Permanent Vacation – Buying Apartment Los Angeles! Simple Explanation of Steps, Advantages, etc.

L.A., how to buy an apartment in Los Angeles. This is what we tell you about in this easy to read guide. Even if you know nothing about real estate, investing, or finances, we’ll tell you verything you need to know. Buying an apartment is a great investment, and if you’re renting, it’s a way to stop throwing money out the window every month. Let us take you through our guide on buying an apartment in L.A. Our friends at Lukinski have written this guest article

Buying an Apartment in L.A. – Vacation Vibe at Home

The place where your favourite celebrity probably lives… or at least has a three story luxury apartment. You want to live in the sun, meet celebrities on your way to grocery shopping, and not to forget, Hollywood, Bel-Air and Beverly Hills. On top of that, Los Angeles has everything else you need. Fashion, mountains, surf, the best bars and clubs in the world, and everything else.

Why Buy an Apartment?

Buying an apartment is almost certainly a good investment. Imagine you visit L.A., and instead of booking a room, you just need to remember to bring the key. To your own apartment! a place that you can decorate how you want, where you know your neighbors, and without worry, invite your friends over for a party.

Downtown – Where things Happen in L.A.

Want to be close to the action? Downtown L.A. is one of the most desired places to live in the city of angels. The price of this beautiful apartment? A strong $12 mil. This exclusive penthouse is in the Ritz-Carlton, and does not shy away from expense. This multi-million dollar piece of luxury will have you feeling like a superstar, with sleek design and top-level appliances. Look at those views!

  • Price: $12 mil.

Why Should I Buy in Los Angeles?

Buying an apartment in Los Angeles has more advantages than we can name here. Apart from the endless leisure opportunities from nature in the form of ocean, mountains, and forests, you have fashion shows, some of the world’s best shopping, museums, movie stars, etc. The advantages continue though, because right now is the right time to buy in L.A. Rent is comparably high, and the city is so popular that it is very unlikely that values reduce.

Hollywood, High-Tech, and Industry

You may think of Los Angeles only as a town of movie-making rich-people. It may be surprising then to hear that it is also a premier destination for high-tech startups. With Silicon Valley and San Francisco so close, these companies prefer Los Angeles. It’s also home to some massive industry, as well as a financial metropolis.

  • Population: 4,0 mil.

The Beauty of the City – Drone over L.A.

Los Angeles is also considered one of the most beautiful cities to live. You find endless beautiful suburban, inner-city, and palm-lined neighbourhoods. Sunsets at Venice Beach or a cocktail in your Bel-Air mansion? Why not. Take a look at how beautiful L.A. can be:

Why should I Buy an Apartment?

Because it’s a financially responsible decision, which you’re going to have fun with! Those are the two top reasons why you should buy an apartment. The financially responsible part will be explained later on, but when you hear ‘investing in real estate’ you never really think about the fact that real estate means you buy a place to live. Buying an apartment in L.A. therefore means not only being the owner of something which is gaining value over time (the way it does when you invest in other things like stocks), but also having your own luxury apartment in one of the world’s most desired cities. No more waiting in hotel lobbies, or booking a room in advance!

  • Make money off your investment
  • Have fun with your investment!

Where do I start with Buying an Apartment?

Maybe you’re not fully convinced yet. Even if you are, let me sweeten the deal. If you think about it, buying an apartment isn’t more expensive than renting it. That’s because when you buy an apartment, you will typically take out a loan (or mortgage, in real estate lingo, more on that further down), and pay off a bit of it each month. If you’re thinking, that sounds a lot like renting it, you’re right. The only big difference is that, when you’re paying off the loan, you’re beginning to own the apartment. Once you’ve paid off the whole loan, you will be the owner of the apartment, meaning you can sell it for just as much as you paid each month. In some areas of the city, the rent you would pay in 3 years would have been enough to buy the whole apartment.

  • With your past 3 years of rent, you could have bought your apartment!

What’s the Hook?

You may be thinking that it all sounds too easy. Well there is one hook to the whole paying off a loan with monthly payments. You have to pay what is called a downpayment. When you buy a piece of real estate, and take out a mortgage (remember, a mortgage is just a loan to pay for real estate), you pay a percentage of the total amount up front, and then pay off the rest in monthly payments. On the other hand, you can also see it as a bank paying 80% of your apartment, and you only pay a small piece of it. The key here is that, just like paying for a vacation, you save up once, and afterwards pay the same amount as your rent, and you’re making money.

When you buy real estate, you only pay 20%!

What you Have to know About Apartment Hunting!

These are the things you have to know about buying an apartment. Remember! Even if you’re not looking for an apartment specifically right now, these tips can be helpful, because sooner than later, you may find yourself looking into buying an aprtment, and many of these tips are things you can do right now that will make your life easier when the day comes.

Start Doing this Now!

Even if you’re years away from buying an apartment, you need to start taking care of your finances. That means, keep bank statements, and keeping track of loans. Most importantly though, when you buy an apartment, your past finances will be checked (called a credit report). If this check shows that you took out many loans, took a long time to pay these back, or worst case, failed to pay these back, you’re going to have a hard time finding a company to loan you money without charging exorbitant sums of interest. That means, avoid using your credit card, start saving as much as you can in case of unexpected expenses, and pay back anything you owe as fast as possible.

  • Care for your finances!

The Negotiation

When you get to the point of buying the apartment, you’re going to have to do some negotiating. Here, you can save you thousands or make the seller breaks off the deal. Not to worry though, we know exactly how you can save thousands, as opposed to lose the deal. When buying an apartment in Los Angeles, negotiation takes place like this. You make an offer. This is either renegotiated or accepted. Then, a building inspection is conducted, after which you can typically, based on the inevitable issues which the inspector finds, renegotiate again and reduce your price.

  • Always renegotiate!

Remember that on top of the ‘up-front’ cost of the apartment, you will pay additional costs, such as transfer taxes and title fees. These can be a few thousand dollars if you’re unlucky, but in your negotiation, you can ask the seller to pay these, while you only pay the up-front cost.

Negotiate Closing Costs!

The famous Venice Canals offer up countless walks enjoying the unique urban architecture

Know What you’re Looking For!

You probably know what you like, but what is it called? A two-story walk-up? A studio? Do you want a front-gabled with a Stucco facade? The world of real estate has a language unto itself, but in L.A. there’s only a few types of important types of real estate you have to know, and if you’re looking to buy an apartment in L.A., unless it’s a classic one-bedroom, it’s likely one of these: Duplexes, Studios, Lofts, and micro-apartments.

Duplexes are mosts similar to a house, because in a sense they are a house. Unlike the typical commerical apartment buildings, these are houses which are split up into typically two identical apartments. The advantage: You typically have more privacy, and your own entrance. Studios and lofts are quite similar. A studio is an apartment which (apart from the bathroom) is made up of one single room which houses the sleeping, leisure, and cooking area. Lofts are studios with high ceilings, lots of windows, and typically larger than normal studios. Lastly, micro-apartments. These are lofts which have very little space. Typically without a leisure area, or combining a leisure and sleeping area with e.g. a pull-out couch. You’ll find these in downtown and denseley populated places.

  • Duplex: Most like a house
  • Studio: No separate rooms
  • Loft: Studio with industrial style
  • Micro-Apartment: Very small studio

Don’t forget the HOA!

Even if you buy an apartment, you’re going to be paying a recurring fee to the organization which takes care of the shared spaces. That means doing renovations, fixing the elevator when it’s broken, etc. But not all Homeowner Associations (HOA) are created equal! Some can be a major pain, because they do not perform the necessary renovations. In other cases, tenants can be problematic, and HOA’s fail to take care of this. There’s many things that can go wrong, so the best thing to do usually is to talk to a few neighbours, who can clue you in on the details.

  • Talk to your Neighbors!

Choose the Right Neighborhood!

Real estate, including apartmentss, is all about location location location. You want to buy an apartment in an area where you want to live of course, but there’s other things to think about. You likely want to have good connection to public transport, even if you own a car. Related to that, you also want to have a freeway nearby, to have amenities such as shopping and grocery opportunities nearby. Depending on your leisure activities, perhaps you’ll also want to keep an eye out for cafes, clubs, restaurants, and bars in the area.

  • Check out the area!

Lastly, and very importantly, you want a neighborhood on the up, and not on the descent. Some neighborhoods are becoming massively popular (which those are, further down), meaning that prices are increasing massively. One day, when you sell your apartment, you’re going to want to get as much money for it as possible, so to choose a neighboorhood which is gaining poppularity is an inveitably profitable decision.

  • Buy in up-and-coming areas!

Where to Live in Los Angeles

Compton, Hollywood, Westwood, Bel-Air… The list goes on and on. Los Angeles is probably home to the most iconic neighborhoods worldwide. We give you a run-down of the hottest spots in the city, where buying an apartment is sure to make you a happy homeowner.

Silver Lake – Trendiest Spot

Silver Lake is LA’s Brooklyn. The place with most young, hip, creative and stylish people. This is where you’ll find the trendiest bars, the newest and hottest cafes, and more. There’s also the famous griffith park, and east river, and more, all with great access to freeways and spitting distance to downtown L.A.

A drive through these neighborhoods will give you a good idea of what they’re like!


If you want to live away from the stress, but not somewhere in the country, Glendale may be your spot. It not only one of the safest areas in LA., but also close to the LA Zoo, the Norton Simon Museum, Travel Town, hiking trails in the San Gabriel Mountains, etc. Zillow classifies the Glendale housing market as “very hot”. Makes sense considering it’s also the lcoation of one of L.A.’s busiest and hottest shopping streets in the form of Brand Boulevard and The Americana at Brand

Below, the Americana at Brand, one of L.A.’s famous shopping locations

Culver City – Creatives and Trendy Bars

Another L.A. neighborhood with trendy cafes and bars en masse. Culver city has arguably joined the ranks of el segundo, and beverly hills in pop culture legacy, making its name as the hippest and coolest area for young creatives and artists. Fast forward a few years, and like in so many places, gentrification has taken its course, not so that it’s unenjoyable though. This area offers up some legendary locales, and a totally unique atmosphere!


Venice is a legendry area. No doubt it’s also become a major hotspot for tourists, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its charm. It’s home to some luxurious apartments, and just like many other of L.A.’s top destinations, it’s a great place if you want to try out some trendy bars and cafes. Not to forget, the massive stretch of beach where surfing, volleyball, sunbathing, etc. can become part of your everyday routine!

Checklist: Buying an Apartment in Los Angeles

So now it’s up to you. You know you should buy, the only remaining question is when will you buy? This is our checklist for buying an apartment in L.A.

  1. Take Care of your Finances!
  2. Negotiate right
  3. Know What you’re Looking For!
  4. Don’t forget the HOA!
  5. Choose the Right Neighborhood!

This article was written by our friends from Lukinski:

Los Angeles Real Estate

Los Angeles: CM goes LA – Become a model, casting dates & agency

Model Agency Los Angeles – Hello LA! Your favorite model agency is now in LA. Become a model, application, castings, now also in California, one of the most beautiful states in the USA. You always wanted to become a model at CM? You already applied for LA or you never did? Now is your chance! Apply online now or come to one of the next live castings. Here is some first info about LA.

Becoming a Model and Castings: News

Indeed, it’s time, the big dream comes true and we open our first office in Los Angeles! January 12 is the official start and probably the kick-off for a lot of work. With Cocaine Models, we have built a strong and popular agency with clients over the past few years. With international jobs, in Europe and America. If you’ve been out of Los Angeles before but haven’t had an agency invitation yet, second chance? And even if you haven’t had any contact with our agency before, this is your chance to apply to our modeling agency.

Here are some first tips for your model application in Los Angeles and the process.

Becoming a Model: Requirements in Los Angeles

For models there are many requirements, for example, in the height, the weight, as well as in the resulting proportions. Even in Los Angeles there are strict measurements when it comes to international fashion clients, commercials and fashion shows. Of course there are always exceptions, the zeitgeist changes the fashion world, the media but also the advertising. What we as a model agency, also our model scouts pay special attention to, are for example small, extra highlights, such as freckles or tooth gaps. So there is no perfect model, not even in LA. But as a model you come very close to the ideal of beauty. As described, you can not summarize it in general have e.g. give a few guidelines.

For female models, the ideal case

  • Body height women 174 to 180 cm
  • Beautiful and / or striking face
  • Slim proportions

For men models is the ideal case:

  • Body height from 184 to approx. 192 cm
  • Slim and athletic proportions
  • Muscle building must not be too extreme
  • Cutie or striking

As described, if you really want to become a model, you should try it and just send an application. Then you will see if the model scout gets back to you or if you don’t get any feedback. If you want to apply, you’ll find some important information right here! Before that, let’s take a quick look at the typical path to a modeling contract. How does one actually become tomorrow? How do you get discovered as a model?

Become a model in LA: 3 ways to a model contract

There are 3 ways to become a model.

  1. Scouting on the street or Instagram
  2. Online application with Polaroids
  3. Open Model Agency Casting

Let’s look at the 3 ways, their advantages and disadvantages, in detail.

Scouting on the street or instagram

The most direct and immediate way to a new contract in Los Angeles is to be discovered by one of the model agency scouts.

The very first step is a visit to our agency, here you get to know our model booker and we get to know you. Here it is no longer “only” primarily about height, weight, proportions, but about motivation and sympathy. This is the fastest way, therefore it is also quickly described.

You got messaged on Instagram?

Important. Our model agency writes only and exclusively via the official Instagram channel to @cocaine.models

If you’ve been messaged by another Instagram account, have a fake. Protect the others and report these channels!

Online application with Polaroids

The best way for you is the online application. Here you can check quickly, free of charge and without obligation, whether your type is currently being sought in our agency portfolio.

The online application is completed in a few seconds, all you need is a few contact details and Polaroids. What that is, you can read here!

In addition, you only need to send a few initial data and information. The entry is very simple, there is a ready-made application form. You only need to enter a few details, e.g. your name, your place of residence, your contact details such as phone and email address and your height. In addition, you send two photos. Ideally a portrait and a full body photo. You can find a good description of how to take your photos in the link above.

Open Model Agency Casting

Way number 3, to become a model, are open agency castings, which are offered from time to time. E.g. in the context of Fashion Week. Here in Los Angeles you will get more frequent model casting appointments in the near future.

How does such an open model casting actually work? Basically, the agency wants to get to know as many as possible in a short time. Getting to know someone live is still something different than judging someone through photos or videos. Such open model castings are relatively costly for model agencies in the organization. You need a location, the right and important people, as well as bookers and scouts must have time. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to organize such live castings, because as described, you get to know the people much better!

Queue – at open castings there is often a bigger queue if 50 or 100 models are there at the same time. It’s best to relax, find a comfortable spot and distract yourself with your smartphone. Waiting times and patience are definitely part of a model’s job.

Model Castings: Dates in LA

Don’t want to miss a casting call in Los Angeles? Follow and very much to instagram!

Tip + Advantage CM: We are looking for models not only for the American market, but also for the European market. An unbeatable advantage, one management for two large territories.

Here you can see for example one of our last big castings in Berlin, Germany:

Who are we? CM: The Model Agency

Our agency was founded in 2015 and since then we have fought our way to the top! With our team! Model bookers, scouts, models, influencers, as well as accounting and international setup.

  • So CM is not “just” a model agency, but a management.

Another advantage that many models and influencers appreciate about our concept. We not only take care of the placement, but also the set-up and international placement. So that you can work not only in your local market, not only regionally and nationally, but internationally.

Jobs: fashion show, social, e-commerce, campaign & TV

We are looking for models for various jobs for our clients in Los Angeles. Starting with fittings and showrooms, for fashion retailers and buyers, to fashion shows, with something more perfect. Typical model jobs at our agency also include social media shoots, such as for Instagram, as well as e-commerce shoots for new collections and campaigns. Once you’ve mastered all these levels, it’s on to campaigns, photo shoots and commercials. With broadcasting, on national TV, streaming providers on an international level, in the cinema, as well as on your smartphone, in apps or in the browser.

Here again a small overview, to the different model jobs:

  • Showroom
  • Fashion show
  • Social media
  • E-commerce
  • Campaign
  • Commercials

Welcome to the City of Angels

From Central City to Bel Air to Hollywood, Long Beach, Venice and a little further to Malibu, no part of LA and yet beautiful and relatively close. But LA is most famous for Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood and the world famous Hollywood sign.

CM @ Santa Monica

Model Agency Los Angeles

What does it take to be a model? And… what recommendations do we have for your next spontaneous trip to LA? From restaurants to hotels to the best parks to relax in. Read more about our model agency and Los Angeles here.

If you want to make it to the top, you should have a goal as a model. You should work abroad sooner or later! Although you already have many options in Germany and already live in a big market for advertising and fashion, there are even bigger jobs and campaigns abroad. You already know the “Big Four” from Fashion Weeks all over the world. But there are many more interesting markets for models abroad. In Europe, for example, there are Istanbul, Athens and Barcelona. In Asia there are several well-known and up-and-coming metropolises. As a model you can work here in Seoul, in Tokyo, Hong Kong or right next to Hong Kong, Gzenshen. As a model, the world is open to you.

International Modeling: Chand from Stockholm visits Germany / Shooting Time

In our new small model documentary we accompanied Chand three days in Germany. Together with Oliver Rudolph Chand shoots for trueprodigy. The brand sells in over 35 countries! So that the looks in the new lookbook, the shop and the store elements are just right, the label flew Chand in from Stockholm. We accompanied Chand backstage, in the hotel, in the gym but also at breakfast. A little insight for New Faces!

Casting! Casting! Casting! Production cities in Southern Europe and Asia

Most models are automatically drawn to the “Big Four”. However, many also go to cities for a few months to build up the book, cities that you don’t initially associate with fashion, but which are a microcosm all of their own. These include cities like Istanbul, Mumbai and Hong Kong. Here, products are produced for the whole world. Not only fashion, but also electronics and toys. Many producers are keen to do photo shoots and video shoots directly on location. Here the productions are much cheaper. Thus, the teams are larger, the shootings sets more elaborate.

Elephant, helicopter or dreamlike South Seas beaches? No problem! These countries are a real Eldorado for building up your own book, as you can get an extremely wide range of jobs directly. In addition, there are big brands that produce photos for dealers and buyers right here. This way you can also quickly get international brands. What is the catch? Of course there is a catch, the payment. While you earn four-digit sums as a model in Germany even as a New Face, here it’s only a few hundred euros. While German agencies are strict about rights of use, a subsequent payment is often not so certain. The A&O here is a large agency that has been working with the local agency for a long time and has had good experiences.

Placement – Model agencies and jobs worldwide

At some point comes the moment in which your model agent or your model agency will talk to you about the topic of foreign countries and placement. In principle, there are two different forms of placement abroad.

Direct Booking – direct booking of the model for commercials and shootings

Direct bookings are the most pleasant form of cooperation for you as a model. Your mother agency recommends you to their partner agencies or one of the agencies would like to work with you. Through direct bookings model agencies try to fill their portfolio perfectly, so that they have new interesting models for their customers. With high priced jobs it is often no longer relevant where you come from. The travel expenses are taken over Europe-wide or even worldwide. That’s why agencies like to take good models for direct bookings. You are then just like in your mother agency in the model board of one or more agencies. Availability and option requests are then always forwarded directly to your parent agency. This does not change much for you. Also all updates of measurements, pictures and video material will be coordinated by your mother agency. With a little luck you will get your first bookings quickly. Since these are “direct” you won’t have to go on a casting beforehand, you will be booked solid and travel to the production location. But it is much more profitable for you to give directly on location, to “on stay”.

On Stay – Work abroad for two to three months

The supreme discipline for models: conquer the world! During an On Stay you will travel as a model for sixty to ninety days to a partner agency. Especially in the beginning, you will live in model shared flats and attend countless castings every day. If you decide to take this step, it is clear to you that you want to concentrate fully on life as a model. A stay abroad must be planned in advance. In Germany, most models start after school, before they begin their studies. For models it is the ideal time to travel. You are currently in the stage of “never seen before” and are in the absolute prime of your life. If you take the chance now, you can make it internationally as a model.

On Stay Expiry – How you live during your stay

First of all, as a model you have to actively decide to try your hand abroad. The active decision is important because you will have to deal with big agencies and clients at a young age. For example, if you say that you would like to go abroad, your agency will invest time in finding a good agency for you. Contracts will be signed and maybe airline tickets already booked. If you break off a few days before, this will not have a positive effect on your career, as trust will be lost. It is also important for you to have thought everything through in advance. You will be in a foreign country and will also be living with strangers for sixty to ninety days. If you are still young, talk to your parents about your plans right at the beginning. They have a lot of life experience and can always give you good advice on your way. Besides, you will always have a contact person in your agency from the beginning.

Many models ask me at the beginning, how does such an “On Stay” work? Will it cost me money? With a good model agency behind you, your stay abroad is just as well planned as a package holiday. Contracts are signed weeks or even months before the trip. So you know very early when you will travel, where you will live, who your local contact person is and much more.

An On Stay never costs you money as a model. Good agencies always work on the principle that you as a model have no investment. The partner agency abroad takes over all your expenses in advance. This includes the flight tickets, the accommodation but also services on site such as gyms, drivers or “pocket money”. In the end, the costs are deducted from your income. If you end up with a negative amount, the agency will cover the costs. This is what we call “minus balance.” In any case, you gain experience, certainly footage and it doesn’t cost you a cent. Good model agencies invest in their models. If you are proposed for an On Stay, the agency believes in you and the success you could have abroad. Also the local partner agency believes in your success, otherwise they would not invest time and money to fly you in for two to three months.

Yulffi: Bangkok, Munich, Cologne, Madrid to Tokyo

Yulffi is on the road a lot. Here he was after his Reebok campaign (Munich) for a stopover in Cologne to shoot with our Janine, Lea and New Face Johnson. Soon it’s back to Bangkok and with a little luck on to Tokyo.

Garantuee Contract – Guaranteed income and great jobs

Models who have made it far, had many clients and an absolutely fantastic book will gradually get their first “Garantuee Contracts”. Then you even get a guaranteed minimum income from the agencies. They do this when you are so good as a model that, in theory, you don’t need to travel abroad anymore. Or, you already travel so much that other agencies have to convince you to come to them. If you made it here, congratulations.

At some point you will just travel. No longer for sixty to ninety days, but for days and weeks, from country to country, from production to production. Because at some point your network will have grown so much that your management will completely take over the management of your time. You constantly get requests and have to plan your life and all your travels exactly.

If you haven’t had the question in your head for a long time, maybe now you will.

How much does a successful model earn anyway?

As I said, at the beginning of your career you will usually do small jobs for relatively, small fees. Models who make it definitely have the chance to earn an incredible amount of money. Of course I can’t tell you the exact fees, but I want to give you an insight. In Germany you will get for most shootings and shoots fees that are in the four-digit range. Some of them even fall into the three-digit range, for example for small labels that you like yourself. Commercials, on the other hand, quickly bring in high four-figure, sometimes five-figure amounts. It depends on how many production days there are, in how many countries the commercial is broadcast and in which media. For a large commercial, for example for a luxury manufacturer, it can be twenty to fifty thousand euros or US dollars. Whereby the limits are open, some make it already in very young years to etrem much success like supermodel Cara Delevingne or Beckham offspring Brooklyn Beckham. For his first Burberry campaign he got 57,000 US dollars, at the age of 19. It’s worth travelling for, bit by bit: Berlin, Milan, Paris, New York.

Shopping tips in Los Angeles: Rodeo Drive, The Grove & Co.

Modeling in Los Angeles – open air shopping malls, luxury malls with stores like Valentino, Michael Kors and Burberry, Rodeo Drive with its Louis Vuitton & MCM stores or the outlet shopping experience with brands like Calvin Klein, Levi’s or Nike. You can find all this in the streets and neighborhoods of Los Angeles. If you want to know where to go for the best shopping day in L.A., read on.

Los Angeles: Tips for the perfect trip

Fashion is especially important as a model. It is a big part of every day and the basis of your profession. Of course, fashion is also a hobby for many people, especially when it comes to shopping. Of course we all know and love online shopping and also the great little boutiques that can be found in every city provide great sources of inspiration and places to go to be always dressed in the latest styles. But nothing beats the classic shopping experience of strolling down the street or through a department store with your bags full. We’ve put together some of the best shopping tips for Los Angeles to help you find what you’re looking for.

We as a model agency in Los Angeles want of course that the other aspects of your trip are ideal for you. That’s why we’ve put together some insider tips for your perfect stay. From hyped restaurants to the best universities you should check out.

The Grove: Nordstrom, Charlotte Tilbury, Topshop & Co.

The Grove is the most popular and best known mall in Los Angeles. In the cool open air atmosphere you will find entertainment options such as a cinema, but also good restaurants. But the most important thing is of course the fashion. In over 50 shops you have a huge selection.

4.6 / 5.0 (18,222 ratings on Google)

  • Address: 189 The Grove Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90036
  • Opening hours: Mon-Thu from 10:00-20:00, Fri & Sat from 10:00-21:00, Sun from 11:00-20:00.
  • Phone: +1 323-900-8080

Map and Street View of the mall

This is where you’ll find The Grove:

Walk Through: explore the open air shopping experience!

Rodeo Drive: Hermès, Cartier, Louis Vuitton & more

The Rodeo Drive is the Königsallee. If you have a bigger budget and are into haute couture, you are most likely to find it here. The entire street is bursting with brand shops like Hermès, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Dior or MCM and the most expensive cars stop at every corner.

4.6 / 5.0 (106 reviews on Google)

  • Address: Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Maps & Walk Through Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive is located here:

Walk through Rodeo Drive and discover all the designer stores:

South Coast Plaza: Mac Cosmetics, Versace, Kiehl’s & much more

More than 250 exclusive boutiques find their home here. A shopping mall where you can have a good dinner after spending a day in the huge shopping center. In the covered building, everyone who is into unique fashion will find what they are looking for. Stores like Dior, Fendi, Chanel, Mac Cosmetics, Versace, Kiehl’s or Max Mara are lined up next to each other.

4.6 / 5.0 (11,488 ratings on Google)

  • Address: 3333 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-19:00
  • Phone: +1 800-782-8888

Map and view of the shopping center

You can find the South Coast Plaza here:

This is what the mall looks like from the inside:

Melrose Avenue: Restaurants, Shopping & Pink Wall

An impressive pedestrian zone where you can shop perfectly. A long street that leads from West Hollywood to Downtown and has everything from design centers to restaurants. One can enjoy a stroll there with great shopping opportunities. Melrose Avenue is also home to two famous selfie spots in LA.

  • Address: Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046
  • Here you will find among other things the famous Pink Wall

Map – Melrose Avenue is located here:

The Commons at Calabasas: Shopping, Entertainment & Restaurants

Similar to The Grove, The Commons is built like a pedestrian zone, although it is actually a shopping mall. Here, too, the shopping experience is enriched with great entertainment options and restaurants to fortify yourself after shopping. The Commons is also a real celebrity hotspot.

4.5 / 5.0 (1,727 ratings on Google)

  • Address: 4799 Commons Way, Calabasas, CA 91302
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sat from 10:00-19:00, Sun from 11:00-19:00
  • Phone: +1 818-637-8922

This is The Commons at Calabasas:

West Third: popular boutiques

West Third is a neighborhood in Los Angeles that is known for its numerous shopping opportunities. Not only do the residents of the neighborhood have shopping stores in close proximity, but many boutiques and clothing chains have also made their way there, making West Third a real shopping district.

  • Address: West 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90036
  • Cute boutiques like Anine Bing, William B + Friends or Ragdoll.

West Third Street runs through here:

The Citadel Outlet: Levi’s, Nike, Adidas

The Citadel is more than just a shopping mall. Of course, you have the perfect opportunity not only to shop but also to have a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants. The Citadel is an outlet mall. Here you can also find trendy fashion at low prices!

4.5 / 5.0 (21,704 ratings on Google)

  • Address: 100 Citadel Dr, Commerce, CA 90040
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun from 10:00-20:00
  • Phone: +1 323-888-1724

You can find the Citadel Outlet here:

A perfect shopping day in Los Angeles

With these tips, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable day in L.A. Whether it’s a rainy day at the luxury mall or a sunny day wandering the shopping streets and open air malls, you can use multiple days to restock your wardrobe in Los Angeles.

Restaurant Highlights in Los Angeles: Santa Monica, Long Beach, Central LA & Co.

Restaurant Recommendations in LA – Do you know a better place, to spend your time than under the warm Californian sun? To make sure you have a good meal and know where the best food spots in Los Angeles are, we have put together a list of our top 10 restaurants. Here you will find everything, but especially healthy things, which contribute to a balanced diet. Of course, there are also a few exceptions hidden in the list. Here you’ll find pasta, pizza, burgers and more. Try it out, you won’t be disappointed! Let’s see our recommendations as your favorite model agency in Los Angeles.

Top 10 Restaurants in Los Angeles

Our tips for eating out in Los Angeles can be found here!

Plant Food + Wine

  • Rating. 4.6 / 5.0 (274 reviews on Google)
  • 1009 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291, USA
  • Tel: +1 310-450-1009

Bäco Mercat

  • Rating. 4.5 / 5.0 (541 reviews on Google)
  • 408 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90013, USA
  • Tel: +1 213-687-8808


  • Rating. 4.7 / 5.0 (331 reviews on Google)
  • 500 Mateo St, Los Angeles, CA 90013, USA
  • Tel: +1 213-232-4966

Beach 26

  • Rating. 4.5 / 5.0 (684 reviews on Google)
  • 3100 Washington Blvd, Venice, CA 90292, USA
  • Tel: +1 310-823-7526

Gracias Madre

  • Rating. 4.5 / 5.0 (1.657 reviews on Google)
  • 8905 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069, USA
  • Tel: +1 323-978-2170

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The one and only Bowl Uno.

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  • Rating. 4.4 / 5.0 (293 reviews on Google)
  • 600 Venice Blvd, Venice, CA 90291, USA
  • Tel: +1 310-437-0970

Malibu Farm

  • Rating. 4.5 / 5.0
  • 23000 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265, USA
  • Tel: +1 310-456-1112

The Rose Venice

  • Rating. 4.3 / 5.0 (1.852 reviews on Google)
  • 220 Rose Ave, Venice, CA 90291, USA
  • Tel: +1 310-399-0711


  • Rating. 4.4 / 5.0 (520 reviews on Google)
  • 903 La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069, USA
  • Tel: +1 310-657-5711

Cliff´s Edge

  • Rating. 4.4 / 5.0 (430 reviews on Google)
  • 3626 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026, USA
  • Tel: +1 323-666-6116

Sightseeing in Los Angeles: Disneyland, Venice Beach & Co.

Modeling in Los Angeles – Recreational activities and sightseeing opportunities abound in Los Angeles. You can let off steam at the best theme parks, stroll across Venice Beach and use the outdoor gym, explore the Santa Monica Pier with funfair or go hiking in the hills of Hollywood.

Tips Los Angeles: Sights & Co.

Los Angeles, known for stars and starlets, has more to offer than just its celebrity residents. As a model in Los Angeles, you can visit all kinds of sights all over the city. Whether it’s cool photo spots, cool buildings or even sidewalks. In this short guide, we’ll introduce you to the must-see sights when you visit Los Angeles.

There is much more to discover in Los Angeles. If you have time as a model and want to explore the surroundings and the city, we as a model agency have picked out the best locations for you to collect exciting impressions.

Disneyland: Theme Park & Rollercoaster

Everyone knows at least a handful of Disney films, whether from childhood or the live action films that also convince adults. In the matching theme park you can immerse yourself in the world of Disney and especially on holiday with children have the opportunity to experience the films up close and get to know the sets and characters.

4.6 / 5.0 (111,109 ratings on Google)

  • Address: 1313 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802
  • Phone: +1 714-781-4636
  • Opening hours: Hours vary from season to season depending on the day of the week and special events. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, please check the park’s website.

Map and Walk Through Disneyland

This is where Disneyland Park is located:

In the middle of Disneyland! Explore the park via Street View:

Walk of Fame: Photos with stars & starlets

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a street of stars on the ground that honors a wide variety of public figures. Michael Jackson, Donald Trump and Johnny Depp find their place there alongside living, fictional and hundreds more.

4.0 / 5.0 (31,181 ratings on Google)

  • Address: Hollywood Blvd and Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028
  • Open 24 hours

Map and Walk about the Walk of Fame

The Walk of Fame is here:

Explore Hollywood Boulevard where the Walk of Fame is located:

Hollywood Sign: Landmark Los Angeles

The Hollywood Sign in the Hollywood Hills may be the landmark of Los Angeles, everyone has seen it, but no one knows who built it or how it came to the mountains. It is also not directly visitable, but can only be found on a certain and therefore popular hiking trail and viewed from a distance.

4.6 / 5.0 (7,415 ratings on Google)

  • Address: Los Angeles, CA 90068
  • Excellent photo spot

Maps and Street View Hollywood Sign

You can find the Hollywood sign here:

Walk along the Hollywood Sign Trail:

Rodeo Drive: Luxury Shopping

Rodeo Drive is the royal avenue of Los Angeles. Designer shops line up one after the other on the popular shopping street and invite the rich and beautiful (celebrities) of the city on great shopping trips. On the street, car spotters can watch the most amazing sports cars and you can dine at the most exclusive restaurants there.

4.6 / 5.0 (107 reviews on Google)

  • Address: Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

This is where you’ll find Rodeo Drive:

Santa Monica Pier: Carousel, Ferris Wheel & Fast Food

A carnival with a great view. The Santa Monica Pier offers not only the great beach feeling what Los Angeles has to offer, but also reminds strongly n a fair, with a carousel, a Ferris wheel countless stalls with fast food and small arcade games.

4.6 / 5.0 (72,855 ratings on Google)

  • Address: 200 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA 90401
  • Phone: +1 310-458-8900

You can find the Santa Monica Pier here:

Venice Beach: Skatepark & Outdoor Gym

At Venice Beach, also called Muscle Beach, there is a huge skate park and a free outdoor gym, where many famous bodybuilders present their bodies every day next to normal people. Of course there is also surfing, but you can also just spend a day relaxing in the sun and simply enjoy the beach.

4.5 / 5.0 (3,248 ratings on Google)

  • Address: 1800 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291

This is where you’ll find Venice Beach:

Universal Studios: Film & Television Theme Park

If the Disneyland tour wasn’t enough, you can also visit Universal Studios and see sets from a huge amount of movies and series, such as Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives or a large part of the Harry Potter set. An experience for young and old and just right for movie geeks.

4.6 / 5.0 (108,051 ratings on Google)

  • Address: 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608
  • Phone: +1 800-864-8377
  • Opening Hours: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, please check the park website for opening hours.

Universal Studios in L.A. is located here:

A perfect day in Los Angeles

You can have several perfect days in a row in Los Angeles! Take advantage of the many theme parks L.A. has to offer or take a day to explore the Hollywood Hills.

Breakfast in Los Angeles: vegan muffins, pancakes, avocado toast & More…

Modeling in LA – But what do you do when you need a little break or a relaxing breakfast? Here you can have breakfast at the most Instagrammable places, enjoy a coffee and vegan muffins by the sea in Venice Beach or browse the menu of the vegetarian and vegan “slaughterhouse” of Los Angeles. On days off or on the go between castings, you’ll find your new favorite coffee shop in sunny Los Angeles here.

Insider Tip for L.A. – Breakfast, Brunch & Co.

In the City of Opportunity ,you’ll want to take the perfect Instagram selfie at every turn, eat at the fanciest restaurants and sleep in the most fabulous boutique hotels. Just visit one of the many great cafes, which is stocked with treats and coffees and teas from all over the region. Here is our guide to the best cafes in Los Angeles. We as a model agency show you the best locations to get even more exciting impressions:

Urth Café: Instagram Café

The Urth Café convinces with its simple but popular dishes and drinks. Not only is Urth Café popular with frahling lovers, but also with many YouTubers and bloggers, as the dishes are beautifully presented and couldn’t be more Instagram-worthy.

4.4 / 5.0 (2,555 ratings on Google)

  • Prices: from $2.75
  • Address: 2327 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405
  • Phone: +1 310- 314-7040

Map and Street View in front of the Urth Café

This is where the popular café is located:

Street View in front of the Urth:

Joans on Third: Sandwiches & Salads

This café has been a small sensation in Los Angeles since the mid-1990s. Meanwhile, the street on which it is located has become a very popular street for cafes and restaurants in Los Angeles.

4.4 / 5.0 (993 ratings on Google)

  • Prices: from $8
  • Address: 8350 West Third Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048
  • Phone: +1 323-655-2285

Maps Joan’s on Third

Map: Joan’s on Third is located here:

Street View on the street in front of the café:

The Griddle Café: Pancakes, Frenchtoast & Co.

The Griddle Café serves typical American food daily. Plain toast, French toast, bacon and numerous other dishes. A huge selection of cocktails is also available, as well as many coffees and teas.

4.5 / 5.0 (2,729 ratings on Google)

  • Prices: from $2
  • Address: 7916 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046-3304
  • Phone: +1 323-874-0377

Map and Street View of the Griddle

This is where you’ll find the Griddle Café:

Street View in front of The Griddle:

Pitchoun: French pastries, salads & soups

Pitchoun is a French café in downtown Los Angeles. They offer freshly baked bread and homemade pastries daily, as well as cakes, but also a range of healthy salads and sandwiches, hot dishes and soups, and much more. Everything here is homemade daily, using select, organic or local ingredients.

4.4 / 5.0 (981 ratings on Google)

///TIP: blockquote lost

  • Prices: from $3
  • Address: 545 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90013, United States
  • Phone: +1 213-689-3240

Maps – this is where Pitchoun is located in the middle of Downtown L.A.

The Cows End Café: Breakfast, Snacks & Brunch

The friendly service and simple breakfast dishes and snacks give this little café its distinctive charm. You can get a small breakfast there before heading to the Santa Monica Pier to enjoy the great view of the ocean.

4.4 / 5.0 (667 ratings on Google)

  • Prices: from $8.50
  • Address: 34 Washington Blvd, Venice, CA 90292, United States.
  • Phone: +1 310-574-1080

Maps – you can find the Cow’s End in Venice here:

Civil Coffee: Avocado Toast, Oat Milk Latte & Co.

At Civil Coffee there are many interesting vegan alternatives, so that everyone can find what they are looking for. There is a large selection of coffees and teas and oh here again many alternatives to cow’s milk for vegans and Co.

4.4 / 5.0 (493 ratings on Google)

  • Prices from: $1.50
  • Address: 5629 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90042

Map – Civil Coffee is located here:

G & B Coffee: Vegan Muffins & Apple Pie

The classic coffee shop. They have great brownies and apple pie. The coffee has been roasted in the in-house roastery and is also available for sale off the premises. The vegan alternatives such as the vegan Strawberry Muffins are also particularly popular with visitors.

4.4 / 5.0 (607 ratings on Google)

  • Prices: from $1.75
  • Address: Grand Central Market, 317 S Broadway C19, Los Angeles, CA 90013.
  • Phone: +1 213-261-0622

Maps – Here you can find G & B Coffee:

The Butcher’s Daughter: plant based & veggies

The Butcher’s Daughter is a plant-based restaurant and café in the style of a “vegetable slaughterhouse”. Fruits and vegetables are treated as a butcher would treat meat: they are chopped, filleted and carved. Fresh fruit and vegetables are processed into healthy vegetarian dishes or pressed into interesting juices.

4.4 / 5.0 (1,605 ratings on Google)

  • Prices: from $6
  • Address: 1205 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291
  • Phone: +1 310 981 3004

The Butcher’s Daughter is located here:

The best cafes L.A. has to offer

Good coffee without end, sandwiches and avocado toast, brunching by the Pacific Ocean – L.A.’s cafés have a lot to offer. Not just on the menu, but the ambiance and location make you feel like home. We can’t wait to see which of these cafes becomes your favorite spot!

Living in Los Angeles: Downtown, Hollywood & Skyline

Be a model in Los Angeles – live in Westlake, go to West Hollywood for a shoot, then enjoy a coffee and the arts in the Arts District. This is what your everyday life in L.A. could look like! Or maybe you’ll choose an apartment right in Downtown Los Angeles. If you want to learn more about L.A.’s neighborhoods, read on here.

Sunny Los Angeles: The City of Angels

Los Angeles is the largest and most densely populated city in all of California. There are artsy neighborhoods, celebrity neighborhoods, and of course central and outlying neighborhoods, all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. It can often be a bit difficult to orientate yourself in a new city and especially to find out in which district you fit in best. We as a model agency help you to find your start in Los Angeles and show you where you should move to the trendiest neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

Downtown: Concert Halls, Museums & Chinatown

Here you’ll find the best clubs and bars in the city. Although you would think from the name that you are right in the center of Los Angeles, this is not quite true. However, downtown is one of the most affordable parts of LA.

  • Bunker Hill

Bunker Hill is a district of Downtown L.A. and is also considered the cultural heart of the city. It is home to many cultural buildings such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

  • Chinatown

Here you will find bars, restaurants and art galleries of all kinds. The neighborhood is characterized by Chinese culture by the Chinese who immigrated in the 1880s.

Hollywood: Walk of Fame, Chinese Theatre & Universal Studios

The Walk of Fame or the Universal Studios make this part of town particularly exciting. You can find in Hollywood what you imagine under Los Angeles. However, you have to be prepared for the fact that there are many tourists in the district.

  • Hollywood Boulevard

The world famous Hollywood Boulevard is home to the Walk of Fame, the TLC Chinese Theatre and museums such as the Hollywood Museum and the Guinness World Records Museum.

  • Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl is a historic amphitheater and was named one of the 10 best live music venues in America by Rolling Stone Magazine in 2018. The shell-shaped open-air stage has hosted artists such as Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Kylie Minogue and Elton John.

West Hollywood: Boutiques, Castle & Rock and Night Clubs

Here too, like the rest of Hollywood, there are many other Los Angeles landmark attractions. However, what makes West Hollywood particularly popular with residents is the glamorous Sunset Boulevard that runs through the district.

  • Sunset Strip

The Sunset Strip is the part of Sunset Boulevard that runs in West Hollywood between the Hollywood and Beverly Hills neighborhoods. The street is known for its boutiques, restaurants, and rock and night clubs.

  • Chateau Marmont

The Chateau Marmont is a pompous luxury hotel built on the model of a French chateau. It is a beautiful looking building and became famous because of incidents in the lives of celebrities that took place there.

Arts District: Cafés & Art

A creative and particularly exciting quarter. If you feel at home among artists and cheerful people, this is the place for you. There are galleries everywhere and the streets are bursting with street art and graffiti. A district with character.

  • Urth Café

A simple but popular café with good food and drinks. Not only is Urth Café popular with frahling lovers, but also with many YouTubers and bloggers, as the dishes are beautifully presented and couldn’t be more Instagram-worthy.

  • Street Art Tour

If you’re in L.A.’s Arts District, you should definitely take a street art tour. Although the route focuses mainly on murals, there are also stops at galleries and if you’re lucky, you might even see artists in action.

Westlake: Parks and Skyline View

Los Angeles for those who don’t want the urban jungle right in front of their noses every day. You can get everywhere in the city, especially with public transport, but you are still not directly in the hustle and bustle. The MacArthur Park offers of course like all parks in Los Angeles a great opportunity to relax.

  • MacArthur Park

A beautifully landscaped square park located in the heart of Westlake with a wonderful view of the Downtown L.A. Sykline. The beautiful lake in the park is fed by natural springs.

The best neighborhoods in Los Angeles

Hip cafés in artistically hyped neighborhoods, glamour and luxury on a Hollywood street, cultural diversity in a wide variety of restaurants, bars and nightclubs, or residential neighborhoods that are slowly on the rise. Los Angeles offers diversity to its residents and is a great place to live. The choice is yours as to which part of L.A. you would like to live in.

Los Angeles Hotels: Ocean View, Korea Town & Hotel Bars

Becoming a model in Los Angeles – Sleeping in the middle of downtown Los Angeles or rather on Venice Beach with a view of the Pacific? In Korea Town there is a lot to discover between Asian and Latin American restaurants and in other hotels you feel really vintage. If you want to know the best places to stay in Los Angeles, read on!

The best hotels in Los Angeles

No matter if you travel to the biggest city of California for business or as a tourist, we as a model agency present you the coolest, cheapest and best hotels in the city to make your stay as nice and exciting as possible. Whether it’s cheap accommodation for the active who want to spend little time in the hotel or a cool adventure hotel with pool for the kids to luxury hotel with its own wellness oasis, in our guide everyone will find it.

There are so many things you should have seen in Los Angeles, here our model agency has made you a list with spots you should definitely check out:

  • The best restaurants in LA
  • Cafés & hip snacks
  • Sightseeing tips
  • Studying in Los Angeles: These are the universities
  • Where to take the best selfies in LA
  • The most beautiful parks

The Kinney Hotel: attractions and entertainment

This smartly decorated hotel is perfect for younger visitors to the city. Thanks to the hotel’s perfect location, you can explore the city’s attractions on foot and then relax in the hotel. The hotel itself also offers great entertainment options and places to unwind.

4.4 / 5.0 ( 482 ratings on Google)

  • Price: $120 per night
  • Address: 737 Washington Blvd, Venice, CA 90292
  • Phone: +1 310 821 4455

Map and Street View: Kinney in Venice Beach

Here you’ll find the Kinney Hotel in Venice, LA:

Street View in front of the hotel:

The Beverly Hills Hotel: Luxury hotel of the stars

While it is priced a bit in the higher paying, the Beverly Hills Hotel is not only extremely luxurious, but also known for its many celebrity guests. For decades now, celebrities have been settling there who don’t live in the city. You definitely pay along for the experience, but according to the reviews, it’s worth it.

4.4 / 5.0 (10 reviews on Google)

  • Price: from $600 per night
  • Address: 9641 Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
  • Phone: +1 310-276-2251

Maps and Walk in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel

The Beverly Hills Hotel is located here:

Here you can look around in front of the beautiful Beverly Hills Hotel:

Hotel Angeleno: Hotel near Uni

Especially those who are interested in studying at UCLA are right in this hotel. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the university, so that you can comfortably and thoroughly decide after a visit whether the university is made for you or not. This boutique hotel has a particularly carefully selected interior, which was put together by designers.

4.0 / 5.0 (1,345 ratings on Google)

  • Price: $105 per night
  • Address: 170 N Church Ln, Los Angeles, CA 90049
  • Phone: +1 310-476-6411

Map and Street View of Hotel Angeleno

Maps: Hotel Angeleno in L.A. can be found here:

Street View – this is what it looks like in front of the Angeleno:

Freehand Los Angeles: bar, restaurant and cocktails

The Freehand Hotel in Los Angeles is not only known for the great furnished rooms and the excellent service, but also for the bars and restaurants in the hotels. The food as well as the cocktails are known all over the city and attract not only the guests of the hotel, but also residents of the city and tourists staying in other hotels.

4.3 / 5.0 (1,773 ratings on Google)

  • Price: $100 per night
  • Address:416 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014
  • Phone: +1 213-612-0021

The Line Hotel: Korea Town

The Line Hotel convinces with its location. Located between Downtown and Hollywood, right in the heart of Korea Town, it is not only central but also shows the cultural diversity of the city. You can have a great meal in the Latin American, Asian and many other restaurants or dance in the evening in the multicultural clubs.

4.1 / 5.0 (2,932 ratings on Google)

  • Price: $120 per night
  • Address: 3515 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010
  • Phone: +1 213-612-0021

Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles: private terraces and bars

This hotel is part of a chain that adapts its hotels to each city in which they open. So the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles is especially good for larger groups. You can rent rooms with private terraces and plan events there. Whether you need a private bar or a spa day, everyone will find what they are looking for at the Ace.

4.5 / 5.0 (3,224 ratings on Google)

  • Price: $112 per night
  • Address: 929 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90015
  • Phone: +1 213-623-3233

The Standard Hollywood: Vintage Hotel

The Standard Hollywood is a true retro classic in the heart of West Hollywood on the legendary Sunset Strip. The hotel is one of the highlights of the neighborhood and captivates with its original vintage design and fancy furnishings.

4.2 / 5.0 (715 ratings on Google)

  • Price: $130 per night
  • Address: 8300 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069
  • Phone: +1 323-650-9090

Shutters on the Beach: Beach View

In one of California’s most popular enclaves stands the renowned Santa Monica Beach Hotel . It is both comfortable and luxurious and is heavily inspired by the typical Cape Cod cottages. With great balconies and direct views of the Pacific Ocean, this hotel is perfect for a relaxing beach vacation.

4.5 / 5.0 (1,822 ratings on Google)

  • Price: $380 per night
  • Address: 1 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405
  • Phone: +1 310-458-0030

The Maybourne Beverly Hills: Restaurant, Bar & Luxury Spa

If you are looking for good service and the feeling of luxury at a not so astronomical price, the Maybourne is the place to be. Luxury, spa and great rooms are the order of the day at the Maybourne as well as a great bar and an exclusive restaurant.

4.8 / 5.0 (26 reviews on Google)

  • Price: $280 per night
  • Address: 225 N Canon Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
  • Phone: +1 310-860-7800

Hotel variety Los Angeles – You have the choice

In L.A. you have the choice: sleep in hotels surrounded by the city hustle and bustle, multicultural clubs and restaurants or in quiet rooms right by the sea. We hope you enjoyed our selection of hotels in Los Angeles and look forward to hearing about your own experiences there!

Exclusive fashion in Los Angeles: Sustainable, elegant fashion

Modeling in Los Angeles – Beautiful accessories, new sneakers, sustainable fashion or elegant pieces that you can’t buy everywhere. In L.A.’s boutiques you can always find great new pieces and super additions to your model wardrobe. If you want to know where to shop in Los Angeles away from the expensive luxury designer stores, read on here.

Tips Los Angeles: Sights & Co.

Thanks to its world-famous inhabitants, Los Angeles also stands for exceptionally good and sometimes expensive style. As a model it is especially important that you know exactly what is trendy and what is not. Not only do you have to know what’s in, but you also have to know where to get your it-pieces. Boutiques are a dime a dozen in a fashion city like Los Angeles, so we’ve put together a list of the six best boutiques for you to find the perfect outfits and accessories.

What else makes LA so worth seeing we have recorded here for you. You can go for a tea in a hip café or visit one of the selfie spots that we as a model agency in Los Angeles have put together for you.

Whimsy + Row: Sustainable fashion

If you’re a fan of protecting the environment, Whimsy + Row is the boutique for you. You’ll find classic and pretty styles made with sustainable materials and shipped in eco-friendly conditions.

4.9 / 5.0 (11 reviews on Google)

  • Address: 12801 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066
  • Phone: +1 424-500-2405
  • Opening hours: Wed-Sat 10:00-18:00

Map and Street View of the Boutique

This is where you’ll find Whimsy + Row in Los Angeles:

Street View – this is what the boutique looks like from the outside:

Decades: Designer Second Hand

If you like to wear designer brands, but the price tag is often a little too big, Decades will help you. Not only do you protect the environment with second hand clothing, but you also protect your wallet. Many designer finds in second hand stores have incredibly low prices, so everyone can add designer brans to their wardrobe.

4.0 / 5.0 (31 ratings on Google)

  • Address: 8214 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046
  • Phone: +1 323-655-1960
  • Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 12:00-17:00

Maps and Street View from Decades

The Decades Boutique is located here:

Here you can look around on the street in front of the boutique:

Anine Bing: Elegant fashion

At Anine Bing you’ll find classic fashion in an elegant, timeless design. If you’re into minimalist and classic fashion that you can still pull out of your closet in 20 years and wear without a second thought, then you really should check it out.

4.0 / 5.0 (8 ratings on Google)

  • Address: 15231 Palisades Village Ln, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
  • Phone: +1 424-238-5738
  • Opening hours: Mon-Thu + Sun from 11:00-18:00, Fri + Sat from 11:00-19:00

This is Anine Bing:

The Odells: Instagram Fashion

The Odells is a great place for young people to find trendy fashion. Everything that is sold at The Odells are modern designs that fit exactly into the current zeitgeist and especially for people of young age who are on Instagram a lot.

4.7 / 5.0 (18 ratings on Google)

  • Address: 3906 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029
  • Phone: +1 323-405-9149
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-18:00

You can find The Odells here:

Accents Jewelry: Rings, Chains & Jewelry

Accents Jewelry is not a classic fashion boutique, but a great boutique for jewelry. Whether you’re looking for a ring or a necklace, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at Accents Jewelry.

4.9 / 5.0 (19 reviews on Google)

  • Address: 2900 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405
  • Phone: +1 310-396-2284
  • Mon-Sun from 11:00-17:00

The cute jewelry boutique is located here:

District Boutique: Casual, Shoes & Accessories

The District Boutique was founded in 2010 in the heart of Los Angeles, in the Fashion District. Here you will find casual wear, shoes and accessories. The family owned and operated boutique carries a wide range of innovative pieces that cater to all styles and latest trends.

4.7 / 5.0 (34 reviews on Google)

  • Address: 1137 Maple Avenue #B inside The Alley, Los Angeles, CA 90015
  • Phone: +1 213-742-8986
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-18:00

Here you will find the District Boutique:

Los Angeles Boutiques in Conclusion

As a model you always want to be well dressed and keep your wardrobe up-to-date. But you don’t always find the best fashion in expensive designer stores. It’s therefore worth taking a look at the small boutiques in L.A. and grabbing a nice it-piece.

Studying in Los Angeles: UCLA, Cal State and film school

Become a model inLos Angeles – To make your dream of living in Los Angeles come true and to give you the opportunity to further your education, we as a model agency have picked out the best colleges and universities of Los Angeles. Study at the world famous UCLA, on the beautiful campus of the University of Southern California or in the middle of Hollywood at the Los Angeles Film School, the choice is yours. Here you will find the top tips of L.A.’s universities.

Work and study in Los Angeles

If you want to leave home and study somewhere else, LA is a great place to do it. World-renowned universities offer different courses in LA. Thus, you gain experience for life and improve your English at the highest level. Of course, in addition to the classic courses of study at the public colleges, there are also many private schools that perfectly reflect the creative flair of the city. It doesn’t matter if you would like to make music one day and need an education with world-famous musicians for that, or if you want to become a director and want to use the city’s scenery. In Los Angeles, every student’s dreams become a reality.

University of California (UCLA)

From more difficult beginnings to becoming the university with the most applications in the country, UCLA has had a history of new beginnings. In every field and in every discipline: greatness has become UCLA’s hallmark.

4.5 / 5.0 (1,847 ratings on Google)

  • Address: Los Angeles 90095
  • Phone: +1 310-825-4321
  • Tuition and fees: between $14,000 and $43,000

Map and walk through on campus

This is where you’ll find UCLA:

Here you are directly on the campus of the university!

California State University (Cal State)

California State Los Angeles (Cal State LA for short) is the leading public university and is located in the heart of Los Angeles. They are at the forefront of upward mobility for their students and are able to prove it every year.

4.3 / 5.0 (366 ratings on Google)

  • Address: 5151 State University Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90032-8530
  • Phone: +1 323-343-3000
  • Tuition: between $8,000 and $20,000

Map and Street View of Cal State

You can find Cal State in Los Angeles here:

Take a look around campus:

University of Southern California (USC)

The University of Southern California is a leading private research university located in Los Angeles – a global center for the arts, technology and international business. It is home to the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences and 21 other exceptional academic schools and units.

4.5 / 5.0 (1,223 ratings on Google)

  • Address: 3551 Trousdale Pkwy Los Angeles, CA
  • Phone: +1 213-740-2311
  • Tuition: $59,000

Maps and Walk: Explore the Campus

USC is located here:

Here you can see the beautiful campus of the university:

Los Angeles Film School

Los Angeles Film School is preparing the next generation of creative minds for a future in the entertainment industry with degrees in animation, audio, entertainment and many others.

3.8 / 5.0 (123 reviews on Google)

  • Address: The Los Angeles Film School, 6363 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028.
  • Phone: +1 877-952-3456
  • Tuition and fees: between $29,000 and $91,000

Map – here you can find the Los Angeles Film School:

Musicians Institute: College of Contemporary Music (MI)

The Musicians Institute offers a variety of concentrations in modern music. Here you too can study music with some of the best musicians in the world.

4.2 / 5.0 (100 reviews on Google)

  • Address: 6752 Hollywood Boulevard , Hollywood, CA 90028
  • Phone: +1 323-462-1384
  • Tuition: $42,255

Map – The Musicians Institute is located here:

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM)

At FIDM, you’ll be prepared for your career by being provided with a nurturing, creative and professional environment where you can learn practical skills, build a network of industry contacts and gain hands-on experience. You’ll develop innovative design and business solutions for top brands, collaborate with companies, build a portfolio and, of course, put into practice what you learn in the classroom.

3.9 / 5.0 (131 reviews on Google)

  • Address: 919 S. Grand Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90015
  • Phone: +1 800-624-1200
  • Tuition: $33,000

Map – You can find the FDIM here:

Los Angeles Top Unis Comparison

L.A. is home to some of the most beautiful and creative universities in the country. If you decide to study here, you will never forget this time in your life. There are tons of perspectives and decisions to make about what you want your life to look like besides your modeling career.

Top 7 Parks in Los Angeles: Griffith Park, Tongva Park & Co.

Become a model in Los Angeles – Take a break from the daily grind of modeling! Walk next to the ocean in beautiful waterfront parks or head to Griffith Park for spectacular views of Los Angeles. You can also take it easy and have a picnic among the roses. If you want to know the most beautiful parks in Los Angeles, read on here.

Los Angeles: Tips in the city

Los Angeles – As a model in Los Angeles, it is of course also important to know where you can find a particularly good place to relax in the city. Whether it’s a little further out, for sightseeing or in the middle of the city, to have a place to relax over lunch. If you are still looking for a few places in the green, where you can really let your soul dangle on the weekend, then you are exactly right here.

Here, as a Los Angeles modeling agency, we’ve rounded up the best things for you to do so you know exactly what not to miss during your visit to the city.

Griffith Park: Hollywood’s Sign, Zoo & Bicycle Rentals

Even those who have never been to LA probably know Griffith Park. Griffith Park is home to the Hollywood Sign, which you probably know from movies and TV. In addition, there is a zoo, an equestrian center, a bike rental, the legendary concert stage The Greek Theatre and the famous Griffith Observatory, hiking is oh very popular in Los Angeles and Griffith Park with its cool destination.

4.7 / 5.0 (46,565 ratings on Google)

  • Address: 4730 Crystal Springs Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027
  • Area: 17,44 km²

Map and Street View Griffith Park

Griffith Park is located here:

This is what it looks like in front of Griffith Observatory:

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area: Picnic & Sports Field

This park features over 100 picnic tables, deciduous trees, and great sports fields. It’s perfect for a day trip where you can relax with a few friends or alone on the weekend or after work.

4.7 / 5.0 (4,531 ratings on Google)

  • Address: 4100 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90056
  • Area: 1744 ha

Map and all around view in the park

This is where you’ll find the park:

Here you can have a look around the park:

Exposition Park: Rose Garden

Exposition Park is in a great location in the middle of Los Angeles. It is located between some major sightseeing attractions and offers plenty of space for individuals and groups. It is especially good as a break area after visiting the nearby Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, for example, because of its good location.

4.6 / 5.0 (11,872 ratings on Google)

  • Address: 4730 Crystal Springs Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027
  • Area: 162 ha

Map and Panorama Exposition Park

You can find Exposition Park here:

Here you are in the middle of the park’s rose garden:

Hermosa Natural Park: View of the skyline

Here, you can take your time wandering through the dusty garden paths and rocky adventure areas of this green space that connects Westlake to Echo Park. But the real star here is the central lawn, with breathtaking views of the downtown skyline and a half-dozen picnic spots along the edge.

4.7 / 5.0 (1,762 ratings on Google)

  • Address: 100 N Toluca St, Los Angeles, CA 90026
  • Area: 4 ha

Map – This is where the park is located:

Tongva Park: waterfalls, hiking trails & sea view

This parking lot turned park is an idyllic and thoughtfully designed oceanfront oasis that houses a playground, meadows, small waterfalls, walking trails and a shell-like lookout on the Pacific Ocean.

4.6 / 5.0 (1,423 ratings on Google)

  • Address: 1615 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401
  • Area: 2,5 ha

Maps – Tongva Park is located here:

Barnsdall Art Park & Hollyhock House

More than eight decades after oil heiress and philanthropist Aline Barnsdall bought this cute little hill after the end of World War I, the site still fulfills that role, with exhibitions in a variety of gallery spaces as well as tours of the stunningly restored Hollyhock House. In summer, the park hosts outdoor cinema nights, wine tastings and cultural events, bringing out a nice mix of singles, couples and young families.

4.4 / 5.0 (2,806 ratings on Google)

  • Address: 4800 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027
  • Area: 4.7 ha

Map – here you can find the Barnsdall Art Park:

Palisades Park: View of the sea

Walking along the palm and eucalyptus tree-lined paths here, it’s clear why tourists flock to this oceanfront park in Santa Monica. Nestled between the beach and Ocean Avenue, this cliff-top path offers breathtaking views of the ocean and Santa Monica Mountains – it’s the postcard image of the L.A. coast.

4.3 / 5.0 (9 ratings on Google)

  • Address: Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401
  • Area: 10 ha

Map – Palisades Park is located here:

Los Angeles Parks in Conclusion

You can always have a nice day in Los Angeles. The many parks of L.A. invite you to jog, picnic and relax and give you the opportunity to really come down in between. We hope you enjoyed our selection of parks and maybe you will soon find your favorite park in Los Angeles!

1000 Follower on YouTube: Thank you guys! + Making Of Special

Yes! On Instagram we post new jobs every week, editorials in magazines but also our new faces are presented here on Instagram. On YouTube you can now find even more detailed backstage insights. Little interviews with our models, like Linn who was just on the catwalk in Milan for Dolce & Gabbana, Johanna is going to the USA soon and Jeremy Fragrance even breaks all Youtube records for his area. We also have an interesting video for those who want to become models: Insights into our model coachings but also backstage of shootings. All this, jobs, new faces and interesting stories of our models can be found on YouTube.

Special! How to do a commercial – Making Of

Many thanks to you! As a little special we have a mega Making Of for you from the new FOREO LUNA commercial with Korlan and Karen. How is a commercial created? Here you can see it live! You can find more exciting backstage videos on YouTube.

YouTube: Playlists, jobs and interviews

Commercials of our models

Foreo Luna – Power Your Beauty

Dailies – My new me

Pantene Pro-V – Hair Biology

Henkell – Create your own tradition

Opel – Quantansprung

Male Model: How to become a model as a man?

You want to be a model? We are looking for male models with character and charm. Our top priority: changeability. But what are the requirements? It is important to us that our female and male models feel comfortable in their bodies, because a healthy self-confidence is reflected in their charisma. Only those who live the job with joy and conviction can call up a corresponding performance. Self-confidence, reliability and the ability to easily slip into different roles are three important skills to assert yourself in the modeling industry. Our customers pay attention to an expressive face, convincing looks, a good posture and coordination. Our Cocaine Models team takes care of our models with intensive management and prepares them for jobs in a goal-oriented manner.

How do I become a male model? Successful modeling as a man!

Prerequisites as Model and Male Model: Character Strength, Fitness and Courage

Self-confidence, reliability and the ability to easily slip into different roles are three important skills to assert yourself in the modeling industry. Our customers are looking for an expressive face, convincing looks, good posture and coordination. Our Cocaine Models team takes care of our models with intensive management and prepares them for jobs in a goal-oriented manner: From fitting models for designers to fashion shows and photo shoots.

But first of all you have to actively decide for yourself to become a model. Because especially at the beginning it is a lot of work, e.g. building up your model portfolio, which also means that you have to have a lot of patience, because nobody becomes a star overnight.

International male model: Chand visiting Germany

In our new little Model Doku we accompanied Chand three days in Germany. Together with Oliver Rudolph Chand shoots for trueprodigy. The brand sells in over 35 countries! So that the looks in the new lookbook, the shop and the store elements are also right, the Chand label flew in from Stockholm. We accompanied Chand backstage, in the hotel, in the gym but also at breakfast. A little insight for New Faces!

The customer – what are the agencies and designers looking at?

It is particularly important to the designers that their collections are presented by models that give the end consumer that certain “feeling”. A targeted choice of model is therefore decisive for the statistically growing sales figures. This shows how important it is for a model to develop a certain individuality, in short: uniqueness pays off. This ability is innate, but can be additionally trained. We support our female and male models in this way, continue to pursue classic chic and underline their uniqueness.

Men model Sanja in international automobile commercial 2015/16


Model: Sanja | to the blog post: Advertising spot for Opel ‘Quantum Leap’ Making Of


Am Set mit Autos, Helikoptern & Co. | zum Blogbeitrag: Advertising spot for Opel ‘Quantum Leap’ Making Of

The Cocaine Models Concept: Classic AND Unique. We are broadly positioned with our model portfolio. Through our experience in the agency sector, we would like to make the media city of Cologne a German fashion metropolis next to Berlin. Our Booking Management stands for your success. In our model agency we work cross-media and thus achieve a large reach. Thanks to our well-developed railway network, we are quickly available on site for half of Europe. A good basis for a stable future in the Made sector.

What does a man model have to know?

A sympathetic charisma is the be-all and end-all in the model business. A nice smile is also more important for male models than the washboard stomach. Solarium tanned skin is an absolute No Go! A big advantage of male models: They can work longer in the model business than female models. On the other hand, they are paid less than women.

Check list for male models:

  • Changeability: You must also be able to look younger than you actually are. In Germany, male types are more in demand, but “young boys” are particularly successful abroad, especially in France or Italy.
  • Optimum starting age: between 16 and 18 years of age
  • Development ability: You need to develop a sense of styling and your ability to perform properly constantly
  • Under 1,80 male models have hardly a chance, because they are not versatile applicable
  • Sporty physique is good
  • Striking facial features
  • On application photos: type of man must be recognizable, a smile is advantageous

The Model Guru: Lutz Marquardt in an interview about modeling & Personality

In an interview with Lutz Marquardt you can see what a model needs to know! It’s not all about good looks. Emotions, gestures and a changeable personality are the basis for successful models! Interview by Soraya / FIV Magazine.

Become a model – Apply in our agency

Our model agency is looking for female as well as male models. Our model agency exists since 2015 in Cologne. We have many years of agency experience and have our own agency office with a shooting studio in the Mediapark in Cologne. We are not just an ordinary model agency, but we take over the entire administration for our clients, from booking to completion. But that’s not all: With interesting lifestyle and fashion blogs of our models, we offer a great alternative to the classic model agency offer. We work with professional and experienced models, but also promote new talents. Our selection of New Faces is large and constantly growing. We have a large offer for our customers for their next catwalk or future campaigns, our team finds the optimal staffing.

Modeling – How to apply

If you are interested in the fashion industry and like to move in front of the camera, these are two good prerequisites for a model application with us. Experience in the model area is an advantage, but not a must. You should also meet these criteria to start a successful modeling career with Cocaine Models:

  • Minimum size: female: 174 cm, male: 184 cm
  • Figure: Slim, athletic, long legs
  • Face: symmetrical, higher cheekbones, nice profile

Model application for men

Application with Polaroid images: One portrait photo (face) and one full body photo.

On the Polaroids you should be seen in a natural look: Natural light, no make-up, plain clothes. As soon as we have checked your application and find you interesting, we will get in touch with you by e-mail or telephone. We invite you to a short introduction in our agency.

The interview in the agency

Please think in advance about your experience, your goals with us, mobility, availability times and hobbies & skills. In our agency we take your measurements again personally and do a small test shooting. For this, you should appear clean, that is, in plain, body-hugging clothes, a white T-shirt, black trousers, skin-colored underwear. The female model applicants should also not forget bikinis and high heels. Besides female models we are also always looking for male models. Read more here: Model Application.

Measurements for male models

All the important data for men who want to be models:

Low Waist78.5cm82.5cm86.5cm90.5cm94.5cm98.5cm102.5cm106.5cm

Source: Belstaff

If you meet these criteria, nothing stands in the way of a successful modeling career.

You can start a career as a male model in our Cocaine Models agency in Cologne. We are looking for types with different facets, male and muscular types as well as slim, young men. Our team not only works throughout Germany, but also internationally. We are looking forward to your application as a male model. You got your agency appointment? Read here all about your first Agency Casting.

How to become a model at 14 years: School first!

If you want to become a model at 14, that is quite a good age to start. Normally at this age you are still in school, so you have 3-4 years to take a look in to the model world and do smaller jobs on the weekend or during your holidays. You have enough time to see if this is really the right thing for you and if you can imagin to continue modelling after school. At the time you are about 17-18, you will be ready to work as a professional model and will already have a model book, with great pictures. Most of the best Models all over the world started in the age of 14-16. Not every “normal” agency takes models with the age of 14, most of them start to take models with the age of 15+. If so you can apply in a children modelling agency or just take a year to take care of yourself, try somethings and practise for your future modelling jobs. If you want to know more about modeling, check out become a model or the blog: become a model.

You want to become a model at 14?

Plaintext. Become a model with 14 years

To become a model at the age of 14 is actually very difficult. Especially because you still have to concentrate on the school. Having good grades will help you in your entire life, even if you later have to calculate your fees as a model and z.b. Once you understand the exchange rate between the euro and the dollar. In addition there are many other questions, as well as a good language training, so that you also in commercials, with speech, fits perfectly. It is also about foreign languages ​​but also geographic knowledge. Do you want to be in a small talk with a customer “stupid” or ignorant? Assuming you speak about Asia and cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai or Tokyo, then it would be perfect if you can say a little bit about it as well. That’s why the school is so important to you, whether it’s your own language, a foreign language, math or geography. So you are perfectly prepared to work internationally as a model later.

Dream job modeling: build-up phase at a young age

If you still want to apply in a modeling agency, then you should make sure that they talk to your parents first. You should always be aware of your plans, because at the latest the agency wants to talk to your parents when you are only 14 years old. Being a model means more than just waiting for jobs, first you have to build up your model portfolio. In other words, you will have many test shoots with photographers to help you gradually collect footage. It does not depend on the amount of photos but on the quality of the photographer. If you apply for a good modeling agency at the age of 14, from the beginning you will only get to the best photographers in your city and in your state.

After the first model castings and jobs comes

After your model kit is set up, you will get the first jobs. Here’s the next sticking point, if you want to be a model at the age of 14, you’ll need to take off from school. Here we come back to the good grades, the better you are in school, the sooner your school and your teacher is ready to give you free.

Too often you can not afford the luxury, because there are always new exams to you. So if you want to be a model early, you should definitely have a lot of patience for your setup. You will not be able to do most of the jobs. For many customer requests, you must first give an option. An option means you are free this day. Will you be booked then, the job starts. However, if another model is booked, the day is free again and you do not have the job. If you have to get rid of the school every time, but only get one in four jobs, the school will eventually stop playing – understandably. That’s why you need a professional and experienced modeling agency, she knows exactly which jobs she plays for you and which not.

You see, becoming a model at the age of 14 is not that easy, so be sure to be patient! It is best to wait until you are 15 or 16 years old, then the school will be over in the foreseeable future and you can concentrate fully on modeling.

Minimum measurements for models

As you can read in our article requirements for models, minimum dimensions, you should bring as a model a height of 174cm. If you want to work internationally as a female model, you should even be 178 cm tall. Your height should not exceed 181 cm, male models start at 185cm. If you are wearing high-heeled shoes as a woman, you would already tower over the first men, but with 181cm you are already very tall. For male models applies as I said a minimum size of 185cm. The maximum size should not exceed 195 cm. Whether male or female model, you should have a slim figure, pay attention to your diet and do sports. And sure, there are always exceptions.

Models and Sports: Defining instead of hardcore training

With sport, you should not overdo it as a model, your muscles grow too much, you do not fit in the standard sizes. As a woman you should train in a very defined way, but as a man you should also make sure that your muscles do not get too big. Why is that? For one thing, you just do not fit into the standard sizes of fashion designers as just described. On the other hand, in the field of advertising, models are ultimately elements of advertising, so that people can identify with the person (you). If your body or your proportions are too standard, fewer people will be able to identify with you and ultimately fewer people will buy your customer’s product. So a lot of ambition and a bit of psychology or knowledge of human nature is part of the topic of modeling. Would you have thought that?

Apply in modeling agencies at the age of 14 years

If you still want to try your luck now, then send us your photos! All our model agency needs from you are two very simple photos you can do with your phone. Make sure that you stand in the daylight and that you send a portrait and a full body photo. In addition you send us still your most important measures and your contact data. With this you have taken the first step! Send us your model application now.

More tips for modeling

If you ever want to read through the most important tips for fashion shows, your first photo shoot or tips for your model portfolio and the first photo shoots with photographers, then check out our model blog, here you can get insider tips from our model agents, you help prepare your career well.

Supermodels who started with the age of 14 or younger

There are a few supermodels who started with the age of 14 or even younger. Below you can find some of the world most famous models who started with this age.

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss was 13 years old when a Scout discovered her in St.Louis, her first time on a Plane.

Coco Rocha

Coco Rocha was discovered while a Dancebattle with the age of 14.

Christy Turlington

Christy Turlington was horse riding in Florida when she was 14, a photographer discovered her and only one year later she started her model carrere in Paris.

Gisele Bündchen

Gisele Bündchen was only 14 years old when she was discovered while eating a burger in Sao Paolo.

Do it yourself: Bust, Waist, Hips and Height

These are the measurements points for your first modeling agency application. Take care, that you are totally honest. More about: Take your own measurements for agencies, castings and jobs.

Modeling worldwide: USA to Europe and Asia

Perfect Selfie in Los Angeles: Pink Wall, Hollywood Sign, Walk of Fame & Co.

Becoming a model in Los Angeles – Besides castings and model jobs there is a lot to discover in Los Angeles. Selfies at the Pink Wall, photo shoots on the Walk of Fame or Instagram pictures in the Hollywood Hill. To make sure your followers get a taste of your exciting life, we’ve collected the best spots to take perfect pictures and share your journey with your Instagram fans in this post.

Influencer and model trends: selfies for Instagram & Co.

Social media is now a great platform for travelers. They show us the most beautiful and amazing places all over the world. Restaurants, cafes, beaches and many other places we can almost live on Instagram and TikTok. Even you as a model in Los Angeles are surely always looking for the perfect opportunity to post a new snapshot, as social media is a great help to any model in terms of career.

Pink Wall: World famous Instagram spot

You’ve probably seen a picture of the pink wall in the heart of Los Angeles. It’s actually nothing but a pink painted wall, which is also used by locals as a popular photo spot.

4.0 / 5.0 (362 ratings on Google)

  • Address: 8221 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Map and Walk in front of the Pink Wall

This is where you’ll find the Pink Wall in LA:

Street View – look around a bit on the street in front of the Pink Wall:

Made in L.A. Sign: Shooting Background

Similar to the Pink Wall, this is a wall. In this case, it’s emblazoned with the phrase ‘Made in L.A.’ and even if you’re not from there, it’s a cool location for a little shoot. It can also be found in the middle of downtown Los Angeles and doesn’t take a long drive to get to.

4.3 / 5.0 (27 reviews on Google)

  • Address: 8025 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Map and Street View

Here is the Made in L.A. Sign:

This is what it looks like on the street in front of the cool house wall:

Griffith Observatory & Hollywood Sign in Griffith Park

Not only is Griffith Park perfect for a popular hike in LA, but amidst the picnic possibilities there are also some cool locations for taking pictures. Especially the impressive observation deck Griffith Observatory and the world-famous Hollywood Sign make the park one of the most sought-after photo spots in California.

4.7 / 5.0 (46,565 ratings on Google)

  • Address: 4730 Crystal Springs Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027 (Griffith Park)

You can find Griffith Park here:

The Beverly Hills Hotel: Instagram Spot

The Beverly Hills Hotel was able to make a name for itself thanks to film and television. Many stars who only have a short stay in Los Angeles stay overnight at the Beverly Hills Hotel. But the hotel not only convinces with its guests and the upscale rooms, but also with the facade and the lettering, which is perfect as a backdrop for your L.A. snapshot.

4.6 / 5.0 (52 reviews on Google)

  • Address: 9641 Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

This is where you’ll find the Beverly Hills Hotel:

Angel Wings Wall(s): Angel wings

Artist Colette Miller launched her global project of colorful angel wings in Los Angeles in 2012. The colorful wings can now be found on numerous house walls all over the world and serve as a background for the perfect holiday photo in thousands of Instagram feeds.

4.5 / 5.0 (192 reviews on Google)

  • Address: 8401 West 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048, USA

You can find the famous photo wall here:

Hollywood Walk of Fame: Cult photo opportunity

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is home to every star who has been able to make a name for themselves in the world. Johnny Depp, Madonna and even Donald Trump have a star on the Walk of Fame. But the ornate sidewalk in the middle of the big city is also popular as a place to take pictures and has achieved cult status.

4.0 / 5.0 (31,182 ratings on Google)

  • Address: Hollywood Boulevard, Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028

The Walk of Fame is here:

Los Angeles Palm Trees: Pictures in Paradise

Perhaps a somewhat generic place to take photos, but it’s just the palm trees that turn the sidewalks of Los Angeles into a palm paradise. The extraordinary avenues are perfect for taking cool pictures in the car or quickly on the sidewalk on the way to lunch in Santa Monica on the beach.

The best photo spots in all of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to celebrities, influencers and Youtubers, so maybe you’ll be the next big name in L.A.! With an Instagram feed behind beautiful backdrops and impressions of the city in sunny California, nothing stands in the way. We hope our tips helped you out and you can take a flawless selfie for your feed.

Welcome to LA – Moving, sights and beaches

Are you fulfilling your American dream and moving to the USA? If this is your plan or even your reality, then you will find here the perfect tips for your move. Starting with the start of your move, the most important things you should know as a new resident of the city of Los Angeles. One reason you moved to California was for the beautiful beaches? No problem! Here you will find every detail about the beautiful sea air on the West Coast. If you are interested in emigrating to the USA, or you are already planning a move, read more about the complete topic and WELCOME TO L.A. here!

Start in Los Angeles – Recommendations for moving to the USA

Anyone looking to move to Los Angeles has probably been dealing with the visa issue for a long time. Just like the financial questions you have to ask yourself. Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful metropolises in the world, that’s for sure, but it’s also one of the most expensive places to live. Should it be a house in Beverly Hills, a modern apartment in downtown, or still with a van along the beach of Santa Monica? There is something for everyone. Here you can find out more about the different parts of the city, the best hotspots when it comes to beaches and interesting sights that you simply have to see.

The neighborhoods of LA – Downtown, Malibu and West Hollywood

Even if the city of Los Angeles is only one city, it can be said that there are more than enough sides and impressions. Every corner is different and this versatility and diversity is proof that a visit or a move is definitely worth it. Should it be a corner where there is not so much hustle and bustle and it gets super contemplative as soon as the evening sun appears in the Golden Hour, or should it be more central downtown where many young creative people gather to chase their passions and careers? Here you’ll find the perfect overview of the most interesting spots in the metropolis.

Beverly Hills Plams & Mansions – Life of the Rich and Beautiful

Beverly Hills is known as the home of the rich and beautiful. Here you will find the typical long streets with huge palm trees. To the left and right are parked Ferraris, Porsches and other luxury cars. About 33,000 people live here and each of them has made it. The buildings are mostly luxurious from the outside as well as from the inside and have their own style. Sunset Boulevard, which precedes its name, also runs through Beverly Hills. The famous Rodeo Drive is also located in the middle of Beverly Hills, here a unique and luxurious shopping experience takes place and tourists also like to stroll through the shopping area to get a glimpse of the life of the rich and beautiful. The main residents of this district are singers, actors, producers, athletes and directors.

Downtown – vibrant downtown and financial district

Downtown Los Angeles, or DTLA for short, is practically like the classic downtown in big cities, but since there is no such thing to be found in LA, as each part of the city has its very own life. If you like to try a lot of different restaurants, DTLA is perfect for you. A huge selection makes it not easy to decide. Sports fans should be familiar with this part of town, as this is also where you will find the Staples Center, which hosts sporting events such as NBA basketball games and ice hockey. Especially cultural influences from the Asian culture, like Chinatown or Little Tokyo are located in Downtown. The Financial District is also located here, and its office buildings provide many jobs for residents. Older and historic buildings have been rebuilt and redesigned in large numbers and thus architecture lovers will always find something to look at and inspire in Downtown.

The Valley

The Valley – Everyone has probably heard of the legendary ‘Valley’ in Los Angeles. No matter if in movies, music or in a series this place is often picked up. This part of the city offers a huge variety of recreational activities and production centers. For those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is the perfect place to take a long walk in Runyon Canyon. Whether you are a fan of sports who likes to go jogging, or for a walk with a beautiful view of the city, there is something for everyone here. If you’re a fan of America’s film culture, you’ll be familiar with Warner Bros Studios and NBC Studios, both located in the Valley. You’ll also find North Hollywood, or NoHo for short, which is considered one of the most artistic neighborhoods. There are a variety of live theaters, museums, and a huge selection of bars and hip restaurants. Woodland Hills, which also exists here, is considered the most family-friendly suburb in the Valley. These have huge malls, farms with horses and other animals, not to mention arguably the most stunning sunsets. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet here, a visit to the Japanese Garden in Woodley Park is a great way to do it. Designed by Dr. Koichi Kawana, there is the possibility to meditate and pause in one of the Zen meditation gardens.



Malibu – Actually not an official part of the city of Los Angeles, but definitely worth a visit for anyone moving to California. The very special flair here is for many the reason to choose a beach house directly on Malibu Beach. No wonder, where better to enjoy the warm Californian sun than on one of the most beautiful and probably most relaxing beaches in the world. Celebrities who want to live close to the City of Angels, but still enjoy the feeling of seclusion and privacy will find their place here. Among others, Miranda Kerr, Cher, Tom Hanks and Angelina Jolie live in Malibu. They can walk out of their beach house in the morning and probably forget all the stress about career, paparazzi, etc. while breathing in the sea air. Malibu is a true cult place and stretches over 50 kilometers along the Pacific Ocean. It is also a paradise for real surfers. If you know how to surf here, you should go to the Malibu Pier and you will find the perfect waves. In the north of Malibu you can actually see grey whales. Also the culinary fans will find here, with a variety of small beach cafes and seafood restaurants.

Santa Monica and Venice Beach – LA’s dream beaches


Places of interest


H2 – Catch, Urth Cafe, Alfred’s – Hype Food Hotspots
H3 – Top Restaurants – Celebrety Hangout
text ( TikTok restaurants, expensive restaurants where kardashians are )
Instagram worthy food
text ( nice food stuff, In n Out only in California )

Brunch in Hollywood – Cafés all over LA

In sunny Los Angeles, there are more and more possibilities to find a cool café! But to know exactly where to find the best sweets in Los Angeles, we’ll be happy to help! In our Top 10 list of the sweetest and coolest cafes you’ll find everything from sweet bits and pancakes to bowls and cafes. Since more and more people are eating vegan, or even gluten-free, we have something for everyone in the list. Come by and find your food spot in LA!

Top 10 Cafés in Los Angeles

Here you will find our tips on breakfast and coffee in Los Angeles!

Blackyard Bowls

Larchmont Bungalow Cafe

Carrera Café

Alfred Coffee


Kreation Organic Kafe

Urth Caffé Melrose

Civil Coffee

Louipotte Kitchen

The perfect Model-Polaroids – How to take polaroid pictures

Photos are the most important thing for your application by a model agency. How you could make your perfect Polaroids at home, you can find out here.

Location and outfit for your model polaroids

Stand in front of a white wall. Important is clear daylight. Your outfit should be a black trousers, a white thight shirt and high heels. Please don’t were Make-Up.

Poses /How to: perfect Model Polaroids

The agency needs the following pictures of you:

  • Full body picture (from the front)
  • Full body picture (side)
  • Full body picture (back)
  • Portrait
  • Profile picture

Lets go! Shot the pictures with a friend or your parents!

Perfekte Model Polaroids - Model werden! Perfekte Model Polaroids - Model werden! Perfekte Model Polaroids - Model werden! Perfekte Model Polaroids - Model werden! Perfekte Model Polaroids - Model werden!

How to become a model at 16: Modeling agency, measurements and jobs

If you want to become a model at 16, that is exacly the rigth age. Normally at this age you are still in school, so you have about 2 years to take a look in to the model world and do smaller jobs on the weekend or during your holidays. You have enough time to see if this is really the right thing for you and if you can imagin to continue modelling after school. At the time you are about 17-18, you will be ready to work as a professional model and will already have a model book, with great pictures. Most of the best Models all over the world started in the age of 14-16. If you want to know more about modeling, check out become a model or the blog: become a model.

You want to become a model at 16?

Modeling worldwide: USA to Europe and Asia

Modeling with 16 years: All you need to know

If you want to be a model at the age of 16, then you have the perfect age to start in a modeling agency. Modeling agencies specialize in building talented youngsters, and you’re probably about to graduate at the age of 16. If you have graduated from school, then you have enough time to work as a model! Because it’s not just about jobs, as we wrote in the blog post about Model at the age of 15, you will also need a lot of time if you want to work abroad as an international model. Our modeling agency works together with many partners abroad and can therefore help you with an international modeling career, an unbeatable advantage compared to many modeling agencies. We work with renowned partners in New York, Paris, Milan but also in Asia in Tokyo and Shanghai. But for an international modeling career you need a lot of time, as just described. An ordinary stay with a partner agency abroad takes 45 to 60 days for you. During this time you work completely for the partner agency and for their customers. What is the advantage of working abroad?

International picture material for your model portfolio

If you work as a model abroad, you will come to photographers who have different styles and see pictures with a different eye. When you are back in your own country, these pictures will pop out of your model portfolio and you will see that you have international experience.

Also, it will come at some point, the better you are as a model, the higher your demands on photographers. At some point you will only work with the best photographers from your city, that’s not many, maybe 5 or 50, depending on whether you work in a German city like Berlin or in an international megametropolis like London. Most models do not come from an international megacity, but from smaller cities with 50,000 inhabitants or 100,000 inhabitants. There is not a single photographer with an international level here, so you need a modeling agency that can represent you nationally but also internationally. That’s the only way you can safely go the way that leads you to a profitable career.

You can already see how demanding the job of a model can be. We did not even talk about castings or test shoots or jobs with customers. Not only do you take care that you have a lot of ambition and motivation, you still have to make sure that you continue your education yourself. That’s why the school is so important to you! If you are ever in the small talk with international clients, photographers, make-up artists or stylists, then you should be able to keep up. What is happening in the US, what is happening in Asia? If you want to work as a model, then you definitely have to think outside the box and I also deal with other topics. At some point, maybe a shoot in the automotive industry or a moderation at a trade fair will be out of fashion for you. Then you have to be able to adjust spontaneously and flexibly to a new situation and a new topic.

Since you are 16 at the end of your school, you have the perfect age to start as a model. Last year, you can once again focus on building your model portfolio with local photographers. You can do first jobs as a model and gain experience first. If you have practiced for one or two years or have also done your first practical jobs, you are ready for foreign countries! Especially at a young age models are in demand abroad, because the faces are new and customers are interested in new faces. Who is new, is interesting! If you are an interesting guy, then apply to us at Cocaine Models!

Models who started with the age of 16+

16 is a really good age to start your model carrere. Below you can find some famous models who also started with the age of 16-18.

Candice Swanpoel

Candice Swanpoel the beautiful model from South Africa has been discovered by strolling over a flea market. At that time she was 16 years old. Before she had collected first model experiences in Paris.

Doutzen Kroes

When Doutzen Kroes was 18 years old she sended her pictures to some Agencies, just to earn some extra money. After her first try she had her model contract. Her name got famous when Star photographer Steven Meisel shooted her for the Cover of the italian “Vogue”.

Behati Prinsloo

Do it yourself: Bust, Waist, Hips and Height

These are the measurements points for your first modeling agency application. Take care, that you are totally honest. More about: Take your own measurements for agencies, castings and jobs.

The Model Book: Become a Model with Tips & Insights!

The Model Book: Become a Model – Handwritten over many months, with detailed research, simple steps and many insider tips for models! Everything about “modeling” and “becoming a model”. Maybe the new standard work. In THE MODEL BOOK you will learn in different chapters, step by step, one after the other, the entire advertising industry and its special features. As a model, especially as a young model, you have to pay attention to many details at the beginning of your career. What do you mean, you don’t know? Who accepts the wrong jobs, does not find the right agency or builds up his buck in the wrong direction, can quickly build up a bigger career. Models also have only a few years to reach the important steps. The better prepared you are as New Face for this time, the easier it will be for you to gain a foothold in the industry and earn money as a model. In the Model Book you will therefore learn chapter by chapter and step by step how to prepare yourself for the start of your modeling career.

The Model Book: Overview of models

In the first chapter you will learn all about the indispensable mental strengths of a model. What requirements do you have to meet, quite apart from the often perfect measurements, in order to convince as a model at photo shootings and advertising video shootings?

Self-confidence and organization: The A&O for models

For you, the most important thing here is your own self-confidence, four personal initiatives and self-organisation. As a model, you will be sent on journeys at an early age. Sei is at the age of 15 years in the next big city, by plane from Frankfurt to Hamburg or just a few months and years later across Europe and the world. As a model, especially in the high fashion world and in skin couture, the international path is always open. If you take your chances early enough and I prepare perfectly for them myself, you can go far. Quite different from television, real top models are less about the story, drama and self-production. For models it’s about absolute willpower and belief in yourself (yourself!). As you will learn in the next chapters of the book, as a model you will have to face many exams! Absolute trust is an absolute priority for your modeling agent and your modeling agency.

The perfect model agency for New Faces

Mother agencies, model agencies, fashion agents, boutique agencies and bookers – What?!

Before it goes to the big topic of model castings, the first showrooms and jobs, the book deals with the search for the perfect agency. Each model agency has its own portfolio and clientele. Often model agencies are very specialized in a certain area (advertising, high fashion, etc.). Also the size of agencies is different. There are some Modelbookers who hardly know anybody, but who have the best contacts and only work with 5-15 models. There are small agencies, large agencies with hundreds of employees and huge international model agencies such as IMG or ELITE.

In general, you can distinguish model agencies like this: There are international agencies, national agencies and regional model agencies. The more international a model agency is, the stricter are the requirements for your measurements, but also the higher are the requirements to be accepted as a model by this model agency (experience, pictures, etc.). With national agencies, advertising (supermarkets, insurance companies, etc.) is very often the issue, here it is not too important to have a perfect figure, with perfect proportions and exact body size. The measures in national markets therefore differ from those of the international standard. For models who work in regional areas, the dimensions count even less. This is often about smaller jobs and smaller fairs (hostess). As an international high fashion model, you naturally want to join the big brands, but of course you have to prepare yourself perfectly!

Serious model agencies: agency search and model application

In order to find the best agency for you and your requirements, you will learn in the book what a perfect model agency application looks like and how to find the best model agency for you! Many questions are also answered here, for example, whether you need a lot of photo material for your application The simple answer is: No, you just need Polaroids. The Model Scouts in agencies have a very trained view and can recognize by their experience of many years, already by simple Polaroids whether you have potential for the agency or not. Polaroids are super simple photos with the smartphone, in daylight. That’s it. If you want to know how to make perfect Polaroids for your application, read more here: Become a model. For your application you don’t need a long cover letter or to describe how motivated you are! There’s just a little bit of key information. These are usually your name, your place of residence, your contact details and three to four photos. You also write down your measurements: your body size, hips, waist, bottom and shoe size.

Your model folder: The best photos for castings & jobs

Once you have found the perfect model agency for you, you can start with the first test shootings with photographers! Of course your model agency will help you a lot to get only the best photographers. Your agency will also see to it that you get a wide range of material for your model portfolio. Many make the mistake of focusing purely on “fashion photos”. Especially when there’s no agency in the background to advise you as a model. My tip: As a model you should always make sure that your model portfolio is as multi-faceted as possible. Not every customer can directly imagine what one can make of you as a guy. The photos help the customer to make his decision. The more extensive your photo portfolio is in the model folder, the more likely it is that customers will be able to make bookings.

Someday your book will be so full, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Which photo do I put in the folder, which one not? With professional models, the folder is so strong at some point that they are booked more and more often directly. Direct bookings are very good because you don’t have to attend a casting and are not in a pre-selection. You don’t have to keep days off (“Option”), you will be booked directly by the customer for an appointment!

Test shootings with photographers: build up model portfolio and win jobs

So that you can build up your model portfolio perfectly, you’ll also learn in the book how to get your own test shoots (also called TFP shoots in Germany) from photographers. As a modeling agent, I have to deal with test shootings for our models on a daily basis, so here are a few valuable tips on how you should ideally write to photographers. What’s the matter with you? With the right cover letter, your chances of getting good test shoots will increase. There are some little tricks I’ll tell you in the book. In principle, it can be said that you should briefly deal with the photographer instead of “just” writing to him or her. You should also create a suitable moodboard. The more interesting the shooting is for the photographer of your choice, the more time-saving the shooting is, the higher is your chance for the test shooting! So take a good look at what the photographer has already done and what not.

You shouldn’t do too much with the test shoot, though. If I post a new photographer on Facebook and Instagram every day, your market value may drop quickly. Why should a big customer still pay a lot of money if “every” photographer is allowed to photograph you for free? With a professional modeling agency behind you, you will of course get direct tips and the best contacts so that you are as exclusive as possible!

If you take care of yourself and his portfolio, you should make sure that you want the photographer to expand your portfolio. If you already have five photo series with “Fashion”, maybe you should try something new! To help you do this, you’ll get all the tips you need to write the perfect letter to photographers.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: Welcome to the Model World

Daily business. We did it! You have prepared yourself well for being a model, written a good application, found a serious agency, built up and expanded your model portfolio, you get the first castings and voila: The first jobs! The tasks are then very extensive and varied. Unlike normal office life, you don’t have to deal with the same tasks every day. You won’t be working every day either. Sometimes you have free time, sometimes you will travel, sometimes you are already one day earlier on site for the fitting. In between, many young models study, so you’ll soon have a full-time job! Especially when you go abroad.

First you will start your career with small jobs for online shootings, you will work on showrooms, maybe do some online shops and get your first commercials. When you’re ready, you’ll earn enough money to get to professional photographers and to bring your model portfolio to an even higher level with new photo series from top photographers! With new photos you will get better jobs again. At some point it will be time and if your model portfolio is full enough, your agency can also suggest you for abroad in its partner agencies. So even as a young model you can quickly get to the international metropolises, Milan, Paris and New York. Many models now also go to Asia, Shanghai and Hong Kong. But some also go to large production facilities such as Istanbul. But the Big Four remain the dream of all models: London, Paris, Milan and New York.

After the job: healthy life and beauty

A model’s job is really exhausting! So there is another chapter that deals only with how you eat healthily and how you live healthily. You will also get great beauty tips on how to take care of yourself, your skin and your hair even during strenuous jobs and many days of travel. You have many shootings, many appointments and often don’t find the time to cook something fresh for yourself. Then you have to go on to the next shooting and maybe you still have overtime. After eleven hours of shooting and “smiling”, you are absolutely knocked out back to the hotel. You’ll find the best tips on how to keep fit anyway in the book! The book not only shows you how to become a model and what you will experience as a model, you also get practical tips for the time after the jobs.

After you can keep yourself fit in the hard everyday life of a model and eat a healthy diet, we go one step further: Networking! When you’re out and about at fashion shows or photo shoots, there are often people with a taste for fashion. Therefore it is good and important if you know a little about the absolute basics. Small talk is always important! Whether at the Fashion Week or in your model agency. Therefore, an entire chapter is devoted to the theme of fashion. Where does fashion come from, why does it actually exist? Is fashion just clothes or is fashion more? How do trends influence us? Who sets trends? It also deals with the two important parts of fashion: haute couture and pret-a-porter. Both fashion styles are very important for designers, as well as for models and the entire advertising industry and production behind fashion.

Fashion changes at any time. That’s why the Fashion Week in the fashion metropolises doesn’t just take place once a year. In Paris, Milan and New York there are more often big fashion events! “Spring/Summer”, “Autumn/Winter”, “Prefall”, “Fashion Week Mens”, and so on. New collections of fashion designers are constantly being presented. Meanwhile, backstage before, during and after the shows, you’ll be coming back to fashion again and again. So you know what it’s like to be a model in haute couture and pret-a-porter.
show the book in the chapter about trends and fashions!

Modeling abroad: Perfect dimensions, hard work and diligence

Now you have learned everything to make it in Germany as a model! For the best of the best it goes on now, abroad! Here you will get to know the big model world. At first quite small, with other models in a large model WG. Later, when you have convinced the first agencies of yourself and are booked again for the following season, also get to know new agencies and your schedule gets fuller and fuller, you have done it. Now you can get to know the world, travel and meet interesting people on jobs every day. This is the dream of all young models. Everybody wants to go to the big media circus when they say “I want to be a top model!”

The way there is long and as described in chapter 1, success is mainly connected with the mental power of a model. You have to be true to yourself, you have to believe in yourself! Not just for a few weeks, but for years. Even the biggest top models in the world and supermodels of Victoria’s Secret shows have taken a few years to really succeed and become famous. They started very early, were partly discovered very early by scouts and worked their way up for years, first beside school, then full time, to the “superstars” they are today for many.

The Model Book for everyone: The Model Book

Not every model will follow the path of high fashion and international advertising. The book also gives models on national markets a very informative insight, so that you as a “commercial” model can also take a lot of important things with you. You will learn a lot about the agency search, how to set up and expand your modelbook, how to find the perfect photographers, what jobs to expect and what opportunities you have to make a career as a model! I wrote the book for several months and met interesting people for it, as well as fashion photographer Oliver Rudolph. Part of the work was also created in collaboration with Michelle Hamacher. I thank you very much and look forward to further cooperation! With this book we give young, new models a realistic insight into the fashion industry and wish each one of you much success and the very best for your individual way!

Book Recommendations from Models

Agency recommendations

In the new edition you will not only find all topics but also more than fifty recommendations for model agencies in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne/Düsseldorf and Munich.

Author: Stephan M. Czaja, owner and model agent at CM

After many publications about media, THE MODEL BOOK is my first work for models. It’s about being a model, but it’s also about your media coverage. Self-marketing takes up a large part, including the correct, first handling of media. In the model agency many questions reach us daily. The book is intended to give young models and new faces a good and optimal start, with good agencies and good jobs.

Fashion trends for men, Michalsky’s new book and Justin Bieber’s latest Instagram posting

Today it’s all about the men. Michael Michalskys is known mainly from Germany’s Next Top Model, but the juror and designer has just released his own book ‘Let’s talk about style’, matching the latest trend in men’s fashion in 2018. And what’s up with Justin Bieber? He postpated a edited image of himself as a woman, matching a skirt and bag. Look at these headlines and more.

  1. Men’s Fashion 2018: Casual
  2. Michael Michalsky: Let’s talk about style
  3. Justin Bieber posts himself as a woman on Instagram

Michael Michalsky’s new book, Men’s Fashion 2018 and Justin Bieber

Men’s Fashion 2018: Casual

Men’s fashion 2018, trendsetters and bloggers like Jeremy Fragrance make it on YouTube, style, outfit, that they all combine perfectly. The own style is very individual and with the right tips you can quickly improve yourself to earn more points in the job or even getting to know each other (because the summer is just around the corner). That’s why in Fashion Insider there is a very close look at men’s fashion 2018, what’s in and what’s out? Later we will talk about the new book by Michael Michalsky. Also from him there are practical recommendations, which he gave to the book presentation on the breakfast television. In any case, Michael Michalsky recommends that men wear round-necked shirts and, in cooler summer days, pullovers for men. Absolute No-Go: V excerpts! What the man should do without altogether this year are sandals and flip-flops. Michael Michalsky sees her as an absolute no-go! The fashion insider also wanted to know something more about the men’s fashion 2018 and has dealt in detail with the new looks and clothing for the man, this year.

Michael Michalsky: Let’s talk about Style

Today, FIV Magazine is about the new book by Michael Michalsky. Germany’s Next Topmodel juror is not just a TV star, he has almost single-handedly made Adidas “young and modern” again, his fashion label MICHALSKY takes him around the world and now Michael Michalsky is also a book author. His new book, “Let’s talk about style,” is not just about clothing. Michalsky is about everything, the whole life. Our breakfast as a start to the day, but also the right service to feel good, the furnishings in the bathroom, after all, we spend a lot of time every day, clothes, leisure, … the whole life! So if you ever wanted to talk to Michael Michalsky about style, you can now order his new book. More in FIV Magazine Michael Michalsky: Let’s Talk About Style .

Justin Bieber Posts As A Woman on Instagram

Just in time for today’s men’s day, Justin Bieber has come up with something very special, he has posted himself as a woman on Instagram! Justin Bieber is in the headlines and celebrity news every day, whether it’s about his new Lamborghini, his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, or his new music, which is increasingly turning in a Christian direction. Justin surprised us once again with his new posting on Instagram, we could not hide that from you!

Y’all need to meet my sister Rachel Bieber

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Fashion Week! All fashion news collectively

Check out the most recent news about fashion!


The recent headlines of Wonderland are “Take five designers, two photographers, one fashion week…” and “To Harlem for romance designed by Gucci’s Alessandro Michele: a preview.”. Read more about the recent news:


This are the most recent headlines of Elle like “The Supreme Lacoste Collab Is Even Better This Time Around” and “It’s Alive: Awakening My Internal Goth”. You like to read more about them? Check the agencies recent blog posts:


This week Cosmopolitan shows new “17 High-Waisted Swimsuits That Will Make You Look Incredibly Sexy” and “Meghan Markle In This White, Striped Dress Is Just Plain MAJOR”. The recent headlines:


This are the most recent headlines of Vogue like “Watch Out, Kim! Kourtney Kardashian May Have the Best Swimwear Game of All” and “Emily Ratajkowski Gives Her Signature Midriff-Baring Style a Red Carpet Makeover”. Headlines and news of the week:

Harper’s Bazaar

The most newest agency Harper’s Bazaar writes about “The Dress All the It Girls are Wearing” also “Exclusive: Net-A-Porter Just Launched a Fine Jewelry & Watches Shop You’re Going to Love”. More headlines:


Here are the most recent news for L’Officiel like “Shayne Oliver Teams up with Longchamp” and “Is Rihanna Launching a Lingerie Line?”. Read more about the news:


New by StyleCaster, this week “Weather Any Storm in These Wildly Chic Raincoats” and “Exciting Celebrity Fashion Lines We Can’t Wait to Shop”. More new topics of the blog:

V Magazine

New blog posts by V Magazine we found today are “Watch the Trailer for the New Alexander McQueen Documentary” and “Kristen In Racing Stripes”. Read more about the recent news:


This are the most recent headlines of Shape like “The Best Sports Bras for Big Boobs” and “15 Gym Bags for the Sweaty But Stylish”. More headlines:

FIV Magazine

Headlines and stories of FIV Magazine this week are “Selling self made products: How to start a new career” and “Weddings, sports bras, sustainability and new designs | FIV Fashion Week”. Recent posts and trends:


News by Flare are “Meghan Markle Just Stepped Out in a Canadian Designer *Again*” right now and “You Need to Read Canadian Designer Hayley Elsaesser’s Epic Takedown of Karl Lagerfeld”. More new topics of the blog:


Main topics of this week from Esquire was “There Was Actually Some Decent Style at Coachella Last Weekend” and “James Comey’s ’20/20′ Interview Was Meh—But His Boots Were Very Good”. Discover more headlines of the blog:

Dior Store Opening Berlin, Cardi B with fashion line and Kardashian x Calvin Klein campaign

Dior opens its new flagship store in Berlin (at Kurfürstendamm). US rapper Cardi B starts her own fashion line! Music star, 3 million youtube fans: Cardi B is a real power woman! Also, Calvin Klein’s family will be familiar with the Kardashian-Jenner sisters Kim, Khloé, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie in the spring campaign, as well as A $ AP Rocky and many more. Here you come directly to all Fashion News.

Fashion News! Calvin Klein + Dior and Cardi B

L’Officiel on the new Calvin Klein campaign with the Kardashian-Jenners

Calvin Klein and family? Most of you know the fashion brand Calvin Klein as a fashion label away from the classic family. CK for the chic party, casual but chic at work or as a comfortable underwear. In terms of “for the whole family” CK was less known. Nevertheless, the new spring campaign of the fashion label relies on family values, more precisely, CK relies on the best-known family in the world. The Kardashian-Jenner sisters Kim, Khloé, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie as well as A $ AP Rocky and his crew are also present.

Fashion Insider to the Flagshipstore Opening of Dior

Finally a Dior store in Berlin-Mitte! Fashion Insider Magazine is about Dior’s flagship store opening today. Dior is known worldwide as one of the big high fashion labels. Designers break jobs, but fashion magazines and stylists love the brand. Of course you also like to wear Berlin-Mitte Pieces by Dior! The store managers have recognized this and are opening the new flagship store on Kurfürstendamm this week. This makes Berlin’s most popular shopping street another attraction for fashion victims. The flagship store is of course befitting exclusive.

Harper’s Bazaar on Cardi B – The First Line

When I first saw Cardi B , I immediately thought, Lady Gaga in hip hop. Extremely crazy, strong songs and above all extremely extraordinary videos. Cardi B has been successful in everything so far. On YouTube, she has nearly three million fans. Now brings out the lively musician or first own clothing line. Of course she knows her way around fashion perfectly. It is already a real style icon today – for many. Harper’s Bazaar reports even more extensively on Cardi B and her collection: Cardi B is Designing Her Own Fashion Nova Line.

Elle with trends for the summer

In Elle, there are 15 practical tips for cheap beach bags this week. In the summer you have little clothes, so it is all the more on the right accessory! Finding the right handbag for the beach, certainly not an easy task. The season is relatively short and the offers are only briefly available. The bag should not only be stylish, but also offer plenty of space! Make up, your favorite magazine, your own mobile phone, sunscreen and much more. All this must have room when it goes to the beach. Therefore, today there is a complete style check for your first beach visit! All 15 models can now be found here in the article: 15 Under $ 50 Beach Bags That Will Make Your Summer.

Superior to the show by Vanessa Schindler S / S 2018

This week, Superior magazine is all about new fashion shows and a retrospective of Berlin. With a view of the most important cities but also of Berlin and the new collection of Vanessa Schindler. In the online magazine you can now find all photos of the catwalk and other highlights of the fashion weeks. Not only in Berlin has been a lot going on, in Riyadh, the Fashion Week is currently taking place.

Fashion Week! All fashion news collectively

Check out the most recent news about fashion!

Wonderland magazine today

The recent headlines of Wonderland are “Take five designers, two photographers, one fashion week…” and “To Harlem for romance designed by Gucci’s Alessandro Michele: a preview.”. Read more about the recent news:

Elle about the beach bags you have to know this summer

This are the most recent headlines of Elle like “15 Under $50-Beach Bags That Will Make Your Summer” and “Cardi B is Getting Her Own Collection With Fashion Nova”. You like to read more about them? Check the agencies recent blog posts:

Cosmopolitan about Kyle Jenner

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How to become a model in USA – Measurements, agenciesand the competition

Every country has its modelling hotspots. In USA it is definitely New York and Los Angeles. It is always good to live in one of those cities because it is easier for the clients to book a model who is nearby. But everybody know models are always travelling, so for good jobs it will be no problem for a client to book a model who does not live in one of those hotspots. Also we as a Europe based agency always look for models in the U.S.A.

If you want to become a Model in the U.S, you have to have the right Measurements. Especially in the big markets they are very strict when it comes to height and measurements.


For women in Los Angeles / New York / Chicago / …

  • Height: 174-181cm
  • Slim figure
  • You have to be a special type

For men in Los Angeles / New York / …

  • Height: 185-195 cm
  • Slim to athletic figure

If you are ready to become a model, apply now! The United States and cites like New York, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles are the biggest model markets in the U.S. Big brands have their office in LA, NY and on. We have a little guide to help you understand what it takes to become a model in one of the biggest markets in the modeling industry.

Do it yourself: Bust, Waist, Hips and Height

These are the measurements points for your first modeling agency application. Take care, that you are totally honest. More about: Take your own measurements for agencies, castings and jobs.

Why are model dimensions so important to get jobs?

Why are the measurements so important for models? You always have to imagine, there are many models. Whether a designer has his presentation in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Cape Town or even New York and Berlin, fashion collections are cut to a certain size, especially if they have been tailored for the next season and initially only on a few sample pieces to customers Fashion shows or showrooms are shown. These collection pieces are usually cut to a standard size, this standard size corresponds z.b. in high fashion a height of female models of 178 cm and usually a clothing size of 34 or 34, 36 (EU). Women should not be taller than 181 cm. For men, it is especially important that your body should not be over-trained. Why? So normal men can identify less with you. Men’s models should have a minimum size of 185 cm and a maximum height of 195 cm. If female models then wear high heels, the biggest differences are not too extreme. At a fashion show, all models are about the same size and nothing distracts from the fashion pieces.

The same is of course true for online shops, especially when it comes to the first parts of a collection, standard sizes are published. Whether it’s clothing, size S or M (US) or women’s footwear with a standard size of 36 to 38 (EU) for women and 42 and 43 (EU) for men.

Measurements for models for advertising

Those who only want to work in advertising, that is not in the field of high fashion fashion, for the dimensions are no longer so crucial. Here women can also succeed with a height of 170 cm or with a height of 183 cm. Even for men models, the dimensions are more flexible, advertising no longer requires the “absolute ideal dimensions” and the figure may also differ a little.

Requirements for Plus Size Models

Plus Size Models are really trendy. More and more fashion designers and creative arts directors are turning to curvy women in advertising. There is still a small difference between Plus Size Models and Curvy Models. Plus Size Models are models that are a little above the “normal” fashion model sizes, ie Plus Size Model are women who have a dress size of 38 or 40 (EU). Plus Size Models are great at working because more women can identify with them than they do with high fashion models. As a plus size model you can not only work for fashion customers, but also in advertising. This makes the job opportunities varied and so you can earn good money as a plus size model in the industry. You want to become a Plus Size Model? Then send us your application!

Curvy Models: Measurements and confection

Curvy models in women with a dress size between 42 and 44. Also, the cup size is much larger and can quite go to a G-Cup. Curvy models are just as popular as Plus Size Models because they appeal the most to the average woman. The average woman in Europe has a clothing size of 44. This means that even Curvy Models are only in average cut with an average dress size of 42 to 44. Even as a curvy model, we are very pleased about your application in our modeling agency.

People Models

The last section of the model revolves around those who have very special features. Extremely wild hair, tattoos, best agers and many more. As a People Model, you work mainly in the field of advertising, whether it is for a cereal commercial or for a comfortable mattress. People Models correspond to the normal look of everyday people. They have a special tooth gap, especially many curls or a striking and distinctive nose. Anyone who wants to work as a people model should not apply to a modeling agency, but to a special people agency. Where is the difference? People agencies work in advertising as well, the only thing they use less is fashion. As a People Mode you can also get hold of jobs in advertising, for online shops or classic advertising materials such as image brochures and catalogs.

Model measurements are as diverse as the job. There is a suitable agency for each area.

Competition! Advantages and Disadvantages for Models in the U.S.A

Advantages of a Big Markets:

  1. Exposure
    You simply will not receive the same degree of exposure to other prospective future employers in a small market. Generally, smaller markets only offer commercial modeling opportunities. If you want to make a name for yourself, your only real option is to work in a big market.
  2. Opportunity
    This one is fairly intuitive. A larger market has a larger demand for the same services. Working in a big market will simply provide more job opportunities in gross. The sheer number of advertising, editorial, and other marketing or content producing agencies in a big market create a larger demand for models.
  3. Money
    This follows the previous two. Now, keep in mind, there are plenty of low-paying modeling gigs at every level and market. However, with so much demand and wider-reaching platforms, big markets are likely to have the biggest compensating jobs available.

Disadvantages of a Big Market:

  1. Competition
    Not only will you have to compete for the same jobs with more people, many of them will have traveled to big markets for the same reason as you—better modeling gigs. This means that not only is the number of competition inflated, the QUALITY of the competition is also tougher as well.
  2. Scams
    In smaller markets, where there are fewer opportunities for models to find work, there are subsequently fewer scams. Moreover, once an organization is discovered to be a scam, it is far harder to hide that fact in a small market. Unfortunately, with so many opportunities abound, it is easier for scammers to hide amongst the bustle and target naïve or new potential models.
  3. Criteria
    With a glut of potential models, employers in big markets are able to have their “pick of the litter,” so to speak. This means that the standards for potential models become inflated with the inclusion of more competition. Thus, someone who may be a great candidate for modeling in a small market may not find the same opportunity in a bigger one.

If you want to know more about becoming a model check out our blog > Modeling – Become a Model and Steps to becoming a Model in Big Markets.

Modeling worldwide: USA to Europe and Asia

How to become a model at 13 years: Modeling kids

Become a model at the age of 13 – As you can read in our detailed article on the topic become a model at the age of 14, it is very important that you have time to model. As long as you are still in school, you are distracted by many other important things and cannot concentrate on modeling. Our recommendation as a model agency, patience! Try that you get good grades and that you are diligent in school. Because the more diligent you are and the better your grades are, the more freedom you get from your school when it comes to graduation. As a model you sometimes have to travel and spend a day or two on the road. During this time you can of course not go to school, so it is very important that you have a good relationship with your school and with your teachers.

Wait until you are 14, 15 or 16 years old

Wait another year and then you can send your first model application. Depending on how long your school lasts, you should only apply to an agency if your schooling does not last longer than 2 years.
We recommend: Wait until you are 14, better 15 or 16 years old!

Start anyway? Then here are some tips and addresses: Modelagency for Children

During these two years you can build your modelbook in peace with test shootings from professional photographers. Testshooting are important to make your portfolio as diverse as possible. Ideally, you can show different facets of yourself, so that customers can also imagine you in their clothes. At some point you will also do your first sport shooting, your first family shooting and your first fashion film.

With every single step you become more professional!

Since the setup takes a lot of time, however, you should think carefully about when you start in a Modelagentur. If you start early and then don’t have time or have to cancel often, it won’t be very positive for your model agent and he will prefer other models sooner or later. To prevent this from happening you should not go to a model agency until you are 14 or 15 years old and the school has successfully finished.

Model Application at CM – Tips & Help

We want you! Take your chance and apply now at Cocaine Models! Your chance to become one of the most renowned agencies in the market with international clients, friendly team and professional management for your modeling career. Start now: Model application.

What size do you need as a model?

The measures for models vary depending on whether it is a job in advertising or in fashion. When it comes to fashion, the fashion designers are much stricter, here fashion collections are cut to a certain size and you should ideally have this big one. For women this means a minimum size of 174cm, even better 177 or 178 cm. For men, the minimum size is 185cm, so on average they are ten centimeters taller than women.

Tip: Take measurements yourself

Here you see all important points on the body to take your measurements yourself. Make sure you wear as little clothing as possible when measuring and be honest with yourself when measuring! You can find more information about minimum measurements and proportions for models here:

Too small, too big, too sporty?

For high fashion and haute couture there are clear guidelines for models, especially for new faces. If you deviate from the measurements, you still have many chances in the commercial area. Commercial deals with everything that is “advertising”, from the online shop to TV and YouTube video.

Los Angeles: Designers You definitely Need to Know

Los Angeles is most famous for the Hollywood sign, the walk of fame and of course the countless celebrities walking around. It is definitely a place to be but it does not count to the big 4 fashion capitals worldwide. Even though, you will find all the big designers on the “Pretty Woman” famous “Rodeo Drive”. But Los Angeles has a couple designers you need to know, from crazy Leo prints to classic menswear, Los Angeles got a lot to offer. Read more

Casting Types For Modeling Jobs

For models, castings are the most natural thing on earth. For runway shows, commercials or online shops. But overall for big clients and campaigns, clients require them. At castings, people involved like photographers or managers, marketing and sales can evaluate who fits perfectly into the look of the campaign. For bigger castings, there are casting agencies hired. One of the most famous casting agency in United States would be Rolf Scheider. He is known from the TV show “United States’s Next Topmodel“and many other television appearances. One of the important persons of the fashion world, you might get to meet when making it to the bigger castings.

+ Berlin | CM Gosee Days 11.08. - 14.08.

4 days exclusive appointments: Instead of big Fashion Week Casting, this year with 4 days and single dates at the CM Gosee Days! You know someone who should definitely become a model? You always wanted to go to a model casting, but until now you have not had the time? Now you have 4 full days, from 11.08. to 14.08.2020 in Berlin. You can find all information here:

Castings! Your daily business in cities like NY, Paris, London and Shanghai

Dates for castings will be done in two ways. Either way that as many models as possible can attend or that only a selected number of models may attend. The bigger the job, and the more exclusive and small the pre selection is. The best jobs are only booked by the best agencies, when casting agencies are sure that only the best professional models will attend the casting.

In general castings will always take place centrally. In the United States, a lot of castings are in Los Angeles and New York. This is also where the big agencies are located. And therefore, it makes sense for models to move to these cities at a certain stage. Appointments can be really time consuming and castings may take a couple of hours. And if there are thirty models ahead of you, you have to get used to spending time with your smartphone. Be patient and wait. Lots of models even learn for school or university while waiting at castings or jobs. E-castings are more comfortable and easier. They are also done for bigger jobs.

So, let’s have a look at the different types of castings:

Types of castings

In general, you can differentiate between two categories: live castings and e-castings. Selected models send a self-made video for an e-casting, which has to comply certain requirements. That saves traveling, expenses, and organization. Live castings are more challenging. At model castings’, usually lots of different types are on location, not only models but also the team. Bigger castings are also full of helping hands and editors of magazines. You have to deliver what they ask, if it is a text you had to learn, dancing or acting. Gosees are the shortest form of castings. It doesn’t matter which casting you attend: every model wants the job and every model has a great book. You have to keep your self-confidence and charisma and doing all this without being nervous is really a challenge for younger models.

Gosee: The short type of castings

At gosees you have to capture the people with only a little effort. At castings, it is always about showing a natural image of you. You should not wear any makeup or too much styling when attending a casting. At gosees it comes down to your look and your measurements. You only get a few seconds to convince them. Even though you might bring your book or sedcard, at gosees that doesn’t really matter because there is not time to have a look at them. Therefore, it is important to be perfectly prepared. From being on time at the location to perfect clothing. And of course, never forget to be friendly and smile when introducing yourself. If you are meeting several people at the same time, look for one person that is standing towards you. Many models focus on one person in the jury that is directed towards them.

If somebody likes you and smiles at you and others might not be interested, just focus on the person that likes you.

Note > if you are standing in front of the jury: never greet them by handshaking. Nobody likes to shake the hand of forty of fifty people.

Castings are mass events. In particular for new faces, castings are always a reality check. From twenty to two hundred models – castings are a real competition. You feel as model yourself, that they are very attractive, have a perfect body, are talented and are nice models. So, if you are not getting the fitting or job after a gosee, don’t be so hard on yourself or sad. Gosees are mostly for runway jobs and agency model castings. It is a chance to compare a high number of models within a short period of time and to get a quick result. For clients and jobs, castings are better. At live castings, you will have to play scenes with other models and at e-castings you will l have to say some lines for a commercial.

Live casting: It’s up to you

If you are invited from your agency to a live casting, you have good chances of getting the job. You have already been recommended as model and the client has already made a selection. With this invitation, you have already passed the pre-selection. Live castings consume time and money, and only models that have convinced the clients with their pictures will be invited. The clients now want to see you live. At live castings, you get the chance to show more of yourself. Usually it is your acting that they want to see, whether it is for photoshoots, of you playing a role with other models, for commercials and even saying some lines. Maybe a shoe company wants you to speak about the shoe for two minutes and tell them about your day. Another wants to see some sporty posing. Another casting would be you at a party, having fun, dancing although it is early in the morning. You have to be able to deliver all that when requested at all times.

E-casting: Do it yourself

If you participate in an e-casting it is mostly about campaigns that are big. For example, an international company is looking for new faces and that is why they do castings worldwide. Usually within the capitals of the respective countries in Europe, but also worldwide. You will get clear instructions by your agency on how to prepare the video and how to make it.

The quality of the video is not so important here. Perfect light is more important than an expensive camera. You might have to make videos in the short-term or between jobs. You have to introduce yourself by name and as already mentioned describe your acting talent. The video will be sent to the client as onetake (without any editing) and he/she will make a pre-selection. E-castings are for bigger and/or international campaigns, but also commercials, shootings etc. With e-castings both sides save money and time. The final selection will then be booked or invited to a regular casting.

Preparation for your next model casting

How can you prepare yourself for a model casting? With gosees or live castings it is about convincing them of you – fast in order to get to the next round or fitting. For gosees or live castings a basic preparation is enough. Before we look at the details of your casting you should pay attention to these 9 bases and know them: simple clothing, no styling. For women a white top, black heels, simple jeans and bikini or nude underwear. Clothing has to be fit and tight so that the jury will see your body directly. That includes high heels, which you will put on before the casting. No make-up or styling. Men wear black pants, white shirts, and also no styling for our male models here. Bring your sedcard and model book with you. If you already had your first photoshoot your agency might have already printed sedcards and you should bring them. If you are standing in front of the jury you can leave your sedcard with them. When doing the selection later they will easily remember your face with the sedcard. Of course your book is also a pro, so bring it with you! You might not get the chance at every casting to show it to them (especially with gosees), but usually the clients take at least a few seconds to look at some pages of your book, at least the first ones. Read our checklist for the next casting: 9 important things for your next casting.

Briefing and dates: Make a checklist

Before you leave for your casting you will get an address from your agency. So always plan your travel in advance and you will not experience any bad surprises on the way and be on time. Again, we are getting back to being on time, like at the beginning of this book. Professional models always make a route planning. Clients and agency will expect you to be on time and trust is that is always paying off for you as model. Go to bed early enough so that you are fit and awake the next day. Grab a little snack before the casting so you are full of energy.

So now you know what to expect from a gosee or casting. With the right and proper preparation, you will increase your chances of getting the job. Which means, being fit and well rested, prepared, on time and bringing all the necessary stuff with you: clothing, sedcards and modelbook. The procedure is always the same. You will enter the room, there will be a jury sitting somewhere, you introduce yourself and wait for instructions. At the end, you leave your sedcard, say thank you and leave the room. The more castings you do, the higher the chances of getting the jobs for photoshoots, campaigns and so on. In the next chapter, we will take a look behind the scenes of a modeling agency. How are enquiries handled? How is a selection made? Enquires, scouting and booking: here you will see again how important it is to work well and to collaborate!

More about: Become a model

+ AD: Do you know?

Take your own measurements for agencies, castings and jobs

How can you take your own measurements and make snaps yourself? You will learn this within a few seconds. With regards to an application at an agency and looking for an agency it comes down to your self-assessment. The awareness, which agency you fit in as type. If you want to be in one of the top agencies in order to work internationally top measurements (as already mentioned) are a must. If these measurements vary too much and the proportions do not fit the agency you should not apply there. You save yourself and the model scout time. Just apply at agencies in which you fit in and where you have a chance of being accepted. Which models work with the agency? You will find out by looking at the model board. In the model board you will directly see which types of models the agency represents and which measurements they have. Once you have found the perfect agency for yourself you just need one more thing: perfect pictures.

+ Berlin | CM Gosee Days 11.08. - 14.08.

4 days exclusive appointments: Instead of big Fashion Week Casting, this year with 4 days and single dates at the CM Gosee Days! You know someone who should definitely become a model? You always wanted to go to a model casting, but until now you have not had the time? Now you have 4 full days, from 11.08. to 14.08.2020 in Berlin. You can find all information here:

Agency standards: Snaps + measurements for models

Many models are asking: “How many photo shoots do I have to do in order to apply at an agency?” The answer is simple: none. As a new face you don’t need any pictures for your application at an agency. Model scouts and agencies are very well trained in their job. Their eye is very sharp and they only need some natural snaps from you.

Polaroids are easy to take. No posing, no styling, no extras. What you can make of a model with stylists and make up artists, the agency knows. It is more important to them to get a natural impression of you when you apply. Polaroids are not only important for your application. These snaps will accompany you throughout your entire career. They are the most important factor for a booking. You need polaroids for your agency and future jobs. That is why I dedicate polaroids an entire chapter of this book. So you know what is important if you are taking your fist snaps. How should you take snaps for your application? We will go through this step by step.

Do it yourself: Bust, Waist, Hips and Height

These are the measurements points for your first modeling agency application. Take care, that you are totally honest.

How to take your own polaroids?

Your first thought about snaps should always be: as simple as possible! For good snaps you only need your cell phone with a camera. Professional models usually take some snaps for the next job in their hotel room or even short clips for e-castings after a job or in breaks. This shows how “easy” and simple they are. Polaroids are clean pictures of your face and body showing different angles and facets, to give the agency an impression of you. You can take them yourself or with the help of a friend or your family.

Polaroids should be taken in front of a clean background with daylight, so that nothing can distract you. Try not to have any shade. This works very well if it is a bit overcast. No make up, simple clothes, tight like skinny jeans or leggings, and a clean top or t-shirt. Women should also wear high heels. One snap should also be taken in bikini or underwear. Same for men. So snaps in jeans and shirt, and underwear in order to show your figure. On one picture you should smile, and on the other you need a more clean expression. Very important: no over posing! The snaps should be simple and natural.

  1. Polaroids – in short:
  2. Light, clean background (ideal)
  3. Daylight, no shades (if possible)
  4. No make up
  5. Simple, tight clothing
  6. High heels for women
  7. Portrait and full body picture (also bikini/underwear)

Polaroids set: Be who you are!

A set is a recommendation. It is important though that you are shown in a natural way for the agency. From different angles and perspectives with daylight as you will see on the following pages. You should not pose too much on your polaroids. For the scout it is important to see you as natural as possible. Just imagine yourself standing in front of the scout life. You would also not pose then. Just be yourself, natural, look straight into the camera with a neutral expression. Modelling agencies will need following snaps from you:

  1. Snap of your face (front)
  2. Snap of your profile
  3. Full body snap (front)
  4. Full body snap (side)
  5. Full body snap back (to show the length of your hair)

If you are taking them with a friend you will not need more than twenty minutes. No styling no make up, just dark jeans with a white shirt (you have that in your closet for sure). Now you only need to take your measurements.

Taking measurements yourself

You have never taken measurements yourself before?

For your career up to date, measurements are just as important as polaroids. Your measurements are simply taken with a usual measuring tape. If you are unsure let somebody help you. Ideally, you only take your measurements in underwear, as they cannot be falsified in doing so. Every modelling agency needs four measurements form you: height, bust, waist and hips.
Height – stand tall with your back at a wall and mark the exact height. Fastest way would be with a friend and a book or cellphone and pencil. After you have marked the height, you only have to measure the distance to the floor.

Bust measurement

In order to take the measurement of your bust you need to put the measuring tape at the widest point and around your bust with tension. If you are wearing a bra, for the girls, take 1cm off the amount you measured (for a push up bra at least 2cm off).

Waist measurement

Measuring your waist is putting the measuring tape at the tiniest place and then around your waist.

Hips measurement

Again put your measuring tape at the widest point for your hip and then around your hip and back. Perfect modelling measurements for women are 90-60-90 (a reference).

More about: Become a model

+ AD: Do you know?

Application basics: Agencies, scouts and a checklist

From the basics to the first steps of your application at a modelling agency: how can you prepare yourself perfectly for the application at an agency? We will now have a look at how you can apply at an agency. As a model you always have to consider that bigger agencies Read more

Become a model! Professionalism, good notes and self-confidence

Professionalism is the base for models as it is for celebrities or sport stars. The perception of others will define your value as a model in jobs and in your daily life. Professionalism means trust in ability, being on time and improving steadily. And as already said, professionalism Read more

Supermodels: More than a model

Guarantee of success? Yes. Whenever advertising agencies plan new campaigns and involve a big name they are also buying the trust of their fans. They profit not only from the model as a commercial face but also as an influencer. Campaigns double their range Read more

Modeling: Reality vs dream in New York, Paris and worldwide

It is the dream of many young girls, women, boys and men all over the world: to become a model! Living the glamorous life, wearing expensive designer clothes, travelling to the most beautiful places of the world, knowing important people and looking extremely beautiful.

Become a model: Who would not want that?

But a modelling career is so much more than just being “pretty”. As a model you are also a businesswoman or businessman. There will be a time when you will have to think about accounting, buyouts, travel expenses and organising your schedule as well. Of course there is a chapter for that, in which you will learn how to register as a self-employed model and how to do your accounting and taxes. But let’s get back to the basics again! As in any other profession, it is the same in modelling – ninety per cent work, and ten percent looks and talent. Luck? Well, the famous timing and luck will evolve from your commitment. The more you offer and work, the more you will get back from it. Nothing will just come by itself. Nobody was born as a model (we are excluding children and celebrities from this statement). In the end, modelling is a full-time job, hard work, requiring discipline and passion. At best, a portion of cleverness and being smart. But most of all, a great body and steady improvement. Between the dream of being a model and reality of being a model, there are many years of hard work, but you get the chance of adding glamour to your life!

Which requirements do you need to fulfill as a model?

Those are the questions, which I will answer in the first chapter of this book in a very detailed way. For you, it is important to know which agencies suit your requirements and where you will fit in. By choosing the right agency, you will be able to find the right clients for you with your book. On your way to becoming a model, it is mainly about your mental skills, body requirements, knowledge about the different modelling agencies, the perfect application, high quality images, castings, jobs, fashion and much more. Now you will learn how to properly assess yourself.

What do you have to be in order to be successful?

Inner strength and belief will be vital on your journey. As a model, it is important to be strong and self-confident, even though you had a long flight the day before and checked in late at your hotel last night. Tiredness, stress, time pressure? Nobody should notice all these things when you are at a casting.

Yes – modeling is a job that demands lots of commitment and self-confidence. Motivation and ambition will define you as model for clients and agencies. You have to be communicative, be able to organize all your appointments, take care of yourself (your look and body), be able to be versatile at photo shoots, timely flexible and be able to take last minute jobs. Your character is as important as your physical appearance – both will define your success.

A model always has to show discipline, strength and persistence. Jobs are quite often exhausting and long. Even when not all scenes are done by the end of the day and you will have to stay longer. Tiredness and stress should not be noticed when you are a professional model. If you are able to prove all these skills, many more agencies and clients will continue to book you for jobs. Continuous bookings are important for the model and agency if you want to entirely focus on your job.

Models are under constant pressure regarding their competition. At live or at e-castings, competition is right there. Usually more than one hundred models are being casted. If you are committed and make it to the fashion capitals of Europe, the US and Asia, you will be sent to castings on a daily basis. You will get your list in the morning for the entire day, and in the evening you will have to work out in a fitness studio and get to sleep, living in a model apartment. You will be tired in the evening. If everything goes well for you, you will not only attend important castings, but also walk some fashion shows. As I already said – all this demands you trusting your skills and a lot of energy!

If you are starting as a model in Europe, United States or worldwide, good for you because you are already in one of the best countries for modeling at the beginning for your career. Everything is highly regulated and clear. Working hours are set between clients and agencies, and are often limited. You will not only get paid for the working hours, but also for any overtime you do. Your payment is quite high from the very beginning, because they are set by the agency. Additionally, you will receive buyouts. Buyouts are extra payments for usage rights, for example, if a commercial is shown for more than a year on TV or in other countries. A lot of booking details are in your favor if you are staring your career in Germany. Luxury in our country is also at the set you are working at. Production teams are very friendly and usually take care of the models and make you feel comfortable. It starts with friendly greetings throughout to healthy and great catering. You will experience a very regulated and nice atmosphere.

Modeling worldwide: USA to Europe and Asia

As a model: Be thankful for that all the time!

If you are working as a model in Asian cities, many agencies will charge a higher commission (in Germany it is usually twenty percent, in Asia fifty), which is almost three times more than in Germany. The same goes for fashion capitals including Istanbul, where the conditions are worse at the beginning. Jobs are not paid that well, working hours might be ten to twelve hours, and instead of taking pictures of thirty looks, you will have to change into ninety different outfits.

Mental strength and charisma in major cities like New York

Clients want to sell their products and services via commercials to their customers, and in doing so they are using models. It is a mix of perfect portraying of emotions and the range of the commercial and the model itself. Emotions come to life by the charisma of the model. Therefore, it is important that you arrive at a set self-confident. It will show in your charisma. By loving what you are doing, the respective result will be achieved. Hence, for modeling agencies and agents, it is important that female and male models feel well in their skin. As a model, you have to be able to switch roles at sets in order to sell the customer the product or service. Read more about New York:

Keeping it real and natural are the two magic words. These will attract the customers and the concept will be successful. Models “sell” commercials better. Therefore, jobs within commercials are very versatile: billboards, cinema spots, image films, online shops or social networks. All media comes alive because of models. Classic print media like magazines, image brochures, or interior design of stores in cities also take advantage of models and their attractive appearance. For all these media, it is vital that you are versatile likewise: facial expressions, gestures and your entire appearance. In short: clients and partners of the modeling agencies will look for an expressive face, convincing looks, great posture and coordination.

Self-confidence, reliability and being able to switch roles are three important skills for you to make your way into the fashion industry. Same applies to online shops, where you will have to smile constantly, or very demanding clients who expect perfection and pay for it. Especially with high fashion labels!

Self-confidence and strength

Many models start when they are young. Whilst others go shopping in the city after school, as a model, you will be at photo shoots, planning your next journey and have a lot of responsibility. You will see that later in your book. On set, you are working with different people, characters, and languages. You will travel a lot; have to find your way in foreign cities and most of the time, you will be by yourself.

Commitment and initiative

You will be asked a lot, and that is exactly the reason why you have to show initiative. It does not matter if it’s a job or a test shoot with a photographer. You have to bring commitment when planning your shoot, working on your book, doing your homework, meeting friends and engaging on social media. Test shoots and photo shoots will be done alongside with photographers and makeup artists in order to build your portfolio. They are unpaid and all people involved profit from the results.

Discipline and ambition

This actually includes a lot: regular sleep, no parties before important jobs/shoots, being on time and body care. You will also have to do a number of workouts regularly and maintain a healthy diet.

Charisma and effect

Your charisma is what makes you “unique”. People like you just for who you are. Be positive and open towards people, engage them at set with your energy and communicative manners just when the timing is right. As Buddha says: “Start each day with a smile!” This total package of measurements, looks, motivation and ambition will form the charisma of a model. Charisma will make you successful in the long run. Agencies, agents and clients will not only remember you for that beautiful smile, but also because you were friendly, sweet, easy going and were able to motivate the entire production team at the job. Charisma will always be your great help and make people love you, as well as add that extra spark to your pictures and videos. In a nutshell – your “daily business” as a professional model.

  1. Why does advertising need models?
  2. How many commercials do you see each day?

Advertisement always reinvents itself in order to stay interesting. Fashion, trends and ideas change every day. New ideas, new networks conquer the world via social networks like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. Faster than ever! Hence, advertisement has to redefine itself because with all this amount of information it has to stand out. With every new collection, new season and technical innovations, new products will be shot, lookbooks printed, commercials produced, and campaigns done. Productions and producers need fresh faces for the presentation of creations. Even products that have been on the market for decades get a new commercial, new designs and new features each year. Therefore, as a successful model, having worked for a while now, you have to know what you are doing and be great at it. If it goes well for you, you will make it from new face to full-time professional model.

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