Model Agency for normal Weights

Many are also looking for a model agency for the normal weighty. While the high fashion and haute couture he demands a thinner line, curved and place ice cream he goes on girls and guys who have more on the hip, there is also a modeling agency for quite normal weight? Many people ask themselves this question, just have a look at the board of model agencies! There are much more normal-weight models represented than one would think.

Normal weight between Haute Couture and Curved

Of course, there is also space for people in advertising, with an average weight. Because there are numerous products in which the customers have to identify more with the model. In fashion it is often important that models change so that nothing distracts from the fashion line. Quite different in advertising, once a face has success with viewers or customers here, it is quite often booked for jobs. The famous advertising face! Therefore it is worthwhile for women and men with average figures to take a look at model agencies if they bring with them not only the figure or the proportions but also the certain something of facial expression, personality, appearance and emotions.

What are the Requirements for Models?

The different prerequisites for models cannot be defined exactly. Every single industry and every single area has its own specifications. In the high fashion industry you will often only find models with a height of 175 to 180 cm, if they are women and for men a rule of 185 to 192 cm applies. Why is that? Imagine a fashion show, the more harmonious the image between the models, the less attention the individual model attracts. All in all, the focus is clearly on the new fashion collection. Models in this area should have a clothing size of 34 or 36. If you lie above it as a woman, but also as a man, you are more likely to rank among the average of society. And advertising also needs such authentic models!

Model application

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