Apple cider vinegar diet – lose weight, strong immune system & healthier skin

Apple cider vinegar – a true miracle cure. Whether for the body and the immune system or for external use, for example as an organic shampoo. It can also be used for cooking or even for cleaning in the household. Here you will learn how you can boost your metabolism and lose weight with a simple habit, in a healthy way for which your body will be very grateful.

How the diet works – The cider vinegar plan

If you decide on the apple vinegar diet, you cannot expect to reach your target weight within a short time with a few glasses of apple vinegar. A change in diet is required. The plan is to eat 3 meals in the optimal case. No more and no less. Apple cider vinegar should be taken and allowed to take effect about 15 minutes before each meal. Due to the positive effects, this time also inhibits the feeling of hunger and above all: the ravenous hunger! The entire diet should be changed to as much fruit and vegetables as possible. If you find this difficult at the beginning, you can get creative and drink smoothies, for example, in which you can also mix apple cider vinegar.

The cider vinegar dosage – How many times a day?

Another good habit of this diet is to drink water regularly. Many people underestimate this habit, but this routine forces you to think about the big glass of water more often during the day. The best method for this diet is to pour a glass of lukewarm water 3 times a day and add a teaspoon of apple vinegar. If you don’t want the taste 3 times a day, you can also just have a glass of water with 2 teaspoons of cider vinegar early before breakfast and in the evening before dinner.

Top 5 advantages of the diet – beautiful skin & slim figure

  1. Better digestion – The pectins contained in vinegar have a positive effect on digestion
  2. Cleaning of the intestines – The vinegar supports the activity of the intestines and the pancreas
  3. Even skin texture – The ph value of the skin is positively influenced by apple vinegar. Through internal as well as external application.
  4. Better respiration – Acidic elements in apple cider vinegar fight bacteria, which are often the cause of poor respiration.
  5. Stronger immune system – The acid contained has an antiviral effect, perfect for preventing colds. It also cleanses the lymph nodes, which can have a positive effect on allergies.

Main questions at a glance

Whoever starts a new diet, or is only interested in it, has many questions. And this is just as well, because after all you change something of what you put into your body and the body is the temple of all energy. For whom the cider vinegar diet comes into question, here are the most frequently asked questions at a glance to get a more accurate picture of the diet.

Which cider vinegar do I need to lose weight?

Cider vinegar is available in every supermarket and drugstore. Different shops have different sub-brands, but the cider vinegar is basically always the same. Thus, those who would like to shop in the organic shop can do so. Otherwise you can also look for a cheaper alternative.

How do I lose weight with apple cider vinegar?

2 times a day 2 teaspoons of cider vinegar helps significantly with weight loss. The vinegar supports the fat burning and thus leads to weight loss. In addition, it reduces cravings, which makes the entire diet more conscious and makes it easier to enjoy the food again.

What does a glass of water with apple vinegar do?

The intake of the cider vinegar can be chosen at will. There is a variety of recipes, some more elaborate and some not. Those who decide for the simple variant simply drink a glass with lukewarm water and some apple cider vinegar in it. Those who have the routine in it can notice many positive effects. On the one hand, weight loss, but also a healthy immune system, a clean gut and an improvement in the appearance of the skin.

How much cider vinegar may one drink?

The optimal dosage is 3 water glasses with one teaspoon each spread over the day. Of course you can also divide the dosage differently.

Cider vinegar diet – videos about experiences & recipe ideas for beginners

On the subject of losing weight with apple cider vinegar, there are countless videos on the Internet that help you find the right balance between diet, exercise and taking the vinegar. Many film themselves as a self-experiment and take one with them on their way while dieting. So if you decide on the cider vinegar diet you will find a lot of content and can motivate yourself with inspiring videos.

Apple cider vinegar shots instead of tequila shots – 30 days test

According to the motto: If you can drink tequila shots, you can also drink healthy shots for your health, the Youtuberin Chris Citalan conducted a self-experiment. For 30 days she followed the cider vinegar diet and drank a shot of cider vinegar every day. In the video she explains how she felt after a few days and which results she could observe after a whole month.

Make your own drinks to lose weight – Perfect for apple vinegar

If you don’t dare to drink cider vinegar pure, or simply don’t want to do so, you can conjure up a multitude of small and simple recipes with this miracle cure. In this video you will find 3 recipe ideas that prove that drinking vinegar can be delicious.

DASH diet – low blood pressure and slim figure by avoiding animal fats

DASH Diet – In contrast to the interval fasting or the whole crash diets, the DASH diet aims to enable healthy weight loss over a long period of time. The name finally also stands for ‘Dietary approach to stop high pressure’ and is aimed primarily at people with health problems such as high blood pressure. Find out about the benefits of the DASH diet, the golden rules and absolute no-go’s here!

Advantages of the DASH diet – good long-term weight loss and lower blood pressure

The goal is a permanent change in diet to enable a low-fat and low-cholesterol diet in everyday life. In contrast to other diets which are only optically optimized, the DASH diet focuses on health. The focus is not to get a slim line, but to lose body weight to prevent health problems.

DASH diet against hypertension – low blood pressure through healthy nutrition

In the search for a healthy alternative diet, the DASH diet was developed. Among others, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the USA was involved in the development. With the aim of achieving a long-term change in diet, the diet for people suffering from high blood pressure was developed and has already won many prizes for its effectiveness. By replacing animal fats, raw meat and salt with lots of vegetables and vegetable fats, this is probably the healthiest diet for anyone concerned with their health. Compared to crash diets which expect a change in diet from 0 to 100, the DASH diet brings a long-term healthier effect and has been proven to lower blood pressure in patients. Weight loss is not the first priority, but it is a positive side effect that teaches users a much healthier lifestyle.

The DASH diet in brief:

  • Reduction of high blood pressure by abstaining from salts, animal fats & ready meals
  • Weight loss & a healthier attitude to life comes all by itself
  • Exchange of animal fats for vegetable fats

Recommended by doctors – 8th time voted best diet

Kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure are positively influenced by the DASH diet. This has been proven by scientific studies and the U.S. media company ‘U.S. News & World Report’ has already awarded the DASH diet as the best diet for the 8th time in its diet ranking. The reason: It is the healthiest and best diet for diabetes and heart disease. There is also an official recommendation from the American Heart Society and the U.S. National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

The implementation – renouncement of animal fats and portioning of fruits & vegetables

Those who decide to start the DASH diet will find a lot of information and guides on how to use it correctly. Actually the diet is simple and if you avoid the forbidden foods and stick to the correct (application) and take tips, then it should be easy to follow at home. Since one renounces starvation with this diet, it also makes itself very likeable.

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No-Go’s and dietary rules

As in any diet, sugar and sweets, as well as hydrogenated fats are not allowed. Alcohol, red meat and animal fats should be avoided as well as possible, as these increase the blood pressure and thus steer against the desired goal. This includes foods such as cream, bacon, palm fat and of course ready meals. In addition, a large no-go salt, the goal is to take a maximum of 3 teaspoons a day. Those who manage this have a high chance of successfully completing the diet and offering the body a healthier digestion. No-go’s are therefore:

  • animal fats
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol and cigarettes
  • more than 6 grams of salt per day
  • red meat
  • Prepared dishes

Food – you need the good kind of fat

While you avoid one no-go food after another in your own diet, the most important thing is to integrate good, unsaturated fats and replace more and more of them. This includes vegetable oils such as: olive oil, rapeseed oil, avocados, nuts and vegetables. Herbs and wholemeal products are also involved in the diet. Fish and lean meat from poultry, are allowed in moderation.

Lose weight by portioning – 5 the golden number

For the body, restricting salt intake is initially a change and in the long run you must provide your body with the nutrients it needs to achieve the healthiest results. Due to the salt deprivation it is very important to take a lot of potassium and this you get by eating many portions of fruits and vegetables. You should be careful not to wash or cook foods for too long, so that too many nutrients are not lost. The rule of thumb is 5 portions. A tip is to prepare a meal-prep for the following days and to integrate enough fruits and vegetables.

DASH diet on YouTube – tips and tricks for beginners

Who would like to imagine how fat reduction works and how exactly the reduced salt intake and the renunciation of animal fats affects the body, blood pressure and visual appearance will find a good graphic summary with learning factor in this video.

The 3 golden DASH diet rules

Summarized for you once again the 3 golden rules of the DASH diet, so that you have exactly at a glance what foods and restrictions there are to consider if this diet is for you or someone in your environment.

  • Prepare portions of fruit and vegetables and eat them regularly to allow potassium and mineral intake
  • Leave red meat, animal fats, oils and sugar out of your diet completely, as these are highly conducive to high blood pressure
  • Limit salt consumption as far as possible to achieve a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet

Tips and tricks for your individual weight loss strategy

From diet shakes to recipes to miracle pills, Facebook, Instagram and Co. offer daily new tips and tricks for supposedly fast weight loss. A simple and fast weight loss without much at the own nourishing way to change is promised. In the Internet various myths circulate approximately around the topic removing, chamfered and Di?t. We clean up with the half-knowledge, rumors and false promises and show you the advantages and disadvantages of the most effective and proven diets and nutrition tips. Whether Stone Age nutrition with the Paleo diet, the hunger-free protein diet or the oily catogen diet, with these diets healthy and fast weight loss is guaranteed.

Paleo diet

How can I not only lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way, but also effectively do something against high blood pressure, allergies and bad skin? The answer is the Stone Age diet. The foundations of the Paleo Diet date back to the time of hunters and gatherers 200,000 years ago. Therefore, this type of diet is mainly based on untreated foods such as vegetables, fresh fruit, untreated nuts and healthy fats and meat. On the other hand, cereal products such as bread and pasta are taboo, but refined sugar is also a no-go. Because research shows that these modern foods are responsible for heart disease, diabetes and even their part in depression. Due to the absence of sugar and cereal products, the Paleo diet is particularly promising for weight loss.

  • The focus is on healthy and untreated products such as meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts.
  • fast weight loss through the elimination of cereal products and sugar.
  • Finger away from convenience foods and dairy products

Ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet promises maximum fat burning without sacrificing fat. Sausage, meat, vegetables and eggs are allowed. Sweet’s taboo for that. Carbohydrates such as noodles, rice, bread and sugar – including fructose – are not on the menu. The low carb diet is so effective because the metabolism has to change. Due to the lack of carbohydrates, the body must use fats instead of sugar as a source of energy. The liver is stimulated to split fats to supply the body with energy. This diet is not only one of the most effective to let the extra pounds tumble, but also helps with metabolic diseases.

  • Fast fat burning and weight loss through the renunciation of sugar
  • Fatty food is allowed in the ketogenic diet
  • Low carb diet: Carbohydrates are taboo

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent chamfering is not directly a diet, but a change in the dietary rhythm. Also with this kind of the nutrition we take ourselves an example at our ancestors. When we were hunters and collectors, we couldn’t even go to the supermarket for our favorite yogurt. Today we have a huge food supply around the clock. Intermittent fasting is based on selecting periods of time during which one does not eat anything. For beginners, it is easiest to select a period of 16 to 20 hours a day during which they fast. During this time you should not eat solid food and limit drinks to water and unsweetened tea. Between the fasting intervals you can eat what your heart desires – but of course as healthy as possible. Weight loss during intermittent fasting often takes longer than with the above diets, but is sustainable and healthy.

  • Fasting intervals daily from 16 to 20 hours
  • In between the intervals you can eat what you want.
  • sustainable and healthy weight loss

Cabbage soup diet

With this diet the hunger feeling does not arise at all, because it is allowed to eat as much cabbage soup as one can manage. The principle of this diet is that the digestion of cabbage burns more calories than the vegetables contain.  With this fat burner you can lose five to eight kilos in a week. Through the low-calorie diet, the body attacks its own carbohydrate storage. Since this has a strong draining effect, it is important to drink a lot during this diet. The disadvantage is the almost pre-programmed yo-yo effect and the unbalanced diet.

  • The focus is on cabbage soup
  • Fast weight loss through a low-calorie diet
  • The disadvantage is the unbalanced diet and the jojo effect

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Protein Diet

Protein is a miracle weapon in the fight against the kilos. Heidi Klum also lost her baby pounds with the help of the protein diet and floated back over the catwalk after eight weeks. As carbohydrates are also completely avoided in this diet, the body loses a lot of water and therefore also weight, especially in the first few days.  Proteins are more satiating than carbohydrates. The ravenous appetite stays out! Because these carbohydrates and sugars are renounced, the blood sugar level is not thrown off track either. Instead of sugar, the fat reserves are also used as a source of energy in this diet. It is important that every meal contains proteins. All in all, a diet that promises healthy weight loss without cravings.

  • The focus is on protein rich meals such as: Fish, eggs, poultry and nuts.
  • Diet without cravings and without jojo effect
  • The blood sugar level remains stable and is not thrown off course.

Diet Recipes

Diet doesn’t mean starving. Matching the presented diets there are many recipes to eat healthy and to lose weight sustainably. We have put together a collection of unusual recipes for you so that you don’t get bored while eating. Whether it’s a low-calorie breakfast or a healthy snack for in between, we’ve found creative recipes and ideas for you here.

Questions & Answers

How to lose weight quickly?

Losing weight is a matter of days. It always depends on the diet and calorie consumption. As a rule, the body loses most of its weight during the first few days of a diet because the water is flushed out first.

Which foods are good for slimming?

In order to lose weight quickly and sustainably, carbohydrates should be avoided. That includes sugar. So pasta, rolls and chocolate bars are taboo. Stadensen should be switched to vegetables and raw vegetables. To effectively lose weight and decide which diet is best for you, take a look at the diets and tips described above.

What fruits stimulate fat burning?

Grapefruit is one of the ultimate fat-burning fruits. The bittersweet fruit saturates the body and contains virtually no calories or fats. The active ingredient Naringin ensures that digestion is stimulated. The miracle fruit also has a positive influence on the insulin level.

How to lose weight only on the abdomen?

It is impossible to lose fat in only one part of the body. In order to reduce the fat content of the body, the diets presented above are promising. If you avoid sugar- and carbohydrate-rich foods in your diet, the body starts using fat reserves as an energy source instead of sugar.  This lowers the fat content.

What must I eat for a healthy diet?

A healthy diet is also a balanced diet. So that doesn’t mean that you only have to feed on apples and carrots, but the opposite is the case. The variety makes it to give the body enough of the most important nutrients. Drinking a lot of water is essential. A healthy person should consume 1.5 litres per day. In addition to whole grain products, you should also eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day for a healthy diet. Sugar and salts only in moderation.

Which food is unhealthy?

Among the top unhealthiest foods are – who would have thought it – sweets. The carbohydrates contained in sugar ensure that our blood pressure and insulin levels go through the blanket. White flour and cereal products have the same negative effect. Prepared dishes and white rice are on the list of the most unhealthy foods.


Model Agency Sport

Model agency sport – As a model sport and movement are often in the foreground! Fitness and defined bodies play an important role in many areas for both women and men. Not only as a classical fitness model, but also for fashion jobs, or in order to be able to mediate a sporty and healthy life in a commercial for a new Smartphone, it needs this also . Sport should play an important role in the everyday life of a model anyway.

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Body posture and radiation of sport model

When customers book models for sports photography, it is usually a matter of a very good posture or a very good body feeling. It doesn’t matter whether it’s actually a sports production, e.g. a photo shoot for a tennis racket, or a commercial in which a men’s model starts running as a businessman. Movements must look authentic. But there is much more to sport than fitness. Even models who often dance have a very delicate posture and can advertise products differently than models who have less experience in maintaining body tension and are therefore less trained and practiced.

Caution! Too much training can harm your career

If you want to assert yourself as a sport and fitness model, you have to stop at a certain point. Because the wider you get, the more muscle you absorb, the more jobs are out of the question for you. Ideally, as a sports model you should always work on the definition of your body. The more you stay in the average spectrum of athletes, the wider the range for you to get jobs. But what jobs can you do as a sports model?

Sport model wanted for shootings and events

As a sports model, there are usually two large areas in which you can work.

Photo and video production for sports and fitness

The first section is about photo shoots. The more experience you gain, the more you will be booked for advertising films. This means the classic work of a model in front of the camera. Here you work alone with the product, e.g. for a lookbook shooting. On another day you might work with many different products for an online shop shooting. That’s why as a sport and fitness model you need more than just muscle power.

The charisma in particular plays an important role in the end!

Do you get a follow-up booking from your customers, or were you too moody and boring on the set? Too boring in the context of models means that you didn’t have enough energy. All in all, this means that you don’t have enough positive charisma and your facial expressions in the photos don’t convey what the customer would like. If every photo looks the same at the end, nobody will be satisfied. That’s why mimic and emotion belong to the work of a sport and fitness model. In particular the positive charisma and the energy ensure that customers find you sympathetic and that the cooperation is immediately more pleasant.

When shooting photos for online shops, no matter whether it’s about dietary supplements or sports fashion, the following points are important for you:

  • Sports, defined figure
  • Positive aura on the shooting set and in front of customers
  • Mimic for varied results

The better you get, the more often a model agency will suggest you for video production. As you may have seen at photo shoots, such productions can be very demanding. For you it depends on many different things, you are the person of the day who has to convince the customer of the product. Most of it depends on you! The better you get, the more demanding your jobs will be.

Commercials and films for sports models

Anyone who presents himself well, masters emotions and facial expressions, has a healthy dose of self-confidence and can also speak will sooner or later make it into commercials and video films. From a YouTube tutorial for a sports manufacturer, or dietary supplements, to fashion and beauty products, to commercials. Perhaps not necessarily for a sports manufacturer, but rather for a new smartphone, or an automobile manufacturer with advertising photographer! Commercials are, so to speak, the top class for models. Not only are they the most sophisticated, they are also the place where you as a model can earn the most money. There is usually not only a budget for the production itself, but also for the rights of use on the different countries and continents.

Sport models in advertising

Even as a “normal model” you will often come into contact with sports or fitness units. When the scene is repeated 20 or 30 times, it’s real work! As you can see here in the new FOREO LUNA (Beauty) commercial with Karen and Korlan:

Events and fitness fairs

In addition to the work on the photo shooting set, for sports and fitness models the work on live events and Fitness fairs is a must. Here new products, innovative inventions or sports equipment are presented and new features added. Whether it’s modern technology, e.g. touch displays, or the fun of sports equipment, every company needs attractive, environmentally friendly models and new products.

At fitness fairs and live events, as well as photo shootings, your presence as a model is just as important. Do you have enough positive charisma? Can you convince the customer, but also the audience, of a product? Can you get them excited about something? Accordingly, a model’s job has a lot to do with communication and of course soft skills, so that you can present yourself positively in smaller conversations and by being present alone. This image transfer from the young model to the new product makes it more attractive for the audience to deal with it.

In addition to the presentation of new products, but also new methods and technologies, many live events are also about the presentation of sports fashion. Unlike a high fashion show, or the classic prêt-à-porter fashion show, sports and fitness models are all about energy! Accordingly, the fashion show is not minimalistic, the models dance, show choreographer, or even sports exercises. Besides, not all models are the same, as you might know from fashion shows in Paris, or Milan, at sport and fitness models also characters are in demand.

Nutrition and role models

As you can see, image transfer is especially important with sports and fitness models, because they embody a healthy lifestyle, exercise a lot and eat a balanced diet. That’s why sports models not only stand for good looks, but also for lifestyle and quality. As a sports model, you are a role model for many.

Fitness model over 50

Demography in many parts of the world tends to make the population older and older. That’s why sports and fitness models over 50 years old are becoming more and more popular! Whether it’s about healthy living or vitality in old age, they represent a whole new population group. Even at the age of 50 you still have big plans, travel the world, maybe start another career… Many paths are still open to you today, even at an advanced age. That’s why models over 50 are becoming more and more present in advertising. Also the sports and fitness industry reacts to the trend and increasingly relies on models with 40 years, 50 years, but also 60 and 70 years. Great times, especially for best ager models.

Tips: Healthy diet and weight loss

Here you can find more articles about this topic!

Model agency for sports and fitness

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Healthy Diet: Right Lifestyle & Exercise

We all know that our diet plays a decisive role in a healthy life. Those who do not eat a healthy diet are exposed to many dangers. Some people can see their unhealthy diet in the form of overweight or bad skin. But even those who can enjoy a slim figure and beautiful skin damage their bodies with an unhealthy diet without seeing it directly. This is actually even more dangerous, as these people see no reason to change their diet. But also without obvious characteristics: Those who eat a healthy diet are less often ill and generally have a longer life expectancy. One important reason why you should try to optimize your diet. Before a change in diet, however, the question should first be clarified. What is a “healthy diet” anyway? And is there a golden way or different possibilities?

Right nutrition – How to eat healthy as a model on jobs

What does “healthy eating” mean? – Correct ingredients and metabolism

A healthy diet is a diet tailored to the body. This should give the body all the important ingredients that a healthy body needs. This nutrition can be designed individually for each person. Each person has a different body and with time you learn what is particularly good for your own body. However, there are a few principles that can help you to change your diet positively and get to know your body better. Of course you should not forbid yourself to knit all sugar- or fat-containing treats in the long run. The recipe for success is: enjoy in moderation! So if you integrate “healthy eating” into your daily life every day, you are welcome to sin once in a while at the weekend. This not only stimulates the metabolism, but also protects you from unpredictable ravenous attacks and makes you happy in the end. Who wants to do without nachos in the cinema, an ice-cream sundae in summer or pasta or pizza for the Italian? Delicious food is a pleasure. And this pleasure also contributes to our quality of life. But you should be clear about one thing from the start: Healthy and low-calorie food must be no less pleasurable than “unhealthy” and high-calorie food. Learn to creatively dice and enjoy healthy food! Here are a few basic tips for a healthy diet over the long term.

  1. Eat of course – the freshness of the food is important!

The magic word for a natural, healthy diet is: freshness! This means fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, fresh meat, fresh fish and fresh eggs. Note that you eat more vegetables than fruit throughout the day because fruit contains fructose. The organic products from the supermarket are really recommendable here. They are slightly more expensive, but generally offer the best taste for fruit and vegetables. You should also differentiate between meat. Try to eat lean meat such as chicken, turkey or beef. If possible from the meat counter in the supermarket or directly from the butcher. You can consume eggs in larger quantities than previously assumed. For example, eating 3 eggs a day does not increase your cholesterol level. Proteins and vitamins are very important for your body, which you absorb through protein, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. Important: When shopping, make sure that you do not put any processed items in the shopping cart (no finished products). Self preparation and cooking is the key to success.

  1. Low carbohydrate diet? Eating (often hated) carbohydrates!

All kinds of women’s magazines keep saying: Do without carbohydrates, do not eat flour and do not eat wheat! This is wrong. For a healthy and balanced diet (also for losing weight and especially when exercising) you should not do without carbohydrates completely. Carbohydrates give you the important energy for the day. Here, too, the magic formula: Enjoy in moderation! At a meal (morning/ noon!) you can have a small portion of carbohydrates as a side dish, in the form of noodles, potatoes, rice or bread. Recommended are about 1 slice/ 60 grams (shredded or pasta in its raw state), approx. 2 – 3 hands full. Important: In the evening you should really do without these carbohydrates and instead consume more protein.

Another tip: wholemeal flour keeps you fuller for longer and contains more fibre, which stimulates your metabolism and digestion. At least with bread you should eat wholemeal products or products with an increased proportion of wholemeal. (Wholemeal toast is not considered a wholemeal product in this sense and does not keep you full for long.) You can also buy wholemeal or natural rice or wholemeal noodles in any supermarket. But when it comes to calorie intake, you can eat light pasta, light rice or potatoes without a guilty conscience. To support your metabolism, you can have a carbohydrate-free day once a week and instead consume more protein.

  1. Use healthy fats for ideal weight

Fat – a product which chronic dieters declare to be the enemy. But that is totally wrong! It only depends on the type of fat. There are saturated and unsaturated fats. Make sure you gain as many unsaturated fatty acids as possible. You should also replace animal fats with vegetable fats if possible. Fats are not only important for the right taste, they also provide us with important nutrients. They are important for absorbing so-called fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K). We can only think if we take in sufficiently important nutrients. Particularly good: olive or sunflower oil, but only cold, e.g. for salads. For cooking you should use e.g. rapeseed oil or coconut oil, these can be heated without hesitation.

  1. Cooking at home or eating in a restaurant?

What does cooking at home mean? Quite simply: Full control! Be it the quality or the simple taste. You know exactly what is contained in your dishes and you can also check the quality and taste of the food beforehand. No hidden sugar (often referred to differently when describing the ingredients on the back of the products, such as dextrose, glucose or fructose) and no chemical additives.

But don’t worry: You don’t have to cancel invitations to the restaurant! Because you can also eat healthy in the restaurant. Salads and vegetables are always the right choice. Once you have checked the quality of the restaurant, for example on the Internet through experience reports and reviews, you can order meat or fish without a guilty conscience. A recommendation: Choose a small restaurant with seasonal cuisine. And if you have to wait 10 minutes longer for your meal, so much the better, because then you can be sure: The food was freshly prepared.

  1. Slimming made easy: water march!

Water is the true secret formula for a healthy and slim body! Water prevents headaches or circulation problems and also helps against excessive hunger. We often confuse the need for water, our thirst, with hunger and try to quench it with unnecessary snacks. In general, you should drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Of course, if you do sports more.

  1. Limo, Cola & Co. – the absolute No-Go’s

Sugary soft drinks are the enemy of a healthy diet and optimal figure. Lemonade, Coke & Co. are the best friend of your belly fat. You better get out of this bad habit forever! (Yes, even if it sounds hard.) Because with these high-calorie drinks you take in unnecessarily many calories and the ingredients are not natural and unhealthy. You’d better save those calories for a tasty main meal.

Light drinks are no alternative either, because the sweeteners do more harm to your body than it appears to do. Light drinks stand for little to no carbohydrates. So far so good. But what many do not know, the sweeteners increase your insulin level. This makes you hungry or hungry and your next food is immediately converted into fat. So you better say goodbye to this unhealthy beverage variant. If you don’t want to do without the sweet calorie bombs completely, then really only in moderation, as an exception on weekends. Alcohol should also be an exception on weekends, i.e. no beer after work and no glass of wine with dinner. (At least not regularly.)

You should also be careful with fruit juices, as they contain a lot of fructose. Nevertheless, these juices are healthy, natural and rich in vitamins, so no No-Go, but at most enjoy one glass a day. (Instead of fruit, not extra.)

    1. Calories count? Get to know and love the pleasure!

Try to enjoy your food in peace! This means: take time for your meal and eat slowly. The more you chew a bite, the faster you can digest the food you eat. And you will quickly notice the difference in taste: If you let your food “melt in your mouth”, then the taste can fully unfold and you really perceive it. An additional possibility to mutate into an absolute gourmet. And don’t let TV, smartphone or tablet distract you during your meal. Concentrate on your food, look at it while you enjoy it. This way your brain remembers your food intake and you feel less hungry during the day, your stomach will start growling again late and thus you generally eat less.

A tip: Food is a culture that people enjoy most in the company of friends. Meet your friends for dinner at home, cook together, set the table (creates a cosy atmosphere) and celebrate the meal together. Eating together means shared enjoyment and that makes you happy.

Movement & Sports: Important for the feel-good factor & health

Everyday exercise and regular exercise are important to keep the body and mind fit. Especially in everyday working life, an appropriate exercise can provide a good balance. No time is no excuse! Just use your bike instead of driving or get off the train two stops before your destination and walk the rest. Avoid elevators, take the stairs, or carry your groceries home with your arms bent and your back straight. All this supports your muscles and your fitness and can be easily integrated into everyday life.
Furthermore, if possible, you should exercise two to three times a week and “get out of breath”. Half an hour of jogging in the park, yoga at home according to instructions (e.g. with a YouTube video or DVD), or one hour of strength and endurance training in the gym can tighten your body and improve your health in the long run. In the foreseeable future you will look more radiant and do your body something good. By old age at the latest, he’ll thank you.

A healthy lifestyle in the long term

Be it nutrition or your fitness: Set realistic goals and act in small steps, so you will feel a success after a short time! This is very important for your motivation. If you set your goals too high too quickly, frustration will soon arise. Your body can’t change overnight and that’s not the goal. Your goal is: A HEALTHY LONG-TERM Lifestyle! Start small and grow steadily. Your body is your house. You can’t get out of this one or exchange it. Therefore treat him lovingly and take care of him, this will also inspire your spirit.