New York Fashion Week Dates: Fashion show, designers, fairs and events

New York Fashion Week – Red Carpet, big press events and runway shows with hundreds of exclusive invited guests. In New York, the big Fashion Week takes place twice a year, it is one of the most important and biggest events of its kind next to the fashion weeks in metropolises like Paris or Milan.

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New York Fashion Week

In glamorous Manhattan in New York City, Fashion Week is held twice a year. At the first Fashion Week of the respective year in February, the fashion of the next autumn/winter season is always presented. The collections for spring and summer, on the other hand, are already presented the year before at the Fashion Week in September. Every year, designers and fashion houses like Coach, Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors present their new collections and impress guests of the high society from New York.

Map and city at a glance: City

For the huge event that is Fashion Week in New York City, of course you need an equally spectacular venue. Where better to bring together the exclusive stars and starlets that converge on the edge of the catwalk than Manhattan! Here, glitz and glamour come together in equally fitting venues – Manhattan is, after all, the epicenter of New York.

Here you will find an overview of New York City:

Here are the latest dates for New York Fashion Week!

New York Fashion Week 2021

The core events around the two most important Fashion Weeks of the year, the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter Fashion Weeks, take place in February and September. New York-based designers such as Kim Shui, Tom Ford, Michael Kors and Coach present their new collections here.

  1. Spring / Summer Fashion Week from 11 – 17 February 2021
  2. TBA: Resort & Spring / Summer 2021
  3. Autumn / Winter Fashion Week from 9 – 15 September 2021

Fashion Week worldwide: All dates

Do you already know? Fashion Week in Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, London & Berlin? Designers, shows and fairs, read more about the individual Fashion Weeks worldwide here:

Los Angeles

Hollywood movie stars, beaches and palm trees in the city – that’s how you know Los Angeles. Here, too, a smaller Fashion Week takes place: But also with big shows like Superdry, Porsche Design, Q Design & Play or Elie Madi.


In a city like Paris, where fashion, charm and stylish clothes on the streets is written large, takes place naturally with one of the largest Fashion Weeks. Famous fashion houses and successful designs were created here, such as Chanel. Great designers like Zadig & Voltaire, Balmain, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu or Givenchy present their fashion here.


Another fashion metropolis that, along with Paris, has made numerous designs famous – the Fashion Week in Milan is one of the largest and most extensive. Numerous models run here for Fendi, Prada, Moschino, Valentino or Giorgio Armani on the catwalk.


On the streets of London you see people in clothes from big designers everywhere, be it on Regent Street or on the streets of Soho. London Fashion Week is no different. The huge event spans several days and is filled with stars, designers, influencers and models. There is no end of fashion here. Among others from designers like Burberry, Céline or Emilia Wickstead.

  • London Fashion Week


Fashion Weeks also take place in Germany. Cultures and different styles meet in the capital of Germany. Berlin has been the venue of the big fashion week in Germany since 2007, with fashion brands like MarcCain and Allude presenting their new collections. However, the future of the Berlin Fashion Week is currently uncertain, so the fashion week is actually supposed to move to Frankfurt from 2021.

  • Berlin Fashion Week