Sabina for CM: Model Book 2018 – Welcome!

Oh my God – Summer Look! Sabina is super new to us. With 175 cm and a size of 34/36 she has not only for the German market great model measurements. More of Sabina you can find at Instagram or here in Sabinas Model Book.

Photos from Sabina’s Model Book 2018


Magazine Cover! Sabina on Dutch cover

Sabina does not only shine on jobs, she was also already printed on one or the other fashion magazine cover, like here:

Our first Insta story with Sabina

More from Sabina you can find on Instagram!

Sexy Showreel – This is our New Face Louisa in Berlin

Ulala. Cute, sexy, Louisa! Louisa brings with her measurements strong conditions for a good start into a national model career, because at first we concentrate on Germany! Louisa is a new face with real potential for the coming years. We met Louisa at our casting, we were immediately enthusiastic about her. Her face has very international features, both European and a little Latina. Louisa is super suitable for urban sports brands but also for fashion and current trend collections. How good, you see here in her new Youtube video! If you don’t want to miss a video of her but also of our other models, then follow our Modelagentur on YouTube!

You can find more of her, current photo galleries and the video in Louisa’s model folder.

Sexy showreel by Louisa x Cocaine Models

Bravo Magazine: CM among the Top 10 Modeling Agencies 2018

How wonderful is that? If there is a model agency recommendation for young models, then we are! Especially for fast-moving TV. Only 3 years ago we were founded and already we are internationally active, from Tokyo to Los Angeles. After various top lists we are now listed for the second time in the Bravo as top recommendation for Germany. Big Merci!

Bravo Fashion Magazine: The Portal + Magazine for Kids and Teenagers

Bravo has been Germany’s most popular youth magazine for decades and is therefore an important voice when it comes to judging model agencies and their quality. Today a fan sent us a new article: GNTM castings + top agencies Germany.

Soon the Germany’s Next Topmodel Castings will start again. Heidi Klum is also looking for new top models in 2019. Besides practical tips for the live castings in various German cities, Bravo also gives recommendations for models who are looking for a long-term career and would like to work for the big customers in Germany and abroad. With us: Cocaine Models! For the second time Bravo Top 10, yes! One of the best alternatives to a short-term TV show, so to speak. With sustainable development, personal development, real jobs, not only for PR and a team that looks after you personally.

We would like to thank the Bravo editorial team that last year we were among the Top recommendations in Germany. In just three years we have overtaken major model agencies in Hamburg, Munich and Berlin, which is already 30 years old! Mission accomplished!

Do you know our fashion magazine?

Parallel to our model agency, we also founded our fashion magazine FIV in 2015. Since then we had great interviews, events and of course many unforgettable moments behind the scenes. With interviews of absolute supermodels like Alexandra Ambrosio, Victoria Secret Model, Zombie Boy from Canada and the USA or the sweet Pamela Reif with almost 4 million fans, just on Instagram. In our fashion magazine you will not only find exciting interviews with absolute instagram and YouTube stars, but also exciting interviews with our fashion photographer, models and of course fashion designers. Of course we also visit Fashion Week for you! Whether Berlin, London or New York, we are at the hotspots and backstage for you to report. Take a look at our fashion magazine.

Jimi! New from Zurich for magazines and fashion

Rock n’ Roll Baby! The Swiss model Jimmy is from our partner agency One Time Management (Zurich), our number one contact for male models and scouting. One Time Management has an absolute eye for young talents, may we introduce you to Jimmy!

If you’re looking for the perfect look for fashion magazines, you’ve got good cards with Jimmy. His individual look, the curls, striking features and a great figure for fashion. We met Jimmy in Zurich for his first fashion video for our model portfolio and clients. With our Videographen in the luggage and a quantity of good mood we produced the first video for the German market. May we introduce you, Jimmy!

If you don’t want to miss a video of Jimmy or our other male models from now on, then follow our modeling agency on YouTube! More photos from Switzerland, Germany and worldwide can be found in Jimmy’s Modelbook.

Backstage Showreel w/ Jimi from Zurich

Coming soon: Cocaine Models Magazine

Soon the Cocaine Models Magazine will be published. With great advertising agency and send designs into the coming autumn/winter season. In a few weeks the magazines should be here in the back office, after that it goes directly out to customers, ADs, friends and partners of the model agency.

Eyewear Magazine – BLUE by Stefan Kapfer

In the current Eyewear – The Visonary Magazine – you can now find the current editorial track BLUE by Stefan Kapfer. Model Simon shows several new models in the editorial. Among others from Porsche Design and Maybach. As a photographer Stefan Kapfer shows varied locations and great late summer moods.



BLUE – Photo shoot with Simon, styling and team

Included for Styling Jill Kramer
Make-Up Sabrina Scheur
Models Simon (Cocaine Models) and Flemming
Digi Assi Andy K. & Alina B.
Production & Retouch H600Office


Eyewear: The Magazine

Eyewear is family – that’s what it says in the first sentence of her own description. The magazine markets itself not only in print, but also via social media and its own website. It is therefore one of the most important addresses for fashion magazines worldwide. The current BLUE range also features well-known brands such as Prosche Design.

The current cover – Issue #15


More info and links about Eyewear Magazine, Simon and photographer Stefan Kapfer

More about Eyewear Magazine online:

More about the photographer Stefan Kapfer on Eyewear:

More about Eyewear Magazine on Facebook:

New at Cocaine Models: our beautiful BEATA

Wow! Another Harpar’s Bazaar cover on our board. We signed our great Beata from our partner agency Hook Managament, now it starts for her also in Germany. Long, blonde hair, blue eyes and her full lips make the look perfect, not only for the German market but also for the international market, Beata has great chances. We look forward to working with our new achievement! Here you can see her complete book.

Check out our new top girl!

Wow! Beata already on the Harper’s Bazaar cover

Our first Instastory with Beata

Fashion Magazine – Fashion, Trends and Blogger – Internship / Trainee

As a modeling agency, we are always very close when it comes to new trends in the fashion world: fashion, bloggers, trends, events to Fashion Week, we are there! With our fashion magazine, we are constantly on the lookout for the latest information for our visitors and readers, what is going on in New York? What is coming from London? What’s new from Berlin? What happens in the world? Which bloggers are hot and what need?

You will find the trends for us! From day one you work directly with our team and you’re part of advertising (for example YouTube campaigns) and the modeling agency, which means you get a lot more insight into the world of the media. The perfect start to your career.

Official IHK training company

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Online Editing: Marketing Know How for Study and Career

What makes the training so special? Know how meets fashion.

  • Fashion, VIPs, News, Trends and Influencers
  • Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Due to the fact that we have a lot of intersections with the advertising industry, we are specialized in the topic of online marketing and search engine optimization. If you combine both areas, fashion and influencers, as well as online marketing and search engine optimization, then you have absolutely valuable know-how for the future! No matter if you want to study in the media later or you want to start your career later, you have good chances! Interview the best bloggers in Germany and find out for us that nobody knew yet! As a fashion editor, you are sometimes also at events, store openings, blogger events, fashion weeks, GNTM or the About You Awards. Boring it is guaranteed not in the fashion world!

Application for editorial / fashion magazine only possible for Cologne location!

We are looking for interns and apprentices who want to be fully immersed in the world of media, models and advertising! At CM, you’ll see all the sections and get to know all aspects of a model and media agency. You’ll get deep insight into office and administration, plus media skills: Modern online marketing, social media and influencer marketing , PR and more. From the fashion show to Fashion Week to castings and Travel Management. Apply now in our modeling agency!

What you do in the internship / apprenticeship. learn:

  • Media and Project Management
  • Special know-how in Advertising and Fashion
  • Content, Social and Online Marketing
  • Commercial knowledge
  • Customer Care, Customer Administration, Communication
  • Planning, organization, phone calls, e-mail traffic, Excel spreadsheets
  • Contact for Models and Team

What you should bring to Prerequisites:

  • Commitment and self-reliance
  • Good knowledge of English
  • Good spelling and expressions
  • Communication skills, independent and structured work, a sense of responsibility
  • Computer Basics
  • Ideally, fast typing or 10-finger writing (for emails, content, etc)

Working Hours and Agency during Training:

  • Mon – Thu from 9am to 6pm incl. 1h lunch
  • Fri 9-15 pm
  • Cologne, City (Rooftop) on 220sqm and two floors
  • We invest a lot of time in your education
  • Young, ambitious team
  • Owner-operated

Internship for 3 and 6 months:

  • Compensation for 3 months: 200,00 Euro per month
  • Compensation for 6 months: 300.00 Euros per month
  • Excl. Social security contributions, health insurance
  • Takeover: In education / permanent employment possible (with sufficient previous knowledge)

Vocational training as a merchant and merchant

  • Your degree: Business Administration or Dialogue Marketing
  • specializing in Digital Marketing / Model & Artist Management
  • Remuneration: 600.00 Euros per month in the 1st year of apprenticeship, increasing according to motivation
  • Excl. Social security contributions, health insurance
  • Takeover: In permanent position possible


Please send us a cover letter + CV as PDF. We do not require certificates or degrees.

  1. Enter contact information
  2. Cover Letter + Upload CV
  3. Submit









+ Upload

PDF only up to 8 MB.

Upload #1 - Application

Upload #2 - CV


Online Editorial: News, Trends and Influencers all day!

What does your job look like?

Start the day, team meeting and editing

Your everyday life consists of the classic office work! With a good coffee or cappuccino you start the day at 9 o’clock in the morning. You have your own workstation and check all e-mails and inquiries first. At about 10 o’clock we meet for a team meeting. Here we will quickly and through the most important tasks of the day. After that, you’ll be fully focused on your work, from agreeing with bloggers’ managements to PR agencies, new imagery that leaves you free in Photoshop, or even different tasks that you do not even count on today! Because as a fashion editor you’re always part of our modeling and advertising agency. So you also take over editorial tasks for our modeling agency, in the field of PR.

Interviews, design, news and public relations

Versatile and varied, our internship as well as vocational training (for office management or dialogue marketing) as a fashion editor. With all your main tasks, a friendly team and constantly new tasks, so that you yourself can grow in the challenges!

The longer your education, the more extensive the expertise that you can acquire. Through our owner-managed agency, you are very close to all topics and learn more than in many other companies. Because with us, a job is not just about the daily work of the same things. You get your own tasks, projects and depending on the duration of the training increasingly more responsibility. In principle, we offer these three forms of training

Internship & trainee: Differences in education

  • 3-month internship for career orientation
  • 6-month internship for career guidance and know-how transfer
  • vocational training in the commercial sector

3-month internship for career orientation

In the three-month internship, you will get to know all important areas at a glance. Then you have an assessment of whether you would make the job as a fashion editor / in fun or not. In the three months you get a task that you are allowed to look after independently, with supervision and guidance. In addition, you will of course be involved in work with our team and get to know a bit of the world of public relations (PR).

6-month internship for career orientation and marketing know-how

Of course, in the six-month internship you will learn a lot more besides the important areas of vocational orientation! The experiences are more. For example, the Berlin Fashion Week takes place every six months, so if you’re lucky, maybe you can visit them for us! Or you organize photo shoots with photographers and models, which are then published in the magazine. You will be commissioned with such larger projects in a six-month internship. You then take care of the various tasks and the various contact persons, all around agencies, designers, models but also bloggers. During the internship, you will not only get to know the superficial aspects of a fashion magazine, but also in-depth work processes in marketing.

Vocational training in the commercial sector: editorial to management

In a vocational training, z.b. as a merchant or as a saleswoman for office communication or dialogue marketing, you will learn everything there is to know about the media world! After the vocational training you have gathered so much know-how that you can gain a foothold in every agency and in just about every magazine. Not only do we teach you how to work editorially, you also get to know a lot of aspects of marketing and especially online marketing, social media and influencer marketing. Who sits in the front row at a fashion show these days? Bloggers! That’s why we no longer just ask ourselves the classic world of printed magazines, but in 2018 have completely focused on the online area. Nevertheless, every six months we publish a best of issue in print, for reordering. Of course you will get to know all aspects of the layout here too, you will be happy to deal with Photoshop but also with InDesign. At the end of your vocational training you have got to know everything and with a little luck and good achievements, you even get a permanent position.

The perfect preparation for a career in the fashion world!

Official IHK training company

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#1 Release for new face Hannah in Kaltblut magazine by Jan Krueck

Today Hannah’s first publication appeared in Kaltblut magazine. The photos of Jan Krueck shows what talent is inside her. Also included were Yannic Joel Hohaus for styling / concept and Chantiny Ly Wolf for hair and make-up. The designs Read more

Beach Wear! “Urban Sun” new in HUF Magazine – Models: Lea & Maria by Oliver Rudolph

Now available in HUF Magazine with New Era. Photographer Oliver Rudolph and our models Lea (Germany) and Maria (Germany). The summer editorial was taken in mid-August. They are photographed in the beautiful Netherlands, directly at the beach! With the friendly support of New Era, POC, Ipanema, Ipanema Beachwear and Palm Beach! Read more

Shooting Day! The everyday life of a photographer, make-up artist and model

From the catwalk to the studio for a photo shoot and then quickly to the after show party of an event. This is how many of the everyday lives of a model are presented. But how does a day really go? We will give you an insight into what a photo shoot looks like behind the scenes – with make-up artist, photographer, model and film crew.

10 am – time to shop: fashion in the center of Cologne

Oliver Rudolph meets with model Marie Dahmen in the city to get some clothes for the upcoming shoot. Through the already defined concept – in this case a beauty shoot – the things are carefully selected. “The focus should be on the face because it’s a beauty shoot, so we decided to wear a Turtleneck sweater, and we took a jacket with us to match the current metallic trend.”

Favorite look of Model Marie – Outfit by Zara


Shopping, Shooting, Styling – With fashion photographer Oliver Rudolph in the studio

13:30 – Arrival Studio: Makeup and set-up

Once in the studio, Oliver and his assistant set up the set; Marie is meanwhile made up by make-up artist Astrid Jerschitz. When asked what inspired her make-up look, she replies, “This is always discussed in advance with the team and today I would describe the look as fucked and glam-messy.” With Astrid we have already experienced many exciting days, also in the spring during the shoot with germanys national television RTL and Sat1. After the make-up comes the styling. When everything is ready, the first test shots are taken in the light. Then the make-up is overworked, until finally the first look sits and can be filmed. To do this, she experiments with the light and poses of Marie. “I’m trying to create a sunny mood, and the shadows on the screen make the sun shine through a window.”

16:30 – Look 2 is made up – glamorous and sophisticated

As the second look is made, I ask make-up artist Astrid what she loves about her work. “My job is working with new people every day and I like working in a team.” Model Marie joined the team in May 2015. “At first it was strange to stand in front of the camera, but that has turned into routine relatively quickly.” , so Marie. Look 2 – glamorous and sophisticated – sits and continues to shoot. At the same time, the film crew picks up small clips, which are then cut into a making-of-video.

7:00 pm – Set conversion and strengthening – Sushi in the studio

Between the conversion of the background and the make-up of the third make-up look, there is a quick sushi to strengthen. Then it goes on already. This time Marie is wearing a retro 90s look. At 9 pm it’s finally done for the model, photographer, film team and make-up artist – everything is in the box. Such an 11-hour working day is not uncommon. Add to that the image editing and the editing of the making-of-video.

Of course, the fashion and model industry offers interesting events, many new contacts and exciting shootings. But as you can see, many hours of work are behind the glamorous glow.

Last shoot with star make-up artist Astrid Jerschitz

Astrid Jerschitz is one of the best in her profession! Her clients include Lenny Kravitz, Bruce Willis, Shaggy, Dieter Bohlen, Andrea Berg, Vanessa Mai, Sophia Thomalla and Guido Maria Kretschmar.

Marikas next magazine release! Beauty editorial for Institute Magazine

Next one! Our little Marika has her second magazine release. This time with photographer Oliver Rudolph and Tayfur Aldibas (Makeup & Hair) in the beauty editorial in the Institute Magazine. Marika is still at the beginning and already inspires everyone who works with her. We look forward to more! Read more