Fashion Week moves to Frankfurt / Mainhatten: Bye Berlin! What awaits us?

Fashion Week Frankfurt – Hard to believe but true, Fashion Week is moving from Berlin to Frankfurt. “Poor but sexy” (the former slogan of Berlin) used to be, now it’s all about finance, investments and high-rise buildings! The Berlin Fashion Week moves to Frankfurt am Main.

The headline: Berlin Fashion Week moves to Frankfurt

Today it ran on all news tickers, from Instagram to the TV news. Fashion Week was as much a part of Berlin as the Currywurst. But times are changing, Berlin has invested less and less in the direction of the Fashion Week in recent years. The fashion fair attracted over 200,000 trade visitors to the capital in a single week. These brought the fashion industry a total turnover of (depending on estimates) between 120 and 240 million euros. The turnover is generated by orders at the fashion fair, including restaurant visits and hotel accommodation in Berlin.

In return, the city had to invest relatively little, last year it was only 33 million euros. Well invested money, as the pictures of Fashion Week go all over the world. So Berlin has not only the direct economic factor, through the additional tourism, but also public relations. The cash registers in Berlin are getting emptier and emptier, which is why a new organiser has now been found who even wants to invest additional money in the Fashion Week.

Our model agency Inhaber & Creative Art Director, who also organized and hosted the final show of last year’s Berlin Fashion Week, gave an interview about the Fashion Week in Frankfurt in FIV Magazine today.

Read the full interview here:

Here you can see our last, final show at the Berlin Fashion Week, Saturday evening at 9 pm with Swimmingpool Runway at the Haubentaucher Berlin

Frankfurt City: Map

Frankfurt from above.

Directions: Airport > Frankfurt City

This is the fastest way to get from the airport to the city of Frankfurt am Main:

Berlin Fashion Week: Final Show Summer ’19

Fashion Show – Fashion, Designer and Fashion Weeks in Germany

You have to organize your first fashion show in Berlin, Hamburg or Munich and don’t know where to start yet? In our small agency 1×1 for models and designers you will find all the important points you need to consider when planning a fashion show. From the first model casting to the rehearsal before the show. As an agency we have already accompanied several fashion shows, among others together with Daab at the Mercedes-Benz Cologne Fashion Days. Based on our experience as young designers we not only want to give you tips for planning, but also a small checklist!

Fashion show definition – What is a fashion show exactly?

fashion show according to Duden – catwalk, runway, fashion show, …

A fashion show is defined in the Duden as “an event at which the latest fashions are presented”. This is very broad. Closer illuminated is a fashion show the presentation of fashion collections in a certain staging. The collections of designers and labels are usually presented seasonally on the catwalk by models. The staging of the fashion show can be determined individually, there is no generally defined procedure. As a rule, a fashion show ends with a repeated, fast appearance of all models of the show and the “bowing” of the designer to the audience. The audience can be either the general public or an exclusive circle of invited guests and/or the press. As a rule, however, every fashion show focuses on a few key points in the organisation of agencies:

  1. Needed List – All details of planning / PR / Show in highlights
  2. Model Casting – The perfect models and measurements for the fashion collection
  3. Choreography – A detailed planning of the individual “pictures” (scenes)
  4. Public Relations – We inspire the right people from the label
  5. Rehearsal – Final dress rehearsal for all models of the fashion show
  6. Fashion show – The big moment for fashion designers
  7. Press work – After the show is before the show!

Famous fashion shows in Germany

Fashion shows take place in many cities in Germany. Especially well known for fashion shows in Germany are the fashion cities of Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Cologne.

Fashion Show Munich – Secret Fashion Show

One of the well-known fashion shows in Munich is the Secret fashion Show in Munich. This is organised by the Mplus Agency and takes place in May and October.

Fashion Show Berlin – Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

The fashion metropolis Berlin is known for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. One of the hottest shows every season is the fashion show by Guido Maria Kretschmer. The sympathetic designer is also known from the TV format “Shopping Queen” on VOX.

Fashion Show Hamburg – A+ Fashion Days

The Plus Size Fashion Days in Hamburg are organized by the team of the Kurvenrausch Blog. Kurvenrausch organises fashion shows, beauty events, re-styling campaigns and more in Hamurg.

Düsseldorf Fashion Show – CPD & Platform Fashion

The CPD fashion fair is held regularly in Düsseldorf. Düsseldorf is THE fashion city in NRW. The CPD regularly attracts numerous fashion enthusiasts and retailers. The Fashion platform in Düsseldorf is also popular in the fashion industry.

Catwalk music for the fashion show

Besides mixtapes from DJ’s there are also fashion shows with live music. One band that is known for fashion show music is for example B.O.X.E.R. They already stood for shows of different designers on “The Catwalk”…

Catwalk: Haute Couture & Pret-a-Porter

More about the different running styles can be found in the article: Haute Couture & Pret-a-Porter.

Fashion show agency – success for the new fashion collection

If you want to organize your first fashion show and you still need help for a full success or you want to put the whole project into firm hands, it is recommended to hire a fashion show agency.

Berlin Fashion Week 2016 – Model Manager: Behind the scenes

Twice a year the fashion industry is drawn to the capital for Berlin Fashion Week. While visitors and the media are mainly interested in shows, buyers and managers from various stores and fashion houses meet at Berlin’s fashion fairs. They all take place parallel to the different fashion shows. In 2016, public events focused primarily on two locations: The “Runway”, beautifully located at the Brandenburg Gate and the “Stage”, Berlin Mitte and easily accessible by shuttle bus from the “Runway”. From Monday to Saturday the motto was: Fashion! Over ten shows, various side events and aftershow parties every day. There was something for everyone. Highlights this year included Marc Cain, Guido Maria Kretschmar, Anne Gorke, and many more. The absolute highlight, however, was the “Candy Fashion”, Key Looks by FashionID (Peek & Cloppenburg) with numerous looks from Esprit to comma; A hall full of cotton candy, sweets and style – but later more about the

Fashion Week Model Management – Preparations, Emails and Networking

For us as managers, Fashion Week naturally starts weeks before – in December. Work starts about six weeks before Fashion Week. In addition to the notebook, the smartphone is a constant companion. The first show packages will be released by the designers. A show package contains among other things the models’ sedcards, but also Polaroids and walking videos. Major modeling agencies are already making special efforts to get the coveted invitations – some even create special sedcards for this event. Why? Fashion Week represents the who is who of the fashion world. Those who can afford it are present here. Therefore it is important to start work early enough. The better the planning in advance, the smoother the castings, fittings and shows run!

While an agency is already rushing into travel plans, overnight stays and the organisation of appointments, the invitations to the castings are gradually coming in. As mentioned above, about fifty individual shows will take place during Fashion Week. This means that there are almost as many model casings in Berlin in advance. A real job.

Models, catwalk training, print sedcards – preparation is half the battle

For us there were almost thirty interesting casting dates this season. We had 10 of our New Faces & catwalk models on site. Just arrived, the rented AirBnB apartment is already being converted into an office for the team. Notebooks, smartphones, casting lists – so that we can work and coordinate perfectly in Berlin, directly from Potsdamer Platz. Advantage: Digital company! We can work anytime and anywhere, so we like to accompany our models on shows and shootings.

We have four days! From notebook to reflex camera, we have everything in our luggage. Monday starts Fashion Week and a few days before, the castings. Most of the Berlin Fashion Week castings take place in the hotels, Berlin Mitte. Anyone who has ever been to a casting knows that many models are coming. Mostly there are even hundreds from all over Germany and partly Europe. Each casting takes place in separate floors and rooms. Immediately after the entrance the first beats form in front of the rooms – from now on it’s time to wait until you can stand in front of the jury. Suddenly the huge hotel lobby is full of people, small suitcases and waiting looks.

Day 1: Arrival and the first casting plans for the shows

Friday 15.01.2015: The Berlin Fashion Week AW 2016 always consists of two parts, the castings and the shows. For spectators often only the important days with the big shows count. For models, however, the days before are crucial. Here, before Fashion Week, model castings for shows and fashion shows take place throughout the city centre. Hundreds of models gather in the capital’s large hotels, but also in showrooms, Ateiliers and agencies. All major agencies are present here. Fashion Week does not only mean prestige, you can make excellent contacts and get to know a lot of new things. The Berlin flair also gives the Fashion Week its unique character. Many models book into the hotels around the city centre. This makes the castings easier to reach and also in the evening there is some time to have a drink with friends or new acquaintances.

Day 2: casting, casting, casting

Saturday 16.01.2015: For four days models and fashion agents speed through the city centre. Everyone is looking for the best jobs and the biggest shows. In the bag are only the most important things, the smartphone is always ready to hand and from morning to evening it goes from casting to casting. While there is a lot of walking during the day, the evening is decisive for the planning of the next day. Which casting should you attend first and which last? Where to find good food quickly and easily? Besides, you have small talk with other models, get more castings. Four days is all about seeing and being seen!

Who knows Castings of Germanys Next Topmodel will be surprised. There is no big stage, no spotlights and only rarely cameras. As a model you have hardly any time, not ten minutes, maximum thirty seconds. Who convinces spontaneously, is often still briefly measured or sent directly to a fast fitting. The jury consists of three or four people who have to evaluate hundreds of people according to purely external criteria within a few hours. As a result, castings often seem impersonal, but this is purely due to time.

The castings usually take place in large city centre hotels, with large rooms and plenty of space for hundreds of models waiting for their Gosee. Small groups are always forming in the waiting rooms, everyone is waiting for the casting call, then the show starts. With the model book and sedcard, the jury is made up mostly of designers, marketing people or other media and production people. Usually there are three or four people. The model walks up to the jury and introduces himself, often with very little time, many only seconds. Many models see here for the first time how big and how strong the competition is in their own and in other model agencies.

Those who have convinced often get a call from their model agent the same evening with the confirmation. Especially good models are also quickly booked so that they are still available for their own fashion show. So the best Mdoels have their success experiences already early – if they did not have first a Direct Booking.

The time in the casting requires a lot of commitment, organisational talent and willpower from the models. Even after the sixth performance on one day you still have to laugh and enjoy your job – even if there were six cancellations before. With this know-how, however, models can learn a lot for jobs and also strengthen their own self-confidence as well as their own perception. The short, but very intense situation with hundreds of other models, shows many a realistic picture and spurs them on to do even more.

The first castings for the shows start Thursday/Friday and then run until Monday evening. Occasionally, however, castings are also carried out before and even during the current Fashion Week. So if you are thinking of joining us as a model, you should plan ten days off.

  • Castings you get almost only with a large, serious model agency or an experienced model agent
  • Show castings go from Thursday to Monday
  • Berlin Fashion Week from Tuesday to Saturday
  • So as a model you should plan on 10 days
  • At least Thursday to Tuesday


Fashion Week Castings and decision of fashion designers

Many designers or agencies usually make their decision on the same day. They will then contact you via all channels to secure the best models. Because every fashion show includes a fitting and calltime. During fitting, clothes are tried on the models, which is usually very quick and only takes thirty minutes. The call time is then, so to speak, the start of work on the show day. All models, brand-up artists and stylists gather at calltime. All models get their assigned clothes as well as their styling. The calltime is therefore often a few hours before the show so that all models are guaranteed to be ready and the show can start on time.

  • Big competition: hundreds of great models meet each other
  • Often there is little time left for individual castings
  • Don’t forget your sedcard

The Fashion Week is much more than castings and shows. At Berlin Fashion Week, thousands of buyers from all over Germany come together in the various order fairs, less spectacularly and media-wise. Whether Panorama, Preium or Seek. Outside the shows there is also a lot to experience for people from the fashion industry.


Order and Fair – the heart of Fashion Week

For many outsiders, Fashion Week means above all shows! Fashion shows are held daily at various locations. In 2016 (Autumn/Winter) everything will focus on the collections of the coming Spring/Summer season. While snow still lies outside in the streets of Berlin, buyers jump from fair to fair to cover themselves with the latest trends.

One of the major order fairs is the international fashion fair “Premium”. At hundreds of stands, merchants crowd together large and well-known brands. Buyers can view and order the latest samples directly here. The fair is only open to trade visitors, so fortunately you have enough space to concentrate on different looks, cuts and colours. While strolling from hall to hall on the Premium, there are small delicacies, coffee and also small and large highlights of the exhibitors all along the edge. Not only fashion, but also accessories and jewellery. At the “Premium”, the manufacturers even fill their own hall. Further fashion fairs can be found all over Berlin. Among other things, there are still the “Seek” and “Panorama”, all only a few underground or suburban train stations apart.

PREMIUM Berlin Fall/Winter 2014/15 from Premium Berlin on Vimeo

Fittings for the big fashion shows at the runway

For model agents and model agencies, the final phase is now underway. It takes less than an hour to recharge your phone. While Desigenr’s assistants call to request models, models request the first fitting and call times and in parallel the first confirmations must be sent via e-mail. The phone doesn’t stop for three days and as a manager it’s hard to get away from the notebook. Therefore the show list fills up, confirmation for confirmation. Models receive asap their information and designers the booking confirmation. Even on Monday evening, plans are still being made for the coming morning – and off we go: It’s Fashion Week!

Shows and events at Fashion Week

From Tuesday to Saturday there are now possible shows and aftershow parties of the designers. Ten designers will kick off on Tuesday. Already on the first day it became clear that there would only be a free minute again at the end of Fashion Week. Our first show this year was “Ivanman” on the “Stage” in the me Collectors Room. Early in the morning, 11 o’clock. Already last season Ivanman made a top start. Oh, this year. Immediately afterwards we went on with “Nobi Talai” in Berlin’s Kronprinzenpalai with our Yulha. Followed by a very floral show by the designer “Lena Hoschek”, perfectly arranged in one line from the place card to the stage. After that jump to the greenshowroom in the Postbahnhof, where our Alex had his first show, parallel Anne and David ran for Odeur at the “Runway” Brandenburger Tor. And the day was only half over – show after show it went on for the next four days.

Fortunately, we were not only allowed to run on the first show, also on Friday two of our models, Helena and Lisa, on the final show of “Ioana Ciolacu”. With creative make-up and strong pictures afterwards.

The big finale: Candy Fashion – KEY LOOKS Show by FashionID

The biggest highlight of the current fashion week took place on Saturday in a “small” circle of people. Top models, stars, agency and media representatives met at the KEY LOOKS Show from “FashionID” by “Peek & Cloppenburg”. The motto was “Candy Fashion”. The entire lobby of Fashion Week at the Brandenburg Gate was transformed into candy and cotton candy land – everything looked like a Katy Perry video. Really great staged by the set designer. Between cotton candy and human-sized lollipops there were cool, refined drinks at various bars, a great DJ and many little surprises and snacks. Almost two hundred people gathered left and right around the catwalk, which in turn was decorated with cotton candy at the entrance up to the ceiling, pink light and lollipops made the picture of “Candy Fashion” perfect.

fashion-id-models-runway-modenschau-peek-cloppenburg-key-looks-2016-candy-fashion-berlin fashion-id-models-runway-modenschau-peek-cloppenburg-key-looks-2016-candy-fashion-berlin-konfetti  fashion-id-models-runway-modenschau-peek-cloppenburg-key-looks-2016-candy-fashion-topmodel-johanna-cocaine-models-outfit fashion-id-models-runway-modenschau-peek-cloppenburg-key-looks-2016-candy-fashion-topmodel-johanna-cocaine-models-urban-outfit

At the beginning, eight models from a classic cotton candy wagon stood across the catwalk with sweet sugar threads. That put a smile on almost everyone’s face! Shortly thereafter, Showtime, the keylooks of the coming season, was available in all Peek & Cloppenburg stores and online on FashionID. With fashion by Esprit, Marc Cain and Max&Co. Moderated by Annemarie Carpendale (Red and Taff on ProSieben). Each collection got its own music, its own staging for the audience. Our Johanna also attended and showed a total of three looks for the spring/summer season 2016, culminating in creative outsfits for the fashion magazines – each editorial team put together their favourite pieces from the new collections and combined them with accessories and other pieces. Thus, new creations and looks for 2016 were immediately lost.

Fashion Week Berlin Highlights 2015: Guido Maria Kretschmer to HolyGhost

For the 17th time the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week took place in Berlin. capital, fashion metropolis and always at the cutting edge of fashion trends and style. Well-known designers presented their spring/summer collections 2016 in numerous fashion shows, including Hugo Boss, Lena Hoschek, Riani, Guido Maria Kretschmer and many more. They all attracted fashion enthusiasts and international trade visitors to the capital for Fashion Week. The main attraction was the Mercedes Benz Fashion tent, directly behind the Brandenburg Gate. Young, innovative, but also established fashion designers also presented their collections and designs in several off-locations. Our Cocaine Models-Model Bookerin Regina Steinpress was live on site and captured the most beautiful backstage moments.

Highlights on Tuesday – The first shows

The Berlin Fashion Week starts this year on 07.07.2015 with the first opening shows. With the highlight “Panorama Berlin” and the side event “IT COUTURE – The Fashion & Technology Exhibition”. Both start punctually at 09.00 o’clock. The seats are of course occupied until the last one, music is released: Fashion! It’s not over until the afternoon. The first fashion show gets the fashion label “Sopopular Menswear” and opens the catwalk with the collection “The Last March Before Victory”. The combination of military elements and Asian style is a perfect match for the fashion label. This is followed by several trade fairs, shows, side events and fashion shows in which renowned designers such as Lena Hoschek and Marc Cain present their new collections.

Particularly interesting are the many so-called side events at Berlin Fashion Week, because most of the time anyone can visit them without an invitation. These are not as well-known and highly official as the shows in the Mercedes Benz Fashion tent, where only invited guests have access.
Catwalk – Impressions from the catwalk

Our models at Fashion-Week Berlin

Also three of our Cocaine models proved themselves in the castings. They are part of Berlin Fashion Week and run the catwalk for various fashion designers. Simon walks the catwalk for fashion label Brachmann, a classic in men’s fashion, which this time took place at the stage location in the “Me Collectors Room”. Another highlight of Fashion Week for our model Simon is that he is the only model to conquer the catwalk for the new women’s collection of the fashion label Riani. Our Nikola presents the fashion of Pearly Wong, an independent design label, made of monochrome garments with unique materials. And Niklas takes part in the colourful and varied IVANMAN fashion show, which is intended to provide an impetus for more colour. There are not many looks in the collection, but well thought-out and stylish! Just as one knows it from the designer Ivan Mandzukic.

Highlights on Wednesday – The great designers

Of course, the second day of Fashion Week in Berlin will be an exciting day. A lot of other shows by famous designers like Anja Gockel or William Fan follow. Also the aftershow parties in the evening pile up, many celebrities, models and bloggers gather to celebrate.

A special fashion show was that of designer and TV darling Guido Maria Kretschmer. With his new collection “Bon Voyage” he presented his latest autumn/winter fashion 2015. Couture and “Ready to Wear” looks are combined for simple elegance and femininity. Stefanie Giesinger and Betty Taube, two then Germanys next top model candidates, can also be found on the catwalk.

Another highlight is the show of the designer duo Holy Ghost. Great Crested Grebe, an exclusive “in-location” with pool in Berlin, was transformed into an extraordinary catwalk. The catwalk runs over the water and is laid with an oriental carpet, which keeps the atmosphere very Mediterranean. Hundreds of visitors gather to take part in this spectacle.

Our models continue to conquer the catwalks

One of our Cocaine models is getting another catwalk job. Simon is allowed to participate in the third show so far and presents the new Spring/Summer collection 2015 by designer Franziska Michael. With a very creative and crazy outfit he walks casually over the catwalk.

Between Catwalk and Germanys next topmodels

Highlights on Thursday – almost 30° & Fashion

Shows and masses at noon, parties in the evening. This is the motto of Fashion Week in Berlin. Also on Thursday there are some highlights not to miss.
Fashion designer Michael Michalsky can be seen again this time! After he was not at the Fashion Week in January, because of the Ebola outbreak in Africa, for which he donated a considerable amount, he is back in July. With his first couture collection “Atelier Michalsky” he wants to create new favourite pieces. As expected, he inspires with his latest collection of trade visitors, as well as fashion enthusiasts.

Another absolute highlight on this day is the Dutch model Doutzen Kroes. Last week in Paris – today in Berlin. The famous Victoria’s Secret model is not on the catwalk this time, but at the Mercedes Benz Press Vernisasge, where she poses in an enchanting evening dress.

Our Models

Also on Thursday one of our Cocaine models will be present. Nikola takes part in the “Panorama Berlin” fashion fair. The fair starts on the first day and presents the most important trends of the coming season, which include women’s and men’s collections as well as accessories from leading lifestyle brands.

Highlights on Friday – spectacular finish

Also on the last day of Fashion Week, Friday, there are some highlights, as well as spectacular shows.

Especially exciting is the Michalsky Stylenite, with which Fashion Week ends, as every year. This year, however, with a “light version”. There the designer, his collection and the Fashion Week will be celebrated once again. Of course, all seats are taken at this highlight, because everyone wants to be there at this special end! On the catwalk you can see flowing dresses in pastel shades, as well as a lot of fabric with flowers. The floral wreaths on the heads of the men’s models are particularly striking. The more conspicuous – the better!

But also many other designers like Ewa Herzog, Dorothee Schumacher or the Turkish designer Emre Erdemoglu, who also present their collections on the last day, have a lot of fabric with flowers on display. So-called “flood pants” also seem to be back in fashion! Turtleneck sweaters and shoulderless tops are very often seen on the catwalks in the German fashion metropolis!

Is real life as a model more exciting than Germanys Next Topmodel?

Wie Models leben, zeigt die TV-Sendung “Germanys Next Topmodel” nun schon seit über zehn Jahren. Jedes Jahr laden die Produzenten der TV-Produktion für Nachwuchsmodelle zum offenen Casting. Tausende junger Frauen und Mädchen stürmen zu den Castings in Deutschlands Metropolen. Natürlich schaffen nur wenige den Sprung in den Recall, noch weniger in die finalen Shows. Jedes Jahr entscheiden dann die Profis in der Model-Jury über die Zukunft der Mädchen. Read more

Become a Model – Small Business

Newfaces, newcomers and younger models are often faced with the question of which legal form is right for you. If the first jobs in a model agency are made, it goes to the fee compensation on the part of your agency. It is advisable to start as a small trader (or small business) at first. You are still underage? Then the effort is a bit bigger. What you had to consider, you can find here in the Model Blog under Model werden mit 14, 15, 16 & 17 Jahren. Today we want to give you a few tips. No matter if you live as a model in Berlin, Munich or Hamburg.

This article gives you a first overview. If you decide to work as a model, always talk to your parents or a tax advisor before taking any risks.

The right legal form for young models and self-employed people

Small businesses are uncomplicated. This is how they differ from the classic businessman. Influencing factors include the amount of turnover or profit you generate. The name already says it, they are small-scale trades. You can make a small business as a model full-time and part-time, so you are flexible as far as your livelihood is concerned. You don’t need your own business premises and the annual financial statement is done quickly. Unlike a businessman, you can calculate your profit in a simple income statement (more about this later).

Advantages and disadvantages of small business at a glance:

  • Little effort, no start-up capital – The establishment of a small business is informal, inexpensive and therefore very uncomplicated.
  • Instead of extensive annual financial statements, simple bookkeeping (income statement) and a quick VAT return are sufficient – according to the BGB, you are not obliged to keep accounts, you do not have to prepare a balance sheet and you can easily prepare your year-end profit using the EÜR. To do this, you only have to enter the things that are relevant for you in the VAT return.
  • Caution (!) you are always liable with your private assets.
  • Full-time and part-time – As a model you can keep your flexibility and work part-time or concentrate fully on your modeling career.

Small business start-up for models – it’s that easy

As you have already seen in the advantages and disadvantages of starting a small business, you do not need any start-up capital. How much you invest in your small business is up to you. Unlike a larger business, you may only use your first and last name, that is, no proper names or pseudonyms. The prerequisite is that your turnover in the first business year (probably) does not exceed 17,500 euros.

If you now decide to become a self-employed model, your path starts at the trade office. Here you need your identity card and some cash (about 30 euros) for the registration.

The second important part is the tax office. Your business registration is automatically sent to the tax office. You will then receive a final form, a questionnaire. This is important, because here you specify once again that you are taking advantage of the “small business regulation”.

Caution, private liability!

As a small business owner, you are always liable with your private assets. Refrain from making large purchases and try to keep your small business profitable.

Small Business for Model Jobs: Accounting

The trade office and tax office have all the paperwork and you’re good to go! Now you just have to pay attention to a few things when it comes to invoice and taxes:

  • Sales tax: You do not have to make a sales tax advance payment to the tax office. Therefore you are not allowed to take any sales tax.
  • Invoice: If you issue an invoice as a model according to the small business regulation § 19 UStG, you do not show any sales tax. The following words must be on each of your invoices: “As a small entrepreneur, in the sense of § 19 para. 1 UStG, VAT will not be charged.
  • Annual accounts: At the end of the year you have two duties. You have to make your income statement and submit a VAT return. However, according to the small business regulation § 19 UStG, you only have to fill in the following points that are crucial for you
  • Tip. As a small trader you are automatically a member of the IHK. If your profit is less than 5200.00 euros, membership costs you no fees. This allows you to use all the assistance, services and advisors of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

Now that you’ve learned a lot about being a self-employed model, you know what it takes to turn your passion into a career.

Revenue and expenditure account for the annual financial statement

The income statement (EÜR) is the simplified form of profit determination at the end of the year. For freelancers and small businesses like you, the perfect way to quickly compare profits and losses. Decisive for all calculations is always the cash flow on your account. If you issue an invoice at the end of the year, but only receive the credit in the following year, it will only be included in the EÜR in the coming year.

You can either use the EÜR annex in your VAT return or (as a small business) make a completely informal profit determination, for example as an Excel spreadsheet.

How long is a small business good for models?

Most of the time, your acquisition costs increase with your sales. That is, the more jobs you do, the more expenses you have. Maybe for a car, a railcard or a second smartphone. As soon as your acquisition costs increase, among other things, the accounting of sales tax is more and more interesting for you. If you are starting to make a living as a fashion or catwalk model, we recommend you make an appointment with a tax advisor you trust! Until then, good luck with your start-up.

Become a model under 18: Blog

Model Michael Sudahl

Ein ganzer Kerl – Michael Sudahl, seit 2015 bei uns im Model-Portfolio, ist ein sehr spezieller Typ, zur heutigen Zeit sehr gefragt. Sein voller Bart, sein durchdringender Blick: Nicht nur die Frauenwelt fliegt auf ihn. Er liebt die Herausforderung und arbeitet auf hohem Niveau. Neben seiner Karriere als Bänker widmet sich Michael der Karriere als Männer-Model. In unserem Interview mit ihm, erfahrt ihr mehr über seine Einstellung, Erfahrungen und sein Selbstbild. Read more

Oliver Rudolph meets Hannah: Photo Shooting

Oliver Rudoph masters the camera like few others. That’s why shootings with him are so varied. More info about the model: Hanna’s sedcard. Make-up and hair came from the wonderful Anschi Urbas of Anschi Urbas Hair. We tried four different outfits and styles on the model for the photo shoot. After a few hours we had great material. A little behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot is not to be missed. Cocaine Models can also be found on Model Agency on YouTube!

Behind the scenes x Oliver Rudolph in a photo shoot with model Hannah

Model Casting in Düsseldorf

Cocaine Models – Its Casting-Time Again. Am 26.07.15 suchen wir in Düsseldorf nach neuen Male und Female Models. Ab August eröffnet unser Agentur-Zweitsitz im schicken und angesagten Medienhafen in Düsseldorf. Mit Hinblick darauf, veranstalten wir ein großes, offenes Casting. Wenn du Interesse am Model-Business hast und unsere Mindest-Anforderungen erfüllst, dann freuen wir uns dich in Düsseldorf zu sehen! Read more

Model Coaching: Catwalk, Posing, Presence

Sunday is the day, on 28.06.2015 we start the next exclusive model coaching for our New Faces – of course in the Headquater Cologne, Mediapark. It’s about your walk (walking style, walking path), posing and presence at castings and in jobs. All information about the Coaching-Sunday can be found here! Furthermore there is a wildcard to win from Monday on! Also – The video of the casting. How did everything go? Find out more at the bottom of the page, as well as our latest Casting Video Cologne 2018.

Model Casting: New dates!

Live Castings are held several times a year! You can find new dates here: Casting Dates. You don’t want to miss any update about castings? Follow our agency and our model agency Youtube!

+ Berlin | CM Gosee Days 11.08. - 14.08.

4 days exclusive appointments: Instead of big Fashion Week Casting, this year with 4 days and single dates at the CM Gosee Days! You know someone who should definitely become a model? You always wanted to go to a model casting, but until now you have not had the time? Now you have 4 full days, from 11.08. to 14.08.2020 in Berlin. You can find all information here:

Training procedure (Sunday): Catwalk, Posing, Presence

Part 1: Running coaching, catwalk training (Omega)

In the running coaching, catwalk training with men’s model Omega we practice different running styles that help you in everyday modeling, on castings and in your jobs. Omega is known as an international model and catwalk coach. From Omega you will learn to master every catwalk professionally and perfectly.

Part 2: Personality and charisma (Lutz)

From model coach Lutz you learn your own strengths and your individual character. As an international model and recognized acting coach, Lutz knows how to sell strengths. With personality and charisma, your appearance with the customer will be perfect in the future.

Part 3: Posing and shooting training (Oliver)

With free posing you inspire your customers. That’s why you’ll learn from Oliver Rudolph in the third part of the workshop. Oliver Rudolph is a fashion photographer and professional when it comes to staging in front of the camera. From him you will learn how to move in front of the camera and present fashion pieces and co. perfectly.

Part 4: Choreography (Marcel)

In the final choreo training you will learn different ways of walking the international catwalk. For the finale we run a complete rehearsal together and of course give tips and suggestions for improvement.

Part 5: Polaroid Shooting / Personal Video (internal)

During and after the workshop we ask individuals for a short shooting appointment. We give you the perfect background for a professional Polaroid set, with white background, optimal light and top photographer. In the second step we shoot a personal video for your next presentation to the client. That means: Personality, Posing, Walk! You introduce yourself, name your agency, show your profile (like Polaroids), pose in front of the camera and do a walk.

Loudbridge Coaching
on Sunday, 28.06.2015 at Mediapark 5, 50670 Cologne, Germany

Win 1 Wildcard for the Model Coaching


In summary

Omega – running coaching, catwalk training
Lutz – Personality, charisma and appearance in front of the customer
Oliver – Posing and shooting training
Marcel – Choreography

Check out our 2015 Cocaine Models Casting video here!

Models Casting 2015 – First Agency Casting

A successful casting day in Düsseldorf! Here is our video of the casting 2015:

Victoria Beckham: Luxury fashion designer lowers prices!

Fashion designer Victoria Beckham is now running her various fashion labels under one name. The label “Victoria, Victoria Beckham” will also include fashion from “Victoria Denim” in the future. AND the best: Her designs will now finally be cheaper!

Victoria Beckham: Fashion now for every woman

The simplified business concept of the ex-Spice-Girl is very customer-oriented: One clear fashion line, no confusion from different sub-labels. The lowered prices are also intended to expand the customer base. Finally, even the fashion-conscious “average woman” can treat herself to a few pieces from Victoria Beckham’s fashion collection. With her new collection “Resort 2016” Victoria wants to ring in the new concept.

We think it’s great that Victoria Beckham is lowering the prices of her fashion line! Admittedly, with a price between 200 and 2000 euros per designer piece, Victoria’s fashion is still not cheap, but PAYABLE!

Victoria Beckham folds fashion labels


Cooperation with Estee Lauder for the Beckham label

Victoria’s Beckham Limited label has not only managed to make a name for itself at New York Fashion Week, but in 2016, it also realised collaborations with Estee Lauder and Target. From shoes to chic coats and dresses, the luxury label has held its place in the fashion world. Below, check out the latest fall/winter collection and a look at the latest trends from NYFW. Let Victoria Beckham inspire you: High fashion, luxury and individuality are a must in her designs!

Model casting le bloc 2015: The fashion highlight of Cologne is approaching

Pressekonferenz. Coaching. Casting. Am Dienstag war es soweit: Das Casting für die le bloc Modenschau 2015! Ausgesuchte Modedesigner aus Köln und Belgien treffen auf Kölner Beauties. Am 13.06.15 ist es dann soweit, im Belgischen Viertel, mit Catwalk im Parkhaus. Read more

Cover! Christoph & Alina for komo

Im April 2015 hat das Covershooting for das Komo Magazin des Stadtrevue Verlags stattgefunden. Der Verlag befindet sich im belgischen Viertel von Köln und bringt jährlich eine neue Ausgabe des Modemagazins raus Read more

Open Model Casting x Cologne 03/05/15 x Recap

Zum Model Casting in Köln ein kurzes, ehrliches, wow! Früh um 10 Uhr ging es los, das Team war komplett, die Jury mit Cafe ausgestattet und wir standen schon mit Stiften und Formularen unten im Foyer, um Models und Newfaces zu empfangen. Die Location war großartig, trotz Regen! Mitten im Kölner Mediapark (Startplatz). Vorher hieß es natürlich noch viel Arbeit und Vorbereitung für die Organisation des offenen Castings. Doch dann war soweit und die Tür öffneten sich, los gehts! Und die Auswahl war wirklich vorzüglich, viele tolle neue Talente, starke Gesichter, Posings und Walks. Read more

Hamburg models for jeans campaign

For a fashion manufacturer we are looking for THE new face for the upcoming advertising campaign! The photo shoot incl. video production will take place in the period from 07.05. – 12.05.2015.

Casting allready done

Model Casting: New dates!

Live Castings are held several times a year! You can find new dates here: Casting Dates. You don’t want to miss any update about castings? Follow our agency and our model agency Youtube!

+ Berlin | CM Gosee Days 11.08. - 14.08.

4 days exclusive appointments: Instead of big Fashion Week Casting, this year with 4 days and single dates at the CM Gosee Days! You know someone who should definitely become a model? You always wanted to go to a model casting, but until now you have not had the time? Now you have 4 full days, from 11.08. to 14.08.2020 in Berlin. You can find all information here:

You are:

  • Male, Striking
  • Min. 184 cm
  • Min. 15 years
  • From Hamburg and surroundings
  • Fashion campaign
  • Beginning of May (option for 07.05.-12.05.)

Hamburg, Models (m) gesucht, Modelagentur

Model from Stuttgart & surroundings for evening dresses

Casting allready done

× WANTED × Model from Stuttgart & surroundings for evening dresses,
YOU are female, over 173 cm, blond and have confection 36-38
× apply now at CM:

Model Casting: New dates!

Live Castings are held several times a year! You can find new dates here: Casting Dates. You don’t want to miss any update about castings? Follow our agency and our model agency Youtube!

+ Berlin | CM Gosee Days 11.08. - 14.08.

4 days exclusive appointments: Instead of big Fashion Week Casting, this year with 4 days and single dates at the CM Gosee Days! You know someone who should definitely become a model? You always wanted to go to a model casting, but until now you have not had the time? Now you have 4 full days, from 11.08. to 14.08.2020 in Berlin. You can find all information here:
Top 10 | Fashion & Modedesigner 2014 in Deutschland

Top 10 Fashion Designer Germany

Ralph Lauren sagte, ich entwerfe keine Kleidung, ich entwerfe Träume! Das 20. Jahrhundert war wundervoll! Zumindest in Bezug auf Mode haben wir viel gelernt. Heute bilden Designer die Speerspitze der Fashionwelt und werden zu Mode-Ikonen. Modedesigner haben die Fähigkeit die Schönheit Read more