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Start your apprenticeship 2018 in Cologne (Headquater)! Here you will find our current vacancies for training and practical training. We make advertising campaigns with models and influencers something very special! Joint projects, direct cooperation with the owner, one team, one unit. If you value expert knowledge and highly professional work processes, then connect your passion with your job.

You want to prepare successfully for a career in a media agency or modeling agency? Advertising, fashion, management, that should be your favorite words, if you want to gain a foothold in the artist management! Then with us you are in one of the top agencies when it comes to model management. Only last year we were chosen by BRAVO as one of the top agencies in Germany ! As an employer and trainer, we not only show you the most important aspects of a modeling agency, but also introduce you to various exciting topics: Working with an advertising agency, planning and conception of shootings, fashion magazine and editorial work, influencer marketing and management never boring guaranteed! Our agency is owner-managed, so you are not only a small cog but directly from Day 1 part of our team! Apply to Cocaine Models!

We are IHK training company

Modeling in Frankfurt / Germany: Questions and answers

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Social Media Marketing Manager – Internship / Trainee

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Fashion Magazine – Fashion, Trends and Blogger – Internship / Trainee

As a modeling agency, we are always very close when it comes to new trends in the fashion world: fashion, bloggers, trends, events to Fashion Week, we are there! With our fashion magazine, we are constantly on the lookout for the latest information for our visitors and readers, what is going on in New York? […]

Model Management / Booking Agent – Internship / Trainee

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Influencer Marketing & Blogger Relations – Internship / Trainee

You want to be the manager for Influencer Marketing and Social Media Marketing? Since you are exactly right with us for an internship or training in Cologne! Our customers approached us early on the topic of “Social Media Marketing” and so we have steadily developed. Today, our Influencer division reaches several million people, alone in […]

Retouch and Photography (Fashion / Advertising) – Internship / Trainee

Are you looking for professional retouching and photography training? We offer for our agency a high-quality education from a small introductory internship to a 6-month long internship. You will learn the art of natural post-processing directly from our Creative Art Director. Naturalness is the alpha and omega, the less one sees the post-processing, the higher […]

Training in our Model Agency: Kaufmann / Kauffrau

A vocational training you can with us z.b. in the field of merchants or clerks for office management but also for dialogue marketing. The training lasts 3 years and includes all the important topics you need to know to get started on your own professional career. We convey all relevant knowledge about information management, marketing and media development. Basically, it’s about learning to interact with clients, planning small projects, and later major ones. You will see parts of the project management, eg. to take care of our merchandise or social media channels. In addition, you will learn everything important, what there is to know in the office.

  • How are the processes organized?
  • How do you deal with customers?
  • How do I work and organize efficiently on the computer?
  • How do negotiations work and what do I need to know?
  • How do I write invoices, reminders, credits, small contracts but also agreements?

We train among others:

  • Business Administration Assistant
  • Businesswoman for Dialog Marketing

More than just management: shootings, social media & amp; Co in Education

In addition to your tasks in administration and management, you will also accompany our photo and video artists to the shooting set. Of course, 90% of the job training is management, but you will also experience many great moments with our team and our models. On the set of a photo shoot you help then z.b. when styling or setting the light. Likewise, you accompany the shoot, for example, in our Instagram stories: Creativity is one of them!

Mental prerequisites for training in management

As for the prerequisites, you should be an open-minded person, flexible and you have to be confident. After all, in Model Management and Influencer Marketing, you are sometimes working with people who are younger than you, even if you’re only at the beginning of your 18 or 19-year career. You should like to work on the computer, because that is one of the main components of the job. If you feel well prepared for all the prerequisites, then apply for your vocational training at Cocaine Models!

Acquisition Opportunities in Permanent Position

Anyone who absorbs their vocational training well, we have every chance open! As an agency, we also take on our trainees in permanent employment. In the long run you might have found your dream job! With a nice office in the center of Cologne and lots of sun on the rooftop.

internship in our modeling and advertising agency

Are you looking for a new challenge or are you currently in the vocational orientation? Then an internship at our agency could help you decide on the perfect job, study or vocational training. Anyone who is good, then has the opportunity to take over in the vocational training with credit of the internship time.

You can do internships with us either for 3 months or for 6 months. We recommend 3 months internship for the people who have already gained experience, eg. in another long-term internship (6 months) or in studies. We recommend the 6 months internship to all those who want to work for the first time in a longer, demanding job. In principle, you can apply for both internship models!

3 months Internship: Insights into Model Management and Advertising

The three-month internship will give you the most important insights: You will gain insights into model management, photography, but also classic work in the office. Our internship focuses on getting to know all the important areas after the 3 months. You work directly with our team and learn new skills day by day.

6 months internship: deep insights and own projects

In a six-month internship, we go much deeper, because we have more time for training. In some cases, you take on responsible tasks and you get knowledgeable insights into the work of a manager. From the travel planning for models to the hotel and the pick up at the airport, everything is organized by you. But already before it starts, z.b. with customer inquiries, offers as well as campaign planning. Your tasks are very diverse so that you learn as much as possible!

Learn a lot of new things! Advanced Skills in Education

In a three-month internship, as well as a six-month internship, you not only get to know the skills of a manager but also some of the most important software programs in advertising agencies. This includes, inter alia, image editing programs and Photoshop. Likewise, you create z.b. Sedcards for customers, you do this in a layout program, like InDesign. Maybe you will also have a few days to do with Video Cut, because in our agency we also have photographers and videographers. Video editing is not only important for models but also for bloggers. Why Blogger? In a modeling agency like ours, you’ll also have a lot of touch points with Influencer Marketing . We work with both well-known and larger bloggers as well as with up-and-coming talents, which we promote and demand ourselves. As if that were not enough, you’ll also be working a bit for our own fashion magazine . Here we meet not only stars from the fashion world but also great bloggers and influencers to talk.

If you want to know more, send us your application for your apprenticeship or your internship.

How do I apply to the agency?

We do not need a long cover letter from you, tell us what you would like to do in the future and why you would like to work for us. Send us a CV with the most important details and your complete contact details. We are looking forward to your application!

  • cover letter for internship or training
  • CV including knowledge

It is important, we do not require a degree. Master graduates are as welcome as senior students. If you’re burning for the job – you’re perfect!

Permanent position at Cocaine Models: Requirements

If you are looking for a permanent position right away, you have to bring a lot of experience ahead. Ideally, you should have worked for a few years in an established modeling agency (advertising / high fashion) and you are familiar with an important area. From usage rights and their calculation to the entire travel management. But also customer management and the professional organization of new customers. We are the youngest German model agency but already, among others of the BRAVO, elected to one of the best modeling agencies in Germany. We want to go high and with this claim we work every day. For the job you should bring the same motivation with you! As a modeling agency, you sometimes have to do something on the weekend, for example. when a 15-year-old junior model is on her way to Paris to work for a showroom. If the young model lands at the airport and nobody is there, it sometimes needs a contact person and help. Of course, this does not happen every weekend but you should also agree with that. Model Agent a challenging job! If you feel ready and already have experience with us, we look forward to your unsolicited application!

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