International Models: Perfect model dimensions for elegance in advertising and presentation

Height – The classic model career dreams of every young model, almost always depends exclusively on the body size of the model. There are only a few exceptions, maybe one in a thousand who have made it due to their special nature. Everyone knows supermodel Kate Moss. She combines everything: a special look, a special charisma and she is always extremely committed at work. In addition, she leads a very interesting private life for the media and thus also the appropriate story.

Indeed! Body size makes the difference in model jobs

Every modeling agency is happy about such a diamond. But for the vast majority it remains with the rule: Your modeling career actually almost always decides only on the basis of height. When we go through applications in the agency, the first information displayed is not not name or your place of residence, first we see the height. Of course, we take a huge look at the photos. As a smaller model you always need the special, international look or a finished model portfolio. For international customers in particular the body and clothing size of the models counts. First of all, however, we look at what a typical customer from Germany attaches importance to when making his inquiry.

Basically, the following specifications are usually given by the customer for the model agency:

  1. Body size of the model (80%)
  2. Clothing size of the model (70%)
  3. Look of the model (hair length, hair color, skin tone, etc. to 65%)
  4. Recognition value (10%)

Elegant presentation of fashion requires slim body

Elegance – In order for products to be presented elegantly, the figure of the model is crucial for fashion designers and their agencies. The proportions of the model must be right, so that the overall picture is correct in the presentation. Whether fashion show, advertising poster or commercial. Clothing looks much more elegant on slender bodies. We all know the famous “dream measures” of 90-60-90 (hip / waist / chest). This three dimensions are considered ideal if it is proportional to body size.

In fact, as a high fashion model in Milan or Paris, that’s often too much. Your hip may like to be narrower than New Face, even the chest. A 87-58-82 (H / T / B) has a good chance of casting in fashion capitals.

Small models have less chances getting big jobs

Under 175cm you have no chance as a woman in a casting in the “fashion cities”. If you are smaller than 175 cm you will not have much or even no chances in the casting of the great designers. For online shops, labels and commercials in the national market, you still have the chance to get hold of jobs. That’s why it pays off, even as a smaller model, if you pay attention to your proportions. For example, when a product is presented by one person, not a group, body size is much less important. If the proportions are right and if you are less than 175cm and you are a little less than 90-60-90, the overall picture is right. However, PR and advertising agencies know that you tend to be less booked as a smaller model, so the fees are slightly lower. The sooner you as a model is the scheme: tall and attractive fits, the easier it is for you.

Being taller than 181 cm it becomes difficult as a woman again. As there are limits down, there are also limits to the top. Female models over 181 cm have it more difficult. For one thing, you’re taller than your colleagues. But you are often taller than your male colleagues. With high heels you are loosely as tall as most guys with 187 cm. Also on the catwalk. The fashion collections are made in one size only for the first presentation. Mostly for dress size 34 (max 34/36) at 175-179 cm. Designers, teams and producers would have to change every single piece or book all models larger.

These are just two factors to describe why starting from a certain height it becomes difficult to model successfully. Nevertheless, you have a good chance in the national advertising markets, for example in people agencies. They often have very similar jobs as modeling agencies: commercials, fairs & Co. In every big city there are people agencies.

Advertising effect of elegance for brands of all kinds

In the international fashion industry, the rules are much stricter, as mentioned earlier. Instead of 90-60-90 it may be like a 87-58-82. The fashion designers are looking at models as well as agencies to present the products as high-quality as possible. The more quality and exclusivity the product has on the consumer in the commercial or on the poster, the easier it is to justify a high price for the product or service. Therefore, as a good model that can sell products through looks and poses, you can also make a lot of money. Even for individual advertising campaigns, four- and five-digit amounts are possible for one-day advertising productions, even for “New Faces”.

Expensive or cheap: fashion must be elegantly presented

Even lower-priced labels try to get in advertising always on the level of high-priced labels. Be it an exclusive, international label or fashion startup, the model must have a slim body so that the garments fall optimally, do not wrinkle and sit perfectly. This applies to all fashion metropolises and models in New York, Paris, London and Milan.

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