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As a model, sport and movement are often in the foreground! Fitness and defined bodies play an important role in many areas for both women and men. Not only as a classic fitness model, but also for fashion jobs, or to be able to convey a sporty and healthy life in a commercial for a new smartphone, you also need this . Sport should play an important role in the everyday life of a model anyway. 

Body posture and radiation of Sport Model

When customers book models for sports photography, it is usually about a very good posture or a very good body feeling. It doesn’t matter whether it’s actually a sports production, e.g. a photo shoot for a tennis racket, or an advertising spot in which a men’s model starts running as a businessman. Movements must look authentic. But there is much more to sport than fitness. Even models who dance frequently have a very graceful posture and can advertise products differently than models who have less experience in maintaining body tension and are therefore less trained and practiced.Caution! Too much training can hurt your careerIf you want to assert yourself as a sport and fitness model, you have to say stop at a certain point. Because the wider you get, the more muscle you absorb, the more jobs are out of the question for you. Ideally, as a sports model you should always work on the definition of your body. The more you stay in the average spectrum of athletes, the wider the range for you to get jobs. But which jobs can you do as a sport model?

Sport Model wanted for Shootings and Events

As a sports model, there are usually two large areas in which you can work.

Photo and video production for sports and fitness

The first section is about photo shoots. The more experience you gain, the more you will be booked for commercials. That means the classic work of a model in front of the camera. Here you work alone with the product, e.g. for a Lookbook Shooting. On another day you may be working with many different products for an online shop shooting. As a sports and fitness model, you need more than just muscle power. Especially the charisma plays a big role in the end! Do you get a follow-up booking from your customers, or were you too moody and boring on the set? Too boring in the context of models means that you had too little energy. All in all, this means that you don’t radiate enough positive charisma and your facial expressions in the photos don’t convey what the customer would like them to have. If every photo looks the same at the end, nobody will be satisfied. That’s why facial expressions and emotions are part of the work of a sport and fitness model. In particular the positive charisma and the energy ensure that customers find you sympathetic and that the cooperation is immediately more pleasant.When it comes to photo shoots for online shops, whether it’s about dietary supplements or sports fashion, the following points matter to you:

  • Sportsy, defined figure
  • Positive appearance on the shooting set and in front of customers
  • mimic for varied results

The better you get, the more often a model agency will suggest you also for video production. As you may have seen at photo shootings, such productions can be very demanding. For you it depends on many different things, you are the person of the day who has to convince the customer of the product. Most of it depends on you! The better you get, the more demanding your jobs will be.

Commercials and films for sports models

Whoever presents himself well, masters emotions and facial expressions, has a healthy dose of self-confidence and can even speak, will sooner or later make it into commercials and videos. From a YouTube tutorial for a sports manufacturer, or dietary supplements, to Mode and beauty products, to a commercial. Perhaps not necessarily for a sports manufacturer, but rather for a new smartphone, or an automobile manufacturer! Commercials are, so to speak, the top class for models. Not only are they the most challenging, they are also the place where you as a model can earn the most money. As a rule, there is not only a budget for the production itself, but also for the rights of use in the various countries and continents.

Events and Fitness Fairs

Besides the work on the photo shooting set, for sports and fitness models the work on live events and measuring fitness is also part of it. Here new products, innovative inventions or sports equipment are presented and new features are added. Whether it’s modern technology, such as touch displays, or the fun of sports equipment, every company needs attractive, environmentally friendly models and new products. At fitness fairs and live events, as well as at photo shootings, your presence as a model is just as important. Do you have enough positive charisma? Can you convince the customer, but also the public, of a product? Can you get her excited about something? The job of a model therefore has a lot to do with communication and of course with soft skills, so that you can put yourself in the limelight in smaller conversations and by being present alone. This image transfer from the young model to the new product makes it more attractive for the public to deal with it.In addition to the presentation of new products, but also new methods and technologies, many live events are also about the presentation of sports fashion. Unlike a high fashion fashion show or a classic pret a porter fashion show, sport and fitness models are all about energy! Accordingly, the fashion show is not minimalistic, the models dance, show choreographers, or even sports exercises. Besides, not all models are the same, as you might know it from fashion shows in Paris, or Milan, at sport and fitness models also characters are in demand.

Nutrition and role models

As you can see, image transfer is especially important with sports and fitness models, because they embody a healthy lifestyle, exercise a lot and eat a balanced diet. That’s why sports models not only stand for good looks, but also for lifestyle and quality. So as a sport model you are a role model for many.

Fitness Model over 50

Demographics in many parts of the world are tending towards an ageing population. That’s why sport and fitness models over 50 years old are becoming more and more popular! Whether it is a question of a healthy life or vitality in old age, they represent a completely new population group. Even at the age of 50 you still have big plans, travel the world, maybe start another career direction… Many paths are open to you these days, even at an advanced age. This is why models over 50 years old are becoming more and more present in advertising. The sports and fitness industry is also responding to the trend and is increasingly relying on models aged 40, 50, 60 and 70. Great times, especially for Best Ager Models.

Model agency for sports and fitness

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