Milva in Volkswagen’s new automobile advertising spot

Milva Spina – a successful model at the age of 52. The Linzer has been working in this industry for years, but is more popular than ever. In the beginning she had to struggle with her height of 1,68m and was not noticed by model agencies. She achieves her breakthrough by sending her own Pola’s to all photographers. Horst Stasny gets attentive and shoots them. With his help she manages to join Visage-Models Austria. Jobs all over the world follow. Not only magazines like Elle want them on the cover. It can also be seen in numerous commercials.  Best Ager Model Milva travels the world for her latest job.

Milva Spina x VW

Volkswagen, one of the largest automobile manufacturers in Germany, publishes an advertising spot with Milva. Here you can find the latest commercial!

Our Milva: New photos

Of course there are more updates of Milva! Here are some new highlights from her Model Book: