Influencer Marketing & Blogger Relations – Internship / Trainee

You want to be the manager for Influencer Marketing and Social Media Marketing? Since you are exactly right with us for an internship or training in Cologne! Our customers approached us early on the topic of “Social Media Marketing” and so we have steadily developed. Today, our Influencer division reaches several million people, alone in Germany. Influencer marketing is still such a new area that there are very few experts. Therefore, we are also more often invited to lectures or workshops in companies that want to help their employees with further education or training. Social media marketing is the most modern form of marketing, as a sub-discipline of online marketing, it deals mainly with people and group dynamics. In contrast to classic advertising, there are hardly any best practice projects or case studies to look for. Unlike poster advertising, these are very individual concepts. Every blogger is different, has his own opinion, his own ideas and wishes. All this you have to respect as an influencer manager and find solutions together with the blogger and the client. At the same time, you have to learn to develop concepts and strategies that not only please the blogger and the customer, but also 100,000 or millions of followers.

Official IHK training company

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Application for Influencer Marketing & Blogger Relations only possible for Cologne location!

We are looking for interns and apprentices who want to be fully immersed in the world of media, models and to immerse advertising! At CM, you’ll see all the sections and get to know all aspects of a model and media agency. You’ll get deep insight into office and administration, plus media skills: Modern Online Marketing, Social Media and influencer marketing , PR and more. Apply now in our modeling agency!

What you do in the internship / apprenticeship. learn:

  • Influencer Management Communication
  • Interviews and Content Marketing
  • Designing and implementing concepts
  • Media and Project Management
  • Special know-how in Advertising and Fashion
  • Content, Social and Online Marketing
  • Commercial knowledge
  • Customer Care, Customer Administration, Communication
  • Planning, organization, phone calls, e-mail traffic, Excel spreadsheets
  • Contact for Blogger and Team

Your tasks in Influencer Marketing

  • Communication with Blogger Management
  • Interviews for our fashion magazine
  • Preparation of the interviews for our magazine
  • Project assistant for influencer campaigns
  • Evaluation of media data
  • Research and Listing of Krems
  • Photoshop Basics for Online Marketing

What you should bring to Prerequisites:

  • Commitment and self-reliance
  • Good knowledge of English
  • Good spelling and expressions
  • Communication skills, independent and structured work, a sense of responsibility
  • Computer Basics
  • Ideally, fast typing or 10-finger writing (for emails, content, etc)

Working Hours and Agency during Training:

  • Mon – Thu from 9am to 6pm incl. 1h lunch
  • Fri 9-15 pm
  • Cologne, City (Rooftop) on 220sqm and two floors
  • We invest a lot of time in your education
  • Young, ambitious team
  • Owner-operated

Internship for 3 and 6 months:

  • Compensation for 3 months: 200,00 Euro per month
  • Compensation for 6 months: 300.00 Euros per month
  • Excl. Social security contributions, health insurance
  • Takeover: In education / permanent employment possible (with sufficient previous knowledge)

Vocational training as a merchant and merchant

  • Your degree: Business Administration or Dialogue Marketing
  • specializing in Digital Marketing / Model & Artist Management
  • Remuneration: 600.00 Euros per month in the 1st year of apprenticeship, increasing according to motivation
  • Excl. Social security contributions, health insurance
  • Takeover: In permanent position possible

Please send us a cover letter + CV as PDF. We do not require certificates or degrees.

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Influencer Marketing Manager for Social Media Networks

Career Opportunities and Creativity

Influencer Marketing is a highly demanding job, as described above, you have a lot of things to keep in mind and not design a single poster, but many little concepts for the different bloggers and Target groups. So it’s about the technical and strategic considerations. Secondly, you have to develop a high level of creativity:

  • How would you like it? packaging a shower gel in a YouTube video produced by a world boxing champion who never shows products in his videos?
  • You have a whole country that wants to become your tourist destination, but its regions also have the advantages of having a holiday in this country. You have a certain budget, how would you build a campaign?

If you want to learn all these skills, you need a lot of dedication and good job training. We form as one of the few agencies in Germany with focus on Influencers & Blogger Relations! Here you can put as a merchant or merchant for dialogue marketing or office management and your focus on the subject of influencer marketing and social media marketing. If you are in control of your area, chances are you will be accepted into permanent employment in our agency! With us you are at one of the most modern agencies, with customers all over the world. We design campaigns in the USA, Chicago but also for France, Japan and of course for some customers in Germany. Boring it is guaranteed not!

Of course, you do not start with such big campaigns, but as part of the team, you will always be close to it. By making our agency owner-managed, you work hand in hand with management directly. Not only with our Creative Arts Director but also with our Model Booking Team. If all this is interesting for you, then we look forward to your application!

Official IHK training company

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