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Become a model – Reality Check

Become a model – The big dream! Photoshootings, Instagram, travel and many interesting and at exclusive Influencer Events colorful people get to know. The truth is: the road is long. Our management will give you the best support you can have. But before it goes to the model application, there is a lot to know and to learn. There is a lot of competition for you, especially between the ages of 15-18. The better prepared you are, the faster you will convince. That’s why we have the CM Model Guide for you in XXL!

Become a model: Overview

  1. Basics – Prerequisites and Teenager + Example commercials of our models
  2. Guide book – Everything you need to know about modeling, from ‘Asap‘ to ‘Buyout‘ to ‘Option
  3. Model docu – 3 days with Chand: Stockholm, Cologne, Berlin, New York
  4. Requirements – Dimensions, size, weight and ‘what does a model agency do?’
  5. Foreign – Modeling in Milan, London, Cape Town and Tokyo

Prerequisite – Do you really want to be a model?

Reality Check – Where do you start: Showroom, adverts, fashion shows, photoshootings? No. The first important question is: Do you really want to be a model? The way to becoming a model is long and takes a lot of patience – the cover of the big magazines like Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar will reach the fewest, maybe 0.01% of all models – a real reality check. Becoming a model means that you are interested in photo shootings, even if they last 9 or 10 hours and you have to present 30 different outfits with facial expressions and gestures. The way from the first gosee in the model agency, the introduction of the network of advertising photographers and advertising agencies, the first test shootings with renowned photographers, the first small jobs, feedback from the agency – that is to say becoming a model.

School & school good grades – Becoming a model and being a model is work and a real job! Your goal is to work well at the age of 19, 20. The way there is connected with patience, because up to the school conclusion it concerns above all good notes and your education. At the beginning you will mainly do test shootings with photographers for the construction of your model portfolio and small jobs, for example for online shops or also social media shootings. To be able to take the time during the week, you need good grades. The better your performance, the more likely you are to get leave from school. Good grades will help you even more, for example if your journey continues after graduation. At an international fashion show, at a photo shoot in London or at a video shoot with an international team in Berlin, you will constantly meet interesting people and new languages. For small talk and for your job you have to be fit.

Duty – commitment and self-confidence

All articles are handwritten and researched so that you have a guide! We have researched the most important technical terms for you and packed them into small articles. Here you can find all important terms, from model booker in the agency, to close-up at the photo shoot, to direct booking or information about sedcard and stylisten. See here Important Terms – For Job, Casting & Shooting. In this step of the CM Models Guide you get the most important names of the fashion industry in a simple and clear way. Whether it’s the ten biggest fashion magazines in Germany, the top fashion designers or international top models. No matter how and where, with the new Model Guide you are perfectly prepared for your next casting in an agency or with a client. After the first model jobs, the travelling comes. Shootings in Berlin, jobs in London, video production in Hamburg. Who must fast at good addresses for new Outfits, finds here recommendations and tipps for each large city. So you are perfectly prepared for every shooting and every shopping trip.

Model agency – support and network

Our model agency reach many questions every week, here are the answers for young models. In clear key points all important information is collected for you, on a view. The correct agency, the first application , the first casting! Here you’ll find tips, videos and articles on becoming a model. The perfect model application, the best photo material, the first catwalk. Here you will find tips and simple tutorials for your career as a model.

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Models over 30 years at CM? Of course we also have tips for you!

Ralph Lauren said I don’t design clothes, I design dreams! We design the new world! But so that we always have an overview of what is happening in the world, here are some important facts about the fashion industry. Who knows whom? Who should I know? Here is your overview for brands, names and brands worldwide. With top lists we show you the established brands as well as newcomers to the fashion and media industry. All free, for your first steps in the fashion and advertising industry. Do you already know the difference between Fitting, Casting and Gosee? Already! Our Model Glossary: Free, short written and with videos. We help you with your first steps as a model. With researched articles and lots of explanations on all the important technical terms for jobs and shootings. For your next casting we have summarized all important terms.

Owner-managed modeling agency
Stephan M. Czaja, Head Booker

Let’s go

Application, Casting & Jobs!

More details about castings, gosees, photographers, and much more.

Smalltalk: Lists and Rankings

Links: Helpful links and websites

Model Real Life: Tips & Checklists

Model Life: Three days with Chand Smith

From the airport to the hotel, to the shooting, sports, sleeping, good food and back to the airport! Modeling can be really challenging if you pursue your dream single-mindedly. At the last shooting we accompanied our Swedish model Chand for three days in Germany. He talks about his way to becoming a model, modeling abroad and shows how to live as a model in a jet set. You can find more on our Youtube Channel!

Our Model Guide helps you to have an easier entry into the world of fashion. Here you will find many articles, handwritten to the topic “Become a Model”. Here you will learn the first basics, for example how to register your business. We show you the first basic steps for the catwalk and take you to the fashion metropolises of Fashion Week in New York, Paris, London, Berlin and Milan. Here you’ll learn all Bascis as a model and male model – It’s about the perfect model application, but also about the fashion metropolises of this world, Fashion Weeks, health and nutrition, movement, and much more. In addition there are tips for the catwalk, your first fashion show and interesting things like the difference between Haute Couture & Pret-A-Porter. You will also find videos showing you how to move in front of the camera as a model or how to set up your model book. Many have the dream of life as topmodel. The dream of travelling the world, getting to know interesting people and having good jobs for well-known companies and brands. Particularly in the model industry the ascent can be very fast. Who has as Model international measures and that certain something, gets to know the world from Berlin to Capetown. Similar to professional sports, careers start very early. New trends are constantly emerging in the media world, which are quickly spread by many.

Mental prerequisites for models and new faces

In addition to the physical prerequisites for models such as measurements, the mental prerequisites and the character of a model also count. A model must always prove strength, discipline and endurance. Jobs are often exhausting and time stretched. Tiredness or stress must not be noticeable to a good model. Motivation and ambition distinguish an experienced model for customers and model agencies. Agencies and customers like to re-book models with these qualities.

Recurring bookings are very important for you as a model and the model agency. Beyond that a healthy self-confidence and the changeability of a model are crucial selection criteria. As a model you will compete in castings for jobs with twenty, fifty or a hundred models. For E-Castings there are also already once more than one hundred Models. If you are diligent and make it to the fashion capitals of Europe, America and Asia, you will be sent daily from casting to casting. If everything goes well, from fashion show to fashion show and from photo shoot to photo shoot. This requires a lot of self-confidence and energy from you! From this total package of measures, appearance, motivation and ambition the charisma of a model is formed.

Model Requirements: women, men, weight and height

The requirements for models are very different. The more international the agency, the narrower the scope for measurement. Especially in model agencies the requirements are very high. It depends on a few centimetres. Female models should pay attention to a slim figure, beautiful skin, teeth, hair, every detail. For men, the criteria are just a little simpler. As a male model you should also pay attention to a well-groomed appearance, from the hairstyle to the nails. There are, of course, quantitative limitations to the look. In international model management:

  • Women
    Body size for Fashion: 176 – 180cm / International
    Body size for advertising: 172 – 181cm / Commercial
    Slim figure, usually long hair
  • Men
    Body size for Fashion: 186 – 190cm / International
    Body size for advertising: 184 – 194cm / Commercial
    Slim or slightly sporty figure

Casting, advertising & Co. at a glance

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Become a model: Step by step

  1. Modeling: Reality vs dream in New York, Paris and worldwide
  2. Requirements of modeling: Height, age and measurement
  3. Male Model: How to become a model as a man?
  4. Competition and criticism: Understand photographers and clients as a model
  5. Become a model! Professionalism, good notes and self-confidence
  6. Application basics: Agencies, scouts and a checkliste
  7. Take your own measurements for agencies, castings and jobs
  8. Casting types for modeling jobs

Serious and good model agencies

The way via a reputable model agency or a model agent or model booker is always the best for you. This way has established itself. Because a model agency makes sure that your career goes well. Already at the beginning it takes care that you get good contacts to photographers and the possibility for good test shootings, ideally magazine publications. So you can build up your own model portfolio already at the beginning. A good model agency will also get you first good contacts to customers for casting and jobs.

Why do customers book models for jobs?

Customers try to successfully convey products and services to customers through models. This succeeds through the perfect conveyance of emotions, through the advertising campaign and the model. As a model you have to be able to slip into different roles on the shooting set in order to sell the product or service to the consumer. Authenticity and naturalness are the magic words to captivate consumers and make the customer’s concept work. Model “sell” advertising even more profitably!

Emotions are awakened by the charisma of a model, including facial expressions and gestures. Not only advertising, but also many company appearances such as image films, online shops and social media live on models. Also completely classical media like the image brochure or the interior Design in the Store need Models for the optimal effect. Self-confidence is always reflected in the look. For model agencies and fashion agents, it is therefore very important that women’s and men’s models feel comfortable in their bodies. Only those who live out the model’s job with joy and conviction can call up the corresponding service. Customers and partners of model agencies pay attention to an expressive face, convincing looks, a good posture and coordination. Self-confidence, reliability and the ability to easily slip into different roles are three important skills to assert yourself in the model industry. For online shop shootings where you have to smile for hours or for demanding customers who expect perfection.

Sedcards, test shootings with photographers and video clips

Good agencies invest in you and your career. With test shoots from the top photographer for your model portfolio and in video productions for Instagram, Online Sedcards and Youtube. Customers can see you in different facets. You can see what a test shoot looks like here in the video (Backstage Preview). Yulffi was a guest from Madrid/Barcelona, flown in from Bangkok shortly before for a campaign shooting in Munich followed by a test in Cologne with Robin Platte. Spontaneously, two of our female models (Lea & Janine) and New Face Johnson joined us for a first test.

During tests in the studio such slow motions are created for our models. Here you can see the different looks of our models in focus.

What does a model agency do?

Model Manager takes care of his career.

Especially for young models it is important to have a serious model management in the back. Not only do they give you first contacts to good photographers who will help you to build up your model portfolio, they also show you the first steps. Its the little things like your first business registration or your first catwalk coaching. With a serious model management, you will find the way into the industry much easier. Here you also have the chance to travel later and discover the world. Especially for young models there is the chance to get to know foreign countries. With the contacts in a good management, the way is always open for you.

Model managers build you and your portfolio.

In the first months it is often tempting for models to do many photo shoots with many photographers. Really? Here it is important to pay attention to quality, with tips and recommendations from your model management, you have already at the beginning a good photographer selection and a good industry overview. In addition, you will be explained what to look out for, not only in shootings, but also when travelling or with customers.


x Lea & Paulina

Model managers will get you ahead.

Model managers help you with good contacts. Be it as just mentioned photographers or even the first fashion show. Here everything revolves around the Fashion Weeks. Only the best agencies get invitations to the castings. Your model management will always support you to go new ways and get to know new things! It’s not just about the classic photo shootings. They plan for you stays abroad, flights and placements in other agencies, in New York, Paris and Los Angeles.

Model managers akquirieren customers.

Not only flights, but also things like usage rights are always considered by your model management. This is not only about individual photo shootings, but also about the distribution and use of the material. Are photos only needed for 3 months in a fashion online shop or five years a complete branding of a brand. Of course, there are different conditions depending on this. Your Model Manager will take care of it!

Advertising spots or photo shoot: Models are diverse

As a diligent model you make it into many areas of presentation. Discipline is an important element but also a little acting, a lot of traveling and of course fun at work. That’s how you make it into international productions:

Modeling abroad – big cities guarantee castings and jobs

The dream of modeling is followed by many in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne. Of course in many other cities of Germany. But you will always have the best chances for jobs in bigger cities. That’s why all top models are attracted to megametropolises like New York. Here sit the big customers, the big agencies, the big budgets. Whoever wants to create as a model has to leave the small town sooner or later. Those who make it will see and experience a lot! From beautiful shooting locations to unique backdrops for film sets. In addition there are many interesting people from all over the world. This is the dream of modeling! In our blog you can find some testimonials of our models from New York & Miami, Istanbul, Athens and Cape Town.

The agency vouches for you as a model with her good name, but you have already at the beginning of your career chances for interesting jobs! Your management will help you with all organizational matters, be it the tax processing or the organizational planning of trips and stays abroad. Many models go abroad sooner or later. The most famous contact points for models are Cape Town and New York. But also Paris, Hong Kong, London and Shanghai fascinate many. A good and serious model management will help you, if the conditions are right, to gain a foothold abroad. The most important job of an agency is to accompany you on your way, to relieve you of a lot of work in terms of organisation and planning, to save you a lot of time in the acquisition of new customers and new orders, so that you can fully concentrate on becoming a model.

The End: Dream Job, Dream Trips and Lots of Memories

Anyone who has made it as a model can travel to beautiful places, knows many interesting people in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Modeling was and is a dream job. With patience and ambition you can do it!

Q&A: The most frequent questions + answers

What do I have to do if I want to be a model?

First you have to check the prerequisite to realistically assess if you can work as a model and get jobs. The most important thing as a New Face is your height. Afterwards you send your model application to a good model agency, usually via an online form with the most important data and measurements. You take photos easily with your smartphone, in daylight. If the agency Scout likes your photos, you will receive an invitation to the casting at the model agency, for a personal introduction. After the appointment it is decided whether you get a model contract or not. Afterwards you can start!

What measurements do you need to become a model?

The two most common questions, “how tall do you have to be to be a catwalk model?” and “how tall does a male model have to be? There are different prerequisites for different jobs. For high fashion and international fashion shows or fashion campaigns, the strictest requirements apply with regard to height and proportions. For women this means 178-180cm; men should be about 10cm taller. In advertising it is more relaxed, both in terms of size and proportions.

Can anyone become a model?

For 99.99%, attractiveness, positive charisma and naturalness apply. Those who bring these attributes with them have a chance.

How much do you earn as a normal model?

How much money a model earns depends on the individual path, the requirements and the customers. But it takes a few years until you can live from modeling, especially if you start at the age of 15 or 16. Mostly 1 or 2 years will pass until you finish school and then the international development will start, which will take another 1 or 2 years. Some have an extra portion of luck and everything goes faster.