Tips and tricks for your individual weight loss strategy

From diet shakes to recipes to miracle pills, Facebook, Instagram and Co. offer daily new tips and tricks for supposedly fast weight loss. A simple and fast weight loss without much at the own nourishing way to change is promised. In the Internet various myths circulate approximately around the topic removing, chamfered and Di?t. We clean up with the half-knowledge, rumors and false promises and show you the advantages and disadvantages of the most effective and proven diets and nutrition tips. Whether Stone Age nutrition with the Paleo diet, the hunger-free protein diet or the oily catogen diet, with these diets healthy and fast weight loss is guaranteed.

Paleo diet

How can I not only lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way, but also effectively do something against high blood pressure, allergies and bad skin? The answer is the Stone Age diet. The foundations of the Paleo Diet date back to the time of hunters and gatherers 200,000 years ago. Therefore, this type of diet is mainly based on untreated foods such as vegetables, fresh fruit, untreated nuts and healthy fats and meat. On the other hand, cereal products such as bread and pasta are taboo, but refined sugar is also a no-go. Because research shows that these modern foods are responsible for heart disease, diabetes and even their part in depression. Due to the absence of sugar and cereal products, the Paleo diet is particularly promising for weight loss.

  • The focus is on healthy and untreated products such as meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts.
  • fast weight loss through the elimination of cereal products and sugar.
  • Finger away from convenience foods and dairy products

Ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet promises maximum fat burning without sacrificing fat. Sausage, meat, vegetables and eggs are allowed. Sweet’s taboo for that. Carbohydrates such as noodles, rice, bread and sugar – including fructose – are not on the menu. The low carb diet is so effective because the metabolism has to change. Due to the lack of carbohydrates, the body must use fats instead of sugar as a source of energy. The liver is stimulated to split fats to supply the body with energy. This diet is not only one of the most effective to let the extra pounds tumble, but also helps with metabolic diseases.

  • Fast fat burning and weight loss through the renunciation of sugar
  • Fatty food is allowed in the ketogenic diet
  • Low carb diet: Carbohydrates are taboo

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent chamfering is not directly a diet, but a change in the dietary rhythm. Also with this kind of the nutrition we take ourselves an example at our ancestors. When we were hunters and collectors, we couldn’t even go to the supermarket for our favorite yogurt. Today we have a huge food supply around the clock. Intermittent fasting is based on selecting periods of time during which one does not eat anything. For beginners, it is easiest to select a period of 16 to 20 hours a day during which they fast. During this time you should not eat solid food and limit drinks to water and unsweetened tea. Between the fasting intervals you can eat what your heart desires – but of course as healthy as possible. Weight loss during intermittent fasting often takes longer than with the above diets, but is sustainable and healthy.

  • Fasting intervals daily from 16 to 20 hours
  • In between the intervals you can eat what you want.
  • sustainable and healthy weight loss

Cabbage soup diet

With this diet the hunger feeling does not arise at all, because it is allowed to eat as much cabbage soup as one can manage. The principle of this diet is that the digestion of cabbage burns more calories than the vegetables contain.  With this fat burner you can lose five to eight kilos in a week. Through the low-calorie diet, the body attacks its own carbohydrate storage. Since this has a strong draining effect, it is important to drink a lot during this diet. The disadvantage is the almost pre-programmed yo-yo effect and the unbalanced diet.

  • The focus is on cabbage soup
  • Fast weight loss through a low-calorie diet
  • The disadvantage is the unbalanced diet and the jojo effect

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Protein Diet

Protein is a miracle weapon in the fight against the kilos. Heidi Klum also lost her baby pounds with the help of the protein diet and floated back over the catwalk after eight weeks. As carbohydrates are also completely avoided in this diet, the body loses a lot of water and therefore also weight, especially in the first few days.  Proteins are more satiating than carbohydrates. The ravenous appetite stays out! Because these carbohydrates and sugars are renounced, the blood sugar level is not thrown off track either. Instead of sugar, the fat reserves are also used as a source of energy in this diet. It is important that every meal contains proteins. All in all, a diet that promises healthy weight loss without cravings.

  • The focus is on protein rich meals such as: Fish, eggs, poultry and nuts.
  • Diet without cravings and without jojo effect
  • The blood sugar level remains stable and is not thrown off course.

Diet Recipes

Diet doesn’t mean starving. Matching the presented diets there are many recipes to eat healthy and to lose weight sustainably. We have put together a collection of unusual recipes for you so that you don’t get bored while eating. Whether it’s a low-calorie breakfast or a healthy snack for in between, we’ve found creative recipes and ideas for you here.

Questions & Answers

How to lose weight quickly?

Losing weight is a matter of days. It always depends on the diet and calorie consumption. As a rule, the body loses most of its weight during the first few days of a diet because the water is flushed out first.

Which foods are good for slimming?

In order to lose weight quickly and sustainably, carbohydrates should be avoided. That includes sugar. So pasta, rolls and chocolate bars are taboo. Stadensen should be switched to vegetables and raw vegetables. To effectively lose weight and decide which diet is best for you, take a look at the diets and tips described above.

What fruits stimulate fat burning?

Grapefruit is one of the ultimate fat-burning fruits. The bittersweet fruit saturates the body and contains virtually no calories or fats. The active ingredient Naringin ensures that digestion is stimulated. The miracle fruit also has a positive influence on the insulin level.

How to lose weight only on the abdomen?

It is impossible to lose fat in only one part of the body. In order to reduce the fat content of the body, the diets presented above are promising. If you avoid sugar- and carbohydrate-rich foods in your diet, the body starts using fat reserves as an energy source instead of sugar.  This lowers the fat content.

What must I eat for a healthy diet?

A healthy diet is also a balanced diet. So that doesn’t mean that you only have to feed on apples and carrots, but the opposite is the case. The variety makes it to give the body enough of the most important nutrients. Drinking a lot of water is essential. A healthy person should consume 1.5 litres per day. In addition to whole grain products, you should also eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day for a healthy diet. Sugar and salts only in moderation.

Which food is unhealthy?

Among the top unhealthiest foods are – who would have thought it – sweets. The carbohydrates contained in sugar ensure that our blood pressure and insulin levels go through the blanket. White flour and cereal products have the same negative effect. Prepared dishes and white rice are on the list of the most unhealthy foods.


Fancy restaurants in Munich: Gourmet cuisine and streetfood

Models in Munich – Around the Viktualienmarkt and Marienplatz there are many small, unusual restaurants that cover the entire city centre of Munich. From the small streetfood shops to the gourmet restaurants, everything is there!

Especially as a model, things can get hectic. It quickly becomes a challenge to find something to eat in a short time that is not too unhealthy and does the body good. Especially in Munich and the surrounding area there are a lot of small stores offering a wide variety of dishes. Most also offer the delicacies to take away. To make your search a little easier, we have put together a list of our top restaurants in Munich.

Top 10 of the best restaurants in Munich!

Just have a look and there is something for you too! Here you go to the top 10 list:

Urban Soup – Soups 2 Go

Easy To Go, or cosy in the lunch break in the hip store. Super delicious and totally uncomplicated. According to the motto clean eating, vegetarians and vegans will also find dishes. It becomes the one on regional and high quality products to produce soups, sandwiches and other delicacies. Go test it and see for yourself!

Bite Delite

Super central, the Bite Delite is located near the Marienplatz. Here you will find Healthy dishes for brunch and lunch. Choose between sweet breakfast options or hearty alternatives such as delicious soups, fresh salads and wraps. Of course you can also order all Powerfood variations together. Try it out!

KOI – Japanese treats

Japanese cuisine for lunch and dinner directly in the city center. A special feature of KOI is that you can still eat there at night until 00.00 a.m. even with jet lag. Enjoy small snacks with fish, meat, or sushi vegan and gluten-free. The KOI is only 500m away from the Frauenkirche and therefore in the heart of Munich.

Irmi – German home cooking

You want a culinary taste explosion and the rustic brewery is too old-fashioned for you? In the Irmi you get a nice atmosphere in a cosy restaurant paired with German home cooking. Especially if you are not from Germany, you should try a traditional schnitzel or cheese spaetzle. Until 23.30 you can enjoy the delicious food and the unique flair of the Irmi with two people or in a large group.

Ludwig 8

Riva – Italian variety

Resihuber – German cuisine

Aloha Poke – Asian / Hawaiian Bowles

Fami – Allrounder with family atmosphere

Tahdig – Lebanese tapas

Restaurants in Düsseldorf: On the banks of the Rhine, or directly in the city centre!

Models in Dusseldorf – A visit to the beautiful city on the Rhine is definitely worth it! What town are we talking about? Of course from Düsseldorf! The Rhineland metropolis offers delicacies for every taste. Are you looking for a snack in between, or a dinner spot in the evening? I’m sure you’ll find something here! Just have a look through our Top 10 list of restaurants in Düsseldorf!

Top 10 of the best restaurants in Düsseldorf

Here you will find very special restaurants in Bilk and on the famous Königsallee! Also in Medienhafen and Pempelfort you can find some new Insider Restaurants!

Bad Chinese

The name already reveals what awaits you in evil Chinese. Delicacies from Chinese cuisine are prepared from crunchy vegetables and fresh ingredients and served in a stylish ambience. Really recommendable!

Cali Eats

Here everyone will find something! No matter if you eat vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free, in Cali Eats you don’t have to worry. Here everything tastes good and you do something good for your body. Test it out!


Bob & Mary

Laura`s Deli


saturated green



Nooij Dutch Deli

The coolest and most unusual restaurants in Berlin

Models in Berlin – Berlin, Berlin, you are so super delicious! Are you looking for tasty spots in the German capital? We will gladly help you find the tastiest and healthiest restaurants in Berlin. Especially in Berlin Mitte and Kreuzberg the list of cool restaurants expands almost daily. Charlottenburg and Alexanderplatz also have a lot to offer.

Top 10 List of the coolest and most unusual restaurants in Berlin

Here you can find a list with our top 10 restaurants in the hottest city Berlin!

The Club Kitchen

The clean interior should not distract from the tasty food. Here, at The Klub Kitchen, colourful dishes made from regional ingredients provide a delicious lunch break in stressful everyday life. But it’s not just the main courses that make customers’ hearts beat faster – fresh baked goods also do so.

Night Kitchen

Are you looking for light, yet tasty dishes? Then the Night Kitchen is the right place for you! Here you will be served Mediterranean modern dishes and you can enjoy the relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere as a couple or in a larger group. Why don’t you try it?



Rose Garden



Orlando Berlin

Brasserie Colette


Food x Berlin – Restaurants in a metropolis

If you are on the road in Berlin all day long, it is only understandable that hunger will strike at some point. But what should you eat with so much on offer? Don’t worry, we’ve picked out some great locations for you. From a noble restaurant to a delicious snack on the corner – there is something for everyone.

#1 Orlando – Sicilian cuisine and wines

Our first recommendation is the Sicilian Orlando in Prenzlauer Berg. The place, where owner Giulia Paolillo welcomes her guests like friends, is at the same time a delicatessen, kitchen for individual catering and location for relaxed events and family celebrations. There you can buy delicious wines, delicious caponata, coffee and homemade olive oil. Anyone who loves a culinary trip to Sicily is in the right place.

#2 India Club – From curry to other Indian specialties

Near the Brandenburg Gate, at the back of Hotel Adlon, the most elegant and exclusive Indian in town awaits you. Set in the British colonial style, tasty dishes with lots of vegetables, chicken and lamb await you. Of course, only meat of the highest organic quality is used. In a real Tandoori oven made of clay you get the most delicious and varied Indian dishes refined with the most diverse spices of Indian cuisine.

#3 The Bastard Berlin

Yeah, you heard right. The bastard is regarded as one of THE meeting places for a good meal. Breakfast is particularly popular there. On weekends, visitors usually queue up and you have to be lucky that someone gets up. The waiters politely ask that other guests be allowed to join them at the tables. The audience is, typically Kreuzberg, colourfully mixed and international. The breakfast menu is comprehensive, very varied and appealing. There are scrambled eggs, cheese and sausage as well as vegetarian and vegan breakfast dishes and delicious cakes. The homemade brioche are a poem – try it with cream cheese and jam. The coffee in the bastard is excellent. Apart from the long waiting time, the bastard is definitely worth a visit, as the breakfast variety is hardly comparable to that of another restaurant. So off to the bastard in Kreuzberg.

#4 La Stella Nera – Vegan and Varied

Don’t worry, for our vegan readers we have also found a mega location, the La Stelle Nera in Berlin-Neuköln. The menu offers you an unforgettable experience of Neopolitan pizzas from the wood-burning oven. Of course everything with high-quality, organic flour and, if you like, with vegan cheese or vegan salami. If you don’t want pizza there is of course, as usual with Italians, delicious vegan pasta. The pasta is also made completely in-house to ensure that no animal products are used. La Stella Nera also offers other Italian delicacies such as antipasti, salads and of course the finest homemade desserts. Créme Caramel, for example, is a vegan cream-caramel pudding with orange sauce, which is very popular with all guests. If you like it traditional, you can also order a vegan tiramisu for dessert. However, it is important to know that if you want to eat there, you should reserve a place beforehand. La Stella Nera is quite well visited and so spontaneous is the chance that you won’t get there.

#5 The best Döner in the world – Mustafa’s vegetable Kebap

Kebap fans watch out – nowhere is there a better kebab than at Mustafa’s vegetable kebap. We don’t make that up, every day hundreds of enthusiastic doner fans go to the snack bar at the Mehringdamm. For many this is even the only reason to come to Berlin. We constantly hear that people drive from the airport directly with suitcases to the popular snack bar to treat themselves to a kebab – unbelievable. However, you can’t reserve a seat there in advance. If you want a really tasty doner kebab for just under 3 euros, you have to allow for about 45 to 60 minutes of waiting time. However, every visitor can only recommend that you do this, because it is really worth it.