Become a model – Reality Check

Become a model – The big dream! Photoshootings, Instagram, travel and many interesting and at exclusive Influencer Events colorful people get to know. The truth is: the road is long. Our management will give you the best support you can have. But before it goes to the model application, there is a lot to know and to learn. There is a lot of competition for you, especially between the ages of 15-18. The better prepared you are, the faster you will convince. That’s why we have the CM Model Guide for you in XXL!

Become a model: Overview

  1. Basics – Prerequisites and Teenager + Example commercials of our models
  2. Guide book – Everything you need to know about modeling, from ‘Asap‘ to ‘Buyout‘ to ‘Option
  3. Model docu – 3 days with Chand: Stockholm, Cologne, Berlin, New York
  4. Requirements – Dimensions, size, weight and ‘what does a model agency do?’
  5. Foreign – Modeling in Milan, London, Cape Town and Tokyo

Prerequisite – Do you really want to be a model?

Reality Check – Where do you start: Showroom, adverts, fashion shows, photoshootings? No. The first important question is: Do you really want to be a model? The way to becoming a model is long and takes a lot of patience – the cover of the big magazines like Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar will reach the fewest, maybe 0.01% of all models – a real reality check. Becoming a model means that you are interested in photo shootings, even if they last 9 or 10 hours and you have to present 30 different outfits with facial expressions and gestures. The way from the first gosee in the model agency, the introduction of the network of advertising photographers and advertising agencies, the first test shootings with renowned photographers, the first small jobs, feedback from the agency – that is to say becoming a model.

School & school good grades – Becoming a model and being a model is work and a real job! Your goal is to work well at the age of 19, 20. The way there is connected with patience, because up to the school conclusion it concerns above all good notes and your education. At the beginning you will mainly do test shootings with photographers for the construction of your model portfolio and small jobs, for example for online shops or also social media shootings. To be able to take the time during the week, you need good grades. The better your performance, the more likely you are to get leave from school. Good grades will help you even more, for example if your journey continues after graduation. At an international fashion show, at a photo shoot in London or at a video shoot with an international team in Berlin, you will constantly meet interesting people and new languages. For small talk and for your job you have to be fit.

Duty – commitment and self-confidence

All articles are handwritten and researched so that you have a guide! We have researched the most important technical terms for you and packed them into small articles. Here you can find all important terms, from model booker in the agency, to close-up at the photo shoot, to direct booking or information about sedcard and stylisten. See here Important Terms – For Job, Casting & Shooting. In this step of the CM Models Guide you get the most important names of the fashion industry in a simple and clear way. Whether it’s the ten biggest fashion magazines in Germany, the top fashion designers or international top models. No matter how and where, with the new Model Guide you are perfectly prepared for your next casting in an agency or with a client. After the first model jobs, the travelling comes. Shootings in Berlin, jobs in London, video production in Hamburg. Who must fast at good addresses for new Outfits, finds here recommendations and tipps for each large city. So you are perfectly prepared for every shooting and every shopping trip.

Model agency – support and network

Our model agency reach many questions every week, here are the answers for young models. In clear key points all important information is collected for you, on a view. The correct agency, the first application , the first casting! Here you’ll find tips, videos and articles on becoming a model. The perfect model application, the best photo material, the first catwalk. Here you will find tips and simple tutorials for your career as a model.

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Models over 30 years at CM? Of course we also have tips for you!

Ralph Lauren said I don’t design clothes, I design dreams! We design the new world! But so that we always have an overview of what is happening in the world, here are some important facts about the fashion industry. Who knows whom? Who should I know? Here is your overview for brands, names and brands worldwide. With top lists we show you the established brands as well as newcomers to the fashion and media industry. All free, for your first steps in the fashion and advertising industry. Do you already know the difference between Fitting, Casting and Gosee? Already! Our Model Glossary: Free, short written and with videos. We help you with your first steps as a model. With researched articles and lots of explanations on all the important technical terms for jobs and shootings. For your next casting we have summarized all important terms.

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