Male Model: How to become a model as a man?

How does a male model standout from the crowd? Sure thing: by the unique look and character! Customers are making their decision on whether buying or not buying based on the “special something” just like casting directors and advertising agencies, who decide which model gets booked. A great shape and symmetric face are requirements for well booked male models, who want to make it in the model business. At first it will be your look and it will be ideally younger, later more manly and athletic. As male model you should try to keep your younger look as long as you can. But in order to be successful and get booked a lot, you also have to make a positive appearance at your agency, at photo shoots, at casting or with your client. This can have different facets, like the spark in your eyes, edgy and unique facial expressions, or for example a little tooth gap, that makes your laugh so “special”.

Emotions are playing a vital role at photo shoots and commercial sets. If you are able to show emotions as model you are also able to show certain feelings towards the client, on the picture or in the video. Not only direct impressions but also indirect ones are making a male model successful. I will later tell you how you can affect your image as a male model by driving a sports car. It is important to the designers that their collections are being presented and convey the “certain feeling” for the customers.

Yes, “lifestyle” sells, as a lot of models are idols for customers. Male models have time to work out, travel a lot and eat healthy. With an increase of your fame, the selling of a “lifestyle” will become more important if you wish to work with high-end brands and international clients. This just shows how important it is for a model to develop an own individuality. Uniqueness is paying of within the course of your career. But you can also train a lot as male model. Certain walks, posing and a lot more. In every part of these subjects, there is something special for you. Your walk has to be very different to the women’s walk. Whilst they tend to walk sexy and move their hips, you have to walk more cool and stiff. Just one out of many differences. Pleasant charisma is the base of the modelling industry. A warm smile is also more important for male models than a six-pack.

Become a model: Step by step

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  2. Requirements of modeling: Height, age and measurement
  3. Male Model: How to become a model as a man?
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  6. Application basics: Agencies, scouts and a checkliste
  7. Take your own measurements for agencies, castings and jobs
  8. Casting types for modeling jobs
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