Bermuda: virtual model with scandals and music career

Blonde, perfect figure, beautiful face. Is she real? This is the question many ask, but the blonde model is not real. One of the most famous and scandalous virtual influencers is Bermuda. She became successful through her scandals and former negative nature. The It-girl has a budding music and modelling career. Are digital influencers the replacement for Naomi Campbell or Bella Hadid? Find more articles on virtual influencers here.

Who is Bermuda, and what triggered it?

Bermuda, is a controversial blonde virtual model from LA since 2016, who is known for stirring up the digital world of social media. The virtual model is very politically related and was a Trump supporter, her views have since changed. She also did not believe in climate change. She brought other scandalous actions that helped gain more followers. April 2018, Bermuda hacked Miquela’s Instagram account. In the process, she deleted many photos and posted computer-generated avatars, including her photos. She wrote in the description:

“Hi guys! This is Bermuda. Sooooo… You have been lied to by a fake person. Who literally buys that for a second? Apparently a lot of you. …Sorry, Miquela. I tried texting you, I tried calling, but you keep ignoring me. You brought this on yourself, girl ?. Leave me a comment if you care about the truth, k? ? Follow me @bermudaisbae.”

However, this brought Miquela to 1 million followers on Instagram, and was a milestone that opened a lot of doors in the influencer world, including lucrative brand deals with celebrity designers. Miquela didn’t let herself get down and kept trying to prove to people that she was a real person. And that’s exactly what Bermuda didn’t like. She posted pictures on her own Instagram account and continued to threaten Miquela. The two have since reconciled and are now very good friends.

Was she really hacked?

No, the whole story was a marketing strategy by its creators to help gain more followers and attention.

What does Bermuda do for a living?

Bermuda is now a well-known influencer and has advertised for Chanel, Balenciaga, Tesla, Adam Selman and Starbucks on her Instagram. She has also released her own music, which has garnered 378,735 views on YouTube. On Instagram, Bermuda now has 288,000 followers and gets around 20-40 thousand likes per picture.

Love between virtual influencers?

Bermuda and Blawko22 used to be a couple. However, the relationship ended. They met through Instagram. Blawko discovered her through the argument between her and Miquela. When Bermuda changed companies, where Blawko and Miquela were, they met. Bermuda got a better look and her personality changed. The two met more often and then became a couple. However, the two had different characters. Blawko was always very positive and always wanted the best, whereas Bermuda was very negative. They parted ways because Bermuda wanted to change Blawko and he didn’t like it. However, the three virtual characters are friends despite this. Just like Blawko22 and LilMiquela, Bermuda is the project of Brud, founded by Trevor McFredries and Sara DeCou. The Three Virtual Models are represented by PR firm Huxley and have been backed by Spark Capital, Sequoia Capital, M Ventures, BoxGroup, Chris Williams, Founders Fund and WME.

Lil Miquela : one of the biggest virtual model

The Brazilian-American model, music artist and influencer has so far turned the world upside down with her almost 3 million. At first glance, you might think she’s a living person. She wears real clothes like Supreme and luxury brands like Chanel. Her inventors Trevor McFredries and Sara DeCou created together with Brud, a technology start up in Los Angeles. Now she works with models like Bella Hadid and gets big cooperation contracts. The models have their own lives, in addition to individual personalities, in which they report on their leisure activities with the help of story telling.

Virtual look with real character

Sweet look and perfectly styled every day, that’s what her followers love about Miquela. Best of all, she can change how she wants and not age! While the modelling career of Heidi Klum or Kate Moos is already over, her career is just beginning. Just like the careers of virtual models Ella Stoller and Zoe Dvir.  However, the trend of these virtual stars has long since gone beyond Instagram; a modelling career is also already predicted for them. They inspire others and are role models for many people out there. She champions Black Live Matters and inspires young people to see the world differently. Even though many claim that they are all fake, there are real people behind the avatars. Here you can find more about other succsessful digital models

Everything you need to know about Lil Miquela!

Not only is the virtual avatar an influencer, model or musician, she also has a YouTube career. In the video, Miquela not only shares little glimpses into her life, but also proudly presents her achievements so far.

Instagram: real life with digital avatar

In 2016, her Instagram account went online. Just a couple of years later and almost over 1000 posts later, almost 3 million people follow her. Miquela is a virtual megastar. She shows there her best sides, her strikingly different style and her everyday life with her friends, like with Bermuda or Blawko22, who are also virtual avatars. She is also totally popular among the stars. She posts pictures with Saweetie , who became famous for her single “My Type”, as they hang out together and sit in a cafe.  She’s giving the real influencers a run for their money. However, she embodies exactly what the young generation is looking for. Perfection.

Miquela’s Instagram beef with Bermuda

In 2016, the pretty influencer first appeared on various social media channels. However, the creators of the avatar kept it a secret at the beginning that Lil Miquela and was an artificial person. The success began when another virtual avatar Bermuda started an argument between the two.  In the process, Bermuda hacked into Miquela’s Instagram and spread to the whole world that the influencer is not real. In the process, she deleted many photos and posted computer-generated avatars, including her own photos. Not only was there a dispute between two virtual characters, but also between two companies. After the dispute between Bermunda and Miquela, she admits to being a virtual creature.

Was she really hacked?

No, the whole story was a marketing strategy by the creators to help gain more followers and attention. Influencers are gaining importance in marketing. An individual character sells products better than advertising on TV, because many people trust the character. Her confession went through the social media. – And with it, her reach grew.

Music career: pop songs, dances and covers

Meanwhile, Lil Miquela has released many music videos and averages more than 4 million clicks per video. Lil Miquela’s music is in the pop and house genres and has already gained many followers. In 2017, the avatar released her first single Not Mine. This was followed by other songs such as Hate Me, Speak Up and Money. The songs are very well received by her followers and gets positive feedback. The avatar can be seen in every video, she is always dancing, interacting with the camera and having fun with her friends.

Here is the music video for Speak Up:

Miquela also releases songs with other famous singers such as Teyana Taylor, an American singer, actress, dancer and model. Together they released the song Machine in 2020. The music video has now reached around 1.4 million views on YouTube.

Miquela’s successes and collaborations: Prada, Calvin Klein & Co.

She became famous not only through the controversy or music, but also through jobs such as with Calvin Klein. They use Lil Miquela’s fame for commercials. In May 2019, Calvin Klein made headlines when they had Lil Miquela appear alongside supermodel Bella Hadid.

Check it out:

Own Giphys for the Virtual Influencer

The model is not only seen in videos or pictures , but also magazines like Elle or Vogue take notice of her. So Prada cooperated with the fictional model and created a series of stickers together with Giphy and Instagram. She posted a photo of herself wearing a look from the new Prada 2018 collection. So with she became a part of Milan Fashion Week.

Samsung Galaxy: Virtual influencer meets Galaxy

She is promoting the new Samsung Galaxy alongside Millie Boby Brown, DJ and producer Steve Aoki and gamer Ninja.

#Team Galaxy is a global community of Galaxy users and fans who support Samsung’s philosophy of “Do What you can’t!”

That’s the official statement from Samsumg. Lil Miquela brings the commercial into the 21st century.

Here you will find a short list about Lil Miquela’s achievements:

  • Dior
  • Chanel
  • Prada
  • Gucci
  • Porsche
  • Burberry
  • Jacquemus
  • Jean Paul Gaultier
  • Moschino
  • Loewe
  • Alexander McQueen
  • Ugg’s 40th anniversary campaign
  • Chrome Hearts
  • Collaboration with Undernewmgmt – delivering fresh flowers in LA
  • Collaboration with The M Jewelers NYC
  • Feature with Teyana Taylor – Machine
  • Musicians like Yuna, Justine Skye & Bulow have done covers of their songs
  • Conducts interviews with well-known personalities on IG – Tv – HEY MIQUELA

Zoe Dvir: From bartender to catwalk model

Zoe Dvir is not alone on the avatar stage. The first virtual infleuncer was created in 2016 by Trevor McFredries and Sara Decou. LilMiquela is one of the most famous digital models. A true revolution in the fashion world.  Kendall Jenner, Bella or Gigi Hadid were yesterday’s news. The virtual models are slowly working their way up into the fashion world. Zoe Dvir has only been around for a short time and has already walked a fashion show and been on the cover of a magazine. With her perfect look, Zoe can be multi-faceted and is a real role model for younger people. She campaigns for animal welfare and manages to start a modelling career while studying. And all this despite the fact that she is not real. You can read about her success here:

Who is Zoe?

Zoe Dvir is 22 years old comes from Tel Aviv and is quickly working her way up to success. She has blue eyes and dark brown curls. She is vegan, fights for women’s rights and influences social media with it. She is not only a model but also works as a bartender and studies art and design. In her free time, she loves to paint and walk with her dog. She is a real role model for many young women.

Activist Zoe a real role model

More and more restaurants are opening with vegan dishes and more vegan food is also available in supermarkets. In Zoe’s home country of Israel, 5% of the population eats a vegan diet. That is more than in any other country in the world. How fitting, then, that Zoe also counts herself among the ranks of the veggie front.

It’s clear that veganism can be a perfectly healthy diet, and it also explains the 22-year-old’s great body, but Zoe is about much more than her own health and body. Her goal is to draw her followers’ attention to abuses in the area of animal husbandry, but also sustainability. Zoe stands for reduced, conscious consumption, against fur and has the goal to make the masses aware of grievances and the effects of our impact on the earth.

Experts and stylists: Zoe01 to success

It’s impressive how Zoe Dvir manages to find time for modelling alongside her studies and job as a bartender. That’s one of the advantages of being a 3D animator: Time doesn’t matter. Zoe was created by an Israeli company that has been active in the tech scene for several years. The company, Zoe01, has a team of art, styling and social media experts as well as computer engineers to create Zoe Dvir and Ella Stoller. Zoe is not based on a specific person but was created by experts to create success. The only feature that has been adopted is Zoe’s curls. Her curls come from the fact that the creator’s daughter has curly hair. Zoe is one of a trio of avatars created in Tel Aviv that have recently become popular in the United Arab Emirates. Zoe was taken on directly by the modelling agency MMG and has been signed to a contract there. You can find information about the other virtual avatars here:

First jobs for artificial avatars: CHAIN, Bird and more

Her first job was for a November issue of Nationals Luxury magazine. In this, Zoe was made up with beautiful bold shades. The stylists created 5 different make-up looks with her from more natural looks to striking make-up looks with a bright red tone with red lips. So Zoe is changeable and fully multi-faceted.

Zoe for CHAIN: first fashion show

Zoe will celebrate her catwalk model bounty at the fashion show of the label CHAIN. She will then be seen virtually at Russian Fashion Week. The plant-based clothing is handmade in Buenos Aires in a small local. The brand reflects timeless, minimalist as well as extraordinary design. Just one year after its launch, Vogue Italy named CHAIN the “Next Green Talent”.

Bird Scooter: virtual models go fast

The e-scooter present in big cities is also present in Zoe’s hometown Tel Aviv. So the provider Bird have teamed up with Zoe to showcase the product. Zoe takes the e-scooter around the streets of Tel Aviv and visits the best places!

First magazine article in Germany

Zoe and Ella with the big Insta stars, in a magazine! Now in the new issue, among others interviews with Sarina Nowak (Curvy Model), Kasia Lenhardt and cover story with Louisa Mazzurana. FIV Magazine (Issue #6), the first German-language report about our digital avatars Zoe & Ella. You can read the e-magazine online for free:

Ella Stoller: virtual model, Zoe01 and numerous jobs

Ella Stoller has been shining in the modelling world since 2019. She is under contract with the Israeli model agency IT Models and the German model agency Cocaine Models. Within a year, she has already landed several modeling jobs and has been able to inspire with her extraordinary look and her likeable charisma. The following is a brief overview of some of the most successful model jobs and campaigns. Here you can find more information about popular virtual models:

Ella Stoller: from pink influencer to blonde model

While Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Co. have been conquering the catwalks of this world for years, virtual models are also celebrating more and more success in the fashion world .Ella Stoller is just like Zoe Dvir a digital influencer from Tel-Aviv, Israel. She inspires the whole country and convinces the fashion world with her multi-faceted personality. With her dances on TikTok and her Instagram account, she attracted attention in the fashion world. She has already landed several modelling jobs and graced the cover of a magazine. Here is an overview of virtual models around the world!

Instagram: Stylish outfits and individuality

She shares her life on various social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, entertaining her growing community. And it all started in November 2019, with Ella posting her first Instagram post and taking her first step into the fashion industry. Stylish outfits and pink hair her posts count several hundreds of likes and regular positive comments.

Creative Tik Tok videos of a CGI model: @ellastoller

Not just a pretty face, but a real dancing talent too. With almost 7k followers, she is one of the first virtual influencers on TikTok. Her most clicked video even counts almost 215k clicks. She already has a total of 17k likes on her TikTok account and her fanbase keeps growing. Here is a video of a challenge on TikTok:

Zoe01 inventors of virtual models

Zoe01 created not only the curly-headed Zoe Divir but, created the digital model Ella Stoller. Zoe01 is a technology and creative company that specialises in the design and development of computer-generated personalities. So Zoe01 develops an artificial model with personality for reality and was launched on Instagram. And all with success – by now the model has built a fanbase of almost 11 thousand followers and gets numerous modelling jobs in Europe and in her native Isreal.

First cover on AK Magazine

Together with the successful model ,Yael Shelbia, Ella Stoller graced the cover of the Israeli magazine AK. The two models are from different worlds, but they give an individual touch. A successful first appearance for Ella Stoller. A model can’t ask for more than that for her first cover.

First magazine article in Germany

A year later, Ella gets her own article in the FIV Magazine together with Zoe. Zoe and Ella with the big Insta-stars, in one magazine! Now in the new issue, among others interviews with Sarina Nowak (Curvy Model), Kasia Lenhardt and cover story with Louisa Mazzurana. FIV Magazine (Issue #6), the first German-language report about our digital avatars Zoe & Ella. You can read the e-magazine online for free:

Fix Underwear and Paletté Swim

Considered one of her first modelling jobs, she collaborated with the label Fix Underwear. So it was only a matter of time before she wowed her community as a swimwear model. With Paletté Swim she has found her perfect cooperation partner. Flattering yet body-hugging cuts, bright colour combinations and daring pattern combinations perfectly reflect Ella Stoller’s style.

Digital food campaign with Take3: Next Level

Whether it’s sushi, pizza, Indian or co. here Ella Stoller promotes an Israeli delivery service. She shows that you can order your favourite food from the comfort of your couch.

Here is the commercial for Israeli delivery service Take3: Next Level: