Model Coaching Dates: Topmodel Training 50 years FERRERO competition

Model Coaching: You want to become a model? It’s official today! Together with Ferrero, we are exclusively organizing our Model Coachings throughout Germany on the occasion of our 50th anniversary. Under the motto’Fulfilling dreams’ we show young talents what a model’s job looks like and what the most important skills and knowledge that a model needs to collect are. Photo shoot, catwalk, promotional video with speaking role, with us the winners of the 50th anniversary of the Ferrero campaign will learn everything there is to know about modeling.

Soon you will find more information about the upcoming model coaching sessions in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne here with us, but of course also on Ferrero and on TV as well as on YouTube.

What happens in model coaching? Posing, catwalk, self-confidence

What our model trainers and coaches are all about is self-confidence as a model. You must be happy with yourself and your body. At the same time you have to be able to inspire people and keep a smile for many hours, even if all other people from marketing, behind the camera, have already drunk their tenth coffee and yawn. You’re the model, your job is positive energy! Even with the 30th garment you still enjoy your job, after all you meet great people and you will experience a lot as a model. If you have the right prerequisites as a model, you can even make it onto international stages and catwalks. In our coaching not only the self-confidence and the personality is trained, but also all abilities, which one must know in principle, if one runs the first Catwalk or makes the first photo shooting.

Model Coaching Video and Interview: Basics for new top models

Here you can see how model coaching works. Many of our young models come together from all over Germany and train together for one day the most important skills for models. The coaching is not only super informative and above all instructive, you also meet your colleagues, a real fun, because you get to know each other for the first time. One comes from Berlin, the other from Munich and the next one actually lives in London, but flew over briefly by plane. In addition, our coaches! Then let’s get started.

Model Coaches: Our trainers for catwalk and shooting jobs

Since our first Coaching Days we trust in our model trainers Lutz Marquardt and Oliver Rudolph. Each coaching is also accompanied by a guest coach, from international model agents to creative arts directors and catwalk trainers known from many shows of major fashion brands and their organization.

Lutz Marquardt: Personality and Acting

If you ever made it as a model, you’ll suddenly find yourself on huge posters, e.g. in downtown Munich, while you just wanted to go on a weekend trip with your boyfriend. A week later you discover yourself in your own quarter in Berlin. If you want to go this far, the agency has to be 100% convinced of you to recommend you to such big clients. To reach this level, you have to develop a healthy self-confidence. And of course you have to know the skills you have to master as a model, like posing in front of the camera or different running styles at a fashion show. Of course, the first coaching sessions are not about complex processes between haute couture and prêt à porter, but about the first model basics: turning, running, counting bars so that everything fits the music, rehearsing choreography with other models, quick changing and good preparation for the catwalk job.

Our model coach Lutz Marquardt gives you a complete overview during our training and strengthens your personality! With a lecture for the models, small and bigger exercises in the group and of course also small question rounds. Lutz Marquardt has been a successful male model for over 20 years and is shooting for various brands and companies. As a serial actor he has also gained a lot of experience in acting and conveying emotions. If you are one of the winners, you will remember his talk for life and take along many valuable tips and insider tips.

Oliver Rudolph: The fashion photographer and model scout

Oliver Rudolph is not only the chief scout of our model agency, he is an absolutely gifted fashion photographer. We have been working together for three years now and are looking forward to every new photo series! Oliver Rudolph not only stages brands or youtube for media projects such as make-up books, he also knows how to find and promote young up-and-coming talent. Each new model, which is taken up into our model agency, all the same whether in Berlin, Cologne or Hamburg, is made by him by first-class photos to the model. With his sensitive nature and his many helpful tips and posing instructions, he also gives new talents a secure feeling, so that fantastic photos are taken right at the first shooting. Oliver Rudolph brings his experience as a fashion photographer to our coaching sessions.

Guest Coach: Always a surprise

Catwalk trainers, show choreographers, creative arts directors or international fashion agents from Milan, Paris or New York City and to visit Germany, at our Model Coachings we invite a very special guest every time. Experiences you would never get otherwise! Because our coaching sessions are so exclusive, we can persuade many extremely good people to tell our models a little bit about their experience. Anyone who has known the industry for 20 or 30 years knows what a young model is getting into, and can thus help to build a perfect career. Sometimes we also have choreographers as guests. They develop fashion shows with entertainment factors for the big brands you know from downtown Germany. With music, choreography, model castings, fitting and everything else that goes with it. Here our young models get an insight into big national fashion shows, but also into international projects.

Become a model, blog, videos and book recommendations

After school our New Faces start their way to the top model in cities like New York City and Milan! They also started small, step by step. You want to learn a little about modeling, casting, modeling agencies and jobs? Then we have for you in our model blog many interesting and exciting articles as well as videos about modeling.

50 years Ferrero, make your dream come true

On August 1st, the campaign to fulfill your dreams started in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With us and other renowned agencies, but also celebrities, you can fulfill your very personal dream for one day. As a model agency we take care that you get a taster day and can practice and train together with real models. The first competition will start in a few days and of course we’ll give you all the important information on how you can take part in the Ferrero competition and maybe win one of the coveted tickets for our Model Coaching.