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Modelbooker in a modeling agency – dream job! You want in the world of fashion & media work? We train: internships and vocational training in Cologne. Our customers are on a daily basis searching for the best faces in Germany and Europe. Our job is to ensure that we have the best young models in the portfolio, as well as excellent, experienced models who work extremely professionally and have full time jobs in London, Tokyo, Berlin but also Milan. In your internship (6 months) and in education (option to take over) we teach you a lot!

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5 Basics in Booking: Gage, Rights of Use, Duration, Experience and Customers

In addition to the classic organization of jobs, as well as travel planning and customer management, you have in a model agency, of course, much more demanding tasks! For one thing, you’ll have a lot to do with usage rights. There are the daily (work) and buyouts (usage rights). You’ll learn how to calculate how high a fee should be and buyouts for use in specific regions, countries. There are also various media as well as print (magazines, billboards, etc.), social media (Youtube, Instagram, Ads, etc.), TV, video streaming, but also the duration of the campaign plays a major role. Is it just a few months, half a year, a year or even two or five years. You have to calculate all these factors.

In addition to these three factors to the rights of use but also the experiences of the model and the age come. Depending on experience and a model is of course much more present on the set, creates much more outfits or photos or even video scenes. The fifth factor is the customer, is it an international fashion company or a designer, at the beginning of the career. All this you have to consider when you calculate prices.

So you are mostly concerned with:

  • Customer and Project Management
  • Calculation of fees and usage rights
  • Model Management for New Faces and Professionals
  • Career Development and Development

Modern tools: Photoshop, Indesign and Content Management

To the rights of use and prices we learn you different software programs. For example you will tailor images for the online sedcard but also for the customer sedcard. For that you use Photoshop! With us you will learn how to use Photoshop in its basics, from simple cuts to more complex image montages, eg. for our blog. We’ll show you how to use the different tools and filters. Right at a very high level compared to many study programs. In addition to Photoshop, you will also learn z.b. Layout programs know, as well as InDesign. This will create z.b. Magazines but also books. In smaller format but also PDF Sedcards, as just described. In addition to these two graphics programs, we also show you content management systems. Nowadays, content management systems are used to make websites and online shops, including our model agency website with model portfolio! With us you will learn how to deal with such a modern website so that it looks perfect, whether on a smartphone, tablet or notebook.

Application for Model Management / Booking Agent only possible for Cologne location!

We are looking for interns and apprentices who want to be fully immersed in the world of media, models and advertising! At CM, you’ll see all the sections and get to know all aspects of a model and media agency. You’ll get deep insight into office and administration, plus media skills: Modern online marketing, social media and influencer marketing , PR and more. From the fashion show to Fashion Week to castings and Travel Management. Apply now in our modeling agency!

What you do in the internship / apprenticeship. learn:

  • Model Management and Construction
  • Travel Management
  • offer calculation
  • Media and Project Management
  • Special know-how in Advertising and Fashion
  • Content, Social and Online Marketing
  • Commercial knowledge
  • Customer Care, Customer Administration, Communication
  • Planning, organization, phone calls, e-mail traffic, Excel spreadsheets
  • Contact for Models and Team

What you should bring to Prerequisites:

  • Commitment and self-reliance
  • Good knowledge of English
  • Good spelling and expressions
  • Communication skills, independent and structured work, a sense of responsibility
  • Computer Basics
  • Ideally, fast typing or 10-finger writing (for emails, content, etc)

Working Hours and Agency during Training:

  • Mon – Thu from 9am to 6pm incl. 1h lunch
  • Fri 9-15 pm
  • Cologne, City (Rooftop) on 220sqm and two floors
  • We invest a lot of time in your education
  • Young, ambitious team
  • Owner-operated

Internship for 3 and 6 months:

  • Compensation for 3 months: 200,00 Euro per month
  • Compensation for 6 months: 300.00 Euros per month
  • Excl. Social security contributions, health insurance
  • Takeover: In education / permanent employment possible (with sufficient previous knowledge)

Vocational training as a merchant and merchant

  • Your degree: Business Administration or Dialogue Marketing
  • specializing in Digital Marketing / Model & Artist Management
  • You also learn many aspects, including. Usage rights (buyouts), campaign planning, project management with own customers and much more
  • Remuneration: 600.00 eEuros per month in the 1st year of apprenticeship, increasing according to motivation
  • Excl. Social security contributions, health insurance
  • Takeover: In permanent position possible


Please send us a cover letter + CV as PDF. We do not require certificates or degrees.

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modeling agency, career in the fashion and advertising industry

Your chance! For this job, there is no study: A vocational training is the only way to learn the profession of the model booker, because there is currently no form of education. We show you in everything about working successfully in a model & casting agency. Our model agency offers you as a model booker / in free space, design options and fun at the job!

What does a modelbooker do in the agency?

The booker of a modeling agency is the communication link between the model and the customer. He ensures the smooth running of the order and is the direct contact of the model. The basic task of a model booker is to generate and maintain customer contacts. He is available as a direct contact for inquiries and knows the faces of the file. He proposes the appropriate models to the customer and is responsible for the entire course of the bookings. With a keen sense for the wishes and requirements of the customers, he goes daily as a model agent on the search for the perfect proposals for bookings. If a model can not run a booked job, Booker takes care of a replacement model. Similarly, the booker is always looking for jobs that can convey to the models of the agency, this is active customer acquisition. Gaining new customers strengthens the entire company. Incidentally, he also takes care of the negotiations on the buy outs. He conveys bills from the bookings to the accounting department.

For the model he arranges information, frame and travel data. So nothing stands in the way of perfect booking.

How demanding is the training to become a model agent?

Training as a model agent is really challenging. Anyone who later wants to really be a model agent should be prepared for the fact that training is the minimum requirement. Such a vocational training lasts three years and ends with a degree as a clerk or businessman for office management or dialogue marketing. In both areas, we focus your work very much on marketing but also organization and administration. All in One!

Later in vocational training, you will manage the fate of our company as a project manager. Models, customers, events, press, national and international. In our modeling agency, it is never boring in a variety of tasks! Before you apply, be aware that model agents or modelbookers are very dedicated people. Not only do you lead the fortunes of customer management, even model trust your work, so you always have to give 110%. You want more insights into the jobs of a fashion agent? Here’s an interesting article for you: Becoming a model agent .

If all this sounds exciting to you, send us your application for an apprenticeship or internship at our agency.

Official IHK training company

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