard in the middle of Berlin is so costly that only big market players can afford it. Social media a really interesting field when it comes to their own advertising and marketing.


If you have any questions about possible strategies and concepts for your media development, please call us. We give you detailed advice and show you how you can advance your brand in the new media. We value ambition and punctuality. Together we achieve high quality results that convince your agency. The perfect choice of model – that’s our job! Read more about our media agency services in Germany and Europe here:

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