On every ICE journey to Hamburg, the joy rises about two hours before: The harbour, Jungfernstieg, Schanze & Co! The city on the Elbe stands for fashion, premium brands, modeling and luxury. Although it feels a little more price-conscious than Düsseldorf or Munich, for example. The city is expensive, whether shopping or living, but Hamburg is still among the first places when it comes to shopping experience. Hamburg has, yes that is true, the most shopping centres in the whole country. Mostly small, chic and elegant malls right in the city centre. In addition to a lot of flair, the Hanseatic city also offers a wide range of entertainment, fashion and, of course, good food. For models, model scouts and us as a model agency, Hamburg is, as mentioned above, a real Mecca when it comes to fashion! There is luxury on every corner. Whether Cartiert, Tiffany, Prada, Versace, Chanel or Louis Vuitton. The fashion boutiques are idyllically located, between Hamburg City Hall and Jungersteig. Read here more about our Modelagentur.

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Fashion in Hamburg City – shopping between the stops Mundsburg and Hamburger Straße

All leading fashion designers are present in Hamburg’s old and inner city. Whether Jil Sander, Wolfgang Joop or Karl Lagerfeld. Even though they’re not born in Hamburg, they’ve been working in the port city for a long time. Thus, the real fashion icons have been part of the city for ages and, with their boutiques, of course also shape the image of Hamburg City. Those who like larger stores will of course also find all the well-known representatives. Here you don’t have to walk far, only to Mönckebergstraße: From makeup producer MAC to watches by Fossil, shoe shops by Görtz, Zara, Christ, and much more.

Beyond luxury labels and fashion boutiques you will also find a lot of places to go for shopping off the typical routes. The small independent boutiques are, perhaps the impression is subjective, a bit more conservative than in other cities. But for the best boutique hotspot you have to take a little subway to Eppendorf. Here, many small, unique shops mile up against each other. Trends are born here or imported from all over the world – ironically, the modern centre of the avant-garde is one of Hamburg’s oldest districts. Whether shoes, fashion, living or household goods, here the shopping tourist will find everything his heart desires. Of course, there are also a few small specialties, such as absolutely clocky pubs and coffee houses. If you like it more creative, Strenschanze is the right place for you! Here you’ll find a mixture of music, fashion, restaurants and real Hamburg primitive rocks.

Shopping – Guide for the shopping malls of Hamburg city centre

These shopping streets you should remember

As already described in the upper part, Hamburg has a lot to offer for all shopaholics and people interested in fashion with its numerous shopping possibilities. Germany’s most shopping centres (more than nine) and many shopping streets around Rathaus, Jungferstieg and Eppendorf, you can find inspiration, favourite pieces and of course just drink a cozy cafe with friends. So that you have a good shopping overview for your next visit to Hamburg, here are our tips for the Hafencity on the Elbe:


This Mönckebergstraße is generally regarded as the Mecca of Hamburg or the shopping street par excellence. Especially for tourists and short visitors it is easy to reach. The Mönckebergstraße is a traffic-calmed pedestrian zone with many shopping possibilities. It stretches from the main station to the town hall. Here you will find all the above-mentioned, well-known department stores such as Zara, Fossil, etc. here. Of course there are also shops outside the fashion world. Karstadt, Europe’s biggest sports shop, but also Elektornikhäuser like Saturn, etc.

New Wall

Finance and High-Fashion, both you can find in Hamburg at the ‘Neuer Wall’. Not too far away from the Mönckebergstraße and the Hamburg Stock Exchange, this shopping street offers everything your heart desires, provided you have the necessary change, of course, for the various designer boutiques. Here you’ll find the real who’s who of haute couture: Armani, Bulgari, Tiffany, Cartier and Louis Vuitton, to name but a few.


A real highlight in the cool north is the Jungfernstieg. The picturesque street is located right next to the Hamburg Canals, a picture that can only be found here! Two highlights at once, the waterways and shopping! Whether shopping or just for a walk, the Hamburger Jungernstieg always has something special in store. Among other things, shoes and leather goods are a real attraction here. Only later we even noticed the Hamburger Hof (not far from the Jungfernstieg), also a really beautifully designed shopping centre.

Trends are emerging here: Eppendorf

Where are the hipsters? In Trendviertel Eppendorf the young trends are at home. The trendy quarter is a great place to find inspiration. The small goldsmiths and weavers in the middle are particularly striking, such genuine craftsmanship is rare. That’s why Eppendorf is definitely worth a visit for people interested in fashion!

Hamburg Fish Market

It doesn’t matter where you from whether hamburger or tourist, everyone meets at the fish market. Whether for the cosy beer festival of local breweries or after a long party night for a hearty breakfast. Don’t let the historical name of the fish market fool you! There is so much more than just stinking fish! Every Sunday there are freshly cut flowers from friendly market people. There’s bargaining on every corner. Since 1703, the Hamburg Fish Market has stood for cosiness, humanity and a genuine Hamburg feeling.

Hanse Viertel Gallery Passage

Shopping centres play a very special role in the Hanseatic city. The Hanse Viertel Galerie Passage is one of the nine largest shopping centres in Germany. A true heaven for shopping lovers. Whether fashion, food, leather goods, wine, jewellery or perfume. In the Hanse Viertel Galerie Passage you will find everything under one roof. The opening hours in Hamburg boutiques and stores are, as in all of Germany, the typical shop opening hours from 9 – 20 o’clock in the evening. Most fashion stores in the city centre are open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. But if you come after, you still have the chance to visit the cafes, entertainment and music are on every corner. Read here more about our Modelagentur.

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